FILE NO. 007
 C A V E R N S,   D U N G E O N S   A N D   L A B Y R I N T H S

     In this 'File' we will examine reports of ancient subterrain
excavations, the very reality of which presupposes the existence
of scientifically-advanced races which reigned perhaps thousands
of years ago, excavations that had apparently been constructed
before the deluge and, in some cases, following it.  The account
which we record below appeared in the Oct. 1947 issue of 'AMAZING
STORIES' science fiction/science fact magazine, pp. 171-172:

     "Norman Finley, a neighbor of a good friend of mine, told me
about an experience he had which was rather unusual.  He and a
couple of other fellows were hunting down in the Big Bend
country.  I don't know whether you are familiar with the Big Bend
or not, but there is no more wild or desolate area in the
country.  Rugged, mountainous, cut by canyons, there are
innumerable parts of it which have never known the foot of man.  
     "It was in one of the most desirable areas that Finley and
his companions found themselves.  They had driven about ninety
miles southwest of Marathon, Texas, a little town of about 700
people, at the foot of the Del Norte Mountains, 4000 feet high,
and had then gone on afoot.  The dirt road just petered out and
they couldn't get their car further.  They were hunting deer but
had no luck.  Just as they were about to call it a day, Finley
spotted a mountain lion.  He snapped a shot at it and knocked it
over.  But the lion just rolled over on his feet and started to
leave those parts.
     "Finley and the other fellows took after him, since it was
obvious that he was wounded and not making very good time.  They
managed to keep him in sight for about a mile and were sure they
had him when he ran into a box canyon.  The lion, however,
started up a faint trail up one side of the canyon to a small
cave they could see about a hundred feet from the floor of the
canyon.  They followed him up this trail, but when they got to
the cave--there was no lion!
     "The cave was one of those dished-out affairs that are so
common in the southwest.  Eroded out of the face of a cliff and
cup-shaped.  The only access to it was by that trail.  But this
cave was a bit queer.  It had a sand floor and was just about big
enough to park twenty cars in it.  On the cliff edge was a low
STONE WALL.  This in itself was not too unusual, because such
caves have sheltered Indians for thousands of years.
     "The thing that did make it unusual was that in the rear of
it was a perfectly round hole.  It was obvious that the lion had
ducked into this.
     "They approached it rather cautiously and tossed some stones
in it to see if they could stir him up.  But there was no
response.  They could hear the stones rolling and bouncing down
an incline and the sound just got fainter and fainter until it
died away altogether.
     "They then approached the hole and peered down into it.  It
was perfectly round--also it was about four or five feet in
diameter.  They couldn't see very far down it, but it appeared to
descend rather sharply and at a steady gradient.  The fellows
gathered some dry grass from the canyon floor and made some
torches.  The incline of the bore was too steep for them to climb
down so they tossed the torches down it.  They just slid down
further and further and disappeared into the gloom.  They never
did see or hear of the lion again.
     "At first they thought they had stumbled onto some old
Spanish mine workings.  But there was no sign anywhere of a dump
that always goes with a mine.  By all rights there should have
been some sign of the earth and rock that had come out of that
hole--but there wasn't.
     "When they inspected the hole itself more closely, they were
amazed at it's symmetry and at the consistency of the section of
the bore as far as they could see down it.  The fact that the
bore was perfectly round puzzled them, too.  If it was a mine
shaft, it most certainly wouldn't have been round, but instead
would have been flat on the bottom.  The fact that the shaft
extended straight and unwavering as a rigid pipe was cause for
further amazement.  Since the fellows had no rope with them,
which would have been needed to descend the shaft, as well as
lights, they scratched their heads awhile and then left.
     "Finley wanted to go back with equipment and see how far
down the shaft went and what was at the bottom of it.  But
ranchers are busy people and he never went back.  In the meantime
he got pretty well broken up when a horse threw him and he now
lives in Fort Worth while he has someone else to run the ranch. 
We talked rather idly about having a look at his cave someday. 
He says he knows exactly where it is and could find that box
canyon with his eyes shut.  So far we haven't done anything about
it.  But we may either this summer or next when we get time to go
down to Big Bend.
     "Finley told me this story about a year before even you
heard of Shaver so you can be sure he wasn't influenced by the
'Shaver Mystery.'  In fact, I don't believe he has ever heard of
the 'Shaver Mystery,' even to this day.
     "E. Stanton Brown.,  4931 Bryce Ave.,  Fort Worth 7, Texas."

     Another letter, dated Jan. 1948, appeared in 'AMAZING
STORIES' magazine also confirming that strange 'para-speleon'
phenomena exists in the western part of Texas.  However the
artifacts described in the following letter seem to involve areas
north of Big Bend, not far from the Guadellupe Mts. and the New
Mexico border.  Perhaps this account is a partial confirmation of
a subterranean connection between areas BELOW the Big Bend of
Texas and the Guadellupe range of southern New Mexico -
northwestern Texas.  Quoting from the letter:

     "Since I have been an interested reader of AMAZING STORIES
since my high school days (1929) when A-S was a bigger magazine,
I feel like one of the family when I read the letters in the
discussion pages.  The temptation has arisen many times to write
a letter to you concerning some hotly discussed matter, but
something has always prevented me from getting at it.  However,
the October Issue pushed me too far, and here goes.
     "The mysterious cave Mr. E. Stanton Brown spoke of in his
letter is not exactly news to me.  In 1938 a party of six of my
friends and myself spent seven months in that area of Texas, and
upper Mexico.  We were testing an electronic instrument that we
had developed, and needed lots of space and some mineral deposits
for the various tests.  So, we got rather well acquainted with
the Big Bend country, and the Figure 2 Ranch north of there.  We
arrived there in January and camped IN THE SIERRA BLANCAS,
storing a lot of our equipment at the town of Van Horn.  By
March we had gotten deep into the rugged country and as I recall,
it was about the middle of March we stumbled onto this cave (or a
twin) that Mr. Brown speaks of in his letter.  Everyone was so
dumbfounded by it that we spent the better part of the rest of
the month in making a thorough investigation.  We penetrated the
shaft to a distance of 870 feet and at about 650 feet found some
very finely executed writing on the right wall at eye level, IN
WHAT RESEMBLES CUNEIFORM.  At 800 feet one of the party fell over
a cloth lying in the dust, and upon closer examination, it was
found to be part of a blue shirt, of fairly recent manufacture;
indicating that someone else had been this far in recent times. 
This and an empty pint whisky bottle dated 1897 was all we
located to indicate recent occupation.  Of course in a country
where desperadoes such as Black Jack, Billy the Kid, etc., hid
out where they could and the more solitary the better, such a
find was not too surprising.
     "At about 780 feet the floor dips more sharply downward and
at near 900 feet progress is very hazardous due to moisture and
increased slant downward.  We carried rocks from the opening, and
rolled them from the point where we could no longer walk, but
they simply faded out with a rumble after a few seconds.  We
tried rolling flaming yucca stumps to see if, perhaps, we might
determine more about the bore further on, but this proved to be
futile, since the stumps burned poorly at best, probably due to
bad air.  It was very stuffy and hot after the first 300 feet
from the opening.  We held a powwow to try and figure out how we
could go further down, but the only thing would have been lots of
lariat ropes, or a long steel cable, and neither was available
nearer than some 50 miles.
     "If Mr. Finley had taken the time to go hunting up in the
Figure 2 Ranch territory he might have run across another, and to
me more interesting, cave than the Big Bend one.  About 62 miles
(north - Branton) from the town of Van Horn you go through the
salt-flat country, where the Salt Wars of the old west occurred. 
Westward, some 8 or 9 miles from the road is the Apache Canyon
country, and as rugged as anywhere on the face of the globe.  In
an offshoot of Apache Canyon to the south, is an almost
impassable gash called Hell Canyon.  The walls of this canyon
rise precipitously for at least 1000 feet and top out on Apache
Peak on one side and an old Indian ceremonial ground on the other
side.  More desolate country would be hard to imagine.  Coyotes
and mountain lions are plentiful, and panthers no novelty.  I
have seen as many as 34 deer in a herd down below on the grassy
ledge sloping down toward the canyon floor.  Of course, further
up toward the box end of the canyon it was much too rugged for
deer, but a few mountain sheep are seen, (it was) in the wildest
part of the canyon that the other cave was found, in fact we
almost fell into it.  The high grass about the opening hid the
dished out entrance.
     "We were at an elevation of approximately 7000 feet and
going was tough, especially with a pack, and we had stopped to
rest when one of the party remarked that it 'sounded hollow' when
any of us talked.  Of course, we all yapped away at the same time
trying to figure if this was so, and sure enough it was.  Further
investigation located the hole some six feet to the left of where
we had stopped.  It was roughly oval in shape, some 30 by 18
feet; and bridged in the center the short way by a natural rock
arch heavy enough to support an elephant.  In the center of the
arch were 3 deep grooves caused we hazarded, by rope passing over
the arch.  We spent several hours in investigating the
surrounding terrain to see if there might be any other entrances
to the cave, but found none.  It sloped sharply from the opening
down about 200 feet, and then the bore disappeared, curving
upward.  We succeeded in getting down to the first level, by
tying all our ropes together, and subsequently investigated a lot
of it.  
     "Threading through the soil were long stringers of quartz,
but oddly enough at the same time there were chunks of rock as
big as a piano that were solid masses of seashells.  Quite a lot
of pottery both broken and whole, was found.  The most
interesting thing was, however, that the farther we went the
colder it got.  Also there was a sound of either rushing wind or
water, which got louder the lower we went.  We came upon two
human skeletons not over 500 feet from the entrance, but they
must have been very old, as the bones crumbled at the touch. 
Everything was covered with a deep dust after passing the bend
and no indication of any living thing having passed there was
ever noted.  It was very dark and depressing, and the chill was
very penetrating.  When you consider that the outside temperature
was near 100 degrees, you can imagine how we were dressed.  We
had three flashlights, one a five cell, and after a while it was
all that was left that would give a decent light.  Down at what
we estimated as 1200 feet from the opening we came smack up
against a smooth stone wall.  That was it.  The end.  None of us
would admit it was natural, it was too smooth and perfect, and
look as we would we could not find a single flaw or crack in it. 
It was of a marble-like texture and some eight or nine feet high
in the center and around eleven wide.  By placing our ears to the
marble near there, in Marble Canyon, where marble was once taken
out in large quantities, and so the rock was native rock, I'm
sure.  Since the remaining light was all we had except matches,
we voted to get back to the opening as soon as possible, and
after a hard struggle upgrade we got back to daylight and held a
conference.  We decided to bed down and talk it over further the
next day, as it was getting late.
     "However, the next day we were inclined to look foolishly at
each other and claim it was all our imagination thinking there
was anything strange on the other side of the barrier, and it was
just another one of those many caves in the country.  Carlsbad is
just 65 miles north of there, AND THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS NO DOUBT
     "We finished our experiments and left, late in July but I
have never been able to forget the caves, and THE ODD SOUNDS ON
THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT BARRIER.  Or for that matter, the barrier
itself, for it was too perfect to be natural, I believe.  Or,
maybe I've just read too many AMAZING STORIES,' and am inclined
to wild ideas.  As the Mexicans say, Quien sabe?
     "Some day I'm going to write you a ding-how Scientifiction
on something-or-other, and then place it and my rejection notice
among my souvenirs.  Maybe then I can go on reading AMAZING
STORIES in peace, without wanting to dash off a dinger.
     "K. A. Gookin.,  Carmel Radio & Sound Service.,  Box 1865., 
Carmel, California."
     (Note: It is unlikely that the writers of the two letters
which we have just quoted would be able to be reached at the
addresses given.  We've merely given them as they appeared in
AMAZING STORIES magazine in the late 1940's. - Branton)

     At this point we will mention several miscellaneous items
connected with paraspeleology, speleanthropology, subsurface
phenomena and related subjects:
     A researcher by the name of Frank D. Adams has written on
the result of his personal scientific experiments which may prove
that giant cavities exist in granite at depths of more than 11
miles, conclusions which have also been supported by Louis V.
King, a mathematician who calculated that, at normal
temperatures, a cavity would exist at a depth of between 17.2 and
20.9 miles.  The authors' findings are also supported by the
recently discovered "16 Rouse Belts" which give planes of
fracture penetrating the globe.
     Dr. Ron Anjard, in an article in the Summer, 1978 issue of
PURSUIT Magazine, claimed personal knowledge of 44 underground
cities beneath the surface of North America, six of which are
alleged to be on the West Coast.  His information allegedly comes
from anonymous American Indian sources.  When we relate this to
the large number of migration legends (to and from cavern realms)
which exist among the native Amerindians, then we may conclude
that certain tribes still retain intimate knowledge of
underground civilizations related to them via distant ancestral
links.  Some of the elders of these different tribes, others have
suggested, may in fact maintain present contact with several of
these cavern civilizations.  There are some indications that some
such 'tribes' literally moved underground as a result of the
encroaching Anglosaxon civilization upon the America's.  Similar
allegations are made in relation to South and Central America as
     Interviews with survivors of a mine explosion in Dec. 26,
1945, known as the "Belva Mine Disaster", appeared in the Dec.
