**Disclaimer: I don't agree with everything said here..but a lot of the information itself is very good.






by Dr. Stefan G. E. Grossmann, www.gallerize.com

July 31, 2004


For those who don’t know it: UFOs are real! UFO guro James Neff writes at Rense.com, a well-known site that popularizes UFO facts

(source: http://www.rense.com/general40/tm_sep.htm):


As to the September 15, 1991 NASA film footage: „With this footage and the controversy surrounding it, NASA ceased broadcasting its Shuttle video transmissions to the general public, forcing UFO hunters to seek secret transmissions for their proof. In this footage from STS-48, Space Shuttle Discovery, various UFOs are seen in motion above the earth, then at one point one UFO speeds up, makes a 90 degree turn and speeds into the blackness of space to avoid what appears to be a ‘spear’ of energy or laser light shot at it from the earth below. You can view the video by clicking here (Quicktime Movie)

(Source: http://www.qtm.net/~geibdan/videoclips/ )“


Watch the NASA footage over and over again and let certain prejudicial „beliefs” afflicting you fade away in the Light of the manifest Truth!!! This is only one of thousands of well-documented non-BS examples of UFOs superior to human technology. UFOs are highly rational and scientific phenomena and are unfit for observers who suffer from the sickness of some type of human „belief system”. The problem is not with UFOs but with human prejudice and disinformation, most of it intentional malicious propaganda lies of the satanic shadow government and organized religion, especially the influential Roman Catholic clergy and its anti-Galilei stance.


The mess of perverted ultra-hightech versus humanity is what the Bible calls Armageddon. It is argued that, under the universal law of necessity, the demons on this planet have thereby created an exceptional intervention case for the Heaven-oriented non-human intelligences to intervene.


9-11 was based on secret weapons of the U.S. shadow government (false planes for deception purposes, bombs and ray weapons that melted thousands of tons of steel in bright flashes). These weapons used knowledge derived over decades from contacts with other species of higher intelligence than our own, such as Reptilians and ET Grays.


Hellish idiot elements in our own human society have perverted such ultra-hightech into weapons of mass deception and mass destruction on an unprecedented scale. Their agenda is the „New World Order” that is ultimately hostile to all life on the planet.


Is it possible to write about the Alien question, or to come closer to this question than the length of a ten-foot pole, without making a fool of oneself?


It used to be impossible, for reasons indicated below. But since 9-11-1, it is no longer impossible. So the answer to the question asked in the foregoing paragraph is: Yes.


Dr. Steven Greer, shortly after 9-11-1 (on September 27, 2001), wrote an analysis on „Disclosure and 9-11”,


Today, almost three years after 9-11-1, the scale seems to be tipping in a different direction – and the exotic hightech used in perpetrating the 9-11 terror attacks may very well be the result of one of the shadow government’s rogue projects – with mind-boggling ramifications for our collective consciousness, and of course, in consequence, for the perpetrators of the terror attacks.


It is not only that the government has no viable evidence for their „Arab attackers” scenario (so that a German court is likely to acquit an Arab 9-11 suspect in the near future). It is  - with one word -  terrible.




Since 9-11-1, we know that forces inside the U.S. government are bitten by some insane bug of lies and evil. This has seriously shaken the value system of many who used to trust in the sanity and restraint of the government.


We know that the government is lying to us about: Osama bin Laden did it, the towers were hit by hijacked planes, the towers fell through raging fire infernos. See my recent article,

9-11 Tests for Websleuths,



We know that the government has been lying to us since 1996 about the missile shoot-down of TWA800 off the coast of New York, search „TWA800“ (or „TWA 800“ with a blank space) in a search engine. The evidence is made to jump in your face in the internet.


We know that the government has been lying to us about the alleged „Niger yellow cake“ and „Iraqi weapons of mass destruction“ – lies which drew the U.S. into a second Vietnam.


Veterans who served as soldiers of the U.S.A. faithfully are treated like dreck (German: dirt) under the noxious Feres Doctrine since decades, see


This is all the more astounding since the U.S. military establishment has done numerous military (I say: Nazi-style) cruel human experiments on its own servicemen – on them and other Americans, see the (in-)famous 1994 Rockefeller Report,


These people had their lives willfully and intentionally destroyed by their strange government, yet claim nothing under the law?


