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Gore 'Shapeshifted' on Nat'l TV!

It's been brought to our attention by highly reliable sources --and this
is NO joke -- that on one of his recent appearance before the national
news media since the (post) election pandemonium has gotten into high
gear, Al Gore was PLAINLY, for all the world to see, observed to go
through MAJOR, and literally PHYSIOLOGICALLY-IMPOSSIBLE, facial changes
while talking before the cameras.

We have NOT seen this footage with our own eyes and thus cannot comment
directly on this issue, but as we said this is NO B.S. whatsoever, and
was seen by a NUMBER of people.

Apparently all the networks were using the same feed from one or several
designated cameras, so this SAME footage was apparently broadcast on ALL
network news reports of the talk by Gore.

It was described that during his talk Gore's complexion went through
utterly radical and astonishing changes; going from a deeply flushed
"red", to a sallow, greyish-yellow hue and even to what's been called a
GREENISH-grey cast at times.

It was said that NOTHING else in the videotaped/televised footage
appeared to undergo any such drastic and rapid changes in observed color.

Overall, Gore's appearance was described as somewhat haggard -- perhaps
due to over-tiredness, sallow and a little hyper.

Now, SOMETHING is definitely going on here. Normal, sane people of all
sorts do NOT somehow just independently see the same extraordinarily
bizarre thing take place unless it's really happening.

There are several possibilities which could help explain what was going
on, none of them particularly wonderful.

The FIRST, and perhaps most obvious -- if indeed the most [literally!]
outlandish -- is that Mr. Gore is plainly quite a far distance from what
could ever be described as a "normal' HUMAN. We've been joking lately
about Dubya Bush's reputed lack of a bellybutton; but THIS is something
for which irrefutable documentation DOEs exist.

It MAY be that Gore -- in fact a non-human or part-human being of some
kind --  was UNABLE to fully maintain his outwardly-human appearance due
to the stress of the post election festivities and such, and was
actually doing a mild form of shape-shifting or something like it, right
in from of the whole world. WOW. And to think I didn't make this UP!! In
other words, it MAY be that Al, as much or more than Dubmeister, IS NOT
HUMAN. If this admittedly outlandish possibility IS the truth, then all
I can say is, the Constitution SPECIFICALLY bars non-human from being
President. RIGHT?! If it doesn't, WE do.

However, there ARE some other possibilities as well. Staying with the
more outlandish of these: there ARE rumors floating about the UFO
community that Gore is an "abductee" who has been "implanted" by the
bug-eyed guys. OR maybe by someone else; like the CIA. IF Al IS indeed
an implantee, the post-election stress may have overloaded his implant
and caused it to emit an electromagnetic field which caused fluctuations
in the color-tracking capabilities of the camera. But IF so, then WHY
wasn't EVERYTHING else in the camera's view changing color as well??
If THIS possibility is the truth, I'd prefer personally to NOT have
someone with a transmitting bio-chip in his head as President, thanks.
At least not yet.

Less likely: some putative implant could have been inducing massive and
bizarre changes in Al's physiology, blood pressure, etc.; resulting in
the unheard-of shifts in complexion that were filmed. If THIS is the
true explanation, then ONCE AGAIN,  implantees and/or part-cyborgs are
neither my first choice as President... NOR my FIFTIETH.

In the less outlandish mode, these same pressures and stresses and
EXTREME though REPRESSED emotional swings and surges could have been
inducing such drastic changes in complexion. Which is REALLY disturbing,
because JUST THINK about a person whose emotions are SO extreme being
President of the country. NOT good. I mean, what about that certain RED
BUTTON, and all; the one that launches those nukes that can NEVER be
stopped by anybody, anywhere? For-GET it.

There is, however, at least one other possible explanation for Gore's
truly CREEPY facial changes as witnessed by so many people, and THIS
possibility is the LEAST outlandish and the MOST "believable" of all, at
least according to commonly-accepted views of "reality."

There IS, indeed, a possibility that highly-trained Bush Mafia
technicians somehow or other manipulated and ALTERED the videotaped and
transmitted images to make it APPEAR that Gore's complexion was going
through absolutely extraordinary changes during this time. Even if one
were NOT consciously aware of what was happening with Gore's face, one
WOULD nevertheless be at LEAST subconsciously cognizant that something
was VERY PECULIAR, unnerving and for sure OFF-PUTTING about the guy
talking on TV there.

AND, for those who take the "reptilian blue-blood-royalist-elitocrats
who rule humanity" stuff seriously, and even for those who are aware of
it at ALL, as WE are, the not-so-subtle images of Gore changing colors
-- as if the VIEWER was on LSD -- would be certain to at least SUGGEST
that, in fact, maybe Mr. Gore is NOT human. If this LAST possibility IS
indeed the truth about the event, then guess what? The Bush mobsters
once again demonstrate through massive application of some very hi-tech
stuff that they can at least in EFFECT alter our very impression of
reality itself, and play some HELL-a severe mind games on the whole
planet. Which is pretty much how we've pegged THAT bunch of gangsters
from the get go.

OR ANOTHER possibility is that both Bore AND the Horned One are BOTH
shape-shifting reptilian creatures who represent different factions, and
who are having there stupid, messy lizard turf war RIGHT on our heads.
Of course, WE'RE the turf.

What-EVER the hell is going on, it's WEIRDER that weird at this point.

We would seriously like reader input on this matter of Gore changing
colors drastically during one of his recent televised appearances;
ESPECIALLY from people who witnessed it firsthand; but also from anyone
else who wants to offer what they think the explanation is for this

Caution: if it WAS caused by the Bush League somehow tampering with
video and/or transmitted signals, then what was OBSERVED cannot be
categorized as a REAL "EVENT" at all, but instead would be an incident
of control of consensus reality using deliberately-falsified images
dispersed worldwide by mass media.

Now there IS a definite chance this last scenario IS the REAL one. It's
a lot easier to believe than shape-shifting aliens; but at this point
they're not so hard to believe in either.