November 29, 2003


“Our Mission is Clear: To rid the world of evil” – George W. Bush, September 2001

Before the romanticized “holidays” spell-bind the public it is time to realize that America is now under a New Government complete with greater powers, greater secrecy, greater spending, and a greater Executive Branch–-with enlarged and new unaccountable secret agencies–-a greatness derived from the diminishing of Congress and the representatives of each of the 50 states, calling for the complete subordination of State governments and law enforcement, under what remained of Constitutional law. Out of the smoldering ashes of September 11th, 2003, and by the burning of the scrolls of Constitutional restraints, has risen the mythical Phoenix: this New Government has emerged and is ready and poised to spread its wings, armed with offers of coerced union in one talon or the threat of war in the other to establish the Masonic Vision of Novus Ordo Seclorum, lit. their “new world (secular) order” to “rid the world of evil”! THIS IS A RED ALERT!

It is time to make an early New Year’s resolution to examine everything according to truth and verifiable facts, refusing to be blinded by the releases of the national “talking heads” and scripted major news networks. The truth can be demonstrated on nothing less than Constitutional law and historical evidence and testimonies that Bush Government is a Rogue Government, usurping delegated and “reserved” powers, operating secretively by executive orders and avoiding public scrutiny and deliberation, coercing Congress and public opinion—with patriotic rhetoric and flag-waving, making war without jurisdiction or evidential cause, attacking Constitutional liberties that jeopardize any citizen as well as legal foreigner, as it invades privacy of all through the “all seeing eye” of DARPA, the Pentagon’s IAO (Information Awareness Office), and Homeland Security (America’s Gestapo), pats down and physically searches (like criminals, without warrant) all “free” citizens or “suspicious persons” (except a real terrorist or corrupt government official), prepares to coerce the masses into sports stadiums for mass-processing and mandatory, State-enforced (with Governor as Dictator under the new MEHPA law) small-pox or other vaccinations (superstitious and tyrannical myths of “prevention” commanded from the U.N.’s World Health Organization), establishing the basis for an arbitrary and unaccountable government of pure force (Fascism), that will overthrow Congress, operate by its Shadow Government (insulated in their safe underground cities) and soon Martial Law (Washington Post) eagerly triggered by foretold, “certain” and “spectacular” future attacks (as if their warning removes their guilt from lack of prevention)—all under the despots plea of “necessity”! It is evident that this government believes it can legislate in “all things whatsoever,” but promises no absolute safety in return (an impeachable neglect of duty), and demands absolute allegiance and blind obedience of all citizens (slavery), while not obeying the Supreme Law of the Constitution, despite their oaths to “defend and protect it!” Everyone must trust and obey the (arbitrary) laws, with loyal applause, except the New Government! This is nothing less than an internal revolution and overthrow of government, with full designs to prevent the recovery and securing of it to its original Constitutional form and liberties! How happy they are, while feigning indignation, that America was “attacked” so they can establish their long awaited Orwellian Dictatorship! This is closer to a government of Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union—which saying “under God” (their Masonic and pagan Roman “Supreme Being”) cannot hide. These are not changes that protect the American people, but draconian restructuring to protect and insulate the arbitrary and usurped powers of a Supreme Government, removed from the people, and enforced by incarceration of conscientious but impugned dissidents and non-conformists into FEMA concentration camps (Ashcroft’s America, LA Times)—that may only be called “tyrannical”!

Contrary to this imposed New Government (and its shadow government) is the principle of Constitutional continuity of government set forth in West Virginia’s Constitution (Con 1-3):

"The provisions of the Constitution of the United States, and of this state, are operative alike in a period of war as in time of peace, and any departure there from, or violation thereof, under the plea of necessity, or any other plea, is subversive of good government, and tends to anarchy and despotism."

This principle and Law of Constitutional Continuity of Government cries out against the twin towers of “Homeland” legislation—the so-called USA PATRIOT Act and Homeland Security bill—of this administration: “Anarchy and Despotism!”

Is this the mere frenzied alarm of a “conspiracy thinker” or easily excited citizen? Listen to the testimony of Senator Robert C. Byrd, WV—a senior member of Congress, in line of succession, and among the last of the more strict Constitutionalists who has brandished his pocket copy in indictment of the President’s consolidation of powers and Congressional contempt:

