The Mark Will Modify Behavior
By Dr. Bill Deagle, vision received 29 April 1999

     I was driving with all my family to visit in Topeka, Kansas. I was taken in a vision to a basement laboratory in a labyrinth of the M-nn-ng-r Cl-n-c in Topeka, Kansas. Gabriel stated "Now I will show you a greater evil than those that I have revealed to you in Colorado at secret military facilities."

    I asked, "How could anything be more evil than the supercomputers and operating platforms of data manipulation and tracking for the Mark of the Beast?"

   He said, "See and understand that the Mark which will be forced on America, and then the whole world will be not only an electronic trackable tag, database, and biometric identifier; but will also be a means of behavior modification and control. Once the Mark of the Beast is taken, it will change the entire mind of the individual implanted. Using behavioral cues from TV, radio and direct transmission to the mind-link interface, all are condemned who bear this evil device.

   Now I understood, the place he was taking me was to show me the ultimate evil of the numbering and tracking system the Book of Revelation referred to as the Mark of the Beast. That great evil was mind control and programming technologies perfected at this institution.

   Gabriel showed me a blue padded room, surrounded by a special shielding, to prevent electromagnetic signals sent into the room from leaking out. Inside the room in darkness was a human subject from L--v-nw-rth Federal Penitentiary with a biochip transducer implanted in his brain. As the series of carefully monitored experiments proceeded, signals of specific frequencies and patterns beamed into the shielded chamber, which caused bizarre behaviors and movements recorded by video cameras and infrared cameras with motion sensors.

   I asked Gabriel, "What will they use this technology for?" He replied, "The Mark will control the will of the bearer of this device. He will be a slave to the New World Order the moment he takes an oath and receives the implanted microchip. Satan's plot is to be worshipped as the only god of this world, and he will force all people upon the earth to take this Mark - all those who do not have the Seal of the Service of the Living God on their foreheads and on their right hands."

   This vision took only an instant, which seemed like twenty or thirty minutes, but was like the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, I was back safely driving on the western plains of Kansas heading towards Topeka. I immediately told my wife the vision that had just happened. Just as the Holy Spirit had promised me, He had sent His angel to reveal great and wonderful things. The people of God would have no lack of wisdom if they hear His voice, listen to the mouths of the prophets, and seek the truth in humility. I praised God in His great mercy to show those things that will glorify His name and save many to go into the Kingdom of the Living God.