1981 - Jan. 1982 issues of newspapers in Pineville, Kentucky and
elsewhere.  The interviews revealed that some of the trapped men
saw a "door" in one of the walls open, and a man dressed like a
"lumberjack" emerged from a well-lighted room.  After assuring
the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned
to the room and closed the door.  These "lumberjack-like"
entities have been described by miners on other parts of the
country and in other nations as well.  There seems to be some
confusion as to whether they are physical or paraphysical
entities.  A somewhat similar incident allegedly took place
several years ago near Shipton, Pennsylvania.  Of the three
victims of this particular mine disaster, only two were rescued. 
However both described a similar para-physical encounter with
strange 'men' who entered the caverns and gave light to the two
trapped miners and told them that they would be rescued.  They
were uncertain whether the entities were humans or supernatural
beings however, as much of their collective "hallucination"
contained both physical as well as supernatural elements.  The
bluish "light" which illuminated the room, they said, was real,
but other holographic-like visuals that appeared on the walls,
when touched by their hands, either disappeared or revealed solid
rock behind.
     R. L. Blain-Sanders, in an article titled 'TUNNELS AND
CAVERNS BENEATH NEW YORK CITY,' which appeared in the Fall, 1981
issue of SHAVERTRON, described the author's knowledge of a large
triangular system of tunnels utilized by a 'Masonic lodge', deep
below the surface of New York City.  Could this have any
connection to the other 'rumors' to the effect that cavernous
regions exist below Manhattan?  For instance, in 1962 Con Edison,
while drilling a test hole in the north of East River Park, New
York City, broke through to open space about 200 feet below. 
Also, there are the allegations of Morris Doreal that the Church
of St. John the Divine in New York was built over ancient tunnels
leading to a dome-shaped city abandoned by antediluvian
'Atlanteans' and later, apparently, re-established by post-
deluvians.  Then we have the accounts of thousands of people who
have literally and mysteriously disappeared off the face of the
earth in and around New York City.
     Raymond Bond, in an article titled 'SUBTERRANEAN SAUCERS -
1980 (Brooklyn, N.Y.), described caves within Mt. Sombrero in the
Tampica area of Mexico, from which sounds resembling those made
by 'hydroelectric generating equipment' can be heard.  Also,
inhabitants of the interior of Mt. Kilimanjaro were also
described.  Kilimanjaro is one of the highest peaks in Africa.
     Bob Borino, in his article, 'UFO BASES FOUND IN ANTARCTICA'
(Globe, Jan. 18, 1983) quotes from certain scientists who believe
that a subterranean UFO Base is located beneath the strange
'Polynya Sea' in the Antarctica's Weddell Sea region.
     Malcolm W. Browne, in his article 'UNDERGROUND TUNNELS
1967, p.2) tells of over 60 miles of ancient tunnel systems of
unknown origin and purpose which have been discovered beneath the
town of Eger, Hungary, some of which have collapsed.  The
civilization which built the tunnels must have been fairly
advanced in engineering and science in order to create such a
subterranean system.
     Karl Brugger, in his book 'THE CHRONICLE OF AKAKOR' (Boohi
Tree Books., Delacorte Press., N.Y., 230 pp), gives the history--
as given to the author by one of their chiefs--of the Ugha
Mongulala tribesman, whose ancestors were allegedly part of a
vast empire which covered South America in ancient times.  Some
of these ancient people, the chief claimed, left the planet in
aerial vessels to explore other parts of the solar system and
beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes
mountains and western Brazil.  In 1971, due to the constant
encroachment of white settlers or invaders into their territory,
30,000 survivors of the Ugha Mongulala allegedly escaped to this
ancient system of underground cities, consisting of 13 separate
subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one of which is
said to extend to Lima, and others of which are located
throughout the Andes Mountain range of Peru.
     Michael Burke, in his article 'GREEN THING SPARKS RUMORS'
(THE VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH, New Kensington, Tarentum and
Vandergrift, PA., Mar. 5, 1981 issue) described a small creature,
allegedly 'half humanoid - half dinosaur' which was seen emerging
from a sewer tunnel in New Kensington.  A group of children
chased the infant or young dinosauroid creature, one of them
momentarily grabbing it at which point it let out a squealing or
screeching sound, and then slipped from his hands and escaped
back into the sewer tunnel.  This incident took place some miles
west of Dixonville, PA., where in 1944 several miners were killed
or turned up missing as a result of encounters with 'alien'
creatures in one particular mineshaft there.  Any connection?
     SAGA Magazine's 'UFO ANNUAL - 1980', P.4, under the heading
'CAVE MARTIANS', described a bizarre encounter with subterranean
creatures which seemed to have consisted of some type of
automaton-like forms, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission from an
underground civilization.  The story involved a tunnel near
Xucurus, Argentina(?), some 90 miles from Buenos Aires.  The
tunnel was discovered by agriculturist Gerardo Cordeire, and
found to contain nine connecting passages and strange
inscriptions on the walls.  From it's entrance "men nine feet
tall, green, with antennas on their heads, and square legs" were
seen to emerge, and which, according to HUNDREDS of witnesses
from the town and nearby locals, resembled enormous "portable
     Dr. Earlyne Chaney, in an article titled 'ODYSSEY INTO
EGYPT', in her occult-oriented magazine VOICE OF ASTARA (May,
1982) tells of a discovery she and researcher Bill Cox was shown
in Egypt.  These were two tunnels, neither of which had been
fully explored.  One was in the temple of Edfu between Luxor and
Cairo in the ruins of El Tuna Gabel; and the other near Zozer's
Step Pyramid at Cairo near Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of
the Bull, called "Serapium".  The Egyptian government sealed both
tunnels because of fears of certain archaeologists who alleged
that they "lead too deeply down into the depths of the earth,"
and because they found the earth to be "honeycombed with passages
leading off into other depths," and the possibility of explorers
becoming lost.  If such labyrinths do exist, then it may explain
one story which alleged that men dressed like "ancient Egyptians"
have been seen deep in unexplored tunnels near Cairo, as well as
possible confirmation of the story which appeared in Nevada
Aerial Research's 'LEADING EDGE' Publication to the effect that
the U.S.(?) Government secretly maintains a huge base within a
cavern of tremendous size (several miles in diameter) beneath the
desert sands of Egypt.  Could this tie in with the vague
references to a subterranean society(s) referred to by certain
people 'in the know' which is/are known as the 'Phoenix Empire'
and/or the 'Gizeh People'?
     Articles in the WASHINGTON STAR-NEWS, July 25, 1973 and Aug.
15, 1973, tell of the discovery of an unexplored network of
ancient, artificial tunnels during construction of a parking lot
in Crofton, Maryland.  Subsequent construction covered the tunnel
entrances before the system could be completely investigated.
     Leon Davidson, in an early issue of 'FLYING SAUCERS'
Magazine, spoke of a large network of "underground tunnels in the
California desert, at Camp Irwin, near Barstow."  This may tie-in
with an item related by a Los Angeles municipal water director,
as related in an early issue of Richard Toronto's SHAVERTRON
letter-zine, stating that this water director knew of 5 large
underground rivers which ran beneath the Mojave desert, and that
die-traces showed that at least one of these emptied into the
Pacific ocean through openings in the continental slopes (One
source stated that such a river exited in the Gulf of California.
Other sources speak of a "Kokoweef" river-system which is alleged
to lie below Kokoweef peak just east of FORT Irwin, which looked-
-according to it's alleged discoverer, a Mr. Earl Dorr, and a few
"Indians" who also claimed to have been in it--like a "Grand
Canyon" underground.  It allegedly consists of a river chasm
generally 500 ft. wide and over a thousand feet high-deep, sided
by steep tiered-shelved underground cliffs, huge stalactites and
cataracts.  Also, the alluvial sands on the 'beaches' along the
river, which allegedly hold a large percentage of gold dust, are
said to be several feet deep.  The entrance to this cavern was
allegedly dynamited shut by Mr. Dorr to protect anyone else from
getting to "his" gold.  There is in fact evidence that Dorr did
dynamite shut the lower level of 'Kin Sabe' cave in Kokoweef
Peak, and there are present-day attempts to break through into
this underground system.  The water of the river allegedly rose
and fell with the tides, suggesting that a very large body of
water might exist upstream, that is if Dorr's account as well as
the accounts of the Indians were not fabricated).  The municipal
water director, according to the SHAVERTRON article, spoke with a
man who claimed that he was hired several years ago by the
government to look for water sources for Ft. Irwin.  He alleged
to have explored an old mine in the area and found that deep
down, the shaft intersected with an ancient earth fault or chasm-
like cave which continued horizontally for a considerable
distance.  This government employee followed the chasm and
allegedly emerged onto the bank of a huge underground river-cave
over a quarter of a mile wide!  The tremendous water flow--
possibly originating from the waters that apparently disappear
beneath the Great Basin, the Nevada and Mojave deserts?--could
have 'fed' the water needs of all of Southern California.
     Paul Doerr (not to be confused with Mr. DORR referred to
above), in issue number 6 of his Newsletter 'UNKNOWN', related
the tradition concerning a race of human giants which, according
to stories in the Carolinas islands and especially Papua,
allegedly went underground in ancient times.  Once inhabitants of
a lost island-continent called "Chamat," they will, according to
legend, one day emerge.  This legend is wide-spread throughout
Malaysia, which incidentally contains the largest "officially
recognized" cavern chamber, the "Sarowak Chamber" on the island
of Borneo in the Malaysian islands.  It is said to be 230 ft.
wide by 980 ft. long and nowhere less than 270 ft. high, large
enough to easily hold within itself the two previous contenders
for the world's largest OFFICIAL chamber - Carlsbad's "Big Room"
in New Mexico and the "Salle de la Verna" in the Pierre Saint-
Martin caverns in France.  Yankee stadium could fit in one end of
the Sarowak chamber with room to spare!  The same issue of
'UNKNOWN' also reports on the discovery of massive caverns in
Toulumne Co., California, by three Oakland miners.  The caverns
were so extensive that a man would have to "take grub for a week,
and plan to explore for a month."
     The 'BOOK OF DYZAN', which has been translated from ancient
manuscripts, tells of intellectually sophisticated humans from
an ancient earth-born society who abandoned the surface of the
earth, "depriving the impure human race of their knowledge," and
leaving in flying craft to rejoin their land "of iron and metal."
     'FAR OUT' Magazine's April, 1982 issue carried an article
tells of a huge man-made opening in the ocean floor between
Panama and the Galapagos Islands, which scientists say receives a
constant flow of ocean water which is being sucked through the
hole and into the crust beneath the ocean floor.
     Raymond A. Fowler, in his book 'THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR'
(Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.  1979) gives an
extensive description of an abduction experience of one woman who
was taken by the "Gray-type" aliens and later returned to her
house.  These creatures, according to Fowler and Andreasson, had
the ability to travel between stars but her account seems to
suggest that their ORIGINAL point of origin is within a cavernous
subterranean realm.  For instance, here are some quotes given by
Betty Andreasson concerning her abduction: "(The aliens had)
Large, wraparound... eyes (which) stood in stark contrast to less
prominent facial features: holes for noses and ears, and fixed,
scarlike mouths.  They wore shiny dark blue, form-fitting
uniforms... Their three-digit (reptilian?) hands were GLOVED." 
