FILE NO. 006

            C R A S H   G O   T H E   C H A R I O T S

     John Lear, a captain of a major U.S. Airline has flown over
160 different types of aircraft in over 50 different countries. 
He holds 17 world speed records in the Lear Jet and is the only
pilot ever to hold every airman certificate issued by the Federal
Aviation Administration.  Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide
for the CIA and other government agencies.  A former Nevada State
Senator candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of
the Lear Jet executive airplane, the 8-track stereo, and founder
of the Lear Siegler Corporation.  Lear became interested in the
subject of UFO's 13 months prior to the date given below, after
talking with United States Air Force Personnel who had witnessed
a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, near London, England, and three
small aliens walking up to the Wing Commander.
     The following is a 'Statement' released by John Lear on
December 29, 1987 and revised on March 25, 1988.  It was
originally sent to various friends of Lear's, who in turn put
pressure on Lear to release this information more publicly. 
The first version of the statement was apparently meant for the
'inside' crowd of researchers with whom Lear associated, whereas
the following revision contains the same information as the first
edition, but is directed to the public in general:

     "The government of the United States continues to rely on
your personal and professional gullibility to suppress the
information contained herein.  Your cooperation over the past 40
years has exceeded OUR wildest expectations and we salute you.
     "'The sun does not revolve around the Earth'
     "'The United States Government has been in business with
little gray extraterrestrials for about 20 years'
     "The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at
the stake in AD 1600 for daring to propose that it was real.  THE
PUBLICLY THAN WILL EVER BE KNOWN (Note: emphasis here and
elsewhere in the text is ours - Branton).
     "But the truth must be told.  The fact that the Earth
revolves around the sun was successfully suppressed by the
(Roman) church for over 200 years.  It eventually caused a major
upheaval in the church, government, and thought.  A realignment
of social and traditional values.  That was in the 1800's.
     "Now, about 400 years after the first truth was pronounced
we must again face the shocking facts.  The "horrible truth" the
government has been hiding from us over 40 years.  Unfortunately,
the 'horrible truth' is far more horrible than the government
ever imagined.
     "In its effort to protect democracy, our government sold us
to the aliens.  And here is how it happened.  But before I begin,
I'd like to offer a word in defense of those who bargained us
away.  They had the best of intentions.
     "Germany may have recovered a flying saucer as early as
1939.  General James H. Doolittle went to Norway in 1952 to
inspect a flying saucer that had crashed there in Spitzbergen.
     "The 'horrible truth' was known by only a very few persons:
They were indeed ugly little creatures, shaped like praying
mantises... Of the original group that were the first to learn
the 'horrible truth', SEVERAL COMMITTED SUICIDE, the most
prominent of which was Defense Secretary James V. Forrestal who
jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window (or was
murdered by CIA agents who made it look like a suicide according
to others, including William Cooper - Branton).  Secretary
Forrestal's medical records are sealed to this day.
     "President Truman put a lid on the secret and turned the
screws so tight that the general public still thinks that flying
saucers are a joke.  Have I ever got a surprise for them.
     "In 1947, President Truman established a group of 12 of the
top military scientific personnel of their time.  They were known
as MJ-12 (Note: Although Lear and Cooper agree on the name of
this group, both differ in their idea of how many members this
group consisted of in the beginning - Branton).  Although the
group exists today, none of the ORIGINAL members are still alive.
The last one to die was Gordon Gray, former Secretary of the
Army, in 1984.  As each member passed away, the group itself
appointed a new member to fill the position.  There is some
speculation that the group known as MJ-12 expanded to at least
seven more members.
     "There were several more saucer crashes in the late 1940's,
one in Roswell, New Mexico, one in Aztec, New Mexico, and one
near Laredo, Texas, about 30 miles inside the Mexican border.
     "Consider, if you will, the position of the United States
Government at that time.  They proudly thought of themselves as
the most powerful nation on Earth, having recently produced the
atomic bomb, an achievement so stupendous, it would take Russia 4
years to catch up, and only with the help of traitors to
Democracy.  They had built a jet aircraft that had exceeded the
speed of sound in flight.  They had built jet bombers with
intercontinental range that could carry weapons of enormous
destruction.  The post war era, and the future seemed bright. 
Now imagine what it was like for those same leaders, all of whom
had witnessed the panic of Orson Wells' radio broadcast, "The War
of the Worlds", in 1938.  Thousands of Americans panicked at a
realistically presented invasion of Earth by beings from another
planet.  Imagine their horror as they actually viewed THE DEAD
they attempted to determine how these strange 'saucers' were
powered and could discover no part even remotely similar to
components they were familiar with: no cylinders or pistons, no
vacuum tubes or turbines or hydraulic actuators.  It is only when
you fully understand the overwhelming helplessness the government
was faced with in the late 40's that you can comprehend their
perceived need for a total, thorough and sweeping cover up, to
include the use of 'deadly force'.
     "The cover-up was so successful that as late as 1985 a
senior scientist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,
California, Dr. Al Hibbs, would look at a video tape of an
enormous flying saucer and state the record, 'I'm not going to
assign anything to that (UFO) phenomena without a lot more data.'
Dr. Hibbs was looking at the naked emperor and saying, 'He
certainly looks naked, but that doesn't prove he's naked.'
     "In July 1952, a panicked government watched helplessly as a
squadron of 'flying saucers' flew over Washington, D.C., and
buzzed the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. 
It took all the imagination and intimidation the government could
muster to force that incident out of the memory of the public.
     "Thousands of sightings occurred during the Korean war and
several more saucers were retrieved by the Air Force.  Some were
stored at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, some were stored at
Air Force bases near the locations of the crash site.
     "One saucer was so enormous and the logistic problems in
transportation so enormous that it was buried at the crash site
and remains there today.  The stories are legendary on
transporting crashed saucers over long distances, moving only at
night, purchasing complete farms, slashing through forests,
blocking major highways, sometimes driving 2 or 3 lo-boys in
tandem with an extraterrestrial load a hundred feet in diameter.
     "On April 30, 1964, the first communication between these
aliens and the U.S. Government (i.e. referring here to the United
States elected government and NOT the International Illuminati
per se who many believe have been in contact with the
subterranean element of the 'alien' gray race for years if not
centuries prior to this - Branton).
     "During the period of 1969-1971, MJ-12 representing the U.S.
Government made a deal with these creatures, called EBE
(Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, named by Detley Bronk,
original MJ-12 member and 6th President of John Hopkins
University).  The 'deal' was that in exchange for "technology"
that they would provide to us, we agreed to "ignore" the
abductions that were going on and suppress information on the
cattle mutilations.  The EBE's assured MJ-12 that the abductions
(usually lasting about 2 hours) were merely the ongoing
monitoring of developing civilizations.
     "In fact, the purposes for the abductions turned out to be:
