Three days after my show aired on February 23, 2009 Hal Turner posted about the USA allowing China "eminent domain" in our country....Confirmation of what I've been warning about the past few months about China coming in to take possession of everything they own here in America...which is probably about 95% of home mortgage loans if not higher...America IS IN TROUBLE folks! I have been WARNING and WARNING about the Chinese!! They ARE COMING! Prepare yourselves!

I've also spent years warning about Hillary Clinton and her role in the Last Days of being instrumental in America being thrown into Martial Law and Destroying our Economy....As SECRETARY OF STATE she isn't wasting time and she is working hand in hand WITH the Chinese!

I can't say it loud enough, PREPARE to defend yourselves and your families! The Chinese will sweep through areas demanding loans be paid in FULL on all mortgages they hold the title to...which is MOST. If you have a mortgage then you owe THEM not the 'bank' you thought issued you the mortgage because the Chinese have bought all the mortgage debts from the banks, so THEY own the title to your house....NOT the banks!  And they are going to want all loans called immediately! They are going to demand that you pay your mortgage in FULL or you will be taken off to a "debtor's prison" which is really just a FEMA camp designed to kill you. They will take you as a prisoner immediately!

If the bank calls  you to appear for 'talks about your mortgage loan" or however they plan to deceive people ...don't go!! It's bad enough that they will just show up at peoples houses unannounced demanding they leave the house "they" own.

They will take you as prisoners to the FEMA camps.

You've been warned!




Beijing, China -- Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have
just CONFIRMED to me that the United States of America has tendered to China a
written agreement which grants to the People's Republic of China, an option
to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China's continued
purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves!

The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China.

This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial
obligations to China, the Communist Government of China would be permitted to
physically take -- inside the USA -- land, buildings, factories, perhaps even
entire cities - to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government.

Put simply, the feds have now actually mortgaged the physical land and
property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a
foreign power, their Constitutional power to "take" all of our property, as
actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the
continued carrying of US national debt.

This is an unimaginable betrayal of every man, woman and child in the USA. An
outrage worthy of violent overthrow.

I am endeavoring to obtain images or copies of the actual document but in the
interim, several different sources both in the US and in China have CONFIRMED
this to me.

More details as they become available ... spread the word ASAP.

-------------- UPDATE 1:40 pm EST

Eminent Domain is the power of government to TAKE private property for public
use without the consent of the property owner. Under our Constitution, the
government can only "take" when providing "just compensation" for what they've

Who decides what constitutes "just compensation?" The government!

Homeowners who felt the government was not paying them enough for property in
past "takings" have filed lawsuits. In absolutely every such case, the value
placed upon the property by the government was upheld by the courts.

Our federal government has now granted to China, this power to "take"our
homes and businesses in the event the US Gov't defaults on its debts. Let's play
this out as a worst case scenario. . . . . .

The US Gov't goes belly-up and China comes in and says, "they owed us $2
Trillion in Treasury Notes and another $2 Trillion in actual cash money which is
now worthless. We are taking the entire state of Hawaii and the entire state of
California in lieu of this bad debt. "

With the stroke of a Chinese chop stick, Hawaii and California -- all the
land and buildings in those states -- are now owned by China.

The "taking" would be a "valid public use" because it was "taken" in payment
of the public debt!!!!

China could then turn around and declare the value of all that land to be
worth. . . . . I dunno, ten cents on a dollar?

For your $200,000 house, you get a Chinese check for $20,000.

Needless to say, the property owners would go ballistic and demand "just
compensation" for what was taken. Who gets to decide what is "just?" China! Don't
think you got a fair price for what they took? No problem, sue China.

You'll lose.

People who live in those states and own their land outright, might be able to
negotiate with China to "rent" back their own property, as long as the
property owner continued to pay all his taxes; but the land and buildings would
belong to China!

This is what our own Government has just done to us and it is the single most
vile act of betrayal in the history of human existence.

------------- SECOND UPDATE 3:48 PM

(And this doesn't even matter! The States Won't Get Anywhere on this One!)

In early February nine U.S. States began the process of re-asserting their
Sovereignty pursuant to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the US Constitution;
declaring null and void any actions by Congress that violated the Constitution.

At the time, I wrote about those state efforts (Here) and wondered why so
many states were taking-up such an arcane issue in such a seemingly urgent
fashion. I guess now, we know why.

The states were obviously privy to what the feds were planning to do with
granting Eminent Domain to China. The states took action to make certain the feds
couldn't give away cities or the states themselves!

This situation is going to get VERY ugly, VERY fast as one sovereign power
(the feds) try to literally give away the land of other sovereign powers, (the
states). This is the type of thing that starts Civil War.

Our present federal government makes the treachery and betrayal of Benedict
Arnold look like child's play.