"Yet in this war on terrorism, Congress, by and large, has been left to learn about major war-related decisions through newspaper articles (!). One day we hear that American military advisers are heading to the Philippines. Another day we read that military personnel may go into the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. The next day we are sending advisers into Yemen. And, oh yes, we also learn from the news reports that we have a shadow government in our own backyard, composed of unknown bureaucrats, up and running at undisclosed locations, for an indeterminate length of time...Is it any wonder that members of Congress are beginning to question whether the administration is deliberately leaving Congress in the dark—or whether the administration is making major policy decisions on the fly, without taking time for due consideration of consultation? Neither scenario is comforting. And while the administration has started to meet with some members of Congress, it appears to be more in reaction to criticism than in genuine cooperation and consultation."
(Sen. Robert C. Byrd, NYT, 3/12/02)

Is any true American, regardless of political party, comfortable with that statement? Here are testimonies of the respected Senator regarding the Executive branches tactics:

"Shrouded in ambiguity and clothed in deep secrecy, this administration continues to suddenly, and sometimes unexpectedly, drop its decisions upon the public and Congress, and expect obedient approval, without question, without debate, and without opposition."

This administration is described as “shrouded, secretive, sudden,” dictatorial—spooky! And what about his evaluation of the President’s respect and keeping with the Constitution which he swore to “defend and protect?”

“...I am finding that the Constitution is irrelevant to the people of this administration.”

The “Constitution is irrelevant!” What happened to (what was left) of the Supreme Law of the land and the President’s oath “to defend and protect” it? Does this sound like “good government”, a legitimate and lawful government that you would trust of handling War Powers and defending the constitutional liberties and safety of the people? That is testimony, from a credible statesman, worthy of consideration as evidence for contempt of Congress—the people’s representatives—contempt of the Constitution (charges valid for impeachment proceedings), asserting the President’s breach of his oath of office! Congress is being left “in the dark!”

And he is not alone in his criticisms. How about a Republican voice?

"It seems the war against the terrorists...if one believes we’re in an actual war, has been carried out satisfactorily, and under current law. The question is, do we really need a war against the civil liberties of the American people? We should never casually sacrifice any of our freedoms for the sake of perceived security... Most security, especially in a free society, is best carried out by individuals...the main reason we have the Second amendment... A giant new agency for Homeland Security cannot provide security , but it can severely undermine our liberties."
(Rep. Ron Paul, TX, in Congress)

Now there is a voice the major media never quotes, that of a dissenting and discerning Republican, without fear of standing alone, questioning the lawfulness and legitimacy of aggressive legislation, and even questioning the reality of the so-called War on Terrorism being invoked through speeches and media, and confronting the loss of Constitutional liberties, that were being proposed, and now put into full force! Did the reader ever hear such speeches, or even sound bites such as that, on the news? Do we really have a free press, and does it really have a “liberal” or democratic bias? The silence is deafening!

Other noteworthy columnists have written over the last two years in regard to the New Government under Bush as follows:

"...a president of the United States has just assumed what amounts to dictatorial power...No longer does the judicial branch and an independent jury stand between the government and the accused...and Executive that is now investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury and jailer or executioner... On what legal meat does this our Caesar feed?"
(William Safire, NYT, 11/15/01)

"Some historians say Mr. Bush seems captivated by Theodore Roosevelt, who grabbed more power for his office than any other president since Abraham Lincoln."
(Elizabeth Bumiller, David E. Sanger, NYT, 12/1/02)

And even a "conservative" Constitutional scholar said this:

"George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt never claimed war powers close to what Bush is claiming."
(Bruce Fein, Constitutional Scholar, Deputy Attorney General, Reagan Administration)

You may ask the South about Lincoln’s Constitutional usurpation of States Rights, Martial Law, or his penalties under the mandatory draft for the Northern Army, and read for yourself the innovation of “war powers” that first came to fruition under Roosevelt’s usurping doctrine of “necessity”. And these testimonies are somewhat dated, to refresh the reader’s mind, and more fuel could be added to this fire more recently, including increasing dissent within Republican ranks, the lack of evidence and blatant lies to launch a war on Iraq, while WMDs have never yet been found! Does the word PERJURY come to mind? Is that lawful under any government? The resistance to this administration is growing, and their credibility now completely in legitimate question!

But there is more! A gradual swelling, that was suppressed by fears of demanded patriotism and blind acceptance after September 11th, has been building, calling into question more and more the facts of what took place that infamous day, contrary to the administrations “official story”. The French author’s book has been released in the U.S., entitled 911: The Big Lie, which proves the facts are of a far different scenario, than the “official story” (unproven theory) that has been played to the public through the media from the administration. And the public also should know that the President himself stated twice (on Dec. 4 and Jan. 5, 2002 townhall meetings, available on White House transcripts), that he “saw” the first plane hit the “first tower” on a “TV”, prior to entering the elementary school (from his limousine), while there was no live coverage of the first tower strike! His own public testimony–-twice—is sufficient legal evidence to assert before a court of law that arrangements were made for him to privately monitor the anticipated event—