Captain Eric May - Hidden Agenda?


Captain May's Circle of Friends:

Greg Syzmanski - Jesuit trained Roman Catholic. Notre Dame graduate.

Georgeann Hughes - MPD pawn of the illuminati. Born into Satanism/Illuminati. Often has Al Cuppett a pro Zionist on her radio show. Cuppet sends the proceeds of his books to the Zionists.

Zeph Daniel - MPD pawn of the illuminati. Born into Satanism/Illuminati.

Stew Webb - MPD pawn of  FBI/CIA/Al Gore illuminati. Married a Millman who has direct ties to the Bush bloodline. Hated his father-in-law. Recruited by FBI/Al Gore camp to expose the Bush Cabal.

Hal Turner - Illuminati disinfo media pawn.
Jesuit Trained Roman Catholic.

Eric May himself said, "I defer to the Jesuits" to Tim White. The Jesuits have been involved with working the same Al Gore camp agenda of exposing the Bush Cabal...same as Stew Webb. What better way to align patriots against the Bush Cabal by putting a former intel Army Capt out in front? The problem is, the agenda behind it pushes the agendas of Al Gore, the NESARA alien agenda and the Vatican's.  The Jesuits do a good job of exposing the Bush crime cartel but people need to be warned not to buy into the garbage that another globalist regime can do better.

Globalism is the enemy of Patriotism.

The Jesuits are the right hand men of The Black Pope, Satan's right hand man on earth!