The creatures seemed claylike, "...They're scary," Betty said, "I
don't see any hair... (their heads were like) an upside-down
pear... I didn't even see a nose."  She described an "eye slit"
and said that the creatures took her from her house and into some
type of craft.  After a while the craft apparently connected to
some type of dock somewhere on or below the earth, beyond which
was a tunnel.  She was put into an enclosed chair-like
transparent container which filled with some kind of fluid, and
was then taken through a "...subway tunnel... it's like a track
we're going on... walking, gliding--or something."  She said that
her willpower seemed mesmerized by powerful influences beyond her
ken.  "We would pass other tunnel openings.  I could tell that
there were other tunnels there... passed out of the tunnel into a
place where the atmosphere was a vibrating red color... like
infrared light... there are buildings--square buildings with
openings... In the red part... there wasn't any vegetable life...
we are coming to where there are some beings!  And they've skinny
arms and legs and kind of a full body.  And their eyes can move
every which way, and they can climb just like monkeys.  They
climb up quickly and swiftly and down and around and in and out
of windows.  They are all over the place!"  Betty and the two
alien creatures that abducted her approached a circular membrane
and passed through it without resistance into a place with a
greenish atmosphere.  She looked down upon strange plants, a
mist-enshrouded sea, and a distant complex of buildings.  The
sheer vastness of the alien realm overwhelmed her senses.  The
place reminded her of "some legendary underground kingdom."  She
continued, "There's a lot of different stuff I'm seeing... plants
are different.  It's like, uh--long stems that come out in loops
and the different colors.  But they are green!  Other similar
elevated tracks (like the one she was on) criss-crossed the
area."  They stopped to let something go by.  Betty just watched,
dumbfounded.  Later she found nothing in her vocabulary to
describe it... "I don't know what it is!  It is something like--I
can't ever explain it... I'm seeing a pyramid--it has one big
flat side and the others indent, sort of.  We are going over it,
high in the 'sky'... There were (high buildings) like, you know,
a lot of science fiction.  Big cities with all these different
bridges all around... I don't remember seeing any activity.  It
was too far away.  That was way over to the side there, way over
to the side.  The pyramid was closer than that... When we reached
the destination, we went through the black tunnel (following
which she was taken through some type of occult ritual in which
she had a vision of a 'Phoenix' bird which was consumed in fire
and then emerged from the ashes in the form of a worm which began
to grow slowly into the 'bird' shape.  Mr. Fowler suggested that
this may have been a feigned 'religious experience' orchestrated
by the aliens in order to play on her emotions and gain Betty's
assistance)... "They seemed long," speaking of the tunnel which
she was taken through.  After the occult "initiation" or ritual
she was taken back the way she came, "It felt like pressure or
something on my head," speaking of the strange force which glued
her to the escalator-walk contrivance, "My head was hurting and
heavy from it, whatever it was... I COULD HAVE BEEN INSIDE THE
She retraced with the two alien kidnappers the way back through
the greenish cavern where the mist-covered sea was located, "the
sea was off to the side, and there was mist, and then it had that
narrow land and it did finally go onto some kind of surface and
was going up... It (the underground sea) seemed very dark, but it
was green--very, very dark.  It was choppy.  After it had
cleared, it looked smooth, sort of smooth glass... I'm going back
on that thing (the track), and, ah, I'm stopping..."  The two
creatures retraced their original path via the 'black' track they
had traveled on earlier.  Betty began speculating out loud
concerning the heaviness that she felt in her legs.  It seemed as
if the force that kept Betty glued to a position just above the
track was also responsible for causing her severe physical
discomfort.  "I think maybe why my feet are like that--I must be,
uh, glued to that thing, because there are no railings and
there's nothing holding me in.  And I'm just gliding along that
thing, and it's not very wide... And that green and blue-colored
atmosphere, it's just beautiful (the underground land was very
beautiful in some parts, but the alien creatures themselves which
had apparently taken control of these areas at some time in the
past were described by Betty as being frightening-looking)... The
green atmosphere was the sky, and then it was also blue... and
green and blue were mixed.  It was bright, bright green--emerald
green--and then it was like blue... I don't remember any
shadows."  She also claimed to have seen some crystalline
structures, as well as the pyramid structure once again, "there's
that pyramid again.  Ah, it has the white on the edges.  And that
(sculptured) head and those bridges, or something or other.  I
don't know.  There was--uh, there was water that was very choppy
when I was going, like a big sea.  There was land, but it was, if
you call it a horizon, it was like there was mist all around... I
saw the color of the--fish, bird fish... Off to the side there is
some kind of--something like a city or something.  I don't know
what it is.  It is too different than I've ever seen before.  I
just can't explain it... And we are still going through that red
atmosphere.  We're coming to the circle again.  And it's like a
mirror.  We're going through something like a mirror."  In an
instant, they were plunged into darkness.  Once again, Betty
glided along the dark rock-hewn tunnel, "And we are going along
this dark tunnel and, uh, we're just gliding along.  And just
keep going and going and going, it seems like.  We are in there a
long time, it feels like... They (the aliens) have powers.  THEY
THEM CONTROLLING MY WORDS!" Betty said during one "regressive
hypnosis" session DURING WHICH time an alien force began taking
control of her mind and spoke through her in a mechanical voice. 
During this session she said: "They have powers.  They can
control the wind, the water and even lightning... They are (using
me), and I don't know how they're doing it... They travel freely.
They travel freely throughout the whole earth."  When she was
asked by one therapist if they traveled INSIDE the earth, Betty
replied, "Since the beginning of time... some come from realms
where you cannot see their hiding place.  Some come from the very
earth... there is a place on this very earth that you don't know
of."  In 'THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR, PHASE II' (Prentice-Hall,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1982., 278 pp. ch. 6-8) Mr. Fowler reveals
even more connections between Betty Andreasson's abduction by the
"Gray" manipulators and a subterranean cavern region. 
Apparently, as in the case of many abductees, she was being
manipulated by the creatures since a young age.  One encounter
took place at the age of 12 with a small hominoid creature which
emerged from a hole in a mountain near Westminster, England. 
During another abduction experience later in her life she was
allegedly taken to huge caverns in which she saw a crystal
"museum" or computer containing records of past events, etc., as
well as underground mountains, valleys and enormous "icicles".
     Janice Goad, in an article titled 'CAVE LEGENDS OF THE
National Speleological Society affiliate, Vol. 12, No. 2 issue),
revealed several accounts of strange caves and unusual stories
surrounding them.  Among these accounts are those concerning
"Devil's Slide Cave," six miles southwest of Tazewell, VA., and
"Stoven's Cave" in Kentucky.  From both these caves strange,
unusual sounds have been heard to emerge.
     Walley George, in his article, 'PILGRIMAGE TO THE DEVIL'
(FATE Magazine., Aug. 1957., pp. 38-52) tells of a cave in a
mountain 5 miles south of Ojinago, Mexico, which is believed to
be the home of "devils".  According to the account, many
"witches" who have fallen under the control of these creatures
make regular pilgrimages to the site.
     Virgil T. Godwin, in his book 'BIZARRE SHAVER' (Published by
the author., Salem, OR  1982) tells of Mr. Godwin's contacts with
a subterranean race, his experience with "UFO's", etc.  The
author, of gypsy background, allegedly had connections with UFO
occupants, Sasquatch, etc., since he was a child, and has
allegedly taken 1000's of photographs of their aerial craft, and
has appeared on talk shows and has claimed continuous contact
with the UFO occupants.  The occupants are said to be a race of
about 8 foot tall humans who live in tunnels and underground
cities centered below Lincoln County, Oregon., with at least one
(probably more) connected subterranean colonies beneath other
parts of the Western Hemisphere, one of these being within
certain caves in or near a canyon in the central region of Baja,
California.  They claim to be technically advanced, and warn of
their ability to help defend North America in the event it is
invaded by a foreign government (and/or by other-planetary
entities also?).  This underground race allegedly has ties and
backgrounds that are connected to old Amerindian civilizations. 
They are able to speak English, but their dialect is that of
'American Indian'.
     Vaughn M. Greene, in a letter which appeared in issue No. 14
of Richard Toronto's SHAVERTRON letter-zine, spoke of a possible
'entrance' to cavern systems near the bottom of the elevator
landing in the Hoover dam near Las Vegas, which holds back Lake
Mead.  Early construction workers allegedly broke into (and
probably re-sealed) large caverns while blasting out the cliffs
near the base of the dam.  In the lower elevator landing,
according to Mr. Greene, there was a "wild tile inlay on the
floor, with signs of the zodiac and all sorts of stuff suggesting
an entrance."  He suggests a possible connection between this and
the caverns which the workers broke into.  Could this tie-in with
accounts given by others that an underground base exists beneath
Page, Arizona connecting the S-4 underground base in Nevada and
the Dulce underground base in New Mexico via tube-line? (the Glen
Canyon - Lake Powell Hydroelectric dam in Page 'might' provide a
power source for such an underground installation)  This is
however only supposition, however Navaho dam is alleged to supply
some power to the upper human-occupied levels of the Dulce Base,
which may suggest that similar bases are at least partially
powered by hydroelectric dams.
     An early issue of the 'Shaver Mystery Magazine' gave an
account of two boys who uncovered a 'thermal bore' in a cave near
Pittsburgh, PA.  Their dog ran into the tunnel, a few minutes
following which they 'heard' a deep, low vibrating sound
whereupon the dog in absolute terror darted up from the tunnel,
scratched it way past the boys and was later found shivering at
home.  The cave was subsequently covered up by a road crew.
     Howard F. Griffin, in a letter which appeared in the 'SHAVER
MYSTERY MAGAZINE', Vol. 1., No. 2., 1947, p. 35., told of vast
caverns within the interior of Pike's Peak in Colorado, as
evidenced by occasional sounds of subterranean 'rock-falls' which
have been heard to emanate from the bowels of the mountain. 
Other sources have confirmed this phenomena also.
     Paxson C. Hayes, in writings of his which appeared in early
issues of BSRF's (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation's)
publication 'ROUND ROBIN,' referred to the discovery which he
claimed to have made of the mummified remains of a race of 7-ft.
tall humans who lived in huge caverns 9,000 feet below the
surface of North America.
     The Vol. 2, No. 1 issue of THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter
(formerly published by Tal and Mary LeVesque), told of the
discovery of a mysterious stone staircase leading to a network of
underground caverns beneath the Caribbean island of Bonaire.
     Charles Hillinger, in his article, 'AN UNDERGROUND
CATHEDRAL' (Los Angeles Times., Mar. 2., 1975) describes a
mysterious maze of underground tunnels and rooms discovered
beneath the surface of Eureka, Nevada.
     Dana Howard, in her book, 'VESTA, THE EARTHBORN VENUSIAN'
(Essene Press., Corpus Christi,  TX.  1950), includes a chapter
which tells of a remnant of an ancient civilization still in
existence underground, within one of the mountain ranges adjacent
to the Imperial Valley area of California.
     The I.N.F.O. JOURNAL (Published by the Inter-National
Fortean Organization., Arlington, VA), Vol. 2., No. 2, p.7.,
relates "Prof. Hapgood's" discovery of a stone staircase leading
down into the earth at Acambaro in central Mexico, now filled
with hard-packed volcanic material.  The conclusions are that the
stairway is very ancient and must lead somewhere!  The site is
located on the "Mizquiz" property.
     John A. Keel, on p. 145 of his book 'THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES'
(Signet Books., N.Y., 1975.), states: "An engineer Rex Ball
swears he came upon a mysterious underground installation in
Georgia in 1940, manned by small Oriental-looking men in
coveralls and a few American military officers.  When he was
caught in the tunnels, one of the officers issued the curt
command, 'Make him look like a nut!'  He woke up in a field,
uncertain whether his experience had been real or a dream.  That
seems to be the battle cry of the phenomena.  'Make him look like
a nut!'"  And on p. 192 of the same book: "...A man on Long
Island (informed Keel that he) was frantically making
preparations for the big evacuation.  He even traveled to a
secret underground flying saucer base, in a black Cadillac with a
dashboard festooned with flashing colored lights, where he
participated in a 'dry run.'  Other normal human beings were
present, he said, and manned various kinds of equipment to
communicate with the rescue spaceships somewhere overhead. 
'Funny thing, John,' he mused, 'all the equipment was
manufactured by Western Electric, Hallicrafters, and other U.S.
     David Klein, in an article titled 'AMATEUR EXPLORER
GOLD' (NATIONAL ENQUIRER., Feb. 4., 1973 pp. 16-17), related the
discovery of a strange cavern system located some 300 miles
northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Within the
cavern-system there were allegedly large amounts of gold, huge
unidentifiable human or Sasquatch-like footprints, white-albino
frogs and perfectly round stones and underground rivers.  These
findings, according to the article, were immediately suppressed
by the Canadian government soon after they were discovered.
     Tal LeVesque, in an article titled 'UNDERGROUND UFO BASE
2., No. 2., issue of THE HOLLOW HASSLE, described a suspected UFO
Base which is believed by some to lie under the Yakima Indian
Reservation southeast of Tacoma, Washington.
     Abraham Mansfield of 'The Lemurian Foundation - Mt. Shasta'
located in Redding, California, published a book in 1970 called
'THE GOLDEN GODDESS OF THE LEMURIANS.'  The book is based on the
author's alleged contacts with native tribesmen in the area who
revealed to him the secret of the ancient 'Lemurian' treasure
caves in the area, allegedly containing gold and treasure from
the ancient lost civilization.  Chapter One of the volume gives
the account of a men who was allegedly led into the bowels of Mt.
Shasta and into a subterranean city and gardens producing
gigantic vegetables, a mile or so under the surface of the
mountain.  This seems to confirm what has been written by others
concerning an apparent ante-deluvian city, long since re-
established and occupied by a "tall, blond race" of humans who
are able to travel to other planetary bodies via
crystalectromagnetic, mercury, ion and tachyon propelled craft. 
