Dulce Base Pictures


These pictures were allegedly smuggled out of the base. The blurriness is caused from internet transfers and probably my own computer. I don't know if they are legit, some are and perhaps some aren't, either way it doesn't negate the fact that this base exists and needs exposed for what it is.


Dulce level 13 to the tube shuttle , Dulce underground is spelled Dulse.


Dulce level 13 tube shuttle station, hallway.


Level 1 Dulce



Level 13 Dulce

Dulce level 7 mag-lev. One goes up to level 6 and the other goes down to
level 8.


This is Dulce labs ,level 7 the original picture has alien language can be


Level 12 Dulce.

Level 7 Dulce stage 2 Gray



Level 7 Dulce lab, stage 3 on Gray.



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