Time To Get Busy...

By Sherry Shriner


It's time to tackle some real problems across this country and go to battle against a certain gang of them that are Satan's mouthpieces and "Generals" of his army on earth.

They are so evil and influential they are at the top of Satan's own power structure to help implement the New World Order and prepare the earth for his arrival.

And so this is where the Lord has been leading my attention, it's time to be proactive against the religious demonic strongholds of this nation that are leading thousands into the pit of hell.

The Bible Codes refer to Benny Hinn as Satan's mouthpiece. And he is. He speaks for Satan, works for Satan, and is one of Satan's beasts on earth.

And if you look he even offers a "Signs & Wonders" training class on his website at http://www.bennyhinn.com

What does the Lord say about signs and wonders? And these Christians aren't asking themselves why it's ok for Benny when the Lord denounced such a thing and warned of the last days people who would do such wicked things? Does Benny outweigh the Lord? Of course he does..to them. And these same "Christians" who are as repulsive as they are stupid will flock to Hinn's meetings for a 'sign or wonder.' And Satan will accommodate them. Many of these are our bothers and sisters deceived and drowning in deception and the Lord is reaching out to many of these to wake up!

Hinn is so helpful he even gives a schedule for this year's appearances across the nation and world

Ok so here's where we come in...the Lord's Warriors. I'm calling His Warriors to stand up and battle against this Satanic charade...this Hinn Crusade...and by doing so help open the eyes of the ignorant that attend and finance Benny Hinn meetings to see and learn what the truth is about him.

We are going to go to battle against Satan's stronghold and mouthpiece on earth...Benny Hinn. And if you're reading this and you know who you are in the Lord then this is for you because this is of Him and He is giving us marching orders. This is what He has instructed us to do:

This is the Plan...

Benny Hinn is going to be in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic on January 26-27 with a youth service on January 28, 2007. If you'll notice he offers "Training for Ministry" seminars and anyone can attend these. What he does is call for all those going into the 'ministry' to come forward for special prayer and annointing and as he 'anoints' them he is actually putting demons into them.

The Lord has instructed me (and to tell His people) that we are to attend these meetings with orgone in our pockets, purses, whatever and however, take orgone and sit and pray in these meetings that the Lord withhold His presence from there so that the eyes of His people who are there in attendance will be opened to the truth as to who and what Benny Hinn is.

That's it...just take orgone, place it in front of you on the ground where you are sitting or beside you on the chair or pew and just pray that the Lord withhold His presence and open the eyes of the people that are there. Very simple, very easy.

For the bold and brave try and get as close to the stage as possible, at least the orgone. Get a puck on the stage where it won't be found or under it, or under a chair in the first few rows, Yah will lead you where to put it when you get there.

This orgone is a very effective tool and weapon against evil..so when you go to the Hinn meeting don't forget it. I have the instructions on how to make it at http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com/make-your-own.htm you can buy it off the website if you don't want to make it or can't but I encourage you to learn how to make it.

It's financially impossible for me to attend these meetings so I'm counting on my brethren warriors who live in these areas or can get to them to go and do as the Lord has instructed us. I'm going to be able to attend about 2 of them, maybe 3. It's up to all of us folks!! We gotta work together on this for HIM.

Here's a rundown of Benny's schedule for 2007:

January - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
February - Charlotte, N.C. - Nassau, Bahamas, Limassol, Cyprus
March - Seattle, WA - Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Cape Town, S. Africa, Durban, S. Africa
April - Anaheim, CA - Singapore - Taipei, Taiwan - San Antonio, TX
May - Birmingham, England - Kampala, Uganda - Cleveland, OH
June - Cleveland, OH - Auckland, New Zealand - Sydney, Australia - Atlanta, GA
July - Hershey, PA - London, England
August - Toronto, Canada - Grapevine, TX - Dallas, TX - Rotterdam, Netherlands
September - Sofia, Bulgaria - Birmingham, Alabama - San Jose, CA
October - Lima, Peru
November - "Israel - Special Event" it doesn't say on his website what this "special event" is but he's going to be there from Nov. 4-13th..so he's planning on something gruesome and ghoulish! As he usually does...
December - Orlando, FL

We need warriors in South Africa specifically that can get to these meetings...and all around this country and world...if you need orgone contact me and don't wait until the last minute because some of these places like S. Africa can take months for the mail to get it there.

For exact dates, times, and locations go to his event calendar at http://www.bennyhinn.org/events/eventschedule.cfm

You don't have to contact me ahead of time to let me know you're going, Yah may not want you to, but definately contact me afterwards and let me know how his meeting went I'd love to hear the feedback.

Let's do it folks! Plan now to attend what you can. You can get tickets off his website and I believe it's free to attend but you'll need tickets/reservations or wait in a long line when you get there.

I'm excited!

We've got marching orders folks...let's get busy.

Yah Bless His Warriors,