Their central or capital city is allegedly called "Telos" and
lies about a mile under Mt. Shasta, and is said to contain vast
underground hydroponic gardens.
     The 'MILWAUKEE JOURNAL', Feb. 18, 1983., printed an article
titled, 'MANY CAVE DWELLINGS IN CHINA'.  The article referred to
4 million Chinese people who are said to live in cavern
dwellings, according to THE PEOPLE'S DAILY, a Chinese Newspaper. 
There are hundreds of miles of inhabited, artificially
constructed "national defense" tunnels and chambers beneath
Peking alone.
     Charles A. Marcoux published in 1981 a book called 'THE
HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN'.  It described an account of a sealed
cave in a certain canyon near old Sonora, Mexico, which is said
to lead to the ancient Aztec underworld, or 'The Hidden City of
Chihuatlan.'  Marcoux also referred to an entrance to a tunnel in
the Franklin Mts. near El Paso, Texas., and an unexplored cave
with large stone steps leading deep into the earth near El Moro
National Monument northeast of Pie Town, New Mexico.  In
connection with the possible Aztec "underworld", one source some
years ago wrote a manuscript in which he hypothesized that the
legendary "Seven Caves" of Aztec tradition might lie beneath
mountains adjacent to the "Salton Sea" of southern California. 
Certain persons have allegedly heard subterranean "rock slides"
within mountain in this area.
     In relation to Abraham Mansfield's account mentioned
earlier, another man has written a book titled 'LEMURIA - FACT OR
FICTION?'  The author, Robert Maxwell, claims to have been taken
into the inner colony of Mt. Shasta and shown by one of it's
inhabitants the city and ancient domain which was once inhabited
by a lost race.
     Clair Millet, in his article 'LEGEND OF THE TUARTUMS - OF
THE VALLEY OF THE SUN' (2-part article appearing in the Spring
and Summer 1981 issues of the 'New Atlantean Journal'), tells of
the legend of a race of 'little people' or 'Tuar-Tums,' who
allegedly live below the Salt River Valley, or Valley of the Sun,
in Arizona.  Other sources, incidentally, claim that 'little men'
have been seen on top of ridges in the nearby Superstition Mts.
area, as if they were guarding something (an entrance to an
underground system perhaps?).
     The book 'THE LIFE OF THE CAVE', by Mohr and Paulson (1966),
gives evidence of extended animal migration underground beneath
the central-eastern U.S., indicated by troglodytes (animal) found
in widely separated caves which are identical with each other,
indicating past inter-connections which have become blocked. 
These caverns are found from time to time during deep drilling
     An article in the Feb. 19, 1976 issue of the 'HOUSTON POST',
discovery by scientists of a cave, "the oldest in the world...
with smooth vaulted roofs and level floors," (i.e. artificial)
located inside Mt. Autana in the Orinoco jungle, 400 miles south
of Caracas, Venezuela, and believed by locals to be the home of a
giant human being(s).
     The Summer, 1980 issue of the 'NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL', p.
48, relates the account of a Mexican by the name of Jose Carmen
Garcia, who claims to have met a man who was taken into a
subterranean city or tunnels inhabited by tall, fair humans. 
The beings claimed to be 'extraterrestrials' (could they have
been native terrans with interplanetary capabilities as many
'hidden' societies apparently are?), and were encountered beneath
an ancient volcano near Irapuato, Mexico.  The man who
encountered the beings was given a "formula" for growing gigantic
vegetables.  The man gave the formula to Mr. Garcia, who in turn
presented it to the Rosicrucian Order in California.  In the
article there appeared photographs of giant cabbages grown by
Garcia.  Could this account have something to do with the Mt.
Shasta scenario?  Note: Both places are "extinct" or dormant
ancient volcanoes; both involve "giant" vegetables grown by the
inhabitants; both subterranean groups are "tall"; both are "fair"
(blond?); and incidentally the Rosicrucians have somehow been
tied to or interested in both places as we can see, even if this
connection is peripheral and does not involve actual contact with
the inhabitants.
     The September 29. 1981, issue of the 'NEW YORK TIMES' (p. 3)
reported on Russian drilling experiments which have been
conducted at the Kola Peninsula and at Saatly in Azerbaijan,
resulting in two unexpected findings.  These included the
discovery of traces of biological activity of fossil
microorganisms at 22,000 ft., and a dramatic increase in
temperature at 33,000 ft., instead of a dropping temperature that
was expected.
     A Mr. John Hall of Utah alleged that several years ago a
farmer near Alpine, Utah requested help from some locals to move
a large boulder in the midst of a field.  They were surprised
upon moving it to find an 'staircase' or tunnel that led deep
underground.  They followed this until they came face to face
with a huge snake or serpent that seemed to be 'guarding' the
lower entrance, whereupon they fled to the surface terrified and
set the boulder back over the opening.
     The 'NORWOOD REVIEW OF ENGLAND'., May 12, 1884 issue,
summarizes the surprising discovery of a warm country in the
north by Arctic explorers.  If warm land exists there, then
conceivably lost civilizations might as well.  Quoting from the
article, "We do not admit that there is ice up to the pole - once
inside THE GREAT ICE BARRIER, a new world breaks upon the
explorer, the climate is mild like that of England, and
afterward, balmy as the Greek Isles."
     David Perkins, in a letter of his which appeared in the Vol.
1, No. 1 issue of 'THE HOLLOW HASSLE', told of a strange
"breathing well" that drillers had broken into 17 miles east of
Walsenberg, CO.  Other strange occurrences had been found on the
ranch or farm where the well was located, including
unexplained cattle mutilations.  Representatives from the
Colorado School of Mines came out to investigate the well, which
seemed to "breath" in and out with the rising and falling of the
tides, and they excitedly suggested that a tunnel lay below which
may have connected with a similar tunnel which the Colorado
School of Mines had tracked from the Gulf of Mexico and as far as
Oklahoma.  In 'possible' connection to this, one source alleged
that an "alternative 002" type of underground "city" maintained
by a secret society, can be entered via a "lodge" in the
Uncompagre Mts., also in southwest Colorado.  Also, a large
"Masonic Park" exists in this same area (any connection?).
     W. B. Seabrook, in his book 'ADVENTURES IN ARABIA' (ch. 15)
refers to the secret caverns under the temple-shrine at Sheik-Adi
on Mt. Lalesh, near Baadri, Arabia.  It is believed to have a
subterranean river, this being confirmed by the author, which the
Yezidee devil worshippers of the area allege connects with the
spring of Zem Zem in Mecca, flowing beneath the entire desert
     Wayne D. Simpson, in a letter which appeared in the Vol. 1,
No. 2 issue of 'THE SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE' (pp. 28-29) tells of
his own personal knowledge of the "Spillman Manuscript," written
by one C. J. Spillman of Phoenix, Arizona.  In 1912 the author of
the manuscript and others allegedly discovered an entrance to a
cave or tunnel beneath some ancient surface ruins near San Simon,
Bolivia.  The group allegedly followed the passage to a great
depth until emerging into an enormous cavern in which they
encountered several identical-looking (cloned?) 8-foot tall
human-appearing beings who approached them from a distant "city".
These beings alleged that they were connected with other-
planetary civilizations, although they lived in an underground
city which seemed to have been there for some time.  The present
whereabouts of the manuscript is unknown.
     The April 6, 1982 issue of 'WEEKLY WORLD NEWS' carried an
article titled, "SOVIET TESTS REVEAL THE 55-HOUR DAY!"  The
article records the strange discoveries of Russian speleologists-
scientists who spend 71 days in one of the world's deepest known
caverns, located in the Abkhazia Mountains in the Soviet Union
(i.e. or rather the former Soviet Union).  After entering 8 miles
into the cave, scientists reported increased vitality, less
fatigue, and a natural change from normal 24-hour working-
sleeping cycles to a 55-hour cycle.
     Martha G. Stark, in a letter to "inner earth" researchers,
told of an entrance to "Pelleur's Kingdom" near Carlsbad, New
Mexico.  She did not explain just where she came across this
information.  Carlsbad Caverns are located in the Guadellupe
mountain range of southeastern New Mexico and northwestern Texas.
Aside from the unusual tunnel containing the "smooth marble wall"
mentioned earlier in this file, which was allegedly found near
the Guadellupe's, other strange paraspeleological phenomena have
been described in connection with this area as well.  For
instance in the 1800's, according to Toronto's 'SHAVERTRON'
newsletter, some trappers claimed to have followed a cavern in
the Guadellupe's deep underground where they were able to witness
from a hidden position a procession of hooded dark-robed figures
performing some type of strange ceremony.  It was not established
whether the 'beings' were sauroid or human.  In the Spring of
1992 the television program 'CODE-3' covered the remarkable
rescue of a woman--a speleologist who had broken her leg while
helping to map the system--from the Lechuguilla cavern-network
adjacent to Carlsbad.  Ever since the entrance to Lechuguilla was
found less than a dozen years previous to the accident it quickly
became "the" cave for veteran speleologists and spelunkers in the
United States, if not the world, to focus their attention on.  In
these few years it has established itself as the deepest
"officially recognized" cavern in the United States at over 1,565
feet in depth and over 55 miles long with no end in sight!  In
addition to this, John Lear, Thomas C. and other have identified
"Carlsbad, New Mexico" as being the general location of an
"underground base" connecting the gigantic subterranean network
which converges below Dulce, New Mexico. 
     Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, in his book, "UFO - CONTACT
Tucson, AZ  1982., p. 79) reports on the alleged sixth face-to-
face contact between Eduard 'Billy' Meier and the 'Pleiadean'
Semjase.  He was told of strange people, unknown to us, who live
in the interior of mountains and cave's beneath the earth's
surface.  They are of various types, some with bluish skin, and
others who often come to the surface and blend with surface
inhabitants, unknown to their true origin.
     Cecil Michael, in his book 'ROUND TRIP TO HELL IN A FLYING
SAUCER' (formerly published by Saucerian Press, later known as
Gray Barker Books and still later as the Gray Barker Archives -
(304) 624-6512), tells of a UFO encounter of a different sort. 
Aside from the almost exclusive physical nature of encounters
with human occupants, and the often para-physical nature of
contacts with the saurians, Mr. Michael claims to have
encountered the 'Infernals', entities that make up the third
classification of UFO occupants - exclusively supernatural
beings, or rather fallen light beings or angels.  He tells how he
was visited by strange "dead looking" men that materialized in
his shop one day, which offered to take him on a trip in their
"flying saucer".  He responded that he would never physically go
with them, at which point they made it known that the "physical"
aspect was not necessary.  Sometime later, he claimed, he was
'astrally' abducted by the entities, his spirit form being
separated from his physical and soul forms, and taken into a
saucer-shaped object apparently constructed from some type of
etheric matter yet which was empty and absent of any mechanical
parts and in fact was allegedly operated by the 'psychic energy'
of the beings.  From here he was allegedly taken to a realm of
tormented souls deep, deep beneath the earth where he saw the
souls of discarnate men and women being cast by the beings into
an icy sea, after which the tormented souls drifted away into
oblivion.  Mr. Michael claimed that the creatures looked humanoid
yet were not at all human.
     Raymond A. Fowler, in 'THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR', pp. 202-203,
gave his own interpretation of the intentions of the non-human
entities who abducted Betty Andreasson to their underworld abode.
In reference to a supposed "religious experience" she had during
which she thought she observed a huge phoenix-like bird consumed
by fire and then rise again from it's own ashes, a theme which is
tied in with ancient Egyptian lore, Mr. Fowler stated: "
seems to be the purpose of her travel through the red and green
spaces.  In reality, the... phenomena may be a combination of
advanced technology and theology.  A slightly more sinister
possibility suggests itself, of course.  When researching the
life-style of primitive peoples, modern-day anthropologists are
careful to respect the beliefs of local tribes, sometimes going
so far as to let themselves be 'initiated' into their secret
societies.  It did occur to the investigator that Quazgaa (the
alien-gray commander involved in orchestrating the abduction of
Mrs. Andreasson) may have paid lip service to Betty's religious
again, Betty had been about to RESIST the entities' requests, but
invariably acquiesced when she was assured (however obliquely)
that her abductors were, indeed, on the side of the angels (there
are, however, two classifications of 'angels' - the fallen and
the unfallen variety - Branton).  AND YET MUCH OF WHAT THESE
BEINGS MADE BETTY UNDERGO (particularly her examination ordeal)
hypothesis makes a bit more sense of the baffling phoenix
episode.  Betty assured us that Quazgaa and his associates' sense
of time was far different from ours; and the phoenix was
apparently a meaningful symbol to members of the early Christian
Church.  Supposing that these entities went out of their way to
stage-manage a religious experience as a 'reward' for Betty, it's
not inconceivable that they might have picked a symbol that was
obsolete by some 1,500 years!"
