Reverse Speech Notes...
by Sherry Shriner

I took these notes from listening to the interview with Peggy Kane who Reverse-Speeched Ramon Watkins..AKA Prophet Yahweh.

Things Ramon Watkins said caught in his Reverse Speech:

"I'm not a son of His" = he's not a son of Yahweh's...

"They tie a wire around your heart" = he's programmed, being controlled..

"You starred me with Hell" =  in other words, they paired him with hell and made him a star.

"Hand over fanny, let them grill it = self explanatory

"Hang you like beef, thousands = what the Aliens plan to do to humans

"They hang em" = what they do to humans

"We're going to fool"  = they're going to fool humans

This one is from the television news reporter when he was back-masked he said, "the owl had to pimp you, yes he picked you." = The owl is a reference to Satan and Satan picked Ramon Watkins for this 'job.'

Kane said it is very clear, not only with these Reverse Speech examples with Watkins, but with many others she has done that Aliens eat Humans and the UFO ships coming plan to take humans for food!

Not only do they plan to abduct thousands of humans to take with them in a 'fake rapture' for food..but they do and are already eating humans folks!

Don't run to see a UFO, run like a bandit AWAY FROM THEM!

When they appear in the skies...thousands of people will flock to see them...don't be that stupid folks!

Lock and load!

Now do you see why they want your guns?

Could this be the REAL REASON?

We know our government is working in cohoots with the Aliens..

Arm yourselves!

Especially protect your children! Aliens prefer eating children!

Peggy Kane June 10 archive...http://www.mysteriesofthemind.com/Archives/2005/archives200506.htm