They Live
Among Us

-March 12th 2006-


"And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones."
Book of Enoch

It is generally believed that the termed "sinned against" means that the Nephilim mixed their seed with other creatures. Hard to imagine it was done with conventional sexual mounting methods since fish were involved, so this is a clear indication that test tube methods were invoked.

Many Nephilim were human in appearance, so when they passed their seed to other creatures, new species of human hybrids were created. These soulless creatures were have human and half other creature. Some argue that these creatures were all destroyed at the time of the flood, yet there are oral and written records of different tribes of people that hid in the bowels of the earth to protect themselves from the coming flood. It is a moot point if they survived, since Gen 6. clearly states, that after the flood there was a second outfall of angels that came to the earth to mate with human women creating more Nephilim. These new offspring undoubtedly went of to mix their seed with other creatures in the earth that began to multiply and replenish the earth. Now their monster seed was replenishing as well.

Before the flood the population of the Nephilim was massive, and the flood reduced the numbers. Often when their bones are discovered, the government moves in as a form of damage control. Archeologists are very much aware of this. As the Nephilim began to replenish their soulless seed on the earth, God had instructed Israel to slaughter every Nephilim man, woman, and child and to show no mercy. May Christians are disturbed by this, but Israel was not slaughtering their own kind. They were destroying all the surrounding Nephilim tribes that were not human and had a corrupt DNA that needed to be removed from the gene pool. The problem was that in time, Israel began to mate with the Nephilim tribes and the Holy Seed was lost.

"For they have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, so that the holy seed is mixed with the peoples of those lands. Indeed, the hand of the leaders and rulers has been foremost in this trespass."So when I heard this thing, I tore my garment and my robe, and plucked out some of the hair of my head and beard, and sat down astonished."
Ezra 9:2-3




Since the Nephilim have mated with a varity of species, we now have a variety non-humans among us. Each has their own special traits. One example is Vampires. They were created when Nephilim fused their DNA with vampire bats. Vampire bats come out at night when the sunlight is dim as sun hurts their eyes. Like the Vampire bat, human vampires are adversely affected by sunlight and crave blood. Many true vampires, (not wannabes or Goths), crave blood from the time of their birth. Many have donors that give blood to them and keep them well supplied. Blood often restores them to full health and well being. Here is a link to real vampires on line at: http://www.vampire-church.com/pageweb48.html This is the outer circle of Vampires that do not know much about themselves and are searching. The inner circle of Vamipres are the Royal line.

Reptilians are non-humans that can shapeshift. This means that they can alter their DNA electrically to transform from a human form to one that is reptilian. They have to concentrate to keep their human shape, if not they turn into reptilian humanoid. It is like us when we have to pee real bad. We have to concentrate to a degree to hold it in unless that concentration is broken. In other words is some person was to scare us, then we would soil ourselves. It appears that when reptilian get very angry they then loose their human cover and turn into reptilian humanoids. See Shapeshifters Caught on Film at:
: http://www.stargods.org/ClintonShapeShift.htm

The Nephilim of today look like the people next door, but once in a while ressessive genes switch on and the person becomes a full blown Nephilim. This is called Gigantism. Gigantism is an excessive secretion of growth hormone during childhood, before the closure of the bone growth plates. This excess growth hormone causes overgrowth of the long bones and very tall stature. Below is Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev who is 6 foot 11.

Notice how flat and un-reflective Nikolai's eyes are. This is a classic genetic trait of the Nephilim. It is also a tell-tale genetic sign of a person who is psychopathic. Psychopathy is not a malfunction of the brain, it is the personality structure of all Nephilim. Reptilians and Vampires can also have the flat lifeless eyes too and tend to deep stare people. They stare at you with a hypnotic look. No matter what you do they do not look away, in fact the staring gets worse.

"Dr. Robert Hare wrote in his book Without Conscience, that psychopaths often make very intense eye contact, or have unusually piercing eyes. Other researchers have also mentioned the "reptilian gaze" of the psychopath, resembling that of a predator about to consume his or her prey. Victims of the psychopath also often refer to the "laser beam" stare. Strangely enough, women often confuse this gaze with sexuality, and find it attractive. Many films depicting seductive yet immoral creatures such as vampires, often depict the vampire as having a very strong, psychopathic stare. Some psychologists have compared the psychopath to the vampire, or state that the psychopath has a "vampiric personality" or lifestyle, as well as being parasitic."

In the world of the occult the Reptilians are what we call psychopathic. Here is a list of traits from the same link above.

1. Superficial charm and good intelligence
2. Shallow emotions and lack of empathy, guilt, or remorse
3. Behaviours indicative of little life plan or order
4. Failure to learn from experience and absence of anxiety
5. Unreliability, insincerity, and untruthfulness

Note in this picture above the shape of Nikolai's head. This maybe a genetic trait from Kennewick Man. Actor Patrick Steward appears to be a perfect genetic match.

Kennewick Man and actor Patrick Stewart

With all the non-humans among us, their survival totally depends on their ability to blend in. Many live among us never knowing their true heritage. The pure bloods certainly know who they are and go to great lengths to hide their heritage. They are the inner circle of those who control us. The Illuminati inner circle of power is made up of pure blood Nephilim. The outer circle hybrids are the ones that live among us and instinctually make out lives a living hell. Their personality character structure is Psychopathic, Narcissistic, or borderline. They are the bad seeds planted among us, Matt. 13.

-The End-

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