     In his book 'THE GOLD OF THE GODS', Erich von Danniken
relates some interesting thoughts concerning an ancient tunnel
system that had been discovered below the mountains and jungles
of Ecuador which allegedly consist of straight 'glazed' tunnels
with intermittent 'air shafts' that stretch for hundreds of
miles.  Although he has come under criticism from many
researchers for his tendency to embellish certain accounts, and
twist archeological and historical facts in an attempt to support
his own pet theories, some of his research is nevertheless
interesting and reliable enough to include here.  On pp. 59-60 of
this particular work, he stated: "...I can refute the objection
that the tunnel-builders must have 'betrayed' themselves by the
enormous quantities of debris excavated while making the tunnels.
As I credit them with an advanced technology, they were
presumably equipped with a THERMAL DRILL of the kind described in
DER SPIEGAL for 3 April, 1972, which reported it as the latest
discovery.  The scientists of the U.S. Laboratory for Atomic
Research at Los Alamos spent a year and a half developing the
thermal drill.  It has nothing in common with ordinary drills. 
The tip of the drill is made of wolfram and heated by a graphite
heating element.  There is no longer any waste material from the
hole being drilled.  The thermal drill melts the rock through
which it bores and presses it against the walls, where it cools
down.  As DER SPIEGAL related, the first test-model bored almost
soundlessly through blocks of stone 12 ft. thick.  At Los Alamos
they are now planning the construction of a thermal drill that is
powered by a mini atomic reactor and eats into the earth like a
mole, in the form of an armored vehicle.  This drill is intended
to pierce the earth's crust, which is about 25 miles thick (in
some places - Branton), and take samples of the molten magma that
lies underneath it..."  
     An analysis of UFO occupant reports prepared for the Center
by Dave Webb.  Center for UFO Studies., Evanston, ILL  1976.  p.
52) states that twenty-seven "dwarf" cases were reported to CUFOS
in 1973.  One such case allegedly involved another family's CE-
III on October 16, 1973, at Lehi, Utah.  Using hypnosis, Dr.
James Harder, consultant for the Aerial Phenomena Research
Organization (APRO), elicited from one of the witnesses the
following description:  The beings were slightly over four feet
tall, very thin, with large slanted eyes.  Their arms were long
and their hands GLOVED and CLAWLIKE, with a diminutive thumb. 
They were wearing what appeared to be glowing clothing with Sam
Brown-like belts!
     Although this particular 'File' is reserved for reports of
subsurface phenomena, we will not exclude these to planet earth
alone.  There is much evidence that the underground regions of
other planets, or possibly even the moons of this and other
planets, may play a part in the "Grand Scenario".  Frank Edwards,
in his 'STRANGE WORLD' (Lyle Stuart Co., N.Y.  1964.  pp. 329-
330) gives the following revelations under the heading, "THE
MYSTERIOUS MOONS OF MARS":  "Now that man has tools which will
enable him to obtain detailed information by near approaches to
Mars, we may expect, within the next few years, to learn whether
Mars is inhabited by intelligent beings, and, if so, what they
look like and how they live.  Among the factors which have
focused so much of our time and talent on Mars are the two tiny
satellites which orbit the planet--where--prior to 1877--no
satellites had ever been seen before (In other words, about the
time the canals of Mars were mysteriously starting to
"disappear", new satellites began appearing on the scene -
Branton).  The famous astronomers Herschel and Lasselle had
excellent telescopes at their disposal--so good that they used
them to DISCOVER THE MOONS OF URANUS.  Yet neither these men, nor
hundreds of other astronomers who observed the planets, were able
to see any satellites around Mars.  Then in one week in 1877,
Asaph Hall found that Mars had two satellites where none had been
seen before.  Furthermore, he found that the satellites were tiny
but bright...brighter than the planet though they
were made of some material other than that of Mars.  It is also
worth noting that not only do these two Martian satellites sweep
around the planet at a very high speed but they travel in
different directions...factors which had led to the suspicion
that they are artificial.  This is the theory advanced by Soviet
astronomer I. S. Schklovsky, who points out that the Martian
satellite known as Phobos exhibits a strange acceleration in its
orbit, an irregularity which would be expected if the satellite
were in reality a huge metal sphere that was hollow.  The same
difference in speed, however, would be impossible for a natural
astronomical body.  Therefore, says Dr. Schklovsky, at least one
of the moons of Mars IS NOT A NATURAL OBJECT, but an artificial
satellite placed in orbit around the 'red' planet in 1877, or
shortly before that time.  When we stop to think of the
discovery of the Martian moons in 1877--and of the mass of
phenomena noted on our moon between 1879 and 1889--the conviction
develops that if we discover life on Mars...we may also discover
that we are merely returning a visit."
     An article in the Dec. 1, 1968 issue of THE PEOPLE
(British), titled "Something Quare Down The Tunnel!", reported on
a strange, dark, 7 ft. tall creature which was briefly seen by
workers during the construction of London's New Victoria tube
     The MELBOURNE SUN (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), August
25, 1954 issue, carried an article titled "THE NEW SATELLITES",
which stated: "Two meteors (asteroids?) had become satellites of
the earth and WERE REVOLVING WITH IT 400 to 600 miles out in
space, the latest issue of the American Magazine 'AVIATION WEEK'
said yesterday.  The magazine said that the discovery of the
satellites threw the air force into confusion this summer.  Alarm
over the sightings ended only after they had been identified as
natural rather than manmade."  Another possibility may be that
they were both 'engineered' natural objects such as hollowed-out
asteroids taken from the asteroid belt.  The simultaneous arrival
of two large asteroids, combined with the fact that both took up
a geo-synchronous (synchronized with the revolving of the earth
and positioned always over a particular geographical location)
orbit, would be an incredible coincidence indeed.  
Bhatta Somadeva., New Delhi, India., 1968., this Ten Volume
collection of ancient East Indian lore gives a description of the
7-leveled underworld of 'Patala', which is the traditional abode
of the Nagas, or the Serpent Race.  Vol. 6, pp. 108-112, gives a
legend concerning the journey of a King by the name of Bhunandana
to this underworld region.  Although most of the story is
probably fiction, it is nevertheless a bizarre reflection of the
ideas which it's writer or writers, early Hindu's, had concerning
this underworld.  Take note that some of the legend seems to
parallel certain ideas concerning the reptilian netherworld which
have appeared in other accounts.  Whether this legend has any
direct connection with actual alleged scenarios such as that
taking place deep below Dulce, New Mexico, remains to be seen. 
We will let the reader make their own determination.  The legend,
as it appeared in 'THE OCEAN OF STORY', states that: "There are
on this earth many openings leading into the lower regions; but
there is one great and famous one is Kasmira made by Maya... even
now the place is called by the two names Peak of Pradyumna and
Hill of Sarika... the king (Bhunandana) entered with... his
pupils, and marched along the road to Patala for five days and
five nights.  And on the sixth day they all crossed the Ganges of
the lower regions."  The king told his followers, "This is the
dwelling of the god Siva (as the reader may recall, Siva or Shiva
is an apparently supernatural being that has been identified with
the Serpent Race of the 'Nagas', as related in Andrew Tomas' book
'ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS' and elsewhere - Branton), who
inhabits the lower regions in the form of Hatakesvara, and whose
praises are sung in the three worlds..."  Could the 'three'
worlds be the subterran, terran and exterran 'worlds'?  In the
legend the underworld of Patala gave off the impression of being
some kind of underworld paradise, yet the hero's of the story
soon learn that such 'beauty' is only superficial, and that
inwardly things were just the opposite.  One of the kings
servants, becoming hungry, eats a fruit from one of the
subterranean trees and " soon as he had eaten it, he became
rigid and motionless."  At one point in the journey the king
encounters a being that appeared to him in the form of a woman,
and this being takes him to an underground garden and, according
to the legend, "...then she sat down with him on the brink of a
tank filled with wine, and with the blood and fat of corpses,
that hung from trees on its banks, and she offered the king a
goblet, full of the fat and wine, to drink, but he would not
accept the loathsome compound.  And she kept saying earnestly to
the king: 'You will not prosper if you reject my beverage.'  But
he answered: 'I certainly will not drink that undrinkable
compound, whatever may happen.'"  In apparent response to his
refusal, instead of declaring that he had passed some test,
'she' then pours out the grotesque compound over his head and
departs, and shortly afterwards he was expelled from Patala, the
legendary home of the Nagas or the Serpent Race (this particular
legend did not refer to the Naga's as the inhabitants of Patala,
as most Hindu legends do, that is of course unless the 'woman'
was actually a Naga in disguise.  Or could 'she' have been a
sorceress who lived in that dark underworld realm?  This is
assuming of course that there is some seed of truth behind this
tale).  Whether fantasy or reality, the 'king' should be
commended for resisting the bloody 'drink', and may have been
fortunate that he himself did not end up as 'food' for these
false 'gods' of the underworld.  This is, again, assuming that
there is a fire of truth behind the 'smoke' of such tales.
     Manly P. Hall, who has written numerous books on Freemasonry
and other occult themes, in his volume 'MAN, THE GRAND SYMBOL OF
THE MYSTERIES' (Manly P. Hall Pub. Co., Los Angeles, CA, 1932, p.
160) states: "The most secret rituals of ancient initiation were
performed in subterranean crypts, which were called 'caverns of
the Mysteries.'  In the Gothic rites, the final ceremony in which
the new initiate was invested with the insignia of his order took
place in a high, vaulted, cavernous chamber in the presence of
the luminous statue of Balder (a Nordic 'deity')... Here also are
the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus and the cave-dwelling Rishis of
India--the seven original beings who in the mythology of Central
America were the cave-born progenitors of the (Central American)
races." (Note: The cave-dwelling Rishis are said to live largely
in Ellora, India where there are alleged to be tunnel entrances
to an underground system which connects with Elephanta and the
Ajunta Caverns - Branton)
     One source stated some years ago that the Texas Instruments
plant near Dallas, Texas, had discovered a system of ancient
tunnels and caverns deep below the T. I. Complex there
(discovered via experimental electronic earth-sounding probes? -
merely a suggestion), and have secretly been investigating these
tunnels for some time.  This source revealed the name and address
of one woman T.I. worker who allegedly told this source about the
underground system.  A letter was sent to this woman asking if
she would confirm or deny the story, but no response has been
forthcoming.  These sources alleged that 'small' hominoid beings
were discovered in the tunnels, some of which were being held in
captivity in 'cage-like' enclosures for research purposes
(whether 'they' were humanoid or sauroid was not mentioned, other
than that they tended towards a greenish-like skin color). 
Certain 'inner earth' researchers were allegedly contacted by the
company and allowed entrance into these tunnels for the purpose
of getting their opinion and views on who or what these beings
were.  Due to the lack of solid confirming evidence as yet, the
reader should take these reports with a grain of salt for now.   
     Archaeologists have in recent years broken through into vast
and ancient labyrinthine underground cities in Turkey.  Although
several 'cities' have been found, the largest seems to lie
beneath Derenkuyu.  These underground villages are quite
extensive, with many levels, and in some places contain tunnels
only 3 or 4 ft. in diameter (apparently constructed this way for
defense purpose) that lead to other chambers or other levels. 
According to tradition, many of these cities were utilized by
early Christians escaping persecution.  It is not known however
whether the Christians built the cities or whether the
underground villages are of more ancient origin.  According to
Kurt Braun, in his article 'Underground Civilization Attacks
German Archaeologists', in 'BEYOND REALITY' (Dec. 1968); some men
who were exploring the lower depths of the Derenkuyu labyrinth
were at one point 'attacked' by tall, albino-like humans.  Since
most of the underground 'cities' have not been fully explored it
is uncertain just how extensive they are or if they connect lower
     John A. Keel, in his book, 'THE EIGHTH TOWER' (Saturday
Review Press., N.Y., 1975), pp. 53-54,129, stated:  "...A woman
in Gaffney, South Carolina, was plagued by eerie hums and strange
mechanical sounds in the mid-1960s.  She complained to the local
police that someone was digging tunnels under her house, but a
thorough investigation yielded nothing... During my own
investigations into the mountains of northern New Jersey, I
wandered uncomfortably through old caves half-filled with water
after local residents had told me of hearing sounds of pulsing
machines... To the UFO cultists these sounds are supposed to be
coming from the marvelous space ships of mysterious
extraterrestrial travelers.  Another group (and it is a large
group) sees these as evidence of the existence of 'Deros'--
detrimental robots--who live in the bowels of the earth and are
up to no good... In May 1969 Jose Antonio, a Brazilian soldier,
underwent (an) experience when he was kidnapped by a group of
tiny humanoids, and transported to a cavernlike room of stone. 
There his captors offered him a drink from a stone cube with a
pyramidal cavity in the center.  It was a dark green liquid, with
a bitter taste.  But he said he felt better after drinking it."
