Although I don't condone his style or language, he says a lot of things right and a lot of the right things.

by voxfux

The Pigs Take Over


The pigs of the New World Order are consolidating their stranglehold on America - on the whole world -Tightening their grip around our necks.

They are feeding off the dwindling carcass of a once great nation, now a beaten population, bludgeoned by years of lies and fear and indoctrination and buttressed by the mind toilet that is American television / American capitalism. The people now know they are getting <expletive> harder than ever before but sense that its too late to do anything about it, for they are all trapped in a cycle of dependence on the very poisons which are killing them. They are clinging on for dear life, just barely surviving and as such are parts, willing or otherwise, of a dying machine, a behemoth hurtling it's way deeper into hell and taking us all with it.

Absolutely positively it is going to get worse, and worse and worse. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to come here and try to paint some rosy scenario to cheer you all up. As each new day passes we dive deeper and deeper into the abyss.

But just because this Rome is burning it doesn't mean you have have to go down with it. Grab a fiddle and lets go for a ride.

The zero sum game has come home to roost, people. It is now every man for himself. It is Malthus's population theorem in full effect. There is going to be a massive depopulation soon both within the United States and in many other places. The actions of this cabal of terrorist crusaders fronted by this human filth in the White House will be directly to blame for the coming holocaust.

As for democracy - consider it dead. The pigs have always despised the democratic process as an annoyance to be overcome and now have eager partners in the juggernaut of lies that is the American media to help them finish it off. The pigs have no intention of relinquishing power in 2004. And they know from experience that unless the American population is eating out of garbage cans that they can get away with ANYTHING - least of all a little old fashion election rigging. And election rigging it will be. The name of the game is election theft and coverup.

Enter - THE NEW AND IMPROVED ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. All of which are manufactured by hyper conservative Republican religious fanatics on the "Inside." Not a single voting machine manufacturer is owned by a Democrat or a liberal - not one (Hitler rose from the conservative party). The world will witness, during the coming election theft of 2004, the most naked power grab in the history of naked power grabs. And it will be as open and obvious for all to see but there will be no one with the power, skills or courage to countervail.

Deals are being struck right now with the media to assure that the massive election rigging which is surely planned for November 2004 will go entirely unreported. There will be no mention of the wide-scale fraud on any of the American television networks - however foreign and independent media will be flooded with hundreds of thousands of reports of the wide-scale fraud which will ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY occur, blatantly, on election day 2004.

The Democrats and liberals (or those disgusted with the no-party system we have is more like it) in this country simply do not have the skills or guts to mount any serious challenge to these industrialist crusaders. They will not come out swinging. But Americans will ONLY respect someone who TEARS BUSH APART. Americans are like that. They want to know that the person they will vote for has some guts. But these Democrats are like neutered sheep waiting for the slaughter. John Kerry better just hang up his kneepads right now because all that coward has been doing since day one is <edited>.

And know this - that there has never been an example of a fellow Skull and Bonesman who has crossed another fellow Skull and Bonesman and so why would anybody think that Kerry could mount an effective campaign against Bush? THEY ARE BOTH FELLOW BONESMAN! And the blood oath that they as teenagers took was to NEVER cross another bonesman.

George W. Bush fronts for a group of industrialists who are the most bloodthirsty we have ever seen. Far more evil than the Nazis of Germany because even the Nazis burnt down an empty Reichstag - but the reptiles in Washington in the defense establishment and down at the Council of Foreign Relations slammed loaded airliners into buildings full of Americans.

And so, like dominos the pieces of a once great empire are falling one by one under the control of the pigs - the Knights of the New World Order. It is now the responsibility of the few aware and awake men and woman to prepare for their and their families exit strategy from this hell that these New World Order ***** are subjecting us all to.