A Sign of the Reappearance (al-qa'im) of the (Imam)
When Islamic extremists decide to attack, they first send an order through a coded message...perhaps, The Lampholder prophetically discerned the message...

September 10, 2003

Both the nearness of Mars and the November 2003 eclipses may have special significance in Islamic eschatology because it was prophesied that when a constant beam of light from the star (the planet Mars), shines brighter than the moon and appears in the East, it will be the time of the appearance of Imam Mahdi.   
From the "Wild Horse Prophecy" -
"A signal sounded, the flag was raised, and the skillful horsemen emerged from a heated, desert sun..."

Has The Banner Been Raised?
We will send down on them signs from the sky, and their necks will remain bent submissively to them. (XXVI 4)
...The chest and face of man will appear in the centre of the sun, who will be recognized by his standing and genealogy

    A prophecy in ancient Islamic tradition (usul) indicates a black wind (huayra yana) will rise up at the beginning of "The Day" [of judgment] and then a great earthquake will shake the land so much that it will almost be swallowed up; "before the one who will arise (al-qa'im), there will be red death and white death; there will be locusts at their usual time and at their unusual time like the colours of blood. As for red death that is (from) the sword, while white death is (from) plague." (1) 

In the Islamic Hadith, the hour for the end-of-the-world, and the prophets who awake at the Last Judgment [salawatullahi ta'ala 'alaihim ajmain], cannot occur until the al-Mahdi comes forth, "the Guided one," the descendant of Fatima from the family of Muhammad. Mahdi is a man, not a prophet. In Islamic eschatology, Mahdi will lead the people for seven years just prior to the return of the [Islamic] Jesus [Isa]. Mahdi will lead Muslims in victory over an anti-christ (the Dajjal), Europeans, Americans, Jews, and the white race in general. A great war known as al-Malhamah al-Kubrah (also known to the Christian as Armageddon) will occur upon the face of the Earth. According to Islamic prophecy, this war will be carried out because Al-Hajj.39 permits Muslims to fight [against disbelievers; qitl fee sibil-Allah; Infidels] who fight against Muslim believers' victory [the al-Mumrin]. NOTE: All Infidels are nonMuslims, and the hypocrites [and apostates] are Muslims who align with the Infidels. Apostate Muslims and the mushrik [polytheist] are considered counterfeit and not considered to be true, authentic Muslims. They, along with the Infidels, are to be eliminated.

The purpose of victory in this war is the conversion of the entire world to Islam in the cause of Allah [Jihad fee sibil-Allah]. Those who do not believe in Allah, the Last Day, or acknowledgement of the [Islamic] religion of truth must pay Jizya with willing submission [they must be subdued; 9.38]. All of those unwilling to convert will be killed because, according to the prophecy, God's object is to purge those that are true in faith and to deprive of blessing those that "resist" faith [3:142]. After this time-period of great purging and conversion, then peace will encompass the entire world comprised entirely of Muslim followers.   

Mahdi's capital will ultimately be in Damascus, Syria (ancient Assyria); but the central location for the Mahdi's appearance, spoken of by Muhammad, and the key areas for Islamic end-times prophecy are found both in Iraq (specifically Baghdad) and Afghanistan, ancient Khurasan. In the Arab world, Baghdad is the belly, or naval of the universe, just as Jerusalem is the belly of Israel, and Washington D.C. is the belly of the United States. It is in Afghanistan where Muhammad prophesied the Mahdi will gather together a great army. Islamic militants see these areas of the world as prophetic territory for Arab armies to unite against the evils [infidels] of the world, and with one goal - a march toward Jerusalem.  

Again, the purpose is to conquer and dominate the world for Islam and to encompass the Islamic Khilafah as one great state. This one-world domination may be reflected in the two-fold representation of the Islamic standard [flag, banner containing the Shari`ah Islamic Law or Creed] - one flag is for jihad [war] and one for state/government [Ibn Majah; Islamic ruled]. 