     In his book 'ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS' (Souvenir
Press), Andrew Tomas, in his chapter "Labyrinths and Serpents",
states: "...According to legend, King Minos of Crete ordered his
architect Daedalus to construct the labyrinth, a maze of passages
so ingeniously devised that even the builder himself could not
find his way without a plan.  In the center lived the Minotaur,
half bull, half human, to whom the Greeks sent seven youths and
seven maidens as a tribute every nine years.  The Minotaur was
slain by Theseus who was able to find his way out of the
labyrinth thanks to a ball of thread given to him by Ariadne. 
This myth has been interpreted as an historical record of the
construction of the palace of Minos in Knossos which contains
innumerable galleries and rooms.  On the other hand, this myth
may have an entirely different interpretation, similar to a
cryptogram, which conceals the existence of a secret repository
of underground chambers and passages..."  Although this might
seem to be just a "legend", there are alleged accounts of actual
encounters with paraphysical (part supernatural, part physical)
"demonic" creatures such as the satyres, centuars, and Minotaurs,
etc. which have been described in Greek mythology.  Such
encounters often involve paraphysical "poltergeist-like"
phenomena and manipulation of mind and matter.  According to some
sources, a race of beings possessing a combination of humanoid,
angelic and animal-like characteristics pre-dated Adamic
civilization and were involved in the original rebellion and
conspiracy against the Creator.  The creatures mentioned in the
9th chapter of the book of Revelation "may" be this type of
demonic or fallen entity.  These were apparently distinct from
the purely spiritual angelic and fallen angelic beings. 
Whether the following account describes an encounter with such a
fallen race(s) remains to be seen.  The letter we quote here
appeared in the Winter, 1962 issue of THE HIDDEN WORLD, one of
several publications which grew out of the "Shaver Mystery"
controversy of the late 1940's:

     "Mr. Richard Shaver:  Hoping this letter finds you in the
best of health.  My name is Frank J. Mezta.  I live in the County
of Imperial Valley, City of Calexico, California.
     "Through accident I happened to stumble into your book
HIDDEN WORLD issue No. A-1 and just recently A-2.  I sometimes
wonder if it was luck or deliberate action on the part of a tero.
All my life, I have been looking and asking for certain, unsolved
and unanswered questions regarding civilization, our ancestors
and the beginning of time.  I believe your book gave me the best
answers.  Let me tell you a few of my expeditions.
     "Two years ago, we went treasure hunting in the interior of
Mexico, which turned out to be a flop.  But in that excursion
some strange things happened to us, which at the time we wrote
off as superstition.  We went to this place where we were
supposed to enter; but suddenly a fright with chills came over
me, something I had never felt before.  Something like a sixth
sense, like if I knew something was going to happen to me.  I
didn't go in and neither did anybody else.  Next day we
approached the cave again, only this time I wasn't afraid and I
let the group inside.  This cave was tremendous in size, and
leading passages everywhere.  Some of these passages or chambers,
sometimes being 30 ft. high and 100 ft. long (contained)
connecting tunnels.  We finally gave up, but in retrieving we
found two leading passages instead of the one we had entered. 
This startled us, and we set to investigate the second tunnel. 
It just kept winding and going down so we finally gave up and got
out of there.
     "When we got back to the village we struck a conversation
with two Mexican Indians, and they told us that whatever we did,
not to go into the enchanted caves.  We got curious and asked
them where these so called enchanted caves were.  They gave us
directions and that was exactly where we had entered a few days
ago.  We asked them what happened in these caves.  They told us
that people that went in there, never came out, that while in
there, the entrances and tunnels would change, which happened to
us, and we didn't know about this till after we had been in
there.  Then they told us the strangest thing, which at the time
we said these people are superstitious, they said that they went
with an expedition with 20 or 30 men hired by an American man to
look into this cave.  This happened about 10 or 15 years ago they
said.  Four or five of the men had revolvers, they were well
equipped with lights and tools.  While they were working there
all of a sudden in the far end there appeared a half man and bull
head like a bull upright.  This description fits the one you have
on your front cover on issue A-1.  And next to him was a naked
midget or little boy.  They pulled out their revolvers but they
wouldn't fire, and their lights went out.  There was confusion,
and several men were killed in the scramble and nobody returned
after that - Frank J. Mezta, 939 Genge, Calexico, Calif."        

     In recent years, much has been written about the so-called
"National Defense" underground facilities, some of which have
become public knowledge due to the apparent "fall" of Communism
in the former Soviet Union.  It is alleged that these facilities
do serve or have served as National Defense shelters, yet
according to some they "flow in" via tube-shuttles to other
subterranean systems which are involved in the secret government
"Alternative 002" scenario, underground bio-genetic laboratories,
and even subterranean systems involving "alien" scenarios as
well.  Mt. Weather, near Bluemont, VA., is the site of an actual
"underground city" constructed and maintained by the U.S.
Government for the purpose of being utilized "by the President"
and top governmental officials as a command center in the event
of a nuclear war or a similar emergency.  It is uncertain whether
this installation was entirely excavated by the U.S. government
or whether they utilized and added-on to already-existing natural
subterranean cavities, but most reports state that the
"installation" is enormous.  It was virtually unknown to the
media until a plane crashed near Mt. Weather in northern
Virginia, forcing the government to acknowledge the existence of
the underground complex.  It allegedly consists of miles upon
miles of underground tunnels which connect scores of chambers,
offices, recreation centers, cafeterias, etc., all reportedly
accessible via a system of 'electric cars'.  It is apparently one
of the major 'bolt holes' (a code-name for a series of about a
hundred, possibly more, such government installations located in
America and overseas) which is being utilized by the U.S.
government.  Witnesses have stated that helicopters have at times
been seen landing in a secret port in the side of Mt. Weather. 
These craft then enter the mountain via enormous metal 'doors' in
the side of the mountain.  In reference to Mt. Weather, the
editor of 'THE MISSING LINK', published by UFOCC (UFO Contact
Center International) of Federal Way, Washington, stated:
     "A...paper on caves, tunnels, etc. states that there is a
tube shuttle from the White House to a super-secret underground
complex in case of nuclear attack, under Mt. Weather, Virginia!"
     Incidentally, a man in Florida (who will remain anonymous
for obvious reasons) who claimed to have been "abducted" by alien
entities, also alleged that he had a friend who was a high-level
officer in the government, with a very high security clearance. 
He stated that his friend was involved in interviewing military
personnel who had "UFO-type" encounters, and other forms of
debriefing and, we can assume, other methods utilized to maintain
the cover-up.  This government officer had allegedly been to
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio and had
personally seen some of the "alien cadavers" which were recovered
from disks which had crashed.  He was also, he claimed, allowed
entrance into a top-secret system of underground tunnels beneath
Washington D.C., and had visited a highly classified underground
installation which apparently was the 'real' or 'inner' Central
Intelligence Agency, and that the one at Langley was merely the
'outer' level of the CIA.  This 'installation', he said, was
connected to the White House via a TUBE SHUTTLE!  Could this
Florida man's friend have been referring to Mt. Weather, or a
similar installation?  Or was he referring to the alleged
CIA-NSA-MIB installation deep below Washington D.C. itself, the
so-called 'NOD' installation?
     In addition to this, there are other sources who claim that
the CIA installation at Langley descends at least seven levels,
and that some of the (recovered?) disks are housed in these lower
     A researcher by the name of Jon Singer, stated the following
in an article of his which appeared in 'THE MISSING LINK'
(mentioned earlier): "Our nation's capital has it's share of
Fortean mysteries.  There is supposed to be a tunnel complex
under the Octagon House at 1741 New York Avenue, NW.  Dr. John
Thornton, the architect who designed the Capitol Building, built
some (but not all) of the tunnels.  The course of at least two of
the tunnels is known.  One is supposed to go to the White House
and the other supposedly leads to the Potomac.  The tunnels are
supposedly blocked up.  Jim Brandon, on p. 58 of (his book)
'WEIRD AMERICA' (1978.  E.P. Dutton & Co., N.Y.), added that the
tunnels built by Dr. Thornton were only part of a much older and
larger tunnel network constructed by colonists from Atlantis. 
Unfortunately his sources were two unidentified psychics, so this
must be a fascinating rumor."  This would depend upon whether
these "revelations" were received by these psychics via
"occult" means, in which case they should be viewed with great
suspicion, or whether they based their claims on actual physical
accounts.  However, Richard Toronto, editor of SHAVERTRON,
claimed that some years ago as a result of a printed request for
information on subterranean anomalies, a scientist contacted him
offering a 10-page report on a system of tunnels he had
personally investigated beneath Washington D.C.  He stated that
the tunnels were built by a very ancient race, and that the walls
consisted of a diamond-hard, glassy or glaze-like substance.  As
far as we know, Mr. Toronto never did actually get his hands on
the report.  

     Another incident (or rather a few incidents which should be
of interest to us) was related in Eric Norman's book 'THE
UNDERPEOPLE' (1969.,  Award Books.,  N.Y.).  First of all, Norman
asks the question: "Who lives in the inner earth?"
     "'...The Masters live there, a friendly group who watch over
the outer world.'
     "...Still others tremble at the question.  'The DERO dwells
within!' they say.  A squat, wiry tribe of lustful demons, the
DERO plagues mankind and delights in tormenting those who live on
the surface.
     "'They (the Under-People) are vegetarians,' claims some
     "'They are cannibals!' swear others.  'Humans are kidnapped
and dragged into their dark caverns for pagan feasts.'
     "'They are good!'
     "'They are evil...'
     "'...They are both good and evil.  Different races live
inside the earth!'
     "'...They are more advanced.  They are sexless.  They
reproduce by test tube.'
     "'...Nubile young girls are dragged into their nether world
and assaulted by an evil tribe of animal-men.'
     "The theories are many and, admittedly, the facts are often
few.  Frequently, we must depend on folklore and ancient scrolls
for our research.  Many of our ancestors were believers in the
diverse tribes of inner earth and there are accurate statements,
detailed information and considerable documentation to support
their theories...
     "Depending on your viewpoint and your bias toward the
occult, the pages that follow can be interpreted in many
different ways.  A psychologically trained individual might feel
that these are excellent case studies of individuals with severe
psychopathologies.  Freudians would find rich symbolism in the
hollow earth theory; they might claim it is a manifestation of a
desire to recapture the lost security of the womb.  Still others
may feel the theory is constructed on misinterpretation of
natural phenomena...
     "It was a cold, blustery, winter evening of December 27,
1666, when Dr. Jophn Frederick Schweitzer entertained his
remarkable visitor.  Throughout Europe, noblemen and peasants
were celebrating Christmas and the good doctor utilized his
vacation to conduct a vast number of experiments in his
laboratory.  Soon, the results of those experiments would be
carefully scribbled into a large journal and sent to alchemists
throughout Europe.  It was Dr. Schweitzer's secret that he was
also known as 'Helvetius the Alchemist.'
     "'Helvetius' was puttering in his laboratory, cleaning
instruments after a long series of experiments, when a loud knock
sounded on the door.  'I opened the door and this strange man
walked into my workshop,' Helvetius recorded later.  'He was a
sturdy, gray-haired man, but there was a slimness to his body and
a vigor in his movement.  His face was oddly warm and friendly.'
     "The stranger walked confidently into the laboratory.  He
shook the folds of his white robe and snowflakes fell to the
floor.  He looked directly at Helvetius and asked, 'Do you
believe in the Philosopher's Stone?'
     "Helvetius suppressed an impulse to ridicule the bizarre
costume worn by the stranger.  'The philosopher's stone is a mere
figment of alchemical over-imagination,' he said, arrogantly.  'I
believe in the oneness of nature.  There is a natural pattern to
the universe.  It is sheer fancy to believe base metals can be
transmuted into precious gold.  Some alchemists have excluded
mysticism from their laboratory.  In this room, the reality of
the soul and spirit exists with facts.'
     "The stranger smiled and took a small package from under his
robe.  'Others of your kind are not so skeptical,' he explained. 
'They have seen this substance turn lead into gold.  Perhaps you
would like to try.'
     "Helvetius accepted the package from the stranger.  Later,
he described its contents as 'some form of glass, or a pale
sulfurous substance.'  The stranger carefully instructed the
skeptical alchemist in the relatively simple experiment.  Plain,
ordinary lead was placed in a crucible and melted to a bubbling
     "'Encase the substance in fine yellow wax and toss it into
the crucible,' directed the stranger.
     "Helvetius followed the instructions and, as steam and vapor
disappeared from the container, he watched, incredulous, as the
lead seemingly was transformed into the purest of gold.
     "'A skeptic becomes a believer,' the stranger remarked,
     "Helvetius looked as if he were about to argue, then turned
suddenly and slumped into a chair.  'Is it really gold?' he
whispered hoarsely.
