Faction 3 and the Alien Agenda
By Sherry Shriner


  When President Bush used the Gulf War 1 in 1991 to announce The New World Order most people didn't really know what he was talking about. Unity? Peace? Not a bad thing. But 'good will toward men' isn't what he was talking about.

     His cunning grin, sleight of speech, and the usual political jargon and games played at the public's expense was going to be nothing more than the demise of the people he was claiming to bring peace to in this New World Order.

     The New World Order is in itself a vast conspiracy of old bloodline families, wealthy and famous, the corporate elite, the United Nations, and the Secret Societies. Broken up into 2 factions more well known as the Rothschild and the Rockefeller factions, it consists of double agents, lies, betrayals, murder and general mayhem as the usual status quo among these who fight to gain control of the once secret hidden agenda to unite the world under one global government, to be ruled by one man. The winner gets all.  The various countries of the world have agreed upon the plan but no one seems to agree on who gets to rule it.

    And watching it all, from their aircraft, or on their bases, to even infiltration of government jobs, appointments, cabinets, Congress, the Pentagon, and even the White House has been the subtle, yet consistent presence of Aliens in our midst.

    They're everywhere. And they're watching. From sabotaging missiles as they sit in silos, to taking out a satellite or a rover here and there, to eavesdropping on military bases, to hanging out outside The White House, and even yours and mine. They're in the sky, they're on the ground, and they're infiltrating society as hybrids. The Aliens aren't coming. They are already here.

Infiltrating the Earth

     Would you know one if you saw one? Probably not right away. They use holographs to look human. Occasionally you will hear of a story buried in a Tabloid, or somewhere on the internet of people seeing others shapeshift in front of them, or turn into an Alien with scaley hands or skin. There are two different types of infiltration into a society.

     The first way is direct breeding. You've heard of Alien abductions, the little greys abducting people into their UFOs, performing medical experiments on them and then sending them back. Then there's the victims who don't remember all the details, some just remember seeing a UFO and then can't explain for missing time. Some are taken repeatedly. Some are taken so much they begin to empathize with their abductors. These stories are the same across the country and around the world without regard to age, race, or sex.

     The second way they infiltrate society is indirectly through the first way. Many abduction victims are being used as breeders. When they're taken they become part of the Alien breeding program, never realizing they may have had a role in donating eggs or sperm to the Alien population agenda. Some women are impregnated, watched, then the baby is taken at about 8-12 weeks and the woman has a mysterious miscarriage she can't explain and that defies medical explanation. Some won't even know they were pregnant to begin with and so being a baby carrier for 8 or 12 weeks isn't noticed because they take it out before you realized you were pregnant. These babies grow up in foster homes, or perhaps with the aliens in underground bases. Many women have successfully carried to full term babies that they thought were their husbands or significant other's when the baby had an Alien father and the mother never even knew it. These first generation alien hybrid children rank either above normal, as in star children, or don't rank at all, just quietly assimilating into society, passing their Alien DNA on for generations.

     In the days of Noah mixed human and Alien DNA was dominant. The iron mixed with miry clay the Prophet Daniel spoke of. The wheat and the tares.  It was so dominant there was only one family left with pure DNA, Noah's. That's the real reason God destroyed the world with a flood and started over. However, in Genesis 6:4 it says that even after the flood the mixing of human and Alien DNA started yet again. And from that time on it never stopped. Yahweh said the last days would be as the days of Noah. So today, even today, we have generations and lineages of Alien DNA mixed with our own. Most of us have some form of Alien DNA and don't even know it.

     Having this Alien DNA doesn't take away from the fact that you're a created soul. You're still human, you just have polluted DNA, and Yahweh already promised us He would never destroy the entire world again with a flood. In fact the reason He comes back to the destroy world at all is because He promised He would return for those who believe in Him. And His Love for His own is coming with Judgment and Justice on a world that He rejected Him.  And those who don't seek the way of Yahweh? You're on the losing side and you might want to consider your options. Even though Yahweh knew our generations would be mixed, He still proclaims today to many of His Prophets that He saved His best people for last.

    There's many, many different races of these Aliens who are nothing more than fallen angels. There were separate planets and nations of them before the fall. After the fall, multitudes were imprisoned inside the hollow cavities of their respective planets, while others were allowed to roam free. These are the ones we're dealing with today.


     While factions of Alien groups have been busy with breeding programs, others have been busy infiltrating our governments and secret societies. The Reptilians are the most notorious and well known among the bloodline families, who, afterall, have their bloodlines linked directly right to them. And there's a twist.

