Treasonous Masonic Corruption & Constitutional Resistance
by James Dierbeck

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Bill Cooper (1943-2001)
William Cooper (1943-2001)


x ONI officer William Cooper was gunned down on his own property by gov. He exposed masonic control of DIA/CIA/NSA/ONI, among other things. The mother of all intel agencies is , whose emblem is obviously masonic & antichristian[1], with an upside down cross at the south pole & forbidden apple reward on top of the world.

The DIA logo[1]


The UN flag is also masonic, with 33 divisions, & the UN conference tables forming the "G" shape is another masonic sign of what controls NWO policies of ignoring violations of international laws, even granting Sharon diplomatic immunity for ordering the Sabra-Shatilla refugee camp massacres.

There's no security while gov recognizes diplomatic immunity for any gov, with diplomatic pouches & crates immune from US Customs searches. Scroll to the bottom of this link to see the banned documentary "Conspiracy of Silence", about Las Vegas mafia child auctions to those with diplomatic immunity or relative national security immunity. Also read there about the "Franklin Cover Up" exposed by ex-senator DeCamp; a PD chief run child prostitution ring protected by NSA coverup authorized by the White House.

La Cosa Nostra mafia was founded by freemason Mazzini, & IS masonic. Freemasons vow to protect each other. NSA coverups via unelected PD chiefs supplied by NSA list is how it works, (& special agents).

Milwaukee cops had to testify why they'd returned an escaped victim to gay cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer; underage naked & bleeding from the skull & butt. The coverup failed because of many complaints about the stench of death, & the witness to the Dahmer coverup was eaten by Dahmer. Cops testified the PD chief ordered the return of the victim, & they complied because chiefs have national security authority. The chief was tranferred to another state, to Tacoma, to be chief again.

Rarely does a coverup fail & get caught like that, but the media never spelled out the implications of what happened, being a coverup failed. Whatever Dahmer knew went to the grave with him soon after. Serpico was a tame story compared to the real depth of masonic corruption.

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)
Aleister Crowley

Anton LaVey (1930-1997)
Anton LaVey

Freemasons Crowley & LaVey founded modern Satanism recycling Baalist rituals as satanic rituals such as filmed at Bohemian Grove involving top poliicians. Babylon was the capitol of human sacrificing Baalism historically. Hells Angels pres Barger displayed a masonic award plaque as he freely admitted his club does contract murders in the tv documentary, as if there's no laws (NSA cover).

Albert Pike (1809-1891)
Albert Pike


Captain William Morgan (ca 1775-1826)
Captain Wm Morgan
(ca 1775-1826)


Former top US freemason Pike was involved in the establishment of KKK. Freemason posterboy George Washington avoided masonic lodges the last 20 years of life, according to historian

Rarely do we hear about victims like Captain William Morgan in 1822, for freemasonry kills in secret. The masonic blood red Fez hats commemorate the extermination of 50,000 Christians where Fez Morroco was then established during the Islamic purge around 800AD.

Freemasons get job preference by putting lodge info in the "Hobbies & Interests" blank on job applications, especially gov jobs.

Membership in Scottish Rite requires rank of mastermason already. Both Bush & Kerry were candidates for pres, & both are sworn to secrecy & loyalty to the "Skull & Bones Order of Death", illuminati founded. Yet GAO has confirmed nationwide election fraud in that election; The NSA rigged media covers it up, along with 9/11 fraud & Franklin.

The 1947 National Security Act cannot be read without a security clearance because it overthrows the Bill of Rights anytime gov invokes national security authority, allowing coverups of evidence & neutralizing or killing witnesses. Cooper did analysis of the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, frame by frame, showing the gov driver fired the second shot over his shoulder with a 45 caliber. ONLY DIA/NSA had the authority to cover that up...TREASON aborted a duly elected pres, his presidential candidate brother, & publisher son.

The so called "Patriot Acts" further overthrow the Bill of rights entirely at will, without gov having to claim national security, nor account for prisoners, nor allow trials & rights like life. AMENDMENT 10 reserves any powers not authorized in the constitution to state voters. That negates the 1947 National Security Act & Unpatriot Acts & HSD/NSA/FBI/BATF/DEA, and ALL international agreementsthat take away sovereignity, like FTAA/NAFTA/CAFTA/WTO/North American Union-SPP.