The source of these ongoings is a highly questionable organization. Its respect for human rights is oftentimes only purported.


So-called „military abductions” are often seen in connection with the alleged Alien phenomenon. Often, or always, wrongly so: Reportedly, most (or all) „Alien” abductions may be real – but not Alien at all, see


Apparently, living people are abducted  - not as frequently as perceived, but still -  to be used in non-consensual medical experiments as guinea pigs. This is discussed and presented in the internet as „military abductions”, see

http://www.maar.us/milabs_articles.html (this is only an introduction).

The „implants” that are planted are evident beyond doubt, see the huge web site with very full background information,


For a short article, http://aliens.monstrous.com/alien_implants.htm

Allegedly, advanced experimenting today allows planting such implants through vaccine injections. „Implants” are not necessarily evidence of „Aliens” because of our own existing nanotechnology. The head of the government’s Majestic top-secret contact program for astral beings, Dr. Michael Wolf, confirmed that holographic deception technology is used to fake „Aliens” as participants of military abductions,



These are sometimes claimed to be „Alien” doings but they are not – there is no hard evidence for Alien involvement, and the strange behavior of the U.S. shadow government-behind-the-government is a strong implication.


We know that Resident Bush lies when he moves his lips. We knew the same of Bill Clinton, President Bush Senior and a number of other fakers on the throne.


Like the man who cried wolf too often, these S.O.B.s have whittled away their credibility and the credibility of official government statements. They use the opportunity to communicate mostly for deception and lies as far as anything of importance is at issue.




The most intelligent of us are unable to explain to our satisfaction: What exactly was that so-called „plane“ that hit south tower (WTC2) in the morning of 9-11-1? Hundreds of hours have been spent collecting, authenticating and analyzing news videos and photos. The strange behavior of the „plane“ does not disappear through these efforts, however; but the impression of its strangeness actually becomes all the more striking, see my article linked above, part two.


This strangeness is beyond dispute among those who, like this author, have dealt with the facts. (Unlike most mainstream media journalists who are male and female whores who deal in fraud to cheat the public out of its right to know the truth about important events such as 9-11-1.)


Why are too many mainstream news journalists cheating us? Why was technology used on 9-11-1 that obviously is NOT controlled by any Arab terror group? (Additional details see my most recent release,

FORGOTTEN BOMBS, Bomb Terror on 9-11-1,

http://www.gallerize.com - middle column, July 12, 2004 article, front page plus three additional pages due to the amount of the material, click your way through from the front page using the dark blue „More...“ link.)


Some very knowledgable researchers actually deny that there was any flying object at all. While there is consensus what the flying object was NOT  - it was NOT flight UA175, an alleged hijacked plane -  there is no consensus what it was. The opinions range from: a remote controlled drone, a holographically cloaked missile (from government project „ghost Gun“ under Dr. Gary Wood at the Adelphi, Maryland U.S. Army Research Laboratory) to a 100% camera fake ala Walt Disney Corp. We feel intuitively that none of these theories has hit the nail on the head.


The strangest thing within this strangeness is the entry mode of the seeming „plane“ into south wall of south Tower, Manhattan, at 9:02:56 a.m. on 9-11-1. The „plane“ glides non-collisionally like a ghost or laser light show object through the tower’s wall. The wall consisted of aluminum-clad steel support columns that were three feet and some inches apart from each other. No loss of speed by the so-called „plane“, no shudder, no veer, no wings flipping foreward and breaking off, no explosion (on the wall). If you look closely at the photos of the alleged entry hole, the columns calibrate the hole’s size – it is about 99 feet wide at its widest while the alleged „plane“ if real had a 156 foot wingspan. Then an explosion follows coming from the inside of the tower well behind the steel-column wall, folding the rims of the hole to the outside. Actually, it is my firm impression from slow motion video analysis that there was no hole from the „plane“ impact but the hole was created in the explosion slightly later under cover of the monstrous fireball. What we see at the end of the impact event just before the explosion (when the „plane“ is almost all in the building) are very small whitish puffs of smoke like from cutter explosions (not dark-burning aircraft kerosene). These vey small smoke puffs initially fill what might or might not be a plane-shaped hole cut through steel and through at least three steel-cement tower floors – the latter is held impossible by all without exception, including the most conservative MIT construction engineer.




