Harry Mobley, Internet Agitator who works to harass and attack Patriots and Servants of the Most High

A certified guess is he hates the NWO so blends in with the NWO crowd, because he's working the New Age Alien Agenda...

The Mormons are controlled by the "New Age Ascended Masters" of the Ashtar Command  for pictures and info on the Ashtar Command. Sananda/fake Jesus of the Ashtar Command himself claimed last year that the Capricorn rests above Salt Lake City (used to before we chased them out with Orgone) and that they work closely with the Mormons. Although the Capricorn is no longer there...they still own and control the Mormon church.

Mobley runs a group online that infiltrates Yahoo groups and serves to harass, agitate and attack Patriots and Servants of the Most High (with a special hatred towards people of the Most High).


Harry Mobley





Mobley's sons convicted of buthering and dismembering a man

  Father stunned by son's actions in dismemberment case
  JOSH STOCKINGER , The Telegraph

ALTON -- Harry Mobley said his son once got drunk and  used a sharp blade to slice his arm from his hand to his elbow without crying     out loud. It was the kind of "stupid thing" Jason Paul Mobley was   known to do when he drank too much, his father said Wednesday.

But even though the father has a laundry list of similar stories, he said nothing could have prepared him for what police allege his  son has done now -- the killing and gruesome dismemberment of a 21-year-old     Carlinville man. "I   asked him what was going through his mind," said Harry Mobley about his   only telephone conversation with Jason Mobley since his arrest in the slaying.

"He said he couldn˘t comprehend it, even when it was happening." Authorities   said Mobley, 22, of the 400 block of Mather Street, and Chadwick W. Wallace,   22, of the 2100 block of Lawton Street, quarreled with Jesse R. Emery, 21,   of Carlinville, before choking him to death and dismembering his body early   Saturday in the Mobley brothers˘ apartment in Alton.

Police received a tip Saturday and found the body in     the trunk of a car owned by Mobley˘s brother, Mark Mobley, 21. Jason     Mobley and Wallace were charged Monday in Madison County Circuit Court with     first-degree murder and dismemberment of a human body. They remain held at     the Madison County Jail in Edwardsville in lieu of $2 million bond each.     Mark Mobley was charged with concealment of a homicidal death but was released     on his own recognizance after his father told a judge he was not aware that     the other two had used his car to dispose of the body.

Subject: IL-Three charged in killing

Three Alton men, including two brothers, were charged Monday in connection   with the grisly murder and dismembering of a Carlinville man they met in a   bar just yards away from the apartment where the killing took place.

Jason P. Mobley, 22, and Chadwick W. Wallace, also 22, are both accused of   choking 21-year-old Jesse Emery, of Carlinville, and then cutting up his body   and decapitating him before stuffing him in the trunk of a car. They were charged   with two counts of first-degree murder and one count each of dismembering a   human body.

Mobley's younger brother, Mark R. Mobley, 21, was charged with concealment   of a homicidal death because he allowed his brother and Wallace to use his   black Pontiac to dispose of Emery's body.

Neighbors in the apartment complex where the murder took place say they didn't   hear anything late Friday night or early Saturday morning when the killing   allegedly occurred. One neighbor said, however, that she saw one of the Mobley   brothers carrying a hacksaw from the brother's basement apartment Saturday   around noon and putting it in the passenger's seat in the car.

Jason Mobley and Wallace are currently being held in Alton on $2 million bond.   Mark Mobely, also in Alton police custody, is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Our earlier story:

Murder charges will be sought today against three Alton men suspected of killing   a mentally ill man and then decapitating and mutilating his body, the Post-Dispatch   has learned.

The body parts of Jesse R. Emery, 21, of Carlinville, Ill., were found by   police Saturday in plastic trash bags in the trunk of a car parked in the 400   block of Mather Street. Authorities believe Emery was murdered in an apartment   building early in the morning near the car's location, which is in a relatively   quiet residential section of Alton.