Besides that legality is the federal court precedent ruling in the "Marbury VS Madison" 5 US 137, 174, 176 (1803); "ANY laws repugnant to the constitution are void". Besides that legality is our constitutional right & duty "to alter or abolish" unconstitutionality, in the Preamble, which is legal grounds for a legal defense in cases related to targeting enemies of the constitution, providing you have a chance to have a fair jury trial & can prove the target as an EoC status. In courtrooms with a gold fringed flag, Admiralty law is in effect over constitutional law by Executive Order of treasonous nature.

We can no longer be sure of a valid warrant or legit trial or that a totally unaccountable gov will even keep us alive, which means self defense is an issue now besides constituionality in court, IF there's a trial allowed. Call4Investigation TV reporter Dawn Montoya suddenly went missing, & gov refuses to accept a missing persons report or admit taking her over a year ago. She was an activist, not a terrorist.

Patriot Acts unconstitutionality is being used in marijuana smuggling cases and such now, here in the NW.

I've posted in depth articles on the pro-China treasons, economic & military by our gov that failed to protect America by tarriffs while outsourcing over 7 million jobs & importing illegals to undermine the minimum wage laws unenforced. Open borders in wartime is required by the globalist agenda that's flushing the USA at the behest of the Rothschild/Rockefeller illuminati. It isn't a global economy that excludes USA dollar from the Euro system. The Rothschild empire is a foreign power, as is the British crown that bestows knighthoods on US politicians, giving them diplomatic immunity thereby.

The BAR Association means British Admiralty Registry Association.

We're watching the last remnants of the constitution burn like a flag.

Our courts are a pretense of legality only, NSA rigged, & upholding blatant unconstitutionality like the seizure of properties from victimless offenders only & eminent domain seizures, etc. Feds ignore the votes of 11 states about medicinal marijuana & 1 state about assisted suicide violating Amendment 10 also.

It can be proven the feds can rig local govs as proxies of unconstitutionality, making all gov personel official enemies of the constitution, in the service of traitors. Masonic gov won't restore the Bill of Rights for us ever unless citizens uphold the constitution now.

Unconstitutional "Acts" can be repealed & gov can be pressured. My own experience with NSA coverups of evidence showed me that my only way out of the tyranny of gov murdering framer terrorism (Google Fred Whitehurst) for me was to agree to become a P2 fast-track mafia freemason, (rules allow instant promotion to 33rd°) but I refused the abomination initiation ritual murder of anyone they choose of "any sex or age, be it family or friend". Attempts on my life & frame set ups commenced immediately upon refusal to do it & I requested refugee status with Canada in 1993, & was refused. The late Father Malchi Martin exposed ritual murder initiations also in an interview with , & the masonic order within the Inquisitional Jesuits in his book "The Keys of His Blood"-page 472.

So, I know the corruption I've seen is freemason controlled completely...treasonously & internationally. Only a return to basic constitutionality can reverse the ruin of America orchestrated against our economic/military/national security interests by traitors in a rigged game of power. Federal referendums can give power to the people. Independent referendums can prove gov defies the will of the people on many issues.

Restore constitutionality or wave bye to it forever. Citizens are awakening like the sleeping giant tied down now, but there's many ways to resist, via actions or infowars. Luke 12:2-7, Rev 19:11-19, Zechariah 10:5, Isaiah 24:21-22, Nehemiah 4:14, Psalm 110 KJV or 109 other versions, Ephesians 6:12.

This is first of a series of articles to fight mass mind control of propaganda or suppression of truth, from one who's widely blacklisted from posting at sites I've never posted at. I've been threatened, slandered & libeled, & impersonated for this effort (Matthew 5:10-11).

James Dierbeck - (Can be reproduced in full & forwarded & published).


[1]The DIA logo has also, for example, 13 stars on it and 6 leaves. These are not coincidences, but significant occult numbers. Wes Penre