The aforementioned „plane“ behaved like the archetypal magic bullet. There is a very obvious explanation for such „magical“ technology as the above-outlined 9-11 „plane“ of south tower (and likewise, north tower): It shows features that are normally described for Alien-derived ultra-hightech. This has been discussed for example for certain ARVs („Alien Reproduction Vehicles“, an expression in Pentagon military hightech lingo). ARVs are said to be reverse engineered by a secret faction of our government from extraterrestrial (ET) Alien aircraft a/k/a UFOs. (Whereas, the south tower plane is an indirect ARV at best, see note at end.)


The secrets associated with this U.S. military technology are the existence of a shadow government and of an advanced alternative science, both presenting themselves to any onlookers so as to repulse common sense in a designed mental reflex of denial.


I hereby want to give my vote and opinion what this thing actually is. This is important to understand the full convoluted truth of the treason against the people of the U.S.A. that is presently ongoing under the fraudulent label of the „New World Order“ (below, section V). First, technical details:


1. UFOs (various flying saucer types) and the strange technology (very open: www.cheniere.org) are too well documented today to be dismissed as figments of fantasy (see UFO reports at www.rense.com, the Washington incident of UFOs swarming over the capital in all mainstream media in the 1950s, and all related links, one of the internet’s largest information fields, by no means limited to the 1950s but ongoing to this very day).



Here are some major links about the UFOs over Washington, D. C. on July 25/26, 1952 (52 years ago):

In Washington Post for 50th anniversary of the event:


Timeline of events:


With a photo and 1952 newspaper article:


(There are about a dozen major reported events such as the above plus crashes, starting in 1947 and reaching into the present through alleged reverse engineered ET technology.)


The documentation reaches back millions of years including skulls and artefacts of our intelligent visitors, search „forbidden archaeology“ and related issues in a search engine.


2. The black budget and shadow organization are far too well documented to be doubted, see as a valid starting point the article at Jane’s,

In search of the Pentagon’s hidden billion dollar budgets, how the U.S. keeps its R&D spending under wraps, by Bill Sweetman, 5 Janaury 2000,


Do not engage in any discussion of this subject without a thorough understanding of this highly informative mainstream military journalism article, otherwise you risk talking as a know-nothing.


Perhaps the best collector for high-grade source evidence from government insiders on the issue is Dr. Steven Greer with his group’s „Disclosure Project“,


Read concise summary statement by Dr. Greer:


Based on the very convincing analysis and evidence, I conclude: Where there is such unprecedented and high-budget secrecy there is something huge being hidden. One result of such hidden „huge something“ is the most bizarre and exotic hightech, allegedly reverse engineered from ET Alien hightech, see for example:

U.S. Air Force antigrativy and de-materialization aircraft:

http://www.darkgovernment.com/x22a.html (Lockheed X-22A disk)

http://www.darkgovernment.com/tr3b.html (TR-3B antigravity triangle)

http://www.darkgovernment.com/aircraft.html (overview)

Google search term: „secret aircraft“ (many results).


No confirmation of any such aircraft can be found on government web sites or on web sites of military aircraft producers. A reason for such lack of direct admission would, obviously, be that the respective projects are classified.


Further technology that allegedly results from reverse engineering of ET technology:

http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=specialreport2&sid=as8nLzkrKLHM&refer=news (from the agenda of the Davos World Economic Forum, reported by the news group of the current mayor of New York)

http://www.google.de/search?q=cache:oAXxk2sH-rQJ:www.chez.com/lesovnis/htm/roswibm1.htm+Alien+technology+reverse+engineering+IBM+Chairman&hl=de (statement by a former IBM chairman about the ET origin of the first computer micro-chip)

http://seancasteel.phantombookshop.com/corso.htm (article with a 14 part items list of technology deriving from ET origins, compiled by Colonel Philip J. Corso, reported by Sean Casteel)

http://www.rense.com/general7/losal.htm (antigravity technology at Los Alamos national laboratory, reported originally by the Sacramento Bee)

http://www.rense.com/ufo/corsoexpose.htm (highly interesting article, negative review of Colonel Corso’s book, but mentioning the role of CIA co-founder Frank G. Wisner, Sr., whose son is today a board director of AIG American Insurance Group under Maurice Hank Greenberg, deeply involved in the Enron and 9-11 scandals, apparently a member group of the deep insider shadow government, see my analysis mentioning the AIG connection,


The Wisner-AIG-Greenberg deep-level insider connection is more fully exposed in my 851 page e-book documentary of 9-11, T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders’ Attack On America, download at http://www.gallerize.com/gallerize_com2.htm).


