Reptilians in 4 B.C.

These two clay Reptilian
beings dated to the 4th
century B.C. are housed in
the Bagdad Museum in
Iraq where they were
uncovered. They both
appear to have some type
of uniform on. Their eyes
are out of proportion to the
rest of their bodies and
are similar in appearace
to alien "Greys' which
some believe have lived
our planet. The man
holds some kind of
instrument (?) and the
woman has a baby
nursing at her breast,
which also appears to be
reptilian. If the adults
were in some kind of
"costume" as
archeologists love to
explain, why would the
baby be made in this
image, too? Why include a
child unless there was a
child and these are "real"
statues of exisitng
beings? Were these folks
walking around in 4000

And yes, he has a
Peepee..stop giggling.