The People Without A Party
By Sherry Shriner

So where do real conservatives go now? We have no party and no representation in a country that was built by our blood, sweat, and tears.

I realize the facade of having a conservative party with the Republicans has finally revealed itself for what it is, a delusion. In the past they simply unified the Christian and Patriot right wing under a guise of a party to get their votes to continue on with their agenda from hell away from the spotlight. But now that it's been blown up in the mainstream it's obvious for all to see...there is no Conservatism in the Republican Party. The ugly truth is finally out of the bag that this 'right wing' has become even more dangerous than it's supposed enemy left wing.

The Republican leaders today hold nothing of the same values that the people they are suppose to be representing do.

They can't hide it anymore, the pretend games are over. Even the couch potatoes are onto them now.

The Conservative Right Wingers are now officially leaderless.

That creates a huge segment of the population that have no one to vote for. True Conservatives cannot support a party as lying and corrupt as the "Republicans" have become. Even congressional Republicans have shown themselves as nothing but the bought-out spineless wimps that they are.

We're on our own.

Do you see the dictatorship that has formed.

There is no more right and left. They have merged into one.

All that is left is the games of trying to hold the facade of a two-party system together, and anyone that believes we still have two separate and distinct parties clearly has their head in the sand.

So what is it you do with a sizeable amount of the population that no longer buys the lies and charades of a bunch of blood drinking, sacrificing, Satan loyalist freaks? Control them, and get rid of them.

Here comes martial law and an increase of what we've already had...government sponsored terror attacks targetted to wipe out and destroy these conservative or renegade aspects of the population that don't like or agree with them.

The new motto of the Squatter House is, "If they don't like us, kill them." And they plan to do just that.

So what can we do? Refuse to go down quietly.

This is our country, not theirs.

Government pawns are owned and controlled by the Alien-Illuminati. In other words, ALIENS are running our country. Not humans. Not patriots. They don't give a rip about our land, constitution, or the people. Their goal is to destroy America while they claim they are Americans.

The plan was ingenious. Breed Hybrid bloodlines, such as the Rockefellers and Bush's and the 13 bloodlines that have dominated our politics and economics so they can be controlled by the breeders themselves at the top (Alien Illuminati Council). This way they can assimilate into society as real human-Americans and slowly subvert it and take over the country completely.

And that folks, is what they have done.

The war is on. It's not left vs. right, it's humans vs. aliens.

Who are the aliens? Fallen angels loyal to Lucifer who are preparing the Earth for his arrival and complete takeover of all humans on it through deceit, lies, and the death and destruction of those who will oppose him and are anticipated to.

Don't be sheep led to the slaughter. Stand up and fight for yourselves and for what's left of this country.

I've heard from many Christians who are now, for the first time, buying guns to defend themselves agains the coming onslaught against them. Yes, the Lord wants us to defend ourselves against these alien and demonic animals posing as humans.

There's a big difference between murder and martyrdom. Defends yourselves from the outright murder of martial law camps and roundups. Once you enter a camp, you'll never leave it.

Remember that.

Don't be taken to begin with.

- posted by Sherry @ 10/05/2005 09:12:00 AM