One of the steps of the Blue Beam Project was to introduce archeology that would undermine the truth of the Bible and promote alien theology.

This website will give you exactly what you'd expect knowing the above statement, if you're interested in seeing how far they'll go..then read this..to be informed is to be forewarned..


The NWO crowd fully intends to artificially create and prove their alien theology that man was created by aliens. This has to work so the Antichrist can claim he's god and that he's our creator, proving himself as god with supernatural signs and wonders that will amaze the world. He will be half alien, half human. But we all know who and what he really is...a fallen angel who rebelled against the Lord, also known as Satan or Lucifer.

To learn more about the Blue Beam Project http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/bluebeam.htm