Did the Bush Crime Cartel Set the First in TX & OK?


The Bush Boyz set the fires currently destroying lives and property in Texas and Oklahoma -- and I'll prove it by decoding his own media allies for our Infowar Allies.  We're Ghost Troop, military veterans and cyber-journalists working to break down the 911 Cabal, and I'm its commander, Captain May, a former Army intelligence officer.  After you finish reading what's below, you may want to look us up and pass the word along that we've broken the "embedded code," as I'll demonstrate convincingly below!  Captain May / Ghost Troop 
AP / Fox:  Burning Bush?  Did prez set fires in TX & OK?
Many of the infowar allies with whom Ghost Troop works are aware of our successful efforts in cryptanalysis -- or decoding -- a bit of business I learned about as an Army intelligence officer.  While more and more understand our work, some complain that it's hard to understand.  In response to their requests to provide a simple, brief and immediate example, I'll decode an AP report posted by FOX yesterday, to which I've provided the link below.
Before you go to the short news story, here are the basic decoding rules to follow, and they all involve simple number manipulation:
1:  If there is a month/day date, translate the month into its numeric equivalent.  For example, today, January 12, would be 1/12, and by removing the slash you get 112.
2:  If there is spelled number, translate it  For example, "four men" is 4.
3:  If there are two numbers with zeros, omit the zeros -- zeros don't count! -- and add the other numbers.  Take, for example, the sentence "It's 260 miles from Houston to Dallas."  The sum of the 2 and the 6 is 8.
4:  If there is an 11, just leave it alone, and if there are multiples of 11, then they mean 11, too.  It there's a 12, leave it alone, too, since 12 is another special number.  Masons use the 11; Jewish Cabalists use the 12.
Simple enough?  OK then, you've got the basic rules!  Get a piece of paper and pencil, or just read along.  I'll put my analysis below the article -- and you can peek if you want help!  Just scroll down after you've finished trying decoding the embedded numbers yourself, and you can compare your numbers with mine.  Here's the link:
The dateline (the day the story was filed):
"January 11"
This decodes to 111.
First paragraph:
"OKLAHOMA CITY  President Bush issued a federal disaster declaration for the state of Oklahoma on Tuesday in the wake of wildfires that have scorched more than 380,000 acres across the state since Nov. 1, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said."
This decodes to 11, then 111.  Connect the two numbers and get 11111
Second paragraph:
The declaration means federal funding will be immediately available to affected individuals in 12 Oklahoma counties, said Nicol Andrews, a spokeswoman for FEMA in Washington, D.C.
The Jewish Cabalist 12
Ninth paragraph:
"Since Nov. 1, wildfires have consumed more than 380,000 acres, destroyed 220 homes and businesses and killed two people."
This decodes to 111, then 11, then 22, then 2.  Connect 22 with 2 and get 222; then reduce the 222 to 111.  Now connect the date 111 with the acres 11 with the (modified) destroyed homes/people 111 to get 11111111.
Tenth paragraph:
"Authorities in Texas are also seeking a federal disaster declaration. Wildfires in that state have burned more than 250,000 acres and more than 330 homes since late December."
This decodes to 7, then 33 (Supreme Masonic number), then 12
OK, how did you do?  It isn't so hard -- once you start reading numbers carefully!
This story isn't an incredible string of random numbers -- far from it!  It's simply coded for those who are able to decode and interpret it!  It doesn't take a genius to insert (code) the numbers or extract (decode) the numbers.  Street gangs like the Crips and Bloods aren't rocket scientists, but they use coding devices just as sophisticated as these!  Code is just a kind of "inside joke" made by folks so that they can communicate about things they don't want other people to know about.  In this case it is the controlled media, who use Jewish Cabalism, and the "Bush Boyz" (criminal officials and agents), who use Masonic coding, and they're reporting their handiwork in the Great Plains!
Now we'll "really read" the story hidden inside the story!
Dateline / First paragraph
111 (a hyped-up variant of the Masonic 11) tells you that the Bush Boyz, who control the feds, are making this a formal federal disaster operation.  They have induced a "state of emergency" -- something they're becoming more and more adept at doing.  While we're supposed to think that these were spontaneous fires, our careful reading shows that they were set by Bush Boyz:  The acreage burned (11) gives it away, as it's a Masonic sign, and  Jan. 11 (111) reinforces the message.
Second paragraph
"Federal funding" is forthcoming.  Chances are that, like the New Orleans flood, the money won't be enough -- of fairly enough distributed -- to enable poor folks to recover their lives and their property, while rich bankers (the Jewish Cabalist 12) will win big.  These fires were a very effective way of removing "marginal" Americans, weren't they?
Ninth paragraph
Remember, 11 is the key Mason's number, and the Masons are an immensely powerful secret society.  Both Boy George and Pa George Bush are allied with it, as part of the Satanic "high-priest" secret society, aptly named Skull and Bones.  Sound conspiratorial?  Well, it gets even worse when you consider that the other guy running for the presidency in 2004 was John Kerry, also a Skull and Bones member!  Sound like maybe the secret society boyz are playing a rigged game with us?  Anyhow, you can't sign your cultic signature much louder than to repeat have a paragraph that, decoded, signs your 11 four times: 11111111.  This set of ID numbers is proudly set forth by the numbers telling of destruction and death!  It's their kinda thing, y'all -- sick puppies!
