I don't agree with how many people make orgone, or orgone pyramids etc.., but this little tool made with clear crystals and the basics of orgone can keep an area free of chemtrails and help bring in the much needed rain. You can buy one with 6 pipes for $300 from Gayle.

If you want good orgone go to http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com if you want a chembuster then here's one from Gayle. Most know these from Don Croft who makes his with voodoo satanic crap and lays the ingredients out in pentagram formations inside the resin bucket. I wouldnt' suggest buying anything from the DC crowd.

Need Rain?

Make Your Own Earth Chembuster
Quick and Easy Way to Save Your Sky

You take a 5 - 6 foot copper pipe, 3/4" or 1" in diameter, and take a block of wood (I used a 2X4) and place on the top of this pipe. Take a hammer and pound onto the board which will drive the pipe into the ground. You will want to go into Mother Earth at least 1-1/2' so the pipe will stand on its own. If you are in an area where the ground is frozen, take hot water and keep pouring on the spot where you want to place the Earth CB, this will help thaw out the area.

copper pipe and 'auto body repair' resin
copper pipe available at home improvement stores
auto body repair resin available at auto parts stores


After getting the pipe in the ground and standing, you can take some crystals (I used single terminated crystals about 5 of them) and drop them into the pipe so they will lay on Mother Earth.


variety of crystals and gemstones
various crystals - click for larger picture

wire wrapped crystal
wire-wrapped crystal - helps direct energy

place crystal into pipe
drop crystals into pipe

Next you will take some curly aluminum metals and drop some down the pipe. You can use aluminum shavings from machine or sign shops.  Or you can use bb's from your local sporting goods store.  Or you can use copper and brass kitchen scrubbies, cut up into very fine pieces. I used copper coated bb's next and zinc bb's next as I love to use them in all my creations. Then next I put some copper spirals and SBB coils I made. You want to make sure that you don't over do this bottom part and you leave plenty of space empty at the top of the pipe. This will allow the Deadly Orgone (DOR) to come in and let the Healthy Orgone (OR) back out.

copper scrubbies for metal content
example: copper scrubbies for metal content

Next you can mix up your resin and hardener, this is the time to add activated charcoal if you want, the liquid colliodal vitamins and minerals, put this into the resin first before the hardener and mix real well.


activated charcoal capsules
activated charcoal capsules

Finally add your hardener and you will put more than required since you added stuff to the mix.

Take this outside to the Earth CB and pour into the pipe. Now if you want to know how much is in the bottom and if it is covering what you put in there, take a flashlight and keep flashing it down the pipe, you will see the liquid when enough has been poured. Tap ingredients down with a stick and if you need to add more resin then do so.

The pipe will then become hot, very hot so be careful around it.

Easy to take short pipes into the woods, and plant these Earth CB's everywhere.....easy to take your ingredients with you, and your resin and harder and mix right there on the spot.

A tree will enhance your CB as a tree is also an orgone producer...just go with what comes to you and you won't be wrong...sit quitely and listen and you will get your answers, that truly does work.


A super power chembuster.