Many will come in My Name saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive Many...Matt. 24:5


Beasts..Beasts..Where Do They Go..
by Sherry Shriner

      Throughout the ages there have always been those who have called themselves Christs, or gods on earth. While they lived as legends in their own minds other nations rationally referred to them as just gurus.

       I don't think anyone is prepared for the onslaught we are about to receive. Unless of course you are familiar with my writings. Then nothing should surprise you.

       Either way, their plans are unfolding and their arrivals always being threatened as soon. Whose arrival? Several coming claiming they are Christ who will deceive many. And their arrivals at the same time.

        I had been trying to figure out where all the beasts are going to go I keep running into in research and study. Beasts, beasts, everywhere beasts. And then finally I just contacted their spokespeople themselves and got the information. Now that was easier and time saving. Go straight to the horses themselves.

         I am sure they were naturally shocked and amused to be contacted by me. After all, I don't think there are many groups left I haven't directly or indirectly ticked off with any number of my articles or websites. Standing up for Yahweh and His Supremacy in all things is not easy in a world and even church that hates Him and tries to redefine Him to fit into their own greed and doctrines.

        According to the plans of the coming beasts, neither will claim entire supremacy, but a regional one. Naturally my commentary is mixing in with their original statements. In fact they won't claim to be the only Christs, in our sense of the title. To them it means being Christed, which is a holy office or title, or rank. Many are being born now as humans, we call them hybrids, the beasts call them Crystal children, and yet others are calling them Star children. If you saw XMen 2 it was conditioning for what is really happening already.

     Anyway, the beasts, Sananda, Maitraya and Germaine that I have spent so much time forewarning people of, will come organized.

      Maitreya will work deceiving the Russians and the billion Buddhists. Muhammad will return to continue brainwashing the Moslems. Sananda, who has taken upon himself the names of Jesus, Immanuel, and I AM, will represent Christ Michael who plays the role of Father, God.  He will spew his uncharming charm on the west.

        The Second Coming of Christ has been transformed into "The Second Coming of Christs."

         Sananda is actually a title that can be earned. Therefore there are many Sananda's. The false Jesus coming  is just one Sananda. This paves the way for possible more deceptions around the world whose religions are awaiting for a returning messiah. A Sananda will just step in and accommodate them and claim to be the messiah they were waiting for. So to avoid the over use of the term false prophets, they have assumed the titles of Sanandas. It sounds nicer I guess.

          Germain, also a Christed deceiver, will be in charge of implementing NESARA around the globe.

          So how long will they parade across the world stage? Hard to say. Yahushua forewarned us of false Christs coming. We've been warned.

           Now tell your neighbors and office co-workers who won't believe you. Eventually it will sink in when they see these things start to happen.