Look - 'Saddam' Has No Roots!
By Jeff Rense


There is one blatant, glaring, searingly obvious fact that no one in the media seems to have noticed.
Somehow this man, whoever he is, has carefully DYED HIS HAIR and EYEBROWS dark brown very shortly before his 'capture.'
Look at the photos, there are no grey/white roots anywhere. NONE.
There WOULD BE grey/white showing at the hairline within a few days after hair coloring with anyone who has mostly grey/white hair. Especially with such a vast difference between dark brown and grey/white...the contrast is enormous. Ask any woman who colors her hair dark about having to deal with grey/white roots.
If this fellow had been down there for ANY length of time, there would be grey/white roots.
If he had been trying for an honest, intelligent disguise, he would have stopped dying his hair and fact, he probably would have encouraged the white-haired look.
If he had been living or held prisoner in his 'spider hole' (notice the phrase from the Pentagon ...negative word association, of course) for any length of time, who did his hair and eyebrows for him? Marcel of Baghdad?
So, who is this guy?
Either it is Saddam...and they are being honest about the DNA tests (do we trust people who lied about his WMD and so many other issues?). If it is, in fact, the former President, his vanity certainly didn't help his 'old man' disguise (maybe he wore a hat when out for a stroll?).
Or, he's one of the many doubles who were floated around for years and who may have been mind-washed back into grade school status - which might account for the 'disoriented' state he was said to be in when found.
Take a look...
From Michael Shore - Israel
How will we know it's the "real" Saddam???
Saddam had about ten look a likes while he was in power.It was reported by an Iraqi witness that when the US first attacked Iraq, a convoy of several limousines drove onto the runway of Iraq's airport, where US military cargo planes were waiting and the cars drove into the cargo hatch and the planes then took off. Saddam was seen to be in one of the limos.
Why would Saddam still be in Iraq in some hole in the ground with all his billions$$$$ ???
The Bush family and Saddam have been business partners for many years and have made billions$$$ on charades and hoaxes before.
Saddam's two sons who were "supposedly" killed also had double,look a likes. Remember the US government said they were going to positively identify Saddam's two sons with Saddam's son's DNA. Did anyone ever hear that the DNA matched??? No follow up story about the DNA matches were ever in the news>>>so what "really" happened???
AMERICANS WOULD NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FAKE SADDAM AND THE" REAL" SADDAM even if he sat right down next to them in a bar.. After all over 40% of the American people were led to believe that it was Saddam who did 911 and NOT Ossama bin Laden, so that Bush was able to start the Iraqi WAR FOR OIL
It was said that Saddam was "very disoriented", meaning that whoever was posing as Saddam was on heavy duty DRUGS. So now you have a drugged out Saddam, who is disoriented.Plus he was taken to a secret location quickly. So he did not't have to speak to the cameras and the public. Someone said he looked like an Israeli ACTOR..
Already there are discrepancies in Saddam's capture story. In this article, it says this Saddam had a FAKE beard that "SOLDIERS PULLED OFF A "FALSE" BEARD AND TOOK SAMPLES FROM THE OUSTED DICTATOR FOR DNA IDENTITY"
In the following story it says Saddam had a "REAL" "thick graying beard"
Saddam easily had enough money to get a plastic surgeon to give him a new face. He could have easily got a new passport if he was still in Iraq, and simply walk, drive or fly across the border.
WHO'S THE DOCTOR CONFIRMING THE MATCH??? OBVIOUSLY THE DOCTOR COULD LIE. The government has done it before.Remember the JFK assasination?
The main question is "WHAT WAS A MULTI-BILLIONAIRE STILL DOING AFTER 8 MONTHS N IRAQ HIDING OUT IN A TINY HOLE ???" Even a poverty stricken common criminal can give himself a new identity with a different appearance for a few hundred or a few thousand buck,depending how sophisticated you'd like to change your identity and HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE. If Saddam with all his Iraqi connections and all his billions of dollars couldn't get safely out of Iraq and into another country with a new identity. then you're not really thinking and you're not that smart.
It will be interesting to see how things develop - that's for sure.
It will be interesting to see if when asked where he got his Weapons of Mass Destruction and Saddam TRUTHFULLY says that he got his Weapons of Mass Destruction from the US and UK. What would Bush say then??? It is quite possible that for this reason,this Saddam, whoever he is, "commits suicide or dies" before any trial
Obviously this gives Bush a political lift, even though Bush continues his killing of innocent Iraqi babies, children, women and men
And Bush, his father, Cheney etc. continue to make trillions $$$ from Iraqi oil and the rebuilding of Iraq, a country Bush unnecessarily destroyed!!!
Michael Shore
From Scott T Davis
Dear Jeff - I am afraid that many people will consider the dye job just an act of vanity. Maybe so, but I think not.