(And so on – let me cut this list short here – you may expand it almost at random using the above key terms as search terms in any good search engine.)


The pseudo-UA175 UFO (I mean the „plane“) of 9-11, south tower (see discussion above, section II) is yet another example in this list of derivative hightech, which is certainly nowhere near complete.


3. Are there Aliens among us? No, there are no Aliens. The word is from the forge of irrational paranoia, and the discriminating term „Alien“ should no longer be used for intelligent life other than our species. Call them by their species names, such as Reptilians (terrestrial), Grays (from Zeta Reticuli, somewhat similar like Steven Spielberg’s „ET“), and others. Or find another explanation what the source for the reverse engineered secret technology is.



The one on the right is looking for the answer to the Alien question
– they lost it somewhere in the bushes while flying over!


There is a discussion thread about these above photos. Some say they are recent, others say at least as old as 1999, some say they are fakes, others say there is no evidence for fakery. I haven’t read of compelling evidence of fakery. The discussion thread attacking the authenticity of the photos was listed for four days (since 26 July 2004) at www.rense.com at this URL:


not providing solid evidence to impeach the photos, and the thread was de-listed from the Rense.com front page by 7-30-4 (possibly to reappear later with new arguments if any).


After an air encounter in 2004, the Mexican government acknowledged the existence of UFOs with a technology far superior to human military technology, see with many details of strong evidentiary value



The Gray people are reportedly intelligent beings of an advanced human species different from ours. They are creatures of the universe like we. It is (for statistical and other reasons) entirely natural that some of them should be here, trying to interact with us like we are trying to interact with them. They were on the look-out for intelligent life and found us. Our view of them is changing, and our own homegrown terrorism of 9-11 misusing their copied technology is spearheading their disclosure for the purposes of destroying evil and subsequent global peace.




The „Manhattan project“ of 9-11-1 shows evidence of numerous UFOs with flying abilities far superior to human technology, and some other surprizes. This is usually not discussed and ends up in the back vaults of the archive to be forgotten. (Friends tell me I don’t forget easily – might be – I just call it a good memory.)


For UFOs in general and the people that allegedly staff them, see for example (my personal selection of web sites to start with):




 (There are many more good sites, of course.)


The attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan in the morning of 9-11-1 are possibly the second-most heavily UFO-riddled event that humanity has ever observed (after the Washington, D. C. July 1952 occurrences). There was a higher UFO density over Manhattan on the morning of 9-11 than probably ever has been recorded at Area 51/Groom Lake.


Here are some clips and photos (selection) that may speak for themselves:






3)     A real idiot killer!!!!!






6)   (Video no more online, in archive.)








Photo number 9) was taken by Steven Moran shortly after 9-11-1 near ground zero in Manhattan. Steven Moran is a New York policeman. He says that when he took the photo there was no flying creature to be seen. He says he did not manipulate the photo and it turned out this way when he looked at his snapshots at home. Some classify the flying creature as a Draco Reptilian (Dragon) with psionic abilities such as invisibility and bio-antigravity, see

http://www.reptilianagenda.com/exp/e112299a.html and at search engine.

– Were our observers all drunks, including their cameras?


In a spiritual sense, the ultimate semi-absolute polar forces of duality (Satan/hate and GOD/Love) have been symbolically etched into the visual memory of 9-11 through the diabolical and angelic smoke faces such as these:










14)  Looking back into history about 3,200 years ago, what do the following famous hieroglyphs from Abydos, Egypt show us?



They show us a helicopter and diverse other, ET-like craft. Humans as far as they are not yet knowledgeable (i. e. the vast majority) are in for a big surprize and seismic disruption of their deep belief system that has been based on forged history, forged politics and forged news reporting. Unfortunately, the idiocrats in charge of the idiot machine have made it so that this change will occur suddenly overnight with a bang, and the cherished old system will go bump overnight. The basest part of mankind will thereby be converted into rows and rows of composting garbage because their evolutionary pre-requisites of survival have been cast overboard by such nefarious behavior as: lies, treason, deception, hate, lies, treason, deception, hate, ... ad infinitum. More graphic details to follow at the given time.