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US Gives China Eminent
Domain Over US Property
Beyond High Treason

A. True Ott, PhD, ND
Let's connect some dots today, boys and girls to learn about the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TREASON that has happened in this country.
Dot #1 China begins its covert war on the FREE American republic in the 1950's by taking over much of the PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG manufacturing for American and British Big Pharma. This is an outgrowth of the Rothschild's OPIUM RING PROCESSING by the British West Indies company during the 1800's, and is brokered by the "City of London" and Washington D.C.
Dot #2 Arch-illuminist and satanist Henry Kissinger "normalizes" trade relations with China during the Nixon years.
Dot #3 Eventual LDS (Mormon) Church President Gordon B. Hinckley, via the church-owned Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, establishes a "hard currency" pipeline with Bejing, exchanging bank "trade credits" for CIA/BRITISH MI6 DRUG SERVICES RENDERED into hard GOLD AND SILVER while hiding behind the cloak of "World Religion". This is facilitated via the LDS-Church built and controlled "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone" adjacent to Hong Kong. When Hinckley is made LDS President, his first "official" visit as "World Prophet" is to China, where the Chinese Communist leaders give him a hero's welcome and a confetti parade. (See attached paper --- "Pensees of a Puzzled Pilgrim" pp 5-6 and Desert News, June 1, 1996 article: "President Hinckley Visits China").
Dot #4 Arkansas natives Bill Clinton and Sam Walton massively increase contracts with China's factories over 2,000%. This results in a tremendous imbalance of trade with China. Thanks to the Mormon "Special Economic Zone" -- China's communist leaders begin amassing incredible "real" wealth in gold and silver.
Dot #5 China purchases TRILLIONS of dollars worth of U.S. Treasury Bills and Bonds, paying for it with gold and silver provided by the Shenzhen Economic Zone exchanges. Much of the U.S. "national debt" is purchased from the private "Federal Reserve" banks in this manner.
Dot #6 Dr. Jeff Taubenberger of the U.S. Institute of Pathology in Ft. Dedrick MD, (The world headquarters for biologic weapons development) successfully maps the genome of the 1918 killer "flu" virus responsible for the 1918 "pandemic" that killed millions.
The worst killer virus ever to plague mankind is now ready to be used as a covert "weapon" disguised as a natural "influenza" mutations.
Dot #6 July, 2005: The Illuminati-conrolled United Nations announces that the world is long over-due for an "influenza pandemic". The H5N1 "Avian Flu" is wrongfully demonized as a COVER.
Dot #7 December 2005: The Chinese Defense Minister, Chi Haotiaon delivers a speech to the Chinese military leaders outlining the inevitable "expansion" of China into Canada, the U.S., and Australia -- He justifies this because of Chinese racial "superiority" and thus "emminent domain". To accomplish this, American would first have to be "Cleansed" by means of a powerful "biological weapon" --- causing 150 -200 MILLION AMERICAN DEATHS!!! The plan would be enacted AFTER the symbolic OLYMPIC GAMES beginning at the sacred day of 8-08-08 are concluded. China begins buying oil and gas futures, spiking the worldwide prices to historic levels.
Dot #8 March 13, 2008: A secret meeting is conducted for the U.S. House and Senate. Agents of the Club of Rome give a preview of upcoming events to elected officials who first swear an oath of secrecy. The traitors are briefed that the economy will begin its collapse in October, 2008 -- and will TOTALLY collapse in mid 2009. As events unfold in 2009-2010, Congress was told of the real possibily of massive civil unrest and even Civil War being waged. Detention camps constructed to imprison civil 'agitators'. See
for the complete meeting agenda.
Dot #9 In September, 2008 -- as soon as the Olympics are concluded, China stops buying oil and gas futures while dumping U.S. Treasury bills and bonds. Gasoline prices plummet, while the U.S. mortgage loan money becomes tightly constricted. The Club of Rome's agenda is being implemented perfectly.
Dot #10 In October, just as explained in March, the economy indeed begins its collapse with mortgage banks going bankrupt as the Chinese dump their U.S. Securities. This causes a world-wide "rush to liquidity" as money supplies DRASTICALLY tighten.
Dot #11 Billions of worthless U.S. Government "bailout" debit entries are given to bolster failing U.S. Banks. These are "worthless" because China now controls most of the U.S. "REAL" wealth in the form of gold and silver. China refuses to continue investing credit loans to the U.S. Treasury.
Dot #12 Barack Hussein Obama is elected, promising "Change you can believe in." After taking office in January, Obama sends Hillary Clinton on a critical mission to China and helps write H.R. 45 -- a complete grab of America's guns ala Adolph Hitler. State leaders who understand what Clinton and Obama agenda with China is about, are seeking legal "Sovereignty" to prevent the loss of property to a foreign power.
Dot #13 China agrees to continue investing in U.S. Treasury Bills only after securing the right of "eminent domain" to physically repossess foreclosed American PRIVATE PROPERTY. This move is the equivalent of an unconditional surrender following a bloody war.
This also gives the Chinese military the LEGAL RIGHT to use biological weaponry to "Clean up America all at once". It gives them the legal right to use deadly force in removing trespassing Americans from occupying Chinese real estate.
Connect these 13 evil dots, and this is what you get:
China Speaks (pdf)