My Rebuttal To The Lies of Pam Schuffert


Pam Schuffert is an Illuminati pawn. And that describes her in a nutshell.  She's from an Illuminati bloodline and plays "Christian" all over the internet while she steals other peoples work and puts her name on it.

I first met Pam in the year 2000. I talked to her once on the phone and had subsequent emails with her in regards to a particular person we both knew at the time. This particular person was a girl running a Christian email group online and was a continual victim of the Project Monarch program. I also came to learn she was a lesbian and lived a swinger lifestyle. So I mentioned it to Pam to get her thoughts about this woman because this woman was "coming onto me" in emails etc..We had a few conversations and I started to learn more about Pam's ministry (she posed as a Christian counselor so I didn't feel inhibited talking about this other woman to her). I had just had my fourth child and was just starting to get involved with learning about the NWO online and what their agenda was on earth. I had already been a student in Bible Prophecy for many years and had been praying to the Most High to teach me the truth in all things. Learning first hand about the apostasy in the churches and the in-depth details of how the New World Order operates was the beginning of the truth journey for me.

I had just put up my first website online and after several months began working on to post other people's work and give a venue for others material on what they had discovered about the NWO.

During that time something about Pam never seemed right. I had made some small financial contributions to her ministry and read her online reports that seemed intriquing, but something never felt right. So I started asking the Most High to let me know about her, if she was one of His etc..I had noticed in my emails to her and her online feuds with others that there was just not something right.

Pam from her own words talks about how her father was a Satanist/cartoonist in the USAF. This should have raised red flags to me at the time but for some reason it took a while. Because children brought up in Satanist homes are almost always sexually abused and fragmented. Meaning they develop MPD/DID as children to protect them from the abuse. And that's why I had a hard time figuring out Pam Schuffert's seemingly different personalities. It was because she had several different people within her! She is indeed MPD/DID. MPD means Multiple Personality Disorder. DID is the modern term for it which means Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The Lord told me how "they" use her as a pawn and use her to create fear so they can feed off the energy/loosh it creates. Her ministry never made sense to me until He told me that. After all, warning people of impending 'doom' is part of being a "Watchmen" of the Lord's. However Pam is not a Watchman, is not a "Christian Counselor" and uses religion to manipulate and instill fear among God's people so "they" can feed off the negative energy it creates. (read my article on Loosh at ). She posed as a "minister of the Lord's" to get the information I had given her about the lady we both knew. Then she since then, has twisted all of that info and the few conversations we had to make it appear as if I was a lesbian, attacking me with lies and slander. I am married with 4 children. I've never been a lesbian one day in my life and none of her lies and accusations are true. So how can she lie without a conscious at all if she was a true minister of the Lord's? The fact is, she can lie because she doesn't care. She's not one of His she plays the part of being a Christian to deceive other Christians. In fact most of her work is plagiarized and material that she has manipulated and twisted to make it appear it's her own work. Her trail of lies and abusing other people follows her around the country. Frankly I'm surprised she hasn't been sued by any of them, especially the Sasse's.

When I ran a Bible Code on Pam back in 2002 or so it was very detailing on who/what she is . She was furious. She tried to blackmail me. She told me that if I posted her code on my website that she would blast all over the Internet that I was a lesbian. I posted it anyway. I'm not going to fear or back down to "blackmail" from her, Satan, or anyone else...I have NOTHING TO FEAR because it's all lies and everyone knows it. She's only making herself look foolish and desperate because that's exactly what she is...desperate.

 It was at this time she started her relentless campaign against me, the Sasse's, and anyone else who understands and knows who and what she really is. The Sasse's were a family in Minnesota who Pam invited herself to stay with for 30 days. While she was there they had set her up to do an interview with a Christian tv station. When they took Pam to the studio the tv host refused to interview Pam because of the 'swirl of demons' swirling above Pam's head. This is typical for those who suffer from MPD/DID and there are few of those who can discern that cause/effect. She also accused her purse of being stolen while she was there (it was a lie, she hid it herself and found it later in her own van, she used it as a lie to turn a 3 day stay into a 30 day nightmare for the Sasse's) but refused to fill out a police report. Her stay there was very detailed by the Sasse's which is why she has such a huge vendetta against them, she doesn't want the truth known. This is how she acts toward anyone who exposes her lies and facade of who and what she is, she's vicious and relentless against them. Those aren't traits of the Holy Spirit...but the devil himself.