     "'The purest form of the metal.'
     "'Who are you?'
     "'A man who directs those who lead their people.'
     "'Where are you from?'
     "'I am one who dwells within the earth,' the stranger
replied.  'When events make it necessary, we must come to the
     "Helvetius stuttered with confusion, his tongue stumbling
over the questions racing through his mind as his white robed
visitor prepared to leave the laboratory.  'Stay...Wait!...I want
to know...' he mumbled.
     "'There are others to see,' the stranger said.  'Here is one
more package of the substance.  It is the real Philosopher's
Stone.'  Then he opened the door and disappeared into the
     "Helvetius dashed to the open doorway and watched the cloak-
shrouded figure disappear into the snow-storm.  He shook his head
in disbelief and looked again.  There was the lane leading down
to the town.  There were the lights in the church, the houses,
the town--and the stranger's tracks in the snow.
     "Helvetius conducted his second experiment that night. 
Again, the lead bubbled with golden fury when the substance was
added to the crucible.  Forgetting his lack of sleep, Helvetius
was waiting at the shop of the goldsmith to the Duke of Orange
when the craftsman opened his door.  The goldsmith listened to
the babbling alchemist and frowned when he heard the phrase 'lead
into gold.'  But, when the goldsmith examined the precious metal,
he said solemnly, 'It is the finest gold I have ever seen.'
     "News of the sensational transformation spread throughout
Europe and scores of famous men journeyed to Helvetius'
laboratory.  Baruch Spinoza, the Dutch philosopher, was one of
the first visitors.  He discussed the transmutation with
Helvetius and the goldsmith.  'I checked the laboratory, and,
additionally, made a careful examination of the crucible,'
Spinoza later recorded.  'Clinging to the sides of the container
were flecks of remaining gold!'"
     "...Is the transmutation of lead into gold an idle dream of
demented and reclusive chemists?  Not according to King Henry IV
of England.  In 1404, His Royal Highness decreed: 'From now on,
no man shall, under the penalty of felony, or death, multiply
gold or silver.'"
     Eric Norman described yet another visitor from "within the
earth".  This fellow however seemed to be more interested in the
process involved in transforming grapes into wine, rather than
lead into gold.  If this doesn't seem to make sense, read Aon:
     "Pepin the Short, the pint-sized father of Emperor
Charlemagne, was the founder of the Brunia Monastery in the
fabled Trier region of ancient Prussia.  In A.D. 1138, a strange
series of events culminated in an unusual visitation by a bizarre
little man.
     "There had been several nocturnal visitations to the
monastery's wine cellar and its steward voiced his suspicions to
the abbot: 'The monks are slipping into the wine cellar and
sampling the casks.'
     "The abbot frowned at the thought of a possible scandal and
asked, 'When did this begin?'
     "'It's been going on for several months.  I didn't mind it
when they only took a cup or two,' explained the embarrassed
monk.  'Last night, the culprit tapped a huge cask and forgot to
stop the bunghole.  A whole keg of wine drained out onto the
cellar floor.'
     "The abbot hurried to the cellar, inspected the damage, then
carefully tapped the bunghole in each of the huge casks.  He
anointed the cellar with holy water, securely locked the door
and placed a saint's relic above the entrance, declaring, 'None
of our monks would dare transgress against the power of the
     "The following morning, a sleepy-eyed abbot unlocked the
cellar door and squinted into the dim room.  Followed by a group
of curious monks, the abbot discovered that another keg of wine
had been tapped; the floor was covered with the rich, red liquid.
Suddenly, the abbot spotted movement in the dark shadows in the
far corner of the cellar.  'There's the thief,' he shouted. 
'Grab the transgressor and prepare him for punishment!'
     "Two burly monks rushed forward and grabbed the shadowy
figure.  They carried the struggling thief into the light and the
abbot stared in wonder at a dark-skinned dwarf, who glared back
in impassive silence.
     "'Are you a Nubian?  How did you get in our wine cellar?'
inquired the abbot.
     "The strange little man would not speak.
     "'Do you have parents?' the abbot asked.
     "'Here!  Here!  This fellow got in through the wall,' called
a monk, pointing to a displaced stone that covered a small tunnel
leading down into the earth.  The bewildered monks crowded around
the secret tunnel as one quaking novice suggested the tunnel must
lead to the Devil's lair.  An older monk spoke knowingly of
subterranean demons who delighted in tormenting those who had
taken the vows.
     "Despite his crime, the captured dwarf was accepted into the
society of holy men.  'He looks human and the least we can do is
provide the poor child with a Christian education,' the abbot
said.  But, in spite of the kindness showed him by the monks, the
dwarf refused to utter a single word.  He sat quietly on the bed
in a cross-legged position, staring directly ahead and refusing
all food and drink.  After several weeks of fasting, the
monastery dwellers were concerned for the life of their visitor
and a visiting bishop was asked for his advice as the dwarf was
brought into the great hall and introduced to him.
     "'Good Lord!  You must expel this Devil's child at once!'
the alarmed bishop shouted.  'He is a demon and the tool of the
     "Gervase, a monk at Christ Church, Canterbury, England,
later inscribed this strange ending to the dwarf's appearance in
his manuscript: '...The demon ran in alarm from the holy words. 
He went to the cellar and returned to his underworld tribe!'
     "The monastic scribes produced hundreds of manuscripts with
stories of visits from demons, evil apparitions and other
'devils' from the vast subterranean world.  They were adamant in
their belief that a nether world, an underworld, existed beneath
the surface.  Many of these manuscripts told of long tunnels and
deep caves that led down to the inner world (Note: Although the
various accounts of demonology suggest that 'demons' or non-
physical malevolent entities are seemingly capable of appearing
in para-physical or semi-solid forms temporarily, there is no
real proof that the entity just described was such a creature. 
Since the various accounts suggest that both good and evil beings
reside in the 'underworld', he may well have been part of an
ancient branch of the human race who disappeared into the
cavernous regions below the surface of the earth.  Since black
pygmies live in abundance in Africa we should not consider this
individual to be entirely "alien" from any race now living on the
surface - Branton).
     "A thirteenth-century historian, Saxo-Gammaticus, wrote down
the folklore and myths of Scandinavia.  He recorded the ancient
VIKING belief in 'Hadding Land,' a subterranean world where
lived.  These strange beings, and even stranger animals, were
said to occasionally surface in the outer world and create chaos.
The (Roman) church was violently opposed to these beliefs and
condemned such theories as 'ignorant superstitions.'  Gradually,
such tales lost their element of fact and truth and became a part
of the folklore of northern Europe.
     "In Vol. 1, No. 6 of the NEWSLETTER FOR THE COMMITTEE FOR
THE SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF PSI, there is a fascinating account
of a laborer in Staffordshire, England, who may have glimpsed,
for a moment, the mechanical development of the aliens within the
inner earth.  Researcher Ronald Calais told of a tunnel laborer,
digging underground in 1770, who heard a roaring sound behind a
large, flat stone.  Curious, he pried away the stone with pick
and crowbar and was amazed to see a smooth stone stairway leading
down into the earth.  The laborer's first thought was that he had
discovered some type of ancient tomb.  Envisioning vast chests of
ancient treasures, he cautiously walked down the stairs. 
Suddenly, the stairway ended and the man was standing in a large
stone cavern, filled with gigantic machines.  The astonished
laborer glanced about the well-lit room, then saw hastening
toward him a strangely-clad, hooded figure.  The being held a
baton-like object in his upraised hand and the terrified laborer
scrambled back up the stairway to safety." (Note: Other accounts
have referred to this chamber as the 'Rosicrucian Sepulchre',
although the Rosicrucians may not have had a direct connection
with it.  It is uncertain just what connections the Rosicrucians
may have had with the inner world, if any, other than this
incident, the Rosicrucian Grandmaster Bulwer Lytton's publication
of the subterranean-oriented book 'THE COMING RACE', the
preoccupation of the Rosicrucians with the strange stories
surrounding Mt. Shasta, and the connection of this secret society
with the 'House of the Temple' in Washington D.C. - Branton)

     In his book, 'DEPTHS OF THE EARTH - Caves and Caverns of the
United States' - (Harper & Row., N. Y.), William R. Halliday
gives some interesting observations on caverns of northern
Arizona's Coconino Plateau region:
     "...Those who dream of Butler Cave as potentially the
world's largest, however, must hasten.  The explorers of Mammoth
Cave and Flint Ridge--and of Jewel Cave--are not the only teams
on the verge of a breakthrough.  Missouri-Tennessee-few of our
greatest cave areas today can be denied a flickering chance at
the title.  And for those who dream of long shots indeed, our
most magnificent cave area beckons irresistibly: the Grand
     "Perhaps in the purple shadows of the incomparable canyon
there really is no chance for a truly great cave system.  So
believe some experts.  Perhaps our hopes here are gossamer
dreams, strung together with wishful thinking.  Here I claim no
impartial judgement.  My mind is hopelessly influenced by the
long intimacy with the timeless beauty of that tranquil canyon. 
I have seen its magic pastels at moonrise over the mile-high rim,
suddenly dramatized by the weirdly luminous flutter of bat wings.
No caver brushed by such a spell is ever the same again.
     "In this strange, magnificent country, much remains to be
learned.  Sinking streams, an occasional natural shaft, and
plateau-top sink-holes tell of much more water vanishing
underground than reappears in canyon-bottom springs.  Miles to
the south, enormous sinks and remnants of a throughway type of
cave are evidence of sometime profuse subterranean water flow. 
Fanning out from both rims of the mile-deep canyon are vast
plateaus capped with limestone 500 feet thick.  Yet caves seem
few and tiny in these vast expanses of plateau-top limestone.
     "The other massive limestones of the incomparable canyon lie
2,000 (feet) below.  Above them are 1,500 feet of sandstone and
shales which ought to block the downward flow of the water
essential for cave development.  Yet at this great depth occur
the caves of the Grand Canyon.  In the blazing, rock-tiered
canyon, foot travel is difficult and progress slow.  Still, cave
after cave is coming to carbide light in the purple-shadowed
depths.  Some are merely shallow alcoves, important only for
archeological content.  Others are colossal natural sewers,
dwarfed only by their stupendous environs.
     "Yet it is this often-scorned limestone of the plateaus
which speeds the pulses of American caverns.  Just south of the
Grand Canyon, fluorescent chemicals introduced into a sucking
'earth crack' of the Coconino Plateau have been traced to a
'breathing well' 24 miles away.  Initial calculations somewhat
like those of Jewel cave suggest a minimum air volume here of
more than 7 BILLION CUBIC FEET.  Scientists of the famed RAND
CORPORATION suspect the presence of hundreds of miles of narrow,
interconnected caverns fissuring the vast plateau.
     "Many a veteran caver may consider such a cavern system
impossible.  Perhaps it is, but Arizona caverns have already
performed the impossible.  In Sipapu Cavern, an earth crack near
the Rand Corporation study site, they have descended 500 feet
toward the massive cavernous limestone deep below.  In this
locale the surface limestone is only 248 feet thick.  Half of
their descent was through supposedly non-cavernous sandstone.
     "If one of the rare dome-pits of the Kaibab Plateau
intersects a washed-out section of a fault zone draining to a
North Rim stream cave, a depth record will be within reach. 
Geologically such a circumstance is hardly more than a pipe dream
of an irrepressible caver overcome by the magnificence of the
Grand Canyon.  But it may happen.
     "Perhaps eager caverns plumbing the earth cracks of the
Coconino Plateau have little more chance than beneath the Kaibab.
But if those caverns can penetrate twice again as deeply as
Sipapu Cavern, they will begin to enter the limestone where great
sewer caves may lie.  If such do exist, they may enlarge away
from the great canyon rather than toward it.  They may not exist
at all.  Yet a cavernous network dwarfing that of Mammoth and
Flint ridges may be penetrable here.  Some day obsessed caverns
may break through the Coconino sandstone barrier and the shales
which underlie it.  If that happens, those who follow in their
footsteps may emerge triumphant from obscure orifices deep in the
heart of the Grand Canyon.
     "Even without such a triumph, even without knowledge of the
hundreds of undiscovered caves which must exist hidden in
limestone recesses of the mighty terraced depths, the Grand
Canyon must be recognized as one of America's great cave areas. 
To some, that recognition alone would be achievement.  Yet
sunbaked canyon caverns have much in common with their
Appalachian fellows.  Until every crack is penetrated, every hole
plumbed, spelunkers and speleologists alike will remain
unsatisfied.  Fragile indeed are the spelean threads which weave
together Sipapu Cavern and Butler Cave, yet such are caverns'
secret dreams."

     Brad Steiger, in his book 'STRANGE DISAPPEARANCES' (Lancer
Books., N.Y.  1972) related the following (MIB-related?)