Tenth paragraph
I not clear about the 7, in the current context -- I'd be obliged if someone more astute than I am in code analysis would suggest a meaning.  I can say this, though:  The summer of 2005 was filled with "7" significance in the UK London government terror.  Remember that it was on 7/7, 2005 (add 2+5 and get another 7 for the year), and involved the mass murder of 52 Londoners.  Body counts in official terror acts, signed with cult numbers, are always manipulated, so the 5+2 making another 7 isn't coincidental!  The date/year/body count (as many have noted) rendered a 7777!
As for the 33, that's an outright presentation of the supreme cult number, and it's the Masonic way of signing this last paragraph -- the end of the message -- in style.  As for the Jewish Cabalists, (and who runs the US media, y'all?), well, they get the last word since they wrote and ran the coded piece -- with the 12 again!
OK, I could take it further, but that's enough for one lesson!  If you made it this far, good job!  Now I'll tell you how you can confirm it with a movie -- one of my favorites, A Beautiful Mind.
A Beautiful Mind?
Go and check the movie out, and you'll find that it's all about a genius, Dr. John Nash, who has done brilliant work in math, and who begins to find that there are hidden numeric sequences in the mainstream media that are setting up terror in the USA!  Just like Ghost Troop -- right?  Well, the only problem is that the movie shows that he's insane for thinking there are coded messages!  The poor guy has to get loses his job, has to have shock treatment to get straight, has to take mind-altering drugs to forget the obsession, almost drowns his baby and almost kills his wife!
I liked the movie so much that I read the book from which it was extracted, "A Beautiful Mind," and found -- curiously -- that although the real Dr. Nash did go crazy, it had nothing at all to do with finding a numeric code embedded in the mainstream media!  Hmm..., I wonder why the Jewish film industry would make a mistake like that, rewriting the plot of reality to convince us -- with a powerful movie -- not to obsess about the prospect of embedded code in the mainstream Jewish news media?  You don't think there's a conspiracy do you?  If you do, then you've got a problem:  a beautiful mind!
By the way, now do you think you understand why it is that Ma Bush -- Barbara herself -- went around talking about how she hoped that conspiracy theorists didn't "start getting a beautiful mind about 911," and why she wouldn't trouble her "beautiful mind" with things?  Well, if you think she knows what the rest of the Bush Family knows:  that they've couped -- and are controlling -- us with the 911 scam, then you have a beautiful mind!
"A Beautiful Mind" was filmed before 911, in early 2001, but it was released after 911 -- did the Hollywood Jews who made the movie know about 911 in advance, then brainwash us out of figuring it out?  Come to think of it, was the whole attack a number game, in which the feds had spent years preparing us to call Big Brother in a national "911 call" in response to a "911 attack?"  Is Hollywood part of a psychological operation?
The film was released on a very special date (and we've already seen how well dates can code):  December 21, 2001.  OK, try the number-code tricks I taught you above and find the numeric sequence 12/21/21!  The "Jewish" number 12, then 12 reversed -- twice!  It's all 12 permutations!  Well, it's plenty tricky, but this has been a tricky infowar -- at least to those of us (like Ghost Troop) with beautiful minds!
The date, incidentally, is the Winter Solstice, which means the shortest and darkest day of the year.  Sound like a good day to bring out a movie that would keep everybody in the dark?  Yep, sounds like it to me, too!  Another trivia point, did you know that at the Academy Awards (controlled by Jewish Hollywood), "A Beautiful Mind" received the best picture award?  Do you think that the Media Jews did that to make you accept the message of the movie -- don't analyze media -- all the more readily?  I do. 
One last thing, the bright Jewish screenwriter who rewrote the John Nash story to make it say something that the John Nash biography didn't say (that it's insane to try to decode news) is Akiva Goldman.  Goldman has also written the screenplay for another "code" movie, "The Da Vinci Code!"  Seems like the Jews think about codes all the time!  They run the movies that set us up to blindly accept the media, and they've dumbed us down to the level of dirt.  They told us at the beginning of the war that media would become "embedded," and even that was a code -- for the fact that they were coding!
Watch the movie, y'all -- and do everything they called John Nash insane for doing! 
Awaken America!
Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action
PS:  To see how the media was setting up the idea of fires before -- but trying to establish an Al-Qaeda (we call it Al-CIA-Duh) connection:  http://www.azcentral.com/specials/special21/articles/0711forestterror11.html
To see another Ghost Troop "embedded code" article -- this one showing how the Jewish Cabalists were the ones who bombed the hotel in Amman, Jordan on November 9, 2005 -- see the article I wrote at the request of my friend and colleague, Sergeant John Karshner, Houston Police Department Criminal Intelligence Division:  http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/Dissenters1/Toben/toben_may2.htm
Finally, please pass this article to all local law enforcement "gangs division" officers (avoid the FBI, as they're controlled by Bush Boyz, just like the NSA).  Law enforcement officers with experience in "gang signing" will find the analysis convincing, even if other folks don't.  We're dealing with a gang operation, after all.  King George and his Bush Boyz are just gangsters, the way any bunch of war conspirators are!

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