They're Here...And There's Plenty More to Come

Something really wild and interesting happened here last night and at first I thought it pertained to just my area, since there was definitely something in the woods by my particular this ancient Atlantean Anuk. This group of 'aliens' had something to do with Atlantis way back when.

This is about the closest pic that can describe it.

Atlantean Annunaki of the Negative Hierarchy

What is it? This is ancient Anuk...way ancient, about 9-10 feet tall. This isn't one of those Artificial Intelligent beings but an Annunaki from even before the Sumerian Anuk's took over the middle east. We know of those and they resemble reptiles and look a lot like this..

Sumerian Annunaki

 From what a friend told me, "A wave of annoying metatronic energy has just hit this part of the earth, from the Annunaki grid systems...I awoke to many images of these beings..."rather large beings...very savage...I got images that linked them to the Mayans", they are the Annunaki, forefathers of the negative hierarchy of the Atlantian Civilizations. They hit our earth system a few days ago and were docked above it, they now just debarked on the ground in form they aren't very pretty to see...I was aware of them closer on they are on the ground...they also did a wave of fear and yucky energy."

The thing in my woods was one of them. And they are here...on earth

At about 3am (Tuesday, August 2, 2011) there was a huge noise outside and all the dogs in this area were barking ...there was also much screaming, the kind you can't describe unless you were to open a door to hell. That kind of screaming.

It sounded like and seems there was rift in space and that's the only explanation I have of where it possibly came from.

The noise sounded like a siren, but not a kind of siren we're familiar with. It was just a huge noise and it's hard to explain...but I noticed it seemed to be travelling from east to west. I thought it could be some kind of UFO flying above or a portal opening, but I really don't know...I couldn't see anything, I could just hear it, loud and clear, and it went on for about 20 minutes.

This morning I found out there were many people around the world that heard the loud siren noise and the screaming. Very strange folks, very strange. 

So while this is going on in space...down here the dogs are barking everywhere and there's some alien freak in my woods. I just asked Yah to put a protective dome over my house and to shield me from any attacks. I asked Him to put angels with swords of flames inside and around that shield and to stand guard. From what I've learned most aliens travel in packs and where there's one there's usually others.

I don't think these Atlantean Anuks stayed very long. They usually don't. This orgoned area aggravates them. I've had many experiences over the years where they like to hit and run and then leave. They just like to come and stare and spy on me and see who I am and then they leave. I guess they're curious to see exactly who it is that's behind their butts being kicked all over space and on earth. All I have to say is, "There's nothing to see here, move along..."

Some kind of worldwide phenomenon was going on last night...and as I've been warning these beings and many other types of them will be coming to earth. And as I've seen, alot of them are already starting to come in. That "loud noise' very well could have been a spacecraft coming through a portal, and that means it's landed or is hovering somewhere. Was there a connection to the beings in my yard and the noises? I"m sure there was...there's too much of a coincidence of both events happening at the same time.

If the ancient of the ancient are arriving and here, then we haven't seen nothing yet folks, It's going to get very crowded and very ugly here with all types of creatures.

Prepare yourselves...Orgone, Orgone Water and the Sword of the Lord. If one of these beings or any creatures get close to you, spray it with Orgone water and ask Yah to fry it and cast it into hell while you're spraying it.

I don't think these beings would be dumb enough to come very close to me, especially after the last time when 10,000 of them were fried. But they may not be scared of prepare and make them scared of you! (various ways)  (more warfare prayers)

YouTube - Learn How To Protect Yourselves

Youtube - How To Kill a Zombie (goes for aliens and otherworldly creatures to)

And don't forget charged magnetic water for AI's...throw neodyme magnets in water and let it charge...then spray it on the AI beings...make it ahead of time and keep it stored.