Disclaimer: I don't support or even know what's on half of these websites...they are just listed as a source of information of websites who contain material on aliens and the Bible...

Aliens and the Bible  Could Aliens actually be Fallen Angels alien invasion- NWO -antichrist -falling away Aliens and UfOs  Aliens for Cloning  Aliens in the Bible  ?anonova Japenese  Anti-christ-Rapture  As in the days of Noah WEBRING,,prophecy and Paranormal  BattleField Earth the true story behind the movie  Christian Newsletters  Could Aliens actually be Fallen Angels  End time warriors - angelic reproduction  Thousands of DEMONS Invade the Atmosphere  First Contact  God and the Angels  HARD Truth WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!  Hypertext Bible index  infectious clue in the Brain  Israel Ufo Research  ? chuck missler sites on bible and Ufos!!!! Light of Life Ministries  Links to other Sites  Links  New Age index !!!! Nibiru Red star Planet x  Phil Schneider Lecture  Phil Schneider 2  Phil Schneider inv.. 3  Phil Schneider 4  ? prophecy in the news  RAPTURE APOLOGETICS  recreational Christianity links and rings!  RETURN of the NEPHILIM  ? S.F. mans Astounding  Search Results  Strange Creature Eating Horses in Argentina !!  TCA'S Real Life X=Files The Raelian Revolution and the SWASTICA  Soho pics  and God?  B.B SITE  The Days of NOAH,_ufos,_and_invaders_from_space!.htm the Devil Ufos and invaders from space  The Diabolical Leaders  The UFO files index  The UFO Question  The Watchman Exp  UFO AREA  Ufos and the BIBLE  New AGE Movement let us reason  Ufos Aliens and the Coming DECEPTION  Ufos and the Anti-Christ ? WEBRING UFOS  Cephas Ministry files-Ufos /extraterestials-Raelians  Active spidering Christian search engine-try ufos and nephilim searching 666   VIDEO SEMINAR IN YOUR HOME? FALLEN ANGELS AND THE DAYS OF NOAH'S FLOOD. ... Did Noah take dinosaurs on the ark? ... Bigfoot UFOs. ENJOYED DR. fallen angels, Pember's "The Days of Noah" (1875, reprint ... The Rapture Generation UFOS and Nephilim links!! 

  ALIEN ENCOUNTERS CONFERENCE AUDIO  A Christian Perspective On Alien Contact 


 Return; LINKS  As The Days of Noah Were  "Genesis 6 indicates that the "sons of God" (B'nai Elohim) took wives of the "daughters of men,"

prince of the powers of the air (satan) (ufos) the 3 heavens in the bible!  

FLASH,,an interesting site simular to cyberspace orbit but this ones into JESUS CHRIST!!!

Roswell, the Biblical question - how are physical bodies at roswel really demons spirits of bible?. 

 Angelic Ranking

See list of more Chick tracts in English.  Awsome bible tract storys with deep messages!!

UFOs also known as Spirit Guides, and Familiar Spirits.edgar caycee wondered if satan used him,,also mohamad wondered if the same 

Bigfootinvisible demonic powers .telepathy, spirits familiar

UFOs, Earth Grids & Crops Circles Faeries” are merely demonic presences, interaction evil spirits.the expose of Crop circles !!!!!!good reading!!

Inside Eastwood's World of Prophecy   Prophecy-related sites.links!!! "Eastwood" updates on Prophecy-related topics. about the false christ, and possible "Antichrist", "Maitreya".

Occult Primer With the startling evidence of UFOs and sub-atomic.. Proverbs 1:7). Try the spirits (1 Corinthians 12 ...  the new testament ufos//aliens fact or fiction?  A Satanic Deception  Alien Encounters chuch missler!!  Alien Invasion or Full  Aliens from Outer Space  Aliens, Monsters and  Angels by DR. M artin Israel  Angels by DR. Martin Israel chapter 6  John Ankerberg on ufos  Another Alien Invasion?  Antipas Ministries endtimes  Are Aliens in the Bible

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