Mexico-Alien Story is a Fake and Fraud
by Sherry Shriner

I am always up for an alien story, after all I am hearing from people all the time who are starting to see things of the 4D realm more frequently.

But this latest from rense.com has the smell of BS all over it http://rense.com/general69/alien.htm

It's garbage folks.

First of all, the number 3 is the favorite number of the illuminati tricksters and deceivers. Does Fatima ring a bell?

I know aliens are here and are coming in great number, but the government seems to be jumping the gun to condition everyone about their coming presence. Yes, one person isn't enough to do all the work!! LOL..

Ok so I'm not alone, there have been a few other brave souls who have ignored the mindless comments from the couch potatoes and sun-god worshippers throughout the years who didn't or don't believe aliens existed who have been sounding the alarms that they are here and coming in greater numbers, but even the government realizes it's time to start preparing the public!

But this alien story from Rense sounds and looks like a NSA charade in Mexico.

I don't buy it.

Especially since those particular class of aliens, the Enki, are extremely sensitive to light. Extremely. They wouldn't be out in the daylight waiting to harass kids playing ball (unless you're the NSA getting paid to look stupid). Since when do aliens grab and miss? LOL. Or grab to scare someone just for the heck of it?

It's conditioning folks. But maybe it will do what we can't accomplish, get the masses to wake up that at least they exist!

We've got a subterranean earth full of them in Taj Mahal luxury bases we've built for them with American tax dollars. Yes, I could puke.

Someone throw some orgone blasters over to Mexico. They don't have a problem with aliens half as much as they do with government charades.

P.S. A blog reader ran the photos through Photoshop. The alien in the picture is fake, and in the second picture it's a parking meter if you look at it through photo shop.