The United States attacked the Taliban/al Qaeda in Afghanistan destroying much of their army/weaponry, but with the war in Iraq, more and more Islamic militants are flocking to Afghanistan to fulfill their call to join in the conquest. Now that Saddam is supposedly (and questionably?) out-of-the-way, the militants see this situation as an opportunity to organize in Iraq. All of this is playing out according to Islamic [extremists'] eschatology, except the United States is still a roadblock thwarting the gathering of Mahdi's army. So it is the intention of the Taliban/al Qaeda, etc., to commit acts of terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other key areas around the world, in order to deplete the U.S./allies resources and weaken their resolve. 

   In this religious framework, of course the Iraqi's are happy about being "liberated," but not only because of obtaining a democratic society or simply the end of the ruling Ba'ath party. Iraq is an integral part of the Mahdi prophecy, and according to Islamic prophecy, when he appears, the people of Iraq will come to Mahdi and swear allegiance to him. As a Muslim, when they are summoned to fight "against a people given to vehement war" they must obey in order to receive a reward or otherwise be greatly punished [61.4].

This is the reason why U.S.-led efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas must not stop short of their purpose; otherwise, militant groups will continue to reorganize into a vast army intent on world domination.  

The U.S. and Islamic Eschatology

According to Islamic tradition, the Qur'an indicates the great fire will burn up the wicked (non-Muslims, infidels), destroying the evil off the face of the Earth. This Islamic prophecy has a twofold purpose - (1) not to destroy the United States; but (2) to claim the United States as a Muslim nation; and (3) bring about the conflagration that helps to usher in the "Islamic Millennium." 

To bring about this end, the old way of life, along with the infidels, must be eliminated before the new way of life can proceed. This will occur during the 16,000th year (or 7,000th year in Christian/Messianic Jewish theory). Another form of Islam purports a rather shocking revelation, "...Hereafter...The rule of the white race terminates at the 16,000th (7,000th) year and that year is the beginning of the Black nation's rule again...This is the beginning of what is prophesied -- the7,000th year, meaning the seven thousandth year after the rule of 6,000 years by the white race, and in our calendar [Islamic] history, it is the white race, and in our calendar [Islamic] history, it is the 16,000th year (this is called the 7,000th year by the Christian writers)." (2) The 7th Year in Islamic eschatology is the 6,000th year in Christianity and representative of the Great Tribulation and horrible persecution. America is the Islamic millennial kingdom and according to Muslim prophecy, the U.S. capitol will surrender to Islam.

The West cannot ultimately defeat religious extremism when law makers and in many ways, ordinary citizens, cannot understand their own religious' foundations. America is fast becoming a secular nation. Yet, it is vitally important to understand the religious' nature of terror. Terrorism cannot be fought with diplomacy or politics. When people do not understand zealous faith, or the "religious" aspect of Islamic law (the Shari'ah) even when it is misguided, they fight with the weapons of politics. Politics can only temporarily subdue militant religious' fervor, never eliminate it - because you can kill the terrorist but not the purpose that drives them. Bullets will only contribute to martyrdom. Being a Shahid martyr is an honor to extremists, and simply another obstacle to overcome in achieving the goal of paradise. To the Shahid martyr, death is not the end, but the beginning [3.170]. Martyrdom is an immediate entrance into the "Gardens beneath which Rivers flow, and to beautiful mansions in Gardens of Eternity" [61.13]. 