     Are you ready for this..

     These bloodline families are so protective of their lineage that they insist on intermarriage only because through their DNA they can activate it to become hosts of Reptilians. Through this specific DNA, secret rituals, and blood drinking, those with this DNA can then invite and host a reptilian to possess them. This allows for shape-shifting. This gives the Reptilians control of human bodies to work out of, from, and through. Human one minute, a Reptilian the next. A tall, scaley, lizard type being. Think it's too far fetched to be true? I bet you've heard of werewolves. It's the same type of shape-shifting, only by lizards. And yes, it happens.

     Some of these Reptilian-Human shape-shifters can be seen in between shifts, some people turn green for split seconds of time, some peoples faces start to contort for no known reason and you think you're seeing things. Most notable features of these shape-shifters is their beady snake eyes, or their long jaw bones, big noses and small eyes. Some have that wide-awake look, like their eyes are going to pop out of their heads.

     Whoever said watching a state of the union address from the capital couldn't be amusing. When I see the beady eyed ones sitting in our Congress I half expect a forked tongue to start spewing out of their mouths. Sometimes you'll just see peoples grey hair start to look green for no apparent reason. Or they look like they're ready to jump out of their seats, all big-eyed like they have invisible toothpicks holding them open.

     These are just some of the features that Yahweh has taught me to look for. These hard core Lucifer loyalists who want to bring you their New World Order with these human-reptilians ruling this planet.

     Although a lot of the human-lizard people hosting reptilians are within the first two factions, the most powerful Alien faction and dominant force on earth we are dealing with today rests within the quiet, unannounced, largely unknown, third faction. The third faction is a collective grouping of various other alien nations fighting for control. However even in this faction, the Reptilians are dominant. Why? Because the greys are slaves to the Reptilians. And the most powerful and hated grouping of Aliens today by the other Alien nations are the Greys, Reptilians, Mothmen, and Draconians. All four are a collective nation to themselves. Lucifer, Satan, is himself a winged draconian. And this is the Alien nation, with the agenda, that will dominate and rule the earth.

    The Third Faction of the New World Order

     This Faction consists of  little grey beings with huge black eyes, most notable for their breeding agenda and human abductions. The reptilians who look like large scaley lizards, or sleestack for those who remember that old Saturday morning cartoon, "Land of the Lost." Mothmen, most notable for their red beady eyes and wings, not to mention their infamous appearance in West Virginia and their ensuing portrayal in the book and movie, "The Mothman Prophecies." And the Draconians, most notable for their portrayal in the Star Wars series. The Draconians look like Darth Vaders. Very tall, very black caped and hooded beings who never show their faces. Some call them Phantoms. This is the group fighting for control of the New World Order and of which keeps threatening a literal UFO invasion of the earth.

    This is the group the government makes treaties with one minute, then furiously spends billions of dollars on space defense programs the next in hopes of forming some kind of defense against them, such as H.A.A.R.P., space based scaler beam weapons, and others I'm sure we haven't even heard of. And programs so black, you'd never know they existed.

      Faction Three is the group the Lord has led me to expose and inform the world of. Their existence is real, it's here, it's in space, and eventually they will be running the world with Satan, i.e. Lucifer, soon to be known as the Antichrist, or "messiah of the world" depending how gullible you are. He's not a messiah and he's not the messiah. He's Satan posing as a messiah and he's going to come to earth, from Mars, in a spectacular, light, sound, and UFO show as he slowly descends to earth with the eyes of the world looking upon him.

     So what does it come down to? Factions one and two are doing all the work in preparing the world for a global government, known as the New World Order, and when it's done, Faction 3 will step in and take control of it. And there's nothing that the others will be able to do about it.

     Not a thing.

     In Revelation chapter 13 the Apostle John wrote of the coming last days events and the plans of the Antichrist to rule the world, with his pawn and puppet the False Prophet forcing the entire world into beast/Satan worship. Worldwide Satanism. And to participate in the new global economy, every person will be forced through various governments legislations to accept a chip or mark of some kind in or on their right hand or forehead. By accepting this chip or mark, one is also announcing their loyalty to the Antichrist. The entire world will be forced to worship him as god.

     Don't get the chip.

     Don't get the mark.

     Escape the coming enslavement by accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour now before it's too late. For once you accept this chip or mark you will forfeit your soul to Satan and you will spend eternity in hell with him once you die.

     Miss it or be a part of it.