The three suspects, all in their 20s, were arrested within hours of the grisly   discovery. They have given police statements about their involvement in the   crime, authorities said.

Alton Police Chief Chris Sullivan refused to divulge the motive for the killing   or provide many details until formal charges are filed, but he did confirm   that Emery was decapitated.

"This was a callous, vicious act," Sullivan said. "It     was a horrendous crime. We haven't had a homicide of this nature in my 18   years with the (Alton police) department."

Sullivan acknowledged that police had been trying to keep a lid on releasing   information about the gruesome case until charges were filed.

Emery suffered from schizophrenia and had been diagnosed as having acute psychotic   depression, said a sister, Rebecca Harmon of Alton. Emery usually lived with   his father in Carlinville but sometimes stayed with his sister.

Emery had been at his sister's house for about a week when he left about 10   p.m. Friday, presumably to go for a walk, she said. He never returned.

On Saturday morning, Harmon believed her brother was asleep and didn't discover   he was missing until about 2 p.m. She went to the police to file a missing   persons report. Police already had been working through the night after learning   that there might have been a murder.

Police initially heard about the killing and mutilation through word of mouth,   as one of the suspects told a family member about the crime, authorities said.

After the car was seized, a search warrant had to be obtained before police   could open the trunk, which they did Saturday evening.

On Sunday afternoon, Emery's family members were gathered at Harmon's home,   quietly grieving. No one could explain why somebody would want to kill Emery.

"That's the million dollar question. Why was he killed?" said   Jake Emery, the victim's brother.

The victim's family members were candid about Emery's mental health, and about   their feelings for him.

"He was like a spoiled teenager. He could agitate you and get under your   skin, but he was a good kid," Jake Emery said.

"He was bright, stubborn and he made friends easily," added Harmon. "Sometimes   he was tough to deal with, but we all loved him."

The victim's father, David Emery, said his son "could be spacey, but   he was really a good kid." He said his son's mental problems weren't properly   diagnosed until he was 16. "The teachers discovered it."

David Emery said he believes the killing of his son "was   some kind of fluke."

"He must have been at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Jesse Emery's mental condition wouldn't allow him to     hold down a job, and he didn't have a car. "Really, if you talked to him for just a few minutes   you could see right away that he had a mental problem," Harmon said.

An autopsy will be performed today by the Madison County coroner's office.

Jake Emery said he had been told by authorities that his brother might have   been beaten or strangled before the body was mutilated.

Funeral arrangements are pending at the Heinz Funeral Home in Carlinville.

Three Charged In Case Of Body Found In Trunk
  By Steve Jankowski
  Illinois Bureau Chief

(KSDK) - A gruesome discovery was made in Alton, Illinois. A young man was   dismembered. Now three men face murder charges.

The body of Jesse Emery, 21, was found in the trunk of a car Saturday. Police   say he was beaten and his body cut into pieces and put in plastic bags.

The discovery was made in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 400   block of Mather. Police say that's where two of the suspects live.

Investigators were back on the scene Monday morning. An autopsy is underway.

All three suspects have been charged and are being held and the Alton Justice   Center.

Mark Mobley, 21, is charged with concealment of a homicidal death. He is being   held on $50,000 bond.

His brother, Jason Paul Mobley, 22, is charged with two counts first degree   murder, and one count of dismembering a human body. He is being held on $2   million bond.

Chad Wallace, 22, is charged with two counts first degree murder, and one   count of dismembering a human body.

Police say Mark and Chad Mobley lived at the apartment. Mark was not home   when Chad and Paul met Jesse Emery sometime Friday night.

All three went back to the apartment where, at some point, a fight ensued   and Emery was strangled to death. Afterward, Paul and Chad dismembered the   body.

When Mark came home and discovered what happened, he helped dispose of the   body.

Emery lived with his father in Carlinville, northwest of Alton.