     " sundown on February 12, 1953, witnesses told police
that they had watched an automobile enter the throat of a storm
drain near Willowbrook and Greenleaf Avenues in Los Angeles. 
Officers arrived on the scene within ten minutes, and according
to the Los Angeles HERALD AND EXPRESS, they followed the fresh
tire-tread marks into the tunnel for seven miles.  Other
policemen and flood control district workers continued the search
for the automobile by dropping through manhole covers.
     "The trackdown continued until midnight when, seven miles up
newsmen who had accompanied the police on the incredible search
up the tube were witnesses to the fact that: 'In the muddy silt
covering the floor of the drain, the tire-tread marks were sharp
and fresh.  Then no more tracks.'"

     From here we will now examine another incident, this one
involving a subterranean excavation in southern Idaho.  The
letter which we quote here was submitted by a George Haycock of
Burley, Idaho, and appeared in the Oct. 1947 issue of 'AMAZING
STORIES' science fiction/science fact magazine, pp. 174-175:
     "Sirs... Perhaps I have delayed over-long to send you my
slight contribution to the master code.  Why?  I was still afraid
there might be some slip that would put me in a bad spot.  I am a
druggist in this town and any trace of nut's talk would ruin my
job.  I have been waiting for the issue which just hit the
newsstand and agree with you completely.
     "There is in this area an artifact which seems to prove all
you have printed about the cavern dwellers.  First I want to ask
a question.  How are the caverns ventilated?  There is no
vegetation to purify the air in caves (i.e. small caverns, that is
- Branton).  Therefore there must be some connection with the
surface.  I know where one of the air shafts reach the surface.
     "My grandfather was raised with the Indians in this section
of the country and has told me of the stories he heard when he
was a child.  The Indians describe the wind cave as it is called
around here as the home of the devils who come forth in the dead
of the night to steal their women and food.  No Indian will
venture within the area inside of five miles of the cave.
     "Perhaps a description of the inside will make my meaning
more clear.  The entrance is just a hole in the rocks, but after
getting inside you come into a four-square tunnel about three and
one half feet square with a six-inch gutter along the west side,
about 10 inches deep.  The tunnel is intact for about 100 yards
and then opens into what looks like it might have been at one
time a completely ROUND or half-round passageway which now looks
like the solid lava which it goes through has been chipped and
crumbled by extreme heat.  It is possible to travel for about
half a mile inside before the tunnel becomes obstructed too much
for a man to get through.
     "I have been trying to get some one who would help me clear
this obstruction enough to get through and several have agreed
but when we get there and start to work they soon give up and
want to get out.  Another funny thing is that every time I go
back the work done before does not show, yet there is not
evidence of fresh falls of rock from the ceiling.  At this point
the feeling that you're in mortal danger becomes almost
overpowering, after battling this feeling for an hour I feel as
weak as if I had been sick for weeks and I have made this attempt
many times.
     "The opening has been dynamited at least four times that I
know of.  Supposedly to kill rattlesnakes, yet I have never seen
one either in the mouth of the cave or inside.
     "In fact my experience with snakes leads me to believe they
would never brave the cold blast that comes out.
     "Still the feeling of distrust and fear clings and none of
the natives will consider exploring this artifact which could be
made the biggest tourist attraction in this part of the state--if
people were just not afraid to go down in there.
     "This covers the known facts about this cave: yet since I
can remember I have dreamed, thought and considered many of the
things Shaver talks about in his stories, mostly those pertaining
to mind control...
     "Please ignore the mistakes and misspelled words in this
letter.  Ordinarily I am a good typist and a good speller, but
when I try to put these things on paper I cannot hit the key I
want to.
     "Please notice that the mistakes and misspelled words are
mostly where I try to describe the caves and conditions inside
them.  These happen even when I try to watch every stroke I make.
I have recopied this letter three times trying to eliminate the
errors and still they crop up in the same sections if not in the
same words.
     "I am willing to discuss what I know with any one who won't
believe I am crazy, and would like to find some one who has the
intestinal fortitude to help me clear the obstruction to the
major cavern with which it connects which I know extends to the
depth of 30,000 feet because it has been drilled into and that
much cable let out without hitting anything to drill in and I
will show anyone who is interested the entire set up.
     "My grandfather is now dead unfortunately so he cannot
verify the Indian stories mentioned, but if Mr. Hansen is as
familiar with Indian legends as he claims and really desires the
truth have him work with the Shoshones and the Blackfeet. 
Consider their tales of the demons who work this countryside...
     "Write me if you're interested in these legends and any
knowledge I have is yours.
     "George Haycock., c/o Thriftway Drug., Main and Overland.,
Burley, Idaho."
     Raymond Palmer's editorial reply to this letter was as
follows:  "We're sure that members of the CHMBS (Cave Hunters
Mutual Benefit Society) will contact you, and they won't consider
you crazy.  We hope you can tell them more about this cave, and
show it to them.  As for the depth of 30,000 feet, letting a
cable, or string, down that depth tells nothing, because it might
be going down only a few hundred feet, then simply coiling up on
the floor, as the weight of the string would make it impossible
for you to tell when it had hit the floor... - Ed."
     This account as given by Mr. Haycock is strange to say the
least, however it may contain an significant piece of the puzzle
whereas the overall subterranean scenario is concerned.
     Two more postscripts to the George Haycock - Burley, Idaho
account have surfaced.  The first came from a man by the name of
Frank W. Haigler, and a Sgt. Brentlinger who was at the time
stationed at Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mr.
Haigler had told of his own investigations in connection with Mr.
Haycock's letter in 'AMAZING STORIES'.  This letter of
confirmation, which appeared in the Jan. 1948 (Vol. 22, No. 1)
issue, stated:
     "Sirs... If you file your correspondence, you will find a
letter there from this writer which was written in the early part
of this year, advising you of reading my first AMAZING STORIES
magazine and of my interest in the mystery of the caves,
especially the articles by Mr. Shaver.  I haven't missed a copy
of A. S. since then and interest in the mystery of the caves has
grown until you may class me as an unofficial member of the
CHMBS.  In fact, the purpose of this letter is to inform you of a
recent expedition to one of the caves for an investigation.
     "For you and those interested in the 'air shaft' near
Burley, Idaho, reported by Mr. George Haycock, whose letter was
published in the October issue of AMAZING STORIES, this is to
verify the truth of this cave.
     "M/Sgt. Brentlinger (a Shaver fan), stationed at Hill Field,
Utah, and myself made a trip to Burley over the weekend of the
17th of August to ascertain the authenticity of both Mr. Haycock
and the cave.  We had no trouble locating this gentleman and
after explaining the purpose of our mission he quite readily
agreed to show us to the cave and to guide us through, providing
it was still possible to enter.  The entrance had been blasted
since he was last in the cave, he explained.
     "We drove about six miles west of town, then turned off the
highway onto a little road leading through the desert sagebrush. 
Oddly enough, this road was well worn and seemed to be much used
although there is no apparent reason for so much traffic.  We
failed to see any other cars either on the way in or out.
     "Even though he had been in the cave many times and to the
entrance as recently as three days prior to this trip, Mr.
Haycock, strangely, had difficulty in locating the spot and we
stopped twice to look before we finally found it about a mile
from the highway.
     "The entrance was located in the center of a shallow
circular depression.  The surrounding terrain was nothing but
sand and sagebrush but jammed in around the opening were several
large boulders.  We found there was still a small hole running
down through the boulders and Mr. Haycock thought it still
possible for us to make entrance.  With some violent maneuvering
we did manage to squeeze through and we followed Mr. Haycock to
the floor of the cavern.  Then, crawling, kneeling and sometimes
walking, we were led back through the cave for approximately one-
quarter of a mile.
     "The cavern was cut through what appeared to be lava rock. 
Walls and ceiling are badly fallen-in in many places but there is
enough intact yet to give the general appearance that the cave
was at one time square.  In certain spots the walls and ceiling
are perfectly flat.  Then, too, we noticed one small chamber to
one side of the main passage that is square-cut except for one
end which is cupped out.
     "There are numerous small passages leading off to the side
of the main path, which Mr. Haycock said lead to dead ends, IN
the ones he has explored.
     "After seeing enough to convince us of the truth of Mr.
Haycock's story, it was decided to turn back and not to continue
inward to the impassable obstruction Mr. Haycock mentioned in his
letter.  To have gone that far more equipment would have been
required.  We had nothing but two flashlights, both being used
continuously.  Where we turned back is approximately half-way to
the obstruction.
     "We failed to feel or hear the icy wind that is said to blow
from the shaft most of the time.  However, Mr. Haycock explained
that it did become quiet occasionally, as we found it that day.
     "At present another trip is planned to the cave.  This time
there will be seven or eight of us and we plan to take the proper
equipment and enough provisions to do some serious work at
clearing away the obstruction.  It is desired by all to learn
what, if anything, might lie further on beyond this obstruction. 
But, if there is nothing but more cave it will at least be an
interesting adventure that will be enjoyed and remembered by all!
     "Now for the information on two other caves this writer
knows of which might merit investigation.  The first is in the
Smoky mountains of North Carolina in the Nantahalie(?) Gorge.  It
is called 'The Blowing Springs' and is easily reached from the
highway.  The cave has an icy blast of air and a cold stream
flowing from it continuously, from which it got its name.  It is
not known by the writer whether anyone has ever entered the cave
or if this is possible, but there are many that have been to the
entrance to look in.
     "The second is called 'The Devil's Well' and is located in
the 'Hole-In-Ground' near Pine City, Washington.  The cave is
very round and approximately five feet in diameter.  People are
known to be afraid to enter the cave due to the rumor that it is
a rattlesnake den.  It would be interesting to learn if there is
any truth to the rattlesnakes and why it is named 'The Devil's
Well,' and by whom!."
     "Frank W. Haigler., Box 18, Apt. F-12., Sahara Valley,
     Another postscript to this account appeared in the form of
an article which was written by one 'Galahadian' for the ESOTERIC
WORLD NEWS in the mid-1980's.  'Galahadian' allegedly knew Mr.
Haycock years ago, and revealed that his story had a sad and
tragic ending.  Haycock, it seemed, had received an unmarked
letter or package in his mailbox one day with a message warning
him to cease and desist in his investigations of the tunnel.  Mr.
Haycock had apparently ignored the warning and continued in his
investigations, and according to Galahadian a few days afterwards
he was found strangled to death in his house.  What kind of
secret would be so important that it was worth killing a human
life in order to hide it?  Certainly, this is not the only one
who has died mysteriously after investigating underground
phenomena.  In fact dozens, perhaps hundreds (or more?) have met
with the same tragic fate, after getting to close to the
"Horrible Truth".  We would ask the readers however not to get
the impression that EVERY subterranean area is irreparably under
the control of the evil one and the powers of darkness.  As we
will reveal in our next file there are many regions inhabited by
human beings who, although they may not have established an
absolutely "perfect" society, nevertheless are far safer than the
underground lairs of the serpent races.  The simple fact that
these writings TARGET the reptilian conspiracy as it concerns or
as it is taking place in and around this small planet lost among
billions of stars in a galaxy which is just one of billions
within a seemingly immeasurable universe, might lead one to
accept a mistaken and paranoid if not hopeless view of reality. 
Believe us, this is not the case.  The perfect and incorruptible
realm of the Almighty is infinitely more vast than the material
universe which it surrounds.  Good WILL overcome evil in the end,
that is not the question.  The question is: how many souls will
or will not be saved from the conspiracies of darkness before the
ultimate victory comes?  
     With this in mind, let's return to the disturbing although
very real possibility that many have lost their lives because
they knew too much about the draconian activities taking place
beneath the surface of this planet (and beyond).  One contact of
ours has informed us that a good friend of hers in Las Vegas,
Nevada, had uncovered some very disturbing facts and testimonies
concerning construction workers and others who had been involved
in the installation of certain equipment within the tunnels
beneath the Nevada Military Complex, etc., many of whom later
died under bizarre circumstances.  This informant, Stacy Borland,
was later found dead - along with a brother of hers - in Las
Vegas.  Someone had apparently entered her place and murdered
them in cold blood.  We smell a rat in this case (or, should we
say A SNAKE?), and in fact our contact is convinced that it was
the work of an assassin, and that she was killed because she knew
too much.
     Since these reptilian or reptilian-controlled powers of evil
thrive in the darkness, then the method needed to defeat them, to
destroy them and to eventually conquer them (the saurians or the
serpent races, that is) would be to shine the 'light' of truth
against these lairs of evil, focus that 'light' like a laser
beam, and tear apart the very 'darkness' within which these
ancient powers thrive.  And, possibly most important of all, by
God's grace set out to ally ourselves with those societies hidden
beyond or below the surface of this world, our ancient human
cousins, who have fought and battled this infernal race since
ancient times.  As the old saying goes: "Together we stand,
divided we fall..."