Tax-Free Status For Those Working the New Age Alien Agenda?

Are These What They Call "White Knight" Journalists, Politicians, Celebrities etc..?

-by Sherry Shriner


This is quite strange...I got forwarded this letter from someone, and in it there's a list of names of Elders and Counselors etc...of what???? Is this a "White Knight" list?? They definitely have it "in" on the inside since they get "tax free status from the IRS"...what the heck is that?? You'd be amazed at the recognizable names on this list! Time to wake up folks!! Many of the people you might be listening to are working for THEM and their New Age Alien Agenda...because this light worker crap is all NEW AGE take a look at whose on this list....





For an ELDER, you sure are acting like an idiot ! But I guess every deck has it's Joker/Fool card -
Never interfere with a sealed servant executing their mandate, (you are Way out of your League here) or else you will be replaced to the reserve alternate list ! EXCALIBUR,(The Book Titled 'Reliance on the Light'), Is In Your House ! Pick It Up And Use It, NOW, otherwise you will be removed from the ELDER list Period !!!

In the following are named 24 Counselors with 4 Alternates, listing into record those who are now under the Authority of the Sealed Servants of the Living God. Infraction fees for any action resulting in a Charge levied on behalf of these Counselors shall be a Hundred-fold fine, except in the case of a Death Charge, which will constitute a $1 Billion dollar fine.


These 32 persons must immediately be notified of their tax-free status and reimbursed for all taxes paid, (including property taxes), from the "Year of the Seal", (1992), to the present via the I.R.S. in appreciation for their contributions to this Universe. They are; Mary Summer Rain, David Icke, Alex Jones, Steven Quail, Linda Moulton Howe, Tom Dongo, James Twyman, Betty Eadie, Willy Whitefeather, Nick Bunick, Greg Bradon, Rosemary Altea, Nickolas Mann, Gary Zukav, Doreen Virtue, Joyce Meyers, Alan Cohen, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Marciniak, Shirley Mclaine, Mary Louise Landis, Paula Rittenburg, Dannon Brinkley, Marcia Schafer.


And these 4 Alternates in Reserve are named to insure there Are Always 24 Elders in attendance presently during each Resoulution Conference ; Summer Bacon, Adam Yellowbird, Laura Lee and David Race Bannon PH.D.. All Resolutions shall be passed by 21 or more in agreement or in favor of votes. These Conferences are Sealed (closed-door) meeting events.


Only the Counsel and their Sealed Servant Security Guardians are allowed to these Global Resolution Conferences. Indeed Cathy O'Brian and Mark Phillips,(Together they shall count as one vote), Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D. and Ann Albers are added to the Elder list---


Adjudication 10/04/11 : Ann Albers will now exchange positions with Tom Dongo