If the U.S. does not act aggressively in fighting against terrorists/terrorist regimes, the U.S./allies will be putting off the inevitable. Neutralizing an understanding of cultural/religious differences, along with supporting a basically nonreligious-oriented liberal agenda in dealing with Islamic extremists, could very well bring about the demise of the U.S. democracy. Attempts to pacify or make peace with terrorism is like making a viper your friend. Inevitably, the viper will turn inflicting death upon its victim. All countries around the world should be similarly concerned, not just the U.S. If terrorism had its way, no country will be safe. A friend to terrorists today, will be an enemy tomorrow. Islamic extremists are zealously committed in their attempts to unite in jihad to bring about the Mahdi prophecy, as Muhammad commanded, "even if you have to crawl over ice" to join the army.
Has the banner been raised?
Black is the color of Muhammad, but the black flag of extremism also signifies revenge, revolution, war, and reflected in the black headband [or turban] of a warrior going into battle. Islamic tradition teaches that there will be a call from the sky at the beginning of The Day, and an army will come forth out of Afghanistan (ancient Khurasan) wearing black headbands and carrying black banners [flag or standard]. It was Muhammad who told Muslims that when they see the black flags they must join that army of men in a relentless march toward [Illya] Jerusalem. It is this army that will pave the way for Imam Mahdi's kingdom to rule. So it has been, and will continue to be, the ancient Islamic goal to have the black flag of Islam flying over the city of Jerusalem.

In one of his taped messages, Uosama bin Laden revealed that 2003 will be the year of his demise "in the belly of an eagle." Even though the Taliban/al-Qaeda's strength has been significantly diminished, sadly a blending of the old vanquished and a new terror will soon confront the world. It will be this group that has the prophetic hopes of ushering in the 12th Imam Mahdi, thereby escalating Islamic world domination, and, as a result, bring about the end to U.S. hegemony. Quoting from another message from Uosama bin Laden, he said, "America will witness great events so great that they will be beyond the believable. They will exceed those ever imagined, and those of 11 September. We are ready to execute the events on orders. They will devastate the region...A great Black Wind will affect the infidels, the people of the book [Christians; Ahl al-Kitab or Kufaar] are awaiting this battle, a Armageddon...It will not be us, but America who will be effected. A Black Wind will blow across the land."

Where is Uosama bin Laden? The Lampholder revealed a prophetic vision of his possible whereabouts in the early part of 2001/2002. There are several places where an Islamic prophet might determine his fate, and also where he would come forth to claim the role of a prophet to all of Islam. Islamic prophecy is to unfold in Iraq and especially the mountains of Afghanistan. As reported in the September 25, 2001, Lampholder Newsletter on Uosama bin Laden in comparison to the Scorpion/Snake, he believes he has been appointed as [or the precursor to] the prophet/messiah/martyr of the Muslim world. Uosama bin Laden, or another greater than he, will attempt to lead an army of Islamic extremists against all Infidels.

If Uosama bin Laden believes himself to be the Imam Mahdi [or a precursor to], then it is quite understandable why he would want to remain in or near the Northern Afghan borders to fulfill the prophecy. The Mahdi will descend from the mountains in order to bring this prophecy into fulfillment, and Islamic extremists are flowing into these areas to join other Islamic warriors for a much anticipated end-time battle.    

Al Jazeera television is probably the best friend of the Mahdi (or perhaps the presumed Mahdi, Uosama bin Laden). One of the best ways to support and recruit the world (especially Americans) to Islam is through the medium of television. Television is not only a microphone, but a testimonial, with the entire world as an audience. The taped messages aired conveniently-timed from Al Jazeera (in attempts to portray impartiality) only present Uosama bin Laden in a positive frame. His messages are not only openly confrontational and filled with threats, but they also have a subliminal quality of portraying Uosama bin Laden as an immortal legacy to the Arab people - just what the Mahdi would want to convey.

S. A. Miller, Sr. Editor
Lampholder Publications 2003
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NOTE: As a preface to a study on Islam, please remember Lampholder Publications is very pro-education in relationship to the research and study of world religions in relationship to prophecy.  We do not intentionally find fault with any religion, but we do search out truth. This study is for dissemination and discernment in seeking answers and to gain a clearer understanding of the Islamic "extremists" who terrorize the world. This study's purpose is to stimulate thought and further questions. All people need compassion for the innocent victims of terror, irregardless of their religious' belief or faith.   
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