In closing, a few comparative notes on treason: There is no sign that the Reptilians and Grays are hostile. They could have snuffed out our civilization long ago if they had wished to do so. Instead, they have decided to transfer some of their technology  - ultimately probably: all their technology -  to us, to the extent that we are ready for it. Unfortunately, the word „us” in the foregoing sentence means, first of all, our wicked political agents such as the high Nazi Bush-Clinton crime syndicate and their hellish agencies such as the Pentagon and the Department of Energy (DOE).


Some of us are more ready than others. There are signs that a group of miscreant humans (a self-serving minority part of our species) is grossly mishandling the ET contact efforts in such a way as to enrich themselves and seize global power, and actually even to weaponize space so as to make war against our intelligent visitors (the insane space weapons initiative). The name they have given this covert effort is the „New World Order“. It is an order of utter idiocy, sheer lunacy and even greater hate and greed. These miscreant Earthlings are evil traitors against Love and Creation and must be stamped out of existence.


Matters have been arranged thus that the Satanic sect of our species has run into a sucker trap: The fragments of the technology that have been given them have enabled them to perpetrate the treason of 9-11-1, such as using a false „plane“ and some type of ray weapon to later that day destroy the twin towers, melting large amounts of the construction steel (which on the one hand no fire and no conventional bomb could do, but on the other hand there are no traces of radioactivity at ground zero, either).


It is the alleged goal of the Reptilians to acquaint us with their presence and their superiority of knowledge. It is the alleged goal of their allies the Grays to merge their species with our own species for our mutual higher evolution in peace and prosperity.


Note: The foregoing article is a draft in my learning process. I hope it will fire off a spirited discussion on and outside the internet. Persons knowledgeable about the ET technology use by the U.S. shadow government have not necessarily agreed with details of my draft for this article. For example, one knowledgeable person had the kindness to caution to me as follows:


Dear Dr. Grossman,


    You have evidently done considerable work in analysis of the 9/11 disaster and its possible causes.

    It is my personal view that the collapse of the Twin Towers is consistent with the application of controlled, sequenced explosives demolition. The Towers did not melt and yaw to one side and take out buildings across the street, as would have happened in a molten-girder scenario.

    That said, I cannot say whether the antigravity technology exhibited in the X-22A disc craft was employed in the 9/11 operation. I see no need for antigravity technology for aerodynamic lift, since conventional aircraft dynamics are sufficient. The entry of the plane into the Twin Towers without _apparently_ breaching the entry wall may be an artifact of imperfect camera recording. Or it could indicate a scalar weapon. I doubt that the 1-1/2-second jump-across-dimensions property of the X-22A in flight would be necessary to achieve the objective: provide a plausible „cause” for the Tower to be: 1) afire, and 2) collapse.

    Your surmise that scalar technology may have been (adjunctively) used is a possibility.

    Given classified, highly-advanced military holographic weapons technology, it appears that the military can produce and make people see pretty much whatever the military wants them to perceive. Was either UAL plane a hologram? I do not know.

    The extent to which holographics were used, adjunctively, primarily, or not at all, is not known to me.

    I wish you well in your research. I think America has experienced its own „Reichstag Fire” putsch, and citizens everywhere need to be extremely conscious as the fascists accelerate their manipulations to consolidate world control.


I take the letter from the knowledgeable writer as additional confirmation that all the classified technology mentioned in my discussions exists, and that it has a source in higher intelligence from an origin outside our species. Like when waters mix, it is very hard (here: after decades of continuous mixing) afterwards to separate and describe which part is „human” and which part „non-human”.


I thus use the cautious term that the 9-11 south tower „plane” may be an indirect ARV. This does not compromize the basic line of argument above (especially the other example of melting thousands of tons of steel apparently in a two-second bright flash at the end of each twin tower collapse). Technical footnote detail should not be the primary focus of this pioneering discussion. The primary focus of this discussion is to awaken the people to what is going on in a social, political, technological and religious sense, and to take efficient steps to let the whole truth come out to light.