I've ignored her rants and lies for the past 8-9 years. But recently she reposted all of the lies again about me on her blog. Recently I decided I would repost the code I had done on her many years ago but the code pictures I had taken had been erased off my hard drive. How could that happen? Who would have access to my computer to erase pictures/gif's? Who's protecting Pam Schuffert? The same people controlling her from behind the scenes who ensure she stays working as a pawn for them! She's very much government controlled and in her code it had stated she was Horus's handmaiden. Horus is another name for Satan.

With Pam Schuffert's "Multiple Personality Disorder" you never know which one you're dealing with at any time.  That's why I usually just ignore these types of people and walked away from her many years ago. I can't deal with people that are demonically possessed and controlled to the point they have other personalities within them they can't control, or refuse to, and so can be used as pawns by Satan or whoever's controlling that person. Children of the Illuminati all have this problem (99% of them). She shares the same bloodline as the Bush's (if I remember right. I can remember her talking about it a long time ago). Pam Schuffert is Illuminati. And I don't care how much people want to claim they came out of it and are "Christians" now..for some it's sincere, for others it's just a game. And with Schuffert it's just a game.

She acts like she knows me when I talked to her one time on the telephone and from that time on she has twisted, manipulated, and lied about our conversation. I had a few emails with her in regards to a lady online we both knew at the time. Which she has twisted, manipulated and lied about the content of the emails. So why? What's her game against me? Why is she repeatedly attacking me and trying to discredit me from 9 years ago? Because since then, I have been stood up by the Lord to be His mouthpiece. I have established some 20 websites on the Internet since then to expose Satan's NWO and Alien Agenda with the things the Lord Himself has shown, told, or taught me. And I have become a HUGE THREAT to Satan Himself.

While I'm busy destroying Satan's kingdom on earth ( ) Schuffert is trying to help it survive. She is the Opposite of the Lord's real people because she's never been one of them! It's a game to her, and they use her (through her MPD) to do anything they need her to do.

It's Satan's continual attacks against me. He just tries to work through her. And it's not going to work, and it's not going to stop me! I know how he operates, he has several MPD pawns online he works through and they're quite the trio (Schuffert's friends with Elizabeth Sherry Nikomia who was friends with Linda Newkirk) need I say anymore?) These women are NOT of and from Yahuah the Most High.

In fact several years ago Schuffert and Nikomia were accused of taking tens of thousands from a lady who was offering them money, then met with her, then left her to die while she was having a diabetic seizure. Women of God? I think not! This woman's story is online somewhere but I can't' remember where...I never followed through with it because at the time I was under more of Satan's attacks and had lost my home and was living in a campground for a while. I suffer much, but Satan never wins!

So while these handmaidens of Satan continually try to attack me, I keep on doing the Lord's work and stay focused on HIM and what He needs me to do with the short time we have left.

Interesting that lately I decided to do a new code on Pam Schuffert since the last one was sabotaged and guess where her name comes up in the codes? Zachariah 11:8 !!! I wouldn't' want to be in her shoes!

I have many enemies.

I really don't care if people agree with me or not. It is the Lord Himself who has stood me up the past several years. My ministry is a focused one. I'm busy tearing down the Strongholds of the New World Order. I don't sing about being a soldier in the Lord's army I AM ONE.  But there are different types of 'enemies.'  Some are just snakes, appearing as "light" amongst God's people so they can attack God Himself and try and stop what He's doing on earth through His people.

Schuffert's a Snake. You can know them by their fruits.

Constant lying, viciousness, maliciousness, bullying, and attacking Yah's servants are NOT traits of the Holy Spirit. She's not filled with HIM she's filled with her own vices and demonic possession via her bloodline and MPD/DID.

No, I'm not trying to be vicious about her. I'm just confronting her lies and exposing her for who and what she is. My time is better spent elsewhere than having to confront liars and pawns of Satan. And with that...I need to get in my garage and make more orgone.


Yah bless His Warriors,