I do admit I am a vain man and when I started to 'silver' - as you know premature grey guys don't turn grey, it's silver - I did color my hair for a few years. I am telling you it's very labor intensive to keep that coarse type of hair that well-colored, as you pointed out in your article. It is hard to believe even if you are an egomaniac dictator on the run, you're going to say "Gee, I need a touch-up" especially considering you have 100,000 US soldiers looking for you and at least two ethnic factions that would love to inflict some serious payback; not to mention the typical criminal element that knows you'rr on the run with a few million dollars plus a $26,000,000 dollar bounty on your head ! I'm glad you realize vanity and stupidity are two different words.

From Lucky - New Zealand
It is not possible for me to judge whether this is the real Saddam Hussein. What matters is that:
1. the colour of his hair was painted black as the Saddam we know.
2. the length of his hair was as the man we knew, albeit like the local homeless people uncombed and uncared for: except the colouring of the black.
3. so, for Joe average, it was clearly recognisable that this was the man, only the beard had to be shaved.
4. But reality does work with truth and doesn't have Joe Public in mind and if Saddam wants to grow his beard to make him less recognisable, then why not get rid of the colouring of the hair? If the beard grows beyond normal, why not the hair? And if he is for days or weeks hidden in that farm why hasn't the colouring partly grown out?
5. Why stay in a township in the first place, where 60% of the people have been arrested lately?
6. Why is the parading of a prisoner (even one like Saddam) suddenly not any longer against the convention of Geneva and why should the whole world witness his being checked by a doctor with plastic gloves to take a dna sample and check him for lice.
Are we creating an image here? Are we like the preacher preaching and praying to God in fact addressing Joe Public and influencing his way of thinking?
I saw a cartoon recenty of President Bush inspecting his troops. Whereas he drove saluting past the line of troops...the line of troops was... a line of cameras of CNN, etc.
You can safely say that nowadays EVERYTHING is done with the programming of the public in mind that truth and objectivity has never been further removed than at present.
What is fact and what is fiction in our tale of Saddam Hussein?
1. He committed his worst crimes when under influence of the Anglo Americans. That was in the 1980s. Coincidently that was in the same period that other villain Mugabe was made Knight. Then it is good and virtuous to steel from your own people on behalf of... even if you label it privatisation.
2. Somehow - just like this other villain - our guy with only average intelligence - just like this other villain - became aware that he was being used and got tired of being rewarded for it with - apart from lots of money - being made the villain. So he switched alliance. Instead of Anglo American Monarchists Olichargists to France Russian Lower Class Communists. In the case of Saddam this lead to the price of Oil going up from 30c per barrel for Iraq to much more. Iraq changed in the end of the 80s from an Islamic country to one with a modern infra structure, free health service and education for male and female. No, Islamic terrorism allowed here. We are now led to believe that in Iraq they have the technology to do a DNA test in a matter of hours, whereas in the West it takes roughly five days. Under pressure that is. In the case of Mugabe the country fell into poverty. Both systems are, of course, totalitarian.
But, then again, so are the British systems, with the difference that the people's idea and believe of freedom are carefully fostered. If they only feel happy and good, then it IS good.
The real war is not against Saddam it is against France and Russia. Therefore it was logical for Saddam to have gone to Belarus, Minsk. This is where he was in September, as all newspapers reported. But he wanted a deal. The question is: did he get one, if only he would co-operate?
Just over a week ago, it was reported in the rumour press that both Soros and Buffet were betting for the dollar going down. This was odd, because such bets are only working when everybody else bets otherwise and is absolutely unaware of what Soros & Co are doing. Or, was it misinformation? In any case, the dollar goes up. and if Soros & Co did in fact bet for the dollar going up, whilst everybody else was thinking it going down, then ring, cashier.... For Soros & Co that is. And HOW does the dollar go up, grace to whom? Our rabbit in the hat.
From Jacques
Hi Jeff,
Has anyone else considered this scenario? Since reportedly, Saddam and his entourage were limosined out in US Air Force Planes during the attack at Baghdad Airport,at the start of the "war",who is to say that Saddam wasn't in Baghdad at all until very recently.Like maybe Thanksgiving Day.If he could be flown out on Air Force planes,how about being flown back in on Air Force One/aka Gulfstream Five?
Is it in the realm of possibility that he was in an "undisclosed location" since that time and "placed" back by the CIA or Bush Cartel conveniently to coincide with falling ratings for both Bush and his "war"? The rat in a hole story sounds like mafia justice/humiliation.It could not be more humiliating than to paint Saddam as a cowardly rat hiding in a "hole".
"Saddam, bad. Bush, good" - propaganda at its usual.
There was plenty of time for Saddam to be de-programmed and subject to drugging, mind control, and torture by Bush agents. Sorry, I don't buy the rat in a hole story. And what about the reports that the numbers of US troops killed at Baghdad Airport (on that day Saddam's entourage was reported flown away) being much greater, and the Palestinean reporter who was shot after stating there were mass graves with US troops? I smell a rat.. a bigger one than Saddam.