Man pleads guilty in Alton murder
  Steve Horrell, stevehorrell@...

Chadwick Wallace pleaded guilty Monday of choking Jesse Emery and dismembering   his body in the bathtub of his friend, Jason Mobley, at his apartment in Alton.

The 22-year-old Wallace has been held in the Madison County Jail in lieu of   $2 million bail. Mobley, 23, is also being held on $2 million bail. He faces   a June 13 trial.

After the hearing, attorney Ben Allen said that Wallace     had "never been   arrested for anything" and that he has accepted responsibility for his   actions.

"From my client's perspective, it was clear he was guilty of these charges   and the only possibility of helping himself was to be as honest with the charges   as he was with the police," Allen said. "He hasn't changed his story."

Said Weber, "We both realized there was no point     in having a trial. The Alton police did a great job. There were just no holes   in this case for Chad Wallace."

Police found Emery's body last summer in the trunk of a car on Mather Street   in a residential area of Alton. Weber told Circuit Judge Charles Romani that   the three had left an Alton bar together and returned to Mobley's apartment   where an argument ensued. Wallace reportedly grabbed Emery around the neck,   and Mobley stabbed Emery repeatedly in the chest.

In all, Emery had 23 stab wounds, according to an autopsy. According to a   search warrant filed in the case, the pair used a fillet knife, a butcher's   knife, and a claw hammer to cut the body up.

Mobley's brother, Mark Mobley, has been charged with concealing a homicide   for allegedly allowing them to use his car to dispose of the body.

According to court records, Mobley told police that he and Wallace used a   jeweler's saw, a claw hammer, and a hacksaw. Police reportedly found those   items after a search of a spare bedroom of Mobley's apartment.

At the plea hearing, Weber said Mobley had planned to     dump the body and "take   care of Wallace, too."

Fortunately for Wallace, he wasn't able to go.

"His mom made him stay home and take care of the trash, or something," Weber   said.


Wallace faces up to 60 years in prison on the murder charge, and up to 30   years for dismembering a human body. He will be sentenced by Romani.

Edwardsville Intelligencer 2005

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Detectives seized a small jeweler's saw, a fillet knife, a butcher knife,   and a claw hammer from the apartment of Jason Mobley, one of the three men   charged this week in the grisly murder of 21-year-old Jesse Emery, according   to a search warrant filed Tuesday in Madison County Circuit Court.

Emery's body was discovered by Alton police Saturday in the trunk of a car   on Mather Street in a residential neighborhood. Mobley and Chadwick W. Wallace,   22, also of Alton, were charged by Madison County State's Attorney Bill Mudge   with first-degree murder and dismembering a body.

Mobley's brother, Mark R. Mobley, 21, was charged with concealing a homicide   for allegedly allowing Jason Mobley and Wallace to use his Pontiac Gran Prix   to dispose of the body. According to an affidavit from Alton police, detectives,   during a consent search of the brothers' apartment at 410 Mather St., found   Emery's wallet in a bedroom and also what appeared to be blood and hair.

Police say Jason Mobley and Wallace choked Emery to death during a fight and   that two panicked, cut the body up and placed it in the trunk of the car.

The affidavit contends that Wallace admitted to being involved in the crime   and to dismembering the body with saws and knives. He also allegedly admitted   placing it in garbage bags and putting in the trunk of the Pontiac. Officers   allegedly saw the hacksaw in the back seat of the Pontiac, according to the   affidavit. Jason Mobley allegedly told police that he and Wallace used a jeweler's   saw, a claw hammer, and a butcher knife to dismember the body.

According to the affidavit, detectives found those items in a spare bedroom   inside the apartment.

On Monday, Alton Police Detective Jason Simmons applied for the search warrant   to search the apartment. Paul Mobley and Wallace are being held at the Madison   County Jail on $2 million bail. They were arraigned Tuesday in Madison County   Circuit Court. Mark Mobley was released on his own recognizance.