     "(1) The insertion of a 3mm spherical device through the
nasal cavity of the abductee into the brain, the device is used
for the biological monitoring, tracking, and control of the
     "(2) Implementation of Posthypnotic Suggestion to carry out
a specific activity during a specific time period, the actuation
of which will occur within the next 2 to 5 years.
     "(3) Termination of some people so that they could function
as living sources for biological material and substances.
     "(5) Effect genetic engineering experiments.
     "(6) Impregnation of human females and early termination of
pregnancies to secure the crossbreed infant (Note: Or perhaps a
better term for it would be a "genetically altered" infant, since
there has been no evidence forthcoming that an actual "hybrid"
has been successful.  In other words the offspring would tend to
fall to one side or the other, a sauroid entity possessing no
soul-matrix, or a humanoid being possessing such a matrix
although somewhat altered in it's outward physical appearance -
     "The U.S. Government was not initially aware of the far
reaching consequences of their 'deal'.  They were led to believe
that the abductions were essentially benign AND SINCE THEY
THEY AGREED OR NOT, they merely insisted on a current list of
abductees be submitted, on a periodic basis, to MJ-12 and the
National Security Council.  Does this sound incredible?  An
actual list of abductees sent to the National Security Council? 
Read on, because I have news for you...
     "The EBE's have a genetic disorder in that their digestive
system is atrophied and not functional... In order to sustain
themselves they use enzyme or hormonal secretion obtained from
the tissue that they extract from humans and animals (It is
uncertain whether other sauroid mutations such as the 'large
muzzled grays' or 'reptoids' are included here.  It is possible
that they 'feed' through their mouths, which have not become
'atrophied' as have the small 'grays' - Branton).
     "The secretions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen
peroxide and applied on the skin by spreading or dipping parts of
their bodies in the solution.  The body absorbs the solution,
then excretes the waste back through the skin.  The cattle
mutilations that were prevalent throughout the period from 1973
to 1983 and publicly noted through newspaper and magazine stories
and included a documentary produced by Linda Howe for a Denver
CBS affiliate KMGH-TV, were for the collection of these tissues
by the aliens.  The mutilations included genitals taken, rectums
cored out to the colon, eyes, tongue, and throat all surgically
removed with extreme precision.  In some cases the incisions were
made by cutting between the cells, a process we are not yet
capable of performing in the field.  In many of the mutilations
there was no blood found at all in the carcass, yet there was no
vascular collapse of the internal organs.  THIS HAS ALSO BEEN
NOTED IN THE HUMAN MUTILATIONS, one of the first of which was
Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette at the White Sands Missile Test Range
in 1956, who was found three days after an Air Force Major had
witnessed his abduction by a "disk shaped" object at 0300 while
on search for missile debris downrange.  His genitals had been
removed, rectum cored out in a surgically precise "plug" up to
the colon, eyes removed and all blood removed with, again, no
vascular collapse.  From some of the evidence it is apparent that
this surgery is accomplished, in most cases, WHILE THE VICTIM.
ANIMAL OR HUMAN, IS STILL ALIVE. (According to Bill English, this
incident was mentioned in the Above-Top Secret 'GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK
REPORT NO. 13' - Branton)
     "After the initial agreement, Groom Lake, one of the nations
most secret test centers, was closed for a period of about a
year, sometime between about 1972 and 1974, AND A HUGE
     "During the period between 1979 and 1983 it became
increasingly obvious to MJ-12 that things were not going as
     "By 1984, MJ-12 must have been in stark terror at the
mistake they had made in dealing with the EBE's.  They had subtly
promoted 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'E.T.' to get
the public used to 'odd looking' aliens that were compassionate,
benevolent and very much our 'space brothers'.  MJ-12 'sold' the
EBE's to the public, and were now faced with the fact THAT QUITE
THE OPPOSITE WAS TRUE.  In addition, a plan was formulated in
1968 to make the public aware of the existence of aliens on earth
over the next 20 years to be culminated with several
documentaries to be released during 1985-1987 period of time. 
These documentaries would explain the history and intentions of
the EBE's.  The discovery of the 'GRAND DECEPTION' put the entire
plans, hopes and dreams of MJ-12 into utter confusion and panic.
     "Meeting at the 'Country Club', a remote lodge with private
golf course, comfortable sleeping and working quarters, and its
own private airstrip built by and exclusively for the members of
MJ-12, it was a factional fight of what to do now.  PART OF MJ-12
other part (the majority) of MJ-12 argued that there was no way
they could do that, that the situation was untenable and there
was no use in exciting the public with the 'horrible truth' and
that the best plan was to continue the development of a weapon
that could be used against the EBE's under the guise of 'SDI',
the Strategic Defense Initiative, which had nothing whatsoever to
do with a defense for inbound Russian nuclear missiles.  As these
words are being written, Dr. Edward Teller, 'father' of the H-
Bomb is personally in the test tunnels of the Nevada Test Site,
driving his workers and associates in the words of one, 'like a
man possessed'.  And well he should, for Dr. Teller is a member
of MJ-12 along with Dr. Kissinger, Admiral Bobby Inman, and
possibly Admiral Poindexter, to name a few of the current members
of MJ-12.
     "Before the 'Grand Deception' was discovered and according
to a meticulous plan for metered release of information to the
public, several documentaries and video tapes were made.  William
Moore, a Burbank, California, based UFO researcher who wrote 'The
Roswell Incident,' a book published in 1980 that detailed the
crash, recovery and subsequent cover-up of a UFO with 4 alien
bodies, has a video tape of 2 newsmen interviewing a military
officer associated with MJ-12.  This military officer answers
questions relating to the history of MJ-12 and the cover-up, the
recovery of a number of flying saucers and the existence of a
live alien (one of 3 living aliens captured and designated, or
named, EBE-1, EBE-2, and EBE-3, being held in a facility
designated as YY-II as Los Alamos, New Mexico.  The only other
facility of this type, which is electromagnetically secure, is at
Edwards Air Force Base in Mojave, California).  The officer names
as previously mentioned plus a few others: Harold Brown, Richard
Helms, Gen. Vernon Walters, JPL's Dr. Allen and Dr. Theodore van
Karman, to name a few of the current and past members of MJ-12.
     "The officer also relates the fact that the EBE's claim to
have created Christ.  The EBE's have a type of recording device
that has recorded all of Earth's history and can display it in
the form of a hologram.  This hologram can be filmed but because
of the way holograms work does not come out very clear on movie
film or video tape.  The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of
Olives (it actually took place on the hill Calvary, not the Mt.
of Olives - Branton) has allegedly been put on film to show the
public.  The EBE's claim to have created Christ, which, IN VIEW
     "Another video tape allegedly in existence is an interview
with an EBE.  Since EBE's communicate telepathically, an Air
Force Colonel serves as interpreter.  Just before the recent
stock market correction in October of 1987, several newsmen,
including Bill Moore, had been invited to Washington D.C., to
personally film the EBE in a similar type interview, and
distribute the film to the public.  Apparently, because of the
correction in the market, it was felt the timing was not
propitious.  In any case, it certainly seems like an odd method
to inform the public of extraterrestrials, but it would be in
keeping with the actions of A PANICKED ORGANIZATION WHO AT THIS
     "Moore is also in possession of more Aquarius documents, a
few pages of which leaked out several years ago and detailed the
supersecret NSA project which had been denied by them until just
recently.  In a letter to Senator John Glenn, NSA's Director of
Policy, Julia B. Wetzel, wrote, 'Apparently there is or was an
Air Force project with the name (Aquarius) which dealt with
UFO's.  Coincidently, there is also an NSA project by that name.'
NSA's project Aquarius deals specifically 'communications with
the aliens' (EBE's).  Within the Aquarius program was project
'Snowbird', a project to test-fly a recovered alien aircraft at
Groom Lake, Nevada.  This project continued today at the
location.  In the words of an individual who works at Groom Lake,
'Our people are much better at taking things apart than they are
at putting them back together.'
     "Moore, who claims he has a contact with MJ-12, feels that
they have been stringing him along, slipping him documents and
providing him with leads, promising to go public with some of the
information on extraterrestrials by the end of 1987.
     "Certain of Moore's statements lead one to believe that
Moore himself is a government agent working for MJ-12, not to be
strung alone, but to string along ever hopeful UFOlogists that
the truth is just around the corner.  Consider.
     "1.  Moore states emphatically that he is not a government
agent, although when Lee Graham (a Southern California based
UFOlogist) was investigated by DIS (Defense Investigative
Service) for possession of classified documents received from
Moore, Moore himself was not.
     "2. Moore states emphatically that the cattle mutilations of
1973-1983 were a hoax by Linda Howe (producer of 'A Strange
Harvest') to create publicity for herself.  He cites the book
'Mute Evidence' as the bottom line of the hoax.  'Mute Evidence'
was a government sponsored book to explain the mutilations in
conventional terms.
     "3. Moore states that the U.S.A.F. Academy physics book,
'Introductory Space Science', vol. II chapter 13, entitled
'Unidentified Flying Objects', which describes four of the most
commonly seen aliens (one of which is the EBE) was written by Lt.
Col. Edward R. Therkelson and Major Donald B. Carpenter.  Air
Force personnel who did not know what they were talking about and
were merely citing 'crackpot' references.  He, Moore, states that
the book was withdrawn to excise the chapter.
     "If the government felt they were being forced to
acknowledge the existence of aliens on Earth because of the
overwhelming evidence such as the October and November sightings
in Wytheville, Va., and recently released books such as 'Night
Siege' (Hynek, J. Allen; Imbrogno, Phillip J.; Pratt, Bob: NIGHT
SIEGE, Ballantine Books, Random House, New York), and taking into
consideration the 'grand deception' AND OBVIOUSLY HOSTILE INTENT
OF THE EBE'S, it might be expedient for MJ-12 to admit the EBE's
but conceal the information on the mutilations and abductions. 
If MJ-12 and Moore were in some kind of agreement then it would
be beneficial to Moore to tow the party line.  For example, MJ-12
would say... 'here are some more genuine documents...but talking about the mutilations or abductions'.  This
would be beneficial to Moore as it would supply the evidence to
support his theory that E.T.'s exist but deny the truths about
the E.T.'s.  However, if Moore was indeed working for MJ-12, he
would follow the party line anyway...admitting the E.T.'s but
pooh poohing the mutilations and abductions.  If working alone,
Moore might not even be aware of the 'grand deception'.
     "Time will tell.  It is possible that Moore will go ahead
and release the video interview with the military officer around
the first of the year, as he has promised.  From MJ-12's point of
view, the public would be exposed to the information without
really having to believe it because Moore is essentially not as
credible a source as, say, the President of the United States. 
After a few months of digestion and discussion, a more credible
source could emerge with a statement that yes in fact the
interview was essentially factual.  This scenario would cushion
somewhat the blow to the public.  If, however, Moore does not
release the tape by, say, February 1 of 1988, but comes instead
with a story similar to: 'MJ-12 has informed me that they are
definitely planning a release of all information by October of
88.  I have seen the plan and have seen the guarantee that this
will happen, so I have decided to withhold the release of my
video tape at this time as it may cause some problems with MJ-
12's plans.'  This would in effect buy more time for MJ-12 and
time is what they desperately need.
     "Now you ask, 'Why haven't I heard any of this?'  Who do you
think you would hear it from?  Dan Rather?  Tom Brokaw?  Sam
Donaldson?  Wrong.  These people just read the news, they don't
find it.  They have ladies who call and interview witnesses and
verify statements on stories coming over the wire (either AP or
UPI).  It's not like Dan Rather would go down to Wytheville,
Virginia, and dig into why there were 4 THOUSAND reported
sightings in October and November of 1987.  Better Tom Brokaw or
someone else should risk their credibility on this type of story.
Tom Brokaw?  Tom wants Sam Donaldson to risk his credibility.  No
one, but no one, is going to risk their neck on such outlandish
ideas, regardless of how many people report sightings of 900 foot
objects running them off the road.  In the case of the Wytheville
sightings, dozens of vans with NASA lettered on the side failed
to interest newsmen.  And those that asked questions were
informed that NASA was doing a weather survey.
     "Well then, you ask, what about our scientists?  What about
Carl Sagan?  Issac Asimov?  Arthur C. Clarke?  Wouldn't they have
known?  If Carl Sagan knows then he is committing a great fraud
through the solicitation of memberships in the Planetary Society,
'to search for extraterrestrial intelligence'.  Another charade
into which the U.S. Government dumps millions of dollars every
year is the radiotelescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, operated by
Cornell University with - guess who? - Carl Sagan.  Cornell is
ostensibly searching for signals from Outer Space, a sign maybe,
that somebody is out there.  It is hard to believe that
relatively intelligent astronomers like Sagan could be so
     "What about Isaac Asimov?  Surely the most prolific science
fiction writer of all time would have guessed by now that there
must be an enormous cover-up?  Maybe, but if he knows he's not
saying.  Perhaps he's afraid that Foundation and Empire will turn
out to be inaccurate.
     "What about Arthur C. Clarke?  Surely the most technically
accurate of Science Fiction writers with very close ties to NASA
would have at least a hint of what's really going on.  Again, if
so he isn't talking.  In a recent Science Fiction survey, Clarke
estimates that contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life
would not occur before the 21st Century.
     "If the government won't tell us the truth and the major
networks won't even give it serious consideration (Note: This was
written before such programs as SIGHTINGS, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES,
CURRENT AFFAIR, MONTEL WILLIAMS and other TV programs DID in fact
begin dealing with the UFO phenomena, abductions, etc., in much
greater depth - Branton), then what is the big picture, anyway? 
Are the EBE's, having done a hundred thousand or more abductions
(possibly millions worldwide), built AN UNTOLD NUMBER OF SECRET
UNDERGROUND BASES (Groom Lake, Nevada; Sunspot, Datil, Roswell,
and Pie Town, New Mexico, just to name a few) getting ready to
return to wherever they came from?  Or, from the obvious
preparations are we to assume that they are getting ready for a
big move?  or is (it) the more sinister and most probable
situation that the invasion is essentially complete and it is all
over but the screaming?
     "A well planned invasion of Earth for it's resources and
benefits would not begin with mass landings or ray-gun equipped
aliens.  A properly planned and executed invasion by a
civilization thousands...of years in advance of us would most
likely be complete before a handful of people, say 12?, realize
what was happening.  No fuss, no mess.  The best advice I can
give you is this:  Next time you see a flying saucer and are awed
by its obvious display of technology and gorgeous lights of pure
color - RUN LIKE HELL!  --  June 3, 1988 Las Vegas, NV"

     (The following was an addendum to the above which was
included with later copies of John Lear's 'statement'):

     "In 1983 when the Grand Deception was discovered MJ-12
(which may now be designated 'PI-40') started work on a weapon or
some kind of device to contain the EBE's which had by now totally
infested our society.  This program was funded through SDI which,
coincidentally, was initiated at approximately the same date.  A
frantic effort has been made over the past 4 years by all
participants.  This program ended in failure in December of 1987.
A new program has been conceived but will take about 2 years to
develop.  In the meantime, it is absolutely essential to MJ-12
(PI-40), that no one, including the Senate, the Congress or the
citizens of the United States of America (or anyone else for that
matter) become aware of the real circumstances surrounding the
UFO cover-up and total disaster it has become.
     "Moore never did release the video tapes but claims he is
negotiating with a major network to do so...'soon'."

                              *   *   *

     Following are some quotes from prominent sources:

          "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we
     often forget how much unites all the members of humanity.
     Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us
     realize this common bond.  I occasionally think how quickly
     our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien 
     threat from outside this world.  And yet, I ask you, IS NOT
          -- President Ronald Reagan., Remarks made to the
             42nd General Assembly of the United Nations.,
             Sept. 21, 1987

          "I couldn't help but say to him (Gorbachev), just
     think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings 
     that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world
     from some other species from another planet outside in the
     universe... Well, I don't suppose we can wait for some
     alien race to come down and threaten us.  But I think that
     between us we can bring about that realization."
          -- President Ronald Reagan., Remarks to Fallston
             High School students and Faculty, Fallston,
             MD., October 4, 1985

          "For your confidential information, a reliable and con- 
     fidential source has advised the Bureau that flying disks
     are believed to be man-made missiles rather than natural
     phenomenon.  It has also been determined that for approxi-
     mately the past four years the USSR has been engaged in     
     experimentation on an unknown type of flying disk."
          -- FBI Memo, dated March 25, 1949 sent to a large
             number of FBI offices.

          "...on Unidentified Flying Objects... The panel recom-
     mends that the national security agencies institute poli-
     cies... designed to prepare the material defenses and the
     morale of the country to recognize... and react most effect-
     ively to true indications of hostile measures."
          -- Recommendation of the CIA Robertson Panel on
             UFOs., January, 1953

          "Public interest in disclosure is far outweighed by the
     sensitive nature of the materials and the obvious effect on
     national security their release may entail."
          -- U.S. District Court Opinion in the case of 
             Citizens Against UFO Secrecy vs. the National
             Security Agency., May 18, 1982

          "The sums made available to the Agency may be expended
     without regard to the provisions of law and regulations re-
     lating to the expenditures of Government."
          -- Central Intelligence Act of 1949

          "On this land a flying disk has been found intact, with
     eighteen three-foot tall HUMAN-LIKE occupants, all dead in
     it but not burned. (Note: An alleged photograph of an alien
     body being kept in cold storage at Wright Patterson shows
     what appears to be a small HUMAN like being with human-like
     eyes and oriental features.  Although it was about the size
     of the short grays, this particular being is apparently not
     sauroid-reptilian in nature.  Is it possible that the eight-
     teen "human-like" occupants described in this quote are of
     the same race? - Branton)     
          -- FBI memo from New Orleans Branch to Director,
             FBI, March 31, 1950 about a disk found in the
             Mojave desert in January, 1950

          "When four sit down to conspire, three are fools and   
     the fourth is a government agent."
          -- Duncan Lunan

          "The flying disks are real."
          -- General Nathan Twining.

          "According to Mr. ...informant, the saucers were found
     in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very
     high-powered radar setup in that area and it is believed    
     that the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of
     the saucers...each one of the three saucers were occupied by
     three bodies of human SHAPE (Note: this does not con-     
     clusively indicate whether they were humanoid or sauroid, as
     both groups are hominoid-shaped - Branton) but only 3 feet  
     tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture."
          -- FBI Memo from agent Guy Hottel., Washington 
             Field Office., sent to Director, FBI., March
             22, 1950

     In their QUARTERLY REPORT, July - September 1990, the 'Fund
For UFO Research' (P. O. Box 277.,  Mount Rainier, MD  20712)
related the following:
     "The primary activity during this quarter involved 'Crash
II,' a conference consisting of investigators and witnesses
involved in the reported crash and recovery of one or more
Unidentified Flying Objects.  It was the second such conference
coordinated by the Fund, but it was remarkable because it
included ten witnesses who had information about the recovery of
at least one apparent alien craft and bodies outside Roswell, New
Mexico, in July 1947.  (The conference was made possible by a
special contribution.)
     "All the witnesses (with one exception) agreed to be
identified and to have their statements recorded on videotape for
archival and other purposes.  At the conclusion of the
conference, the Fund's Executive Committee solicited proposals
from the investigators, including Stanton T. Friedman, Donald R.
Schmitt and Kevin Randle, to interview and videotape additional
witnesses in the Roswell case.
     "All of those involved agreed that the information gathered
at the conference and in subsequent interviews should be
assembled into a briefing paper and a videotape to be made
available to Members of the United States Congress.  Researchers
hope to convince an appropriate congressional committee to hold
hearings requiring testimony from former military employees who
have refused to discuss their involvement in the event on the
grounds of national security.
     "Schmitt and Randle subsequently submitted a request for
$6,600 to interview 24 additional witnesses in the Roswell case. 
Another investigator in UFO crash/retrieval cases, Leonard H.
Stringfield, requested up to $1,500 for further research in the
Roswell case.  An additional proposal to edit the interviews with
witnesses in the Roswell case at a cost of approximately $2,000
was submitted, resulting in a goal to raise $10,000 for follow-up
research in the Roswell case.
     "A letter outlining the proposed fundraising campaign was to
be mailed to all of the Fund's supporters by the end of the year.
To encourage enough large donations to meet the goal of $10,000,
copies of the congressional briefing paper would be offered to
contributors of $50 or more; a copy of the videotape was offered
to contributors of $100 or more.  A report on the progress of the
fundraising effort will appear in the next Quarterly Report.
     "Also during this period, the Executive Committee of the
Fund received a proposal from noted abduction researcher Bud
Hopkins to do a statistical study of a selected number of high-
quality abduction cases.  It is hoped that such a study will
uncover correlations and 'undiscovered links' between key
elements of abductions.  The proposal in its most comprehensive
form would cost approximately $6,000, which would require a
substantial infusion of funds to support.
     "Also received during the quarter was a proposal by Dr.
Leslie E. Wong of The Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington,
for the study of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in
abductees.  This grant proposal for $7,115 would involve follow-
up research of 50 - 60 respondents to a questionnaire-based pilot
study of abductees undertaken by two students at the college
earlier this year.  The purpose of the study is to determine
whether the abduction phenomenon causes PTSD in some abductees. 
Such a finding would make a substantial contribution, not only to
abduction research, but also to the field of mental health."

     Another letter released by the 'Fund' was dated October,
1990, and stated:
     "Dear Supporter:
     "I'm writing to you at a critical time in the history of the
UFO movement.  The issues contained in this letter are extremely
sensitive, and so I would appreciate your confidentiality.
     "Because of your support for scientific research into the
UFO phenomena, I want to bring you up-to-date on recent events
which may result in a resolution of the mystery of Unidentified
Flying Objects.
     "As you know, there is a great deal of interest currently in
the apparent crash of one or more UFOs in New Mexico over 43
years ago.  This event has become the most intensively-
investigated--and best documented--case in UFO history.
     "It came to the public's attention in 1980 with the
publication of 'THE ROSWELL INCIDENT' by Charles Berlitz and
William Moore.  With the capable assistance of veteran UFO
investigator and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, the authors
documented that SOMETHING very unusual crashed in the New Mexico
desert in July 1947.
     "Friedman and Moore continued to follow up on new leads and
uncovered new evidence following publication of the book.  During
the course of their research, they identified nearly 100
witnesses who had information about the event.
     "However, the focus of their investigation changed with the
release of apparently authentic documents outlining Operation
Majestic Twelve, a TOP SECRET government research project
initiated following the Roswell crash.  The Fund for UFO Research
awarded Mr. Friedman a $16,000 grant to investigate the
documents, and his research into the MJ-12 matter inevitably
turned up new witnesses in the Roswell event.
     "In the meantime, Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, under the
auspices of the Center for UFO Studies, decided to reexamine the
Roswell case and managed to bring the number of first-hand
witnesses and sources of information to more than 200.
     "Earlier this year, the Fund invited Friedman, Schmitt and
Randle to the Washington, DC, area to discuss the status of their
research.  Also invited were ten first-hand witnesses who agreed
to record their testimony on videotape.  A report on the
conference, called 'Crash II,' is enclosed for your review.
     "As noted in the report, the investigators have identified a
large number of additional witnesses who have agreed to make
videotape depositions.  The witnesses may even agree to present
their accounts to Members of Congress.
     "Representatives of the Fund are now involved in assembling
the new evidence (which) turned up at the Crash II conference for
presentation to appropriate individuals on Capitol Hill.  We hope
this will result in a new inquiry by the Congress into the
Roswell case.
     "As you can imagine, this effort will require financial
support to be successful.  We need to pay for the expenses of the
investigators to travel across the country and conduct recorded
interviews with first-hand witnesses.  We want to produce a
videotape which summarizes their testimony to Members of Congress
and their staffs, so they will be convinced of the legitimacy of
the case.  All told, this phase of the project will cost
approximately $10,000.
     "However, all of our current assets are committed to other
worthwhile projects; therefore, I am asking for your assistance. 
Your contribution of $100 or $50 will assure us of the funding
necessary for this project.  Even a $25 contribution would help. 
I will continue to keep you informed of further developments.
     "Sincerely, Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. - Chairman..."

     And in their QUARTERLY REPORT, October - December 1990, we
read the following:
     "The investigation into the apparent crash of one or more
UFOs outside Roswell, NM, in July 1947 continued to be the
primary focus of the Fund's activities during the last quarter of
     "The primary goal was to raise at least $10,000 to support
the costs of the investigators in identifying additional first-
hand witnesses, to record their testimony, and to produce a
videotaped record of their testimony.  A fundraising letter
requesting donations for the project was mailed to the Fund's
supporters; copies of a briefing paper and a videotape were
offered as premium for contributions of $50 and $100
respectively.  As of December 31, the effort had generated more
than $16,000 in revenue.
     "As a result of the fundraising appeal, we were able to
compensate investigators Stanton T. Friedman, Kevin Randle and
Don Schmitt for their costs in conducting interviews with more
than a half-dozen additional witnesses located in four states. 
Their testimony, in addition to the interviews recorded at the
Fund's 'Crash II' conference in July, were edited into a 25-
minute videotape entitled 'Recollections of Roswell.' 
Expenditures for the project at year's end were nearly $10,000. 
The total amount spent on crash/retrieval research in 1991
exceeded $40,000.
     "Having reached its fundraising goal, the Fund is now able
to make copies of the videotape and briefing paper available for
purchase by the public (i.e. via the address given earlier -
     "Members of the Fund's Board conducted an extensive program
of public appearances and media promotion during this period. 
Chairman Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., spoke at the International
Conference of New Sciences at the University of Colorado, the
'Show Me UFO Conference' in St. Louis, a conference sponsored by
the Center for Humanistic Studies and the Center for UFO Studies
in Santa Barbara, CA; and the 'UFO and Space Symposium' in Hakui
City, Japan.  The latter was particularly notable, because it was
sponsored by the city and endorsed by the Japanese Prime
     "Dr. Richard Haines made a presentation on 'Using Concepts
from UFO Studies to Teach Science and Critical Thinking' at the
Arizona State Teachers Association annual conference.  Board
members Don Berliner, Richard Hall, Rob Swiatek and Fred Whiting
attended a conference on 'The UFO Experience' in North Haven, CT.
And Mr. Berliner reported conducting a total of 39 media
interviews resulting in more than 27 hours of air time in 1990.
     "1991 was a record-setting year for the Fund, in terms of
both income and expenditures--primarily because of the 'CRASH II'
conference in July.  As a result, the amount spent during the
year on grants, awards and special projects (such as the Roswell
case investigation) exceeded $55,000--or nearly 70% of the Fund's
total expenditures..."
                    'CRASH II' SUMMARY REPORT
     "On July 10-12, 1990, a group of investigators and witnesses
involved in the Roswell UFO crash case gathered in Arlington, VA,
at the invitation of the 'Fund for UFO Research' to discuss new
developments and evidence.
     "The purpose of the meeting was to debrief the witnesses and
investigators on evidence in the case and to record the
witnesses' accounts on videotape for archival and other purposes.
     "The meeting was conducted by David Jacobs, Ph.D., an
assistant professor of history at Temple University and author of
     "The investigators included:
     "* Stan Friedman, who initiated the investigation into the
Roswell case and who has continued to pursue the case
independently; and
     "* Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt, who re-opened the Roswell
investigation two years ago under the sponsorship of the Center
for UFO Studies, and whose book on the case is scheduled for
publication this Fall.
     "The witnesses were chosen by the investigators based on
their first-hand knowledge of events associated with the Roswell
case.  Several witnesses had not been known previously to anyone
in the UFO community.  A summary of their testimony follows:
     "LORETTA PROCTOR--'Mac' Brazel's closest neighbor who
recalls Brazel bringing a piece of unusual debris he found on his
property to her ranch.
     "PHYLLIS MCGUIRE and ELIZABETH TULK--daughters of the
Sheriff in Roswell who was contacted by Brazel after seeing the
Proctors; both sisters recall seeing a number of Army Air Force
personnel at their father's office during the period and were
aware that Brazel was held incommunicado by the military for
several days.
     "JESSE A. MARCEL, M.D.--son of Major Marcel; as an 11-year
old, he handled the debris his father recovered on the Brazel
     "WALTER HAUT--the public information officer at the base who
issued the news release (on the orders of the base commander,
Col. William Blanchard) that the AAF had recovered a 'flying
     "ROBERT SHIRKEY--the flight operations officer at the
Roswell Army Air Force base who recalls seeing the wreckage
loaded on a B-29 with Major Jesse Marcel, headed for Carswell AFB
in Ft. Worth.
     "ROBERT PORTER--a crewman on the plane with Marcel who
helped load the wreckage.
friends of 'Pappy' Henderson, pilot of a flight which transported
both wreckage and ALIEN BODIES to Wright Field, who told them
about his involvement several years before he died.
     "VERNE MALTAIS--close friend 'Barney' Barnett who told him
of finding a damaged craft and dead alien bodies on the Plains of
San Augustin.
     "All of the witnesses were extremely cooperative.  We went
to great lengths to assure them in advance that their testimony
would be held in confidence and that an attorney would be present
to provide legal counsel.  Such assurances turned out to be
unnecessary.  All of the witnesses (with one exception) agreed to
be videotaped and signed forms granting permission to the Fund to
use the information at its discretion.
     "Moreover, the witnesses made every effort to distinguish
between what they knew first-hand and what they heard from
others.  As a result, the videotape record provides an honest and
vivid account of their recollection of events 43 years ago.
     "Although the purpose of the meeting was to record history,
it also made history: it was the first on-the-record gathering of
a group of witnesses to the apparent crash and recovery of a UFO
and alien bodies.
     "At the conclusion of the meeting, the Executive Committee
invited the investigators to submit proposals to conduct follow-
up research in the Roswell case.  The objectives are to record
videotaped depositions with as many witnesses as possible; to
edit the videotapes into a viewable presentation for selected
Members of Congress and/or the news media; and to construct a
revised timeline of events connected with the events in New
Mexico in 1947.
     "Stan Friedman, Don Schmitt and Leonard Stringfield have
indicated plans to cooperate in follow-up research.  Schmitt's
request for $6,600 to interview 24 additional witnesses and
Stringfield's request for approximately $1,500 have been approved
by the Executive Committee and referred to the National Board.
     "In addition, an initial contact has been made with the
staff director of an important congressional committee and has
indicated an interest in reviewing evidence associated with the
Roswell case.
     "The goals of the congressional effort are (1) to seek
immunity from prosecution for current and former military
employees who have expressed reluctance to talk about their
involvement in this affair, and (2) to explore the possibility of
closed-door hearings involving first-hand witnesses with an
appropriate committee or subcommittee.
     "The Executive Committee wishes to express its appreciation
to the investigators and witnesses for making the conference

     In relation to the above information on "crash/retrievals"
we will quote here from a letter released by William Cooper
detailing alleged retrievals of other "alien" craft.  For obvious
reasons, Cooper has kept the name of the author of the letter,
which was dated June 13, 1987, confidential:

     "Dear Sirs;
     "Although I missed your very recent radio and TV shows, a
friend suggested that I write this letter and share my
information with you.  I am (a) fifty year of age engineer that
has worked in the private sector, as well as with the government.
     "From 1975 to 1980, I was involved with several
investigations having to do with E.T. material.  Even though the
project was very well covered, I am still very much surprised
that Project Pluto and results have not surfaced yet.
     "In as much as the project was handled by others, there was
no question that the government was in full control.  For
security purposes, Project Pluto had five levels.  Those who
investigated one level had nothing to do with the next, and would
only turn in the results of data of these findings to the next
level, then go on to another area.
     "No one that I knew ever had the results of two levels at
the same time.  There was only one very rare exception to the
rule which took place in 1975, and was in fact my very first
assignment with the project.  I was employed by a non-government
firm that of course was directly involved with the government,
and probably fronted for them on projects.
     "I would assume that eventually government records could be
made available to the general public, but not from the private
sector.  I'm not really sure.  In any event, several others and
myself were rushed to a rather remote place in upstate
     "We were informed that every thing was top secret, and had
to remain that way.  We were even housed in a hotel close by, and
security people were assigned to us.  Some type of aircraft had
crashed in this area, and the government felt that it would be
easier and faster to do all of their investigation right there
rather than move the remains of the wreck, and whatever evidence
the soil may contain.
     "The wreck site was rather difficult to get to, however, we
turned it into a construction site, clearing the area, and
building two small and one very large metal pre-general buildings
over and around the wreck.  Heavy equipment, materials, and
workers were flown in and out on a daily basis.
     "We were moved from the hotel to some mobile homes that were
brought in for us, and any more top level people who joined us. 
I might add that the local people who still lived some distance
from the site, were led to believe that a large private
corporation was preparing to build an electrical power supply for
the area.  But it was off limits to everyone in the area.
     "We were some of the first one's on the scene other than
lots of security people.  The wreck had already been covered by
very large canvas blankets, and large nets were tented over head
to protect the site from any possible air traffic.  I did manage
to get a very good look at the wreck on several occasions.  My
first thoughts were that it may have been an experimental air
craft of our government, or perhaps the government of another.
     "It was later suggested to us that is was a new type of air
craft of a foreign government, and it was a super hush - hush
project.  The air craft was nothing like I have ever seen (or)
probably ever will again.
     "The crash site was also something quite different.  The
disturbed soil was about a hundred feet in diameter, although the
craft was much larger in length.  I only saw what appeared to be
about two-thirds of the rear end, and even that was about ten
feet below the surface.  When it crashed on about a 30 degree
angle, it pushed all the earth back away from the craft itself. 
Almost as if the hole were made first, and then something half
the size was put in place.
     "My best thought of this rather strange hole is that some
kind of magnetic field had pushed all the earth away from the
craft at impact.  It was reasonable to assume that I was looking
down at the rear end of the air craft, yet there was nothing to
indicate that it had any kind of engine as we know it.  Not even
one little opening.
     "I don't really like to use the term cigar, but since I
could not see the front part, it certainly appeared to have once
been shaped like a large cigar.  That's my best description.
     "If it was a craft from a foreign government, then we are in
big trouble.  I actually held one small portion of the wreck in
my hand.  Incidentally, there was only a very small reading of
radio waves in the area.  The area was quite safe.  There was on
the other hand, a great deal of free magnetic energy in the area.
It was very difficult using our instruments.  It was very
difficult just to establish the correct time.  Every wrist watch
was a different time.
     "The piece of physical evidence that I held in my hand, was
a material that I really can't identify.  It may have been torn
from the front of the craft when it crashed.  A few of us
compared thoughts as to what it might be, but no one was really
certain.  None of us had ever seen any thing like it before.  It
was about one square foot and about an inch thick.  It weighed
almost nothing, and one had the feeling that it may blow away if
you let go of it and the wind increased.
     "It was the same color and texture of the large portion, so
it was safe to assume that it was part of the shell of the craft.
It weighed no where near enough to be any metal that we had ever
seen.  It even weighed less than any plastic that I had seen of a
similar size.
     "I tried to scratch it with a pocket knife, and even cut
away a small piece of the edge, but the knife did nothing to it. 
The surface was clear as glass, and stronger than any thing we
had ever seen.  It was like trying to scratch the surface of
glass with a feather.  Of course, we had to turn it into the
security people.
     "After the site was secure, the first groups that included
myself were taken away.  There was a very thorough strip search
prior to us being given jumpsuits, and put into a truck for
transportation to a waiting plane.  We were taken to another area
and debriefed before we were allowed to return to our normal way
of life.
     "About three months later, a few of us returned to the site
to remove the buildings, fill up the hole, and generally put the
area back into the same shape as it may have been prior to the
crash.  We went through the same type of security search and
debriefing as we had done the first time.  Whatever was left of
the craft had been removed and sent to - unknown -.
     "Almost a year to the day, I was sent to another crash site.
Everything was a repeat of the first time, except that there were
six of us.  Four of us were part of the first crash site, and the
other two were new.  This time the air craft was buried so deep
into the lower side of the hill that we could not get a good look
at it.
     "The security arrangements were just about the same, and we
constructed similar buildings around it.  It was very close to a
rerun of the first crash site.  Only this time we were told, 'as
a matter of fact,' that it was a top secret experimental air
craft that had crashed.  I could however, manage to see the rear
end of the craft.  It appeared to be the same type as the first. 
The code name of the project was Pluto, as it was the first also.
Incidentally, that was in upstate New York, in 1976.  I do not know
if there were any 'people' or life forms aboard.
     "Several years later, I had an occasion to be in the area of
site # one, and I managed to stop in the cocktail lounge of hotel
# one.  The bartender only recognized me because he brought in
our first room service the first night we stayed there.  There
was no room service there, but he made his one and only exception
to the rule for us.  He asked me lots of questions which (I) of
course had no answers for, nor would I give any.  He told me that
he heard that there were lots of medical people on the site.  He
thought that rather odd for an electric power station.  He
assumed that there must have been some kind of accident, or lots
of waste material in the area.  We let it go at that.
     "It appears that security was very good, and no one had any
idea that an air craft had crashed there.  I suspect that the air
craft was fifty feet in diameter and as long as two hundred feet.
I could be wrong in the length.  I could recall the under portion
of air craft # one had more of a flat surface.  It was difficult
to see, but I do recall the difference in the portion of the
under surface that I could see.
     "There was also a few interesting grooves on the top and
side areas about twenty feet long.  We had speculated that either
a steering fin had been attached, or a place where it could slide
through from the inside, similar to the type of system used to
lower wheels on any air craft.  First speculation!
     "In 1978, I was again sent to a crash site.  We arrived the
day after the security people.  This time the air craft landed in
a lake in upstate Pennsylvania.  We went through the same
motions, and built several buildings on the edge of the lake to
house the craft, once it was removed from the water.  Lots of
Navy equipment was flown in, and there were divers everywhere. 
The same magnetic field was present as in the first two
incidents.  There was no air craft.
     "I spent three weeks there in the event that the buildings
had to be adjusted.  It seems that the divers had located the
exact spot that the air craft had rested on the bottom, but it
was gone.  There was lots of evidence on the beach that something
very large had crashed into the lake causing the water of the
lake to splash ashore, over thirty feet, and what was normally a
rather clean lake, was suddenly a very large mudhole.  After
three weeks, I left and was subjected to the same type of
security as the first two times.
     "I didn't have to return to dismantle the pre-general
buildings.  I would think that it was done by others very soon
after.  There was some thought at first that the craft may have
been buried under the bottom of the lake, but by this time, we
knew enough about the craft to know if that were the case.  It
was not - it just vanished.  Perhaps it was not damaged and
managed to fly away.  That may sound silly, but I believe it is a
reasonable conclusion.  There was some damage to the immediate
area.  Six large electrical transformers, and some other
equipment were burnt out and had to be replaced by the electric
company.  The government took the electrical equipment and had it
flown somewhere else.
     "...I don't really believe that the air craft belongs to our
Government or any other government on this earth.  From 1975 to
present, we would certainly have seen some kind of revolutionary
change in our air craft.
     "...After twelve years we probably don't even know what it
is, or how to make it.  I am positive that at the very least,
they have two of the air craft hidden some where, and probably
have learned very little from them, other than they exist. 
did learn something from it after all...

     Harold T. Wilkins, in his book 'FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED',
made the following claims regarding crash/retrievals:
     "...Mr. James W. Moseley got on the trail of a woman he
calls 'Miss. Y.,' who, as a civilian employee at a large military
and air base in Ohio, acted as night girl on the teletype,
decoding messages and handling classified material.  About
August, 1952, she saw in the photographic laboratory twelve
prints of a non-terrestrial flying saucer, which the cameraman
said he had taken on a recent secret assignment to a location in
Ohio, where an interplanetary saucer had come to grief.  Some
days later 'Miss Y.' handled official messages which said that
the saucer was passing through her base under guard, EN ROUTE to
Wright-Patterson airfield in Ohio, which is the location of the
secret Flying-Saucer Investigation Bureau of the U.S. Air Force. 
She also found that, both before and after the transit, a Red and
White Alert was on, indicating official fear that the landed ship
might have communicated with its space ship.
     "Two weeks later, after official experts had examined the
captured saucer, the Alert terminated.  According to the
reluctant witness, 'Miss Y.,' who would appear to have been
talking too much, either for her own comfort or that of the
authorities, the saucer was thirty feet in diameter, but had no
'bubs' or blurbs, although there was a rim, or flange where the
sections of the disk joined.  She said its metals were riveted
together and she had heard that the saucer had ports of a one-way
vision, translucent material; that is, the entities could see
through it without being seen.  'Miss Y.' further alleged that
the U.S. experts had penetrated the saucer with considerable
difficulty, and found that its metals were of alloys 'unknown on
the earth.'  It appeared to have been remotely controlled.  She
also alleged that she had heard--of course, this is NOT evidence
in any law-court or judicial sense--that dead bodies of humanoid
creatures, five feet tall, had been found in other saucers
previously captured and photographed.  She said the saucer had
floated down, not crashed, as if its magnetic propulsion had
failed, or been cut off."

     PEA Research released a list of some alleged crash-
retrievals.  They will be signified by date/area/and body count
of aliens recovered/and craft diameter if specified:
     1989.11.0 - Corkery Rd., Ont. Canada - 3 bodies - UNKN -
(Joint US-CAN security helicopter fires missiles at landed UFO. 
Allegedly found on board - 50 nuclear warheads, 'box' of chip
implants, dead aliens)
     1989.9.28 - Morichs Bay, NY - UNKN - UNKN - (craft disabled
by anti-UFO 'beam' weapon from govt. van after 6 unmarked
helicopters forced UFO towards it)
     1988.7.0 - Dalnegorsk, Primorskiy, USSR - UNKN - UNKN
     1978.5.0 - Bolivia - NONE - UNKN
     1978.1.18 - Fort Dix Army Base - 1 body - UNKN (UFO escapes)
     1977 (labor day) - Ocotillo, CA - 1 body? (miniature flight
suit pressure gloves found) - UNKN
     1977.8.17 - Tabasco, Mexico - 2 bodies - UNKN
     1977.4.5 - SW Ohio - 11 bodies - UNKN
     1977.6.22 - NW Arizona - 5 bodies - UNKN
     1977.1.10 - Wakefield, N.H. - NONE - 12 in (remote?)
     1976.5.12 - Australian desert - 4 bodies - UNKN
     1973.9.0 - Great Lakes Naval Base - UNKN - 30 ft.
     (For more info on original sources for these & other cases,
contact: PEA Research., 116 Vargas Ct., Milpitas, CA  95035) 

     It is uncertain exactly how may crash/retrieval cases have
taken place in the U.S. alone, however from what we can gather
from different sources there have been SEVERAL DOZEN to date,
involving both sauroid and humanoid occupants.  If we are ever to
understand the full extent of the retrieval incidents we would
have to examine more closely the contents of the dark 'hanger' in
the back of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, both the upper and
the underground levels.  Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio was the
headquarters of 'Project Blue Book', which sponsored the top-
secret "Grudge/Blue Book Report No. 13" and, according to some
sources, is still in existence and still utilizes 'Blue' and
'Alpha' teams specially trained for crash-recoveries.  Although
many disks and craft of other configurations have allegedly been
stored in other military bases around the country such as in the
S-4 complex in Nevada, one of the largest collection of such
craft, and possibly even alien life forms, allegedly exist within
the Top Secret limits of Wright Patterson.