Join With Faction Four And Help Defeat The New World Order!!

 We can defeat the New World Order and their high tech weapons, mind control, abductions, chemtrails, plagues, weather weapons, and every other tactic and strategy they have and are using to destroy mankind.

 We have found that the orgone we are distributing and using across this country is defeating them!

 We need warriors who will make or buy orgone and distribute it around their areas. You can throw it in ditches, trees, bushes, lakes, ponds, deserts, anywhere it won't be easily found. You can even bury it.

  If you haven't been to my website http://www.orgoneblasters.com then please go there now and see what all orgone can do.

 If  you would like to get involved but can't distribute it, buy it, or make it yourself then please donate to the cause!! I have been traveling around the country hitting many areas with orgone and I need to get back on the road. I need your help to do so. If more people get involved that's more areas the NWO can't defeat!

 By donating $ we can keep making the orgone and planning road trips to help take our country BACK from the Satanists who are dominating it and trying to kill us with their chemtrails, mind control and weather weapon towers, and everything else to numerous to mention here!

 Become an active Warrior in the battle against the New World Order. If you're not doing something to stand up for the Lord against His wicked enemies then don't you think it's time you did? Every day more and more soldiers are waking up to what's going on and joining the battle. Yah's army needs you!

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Join the Cause and Start Making Your Own Orgone The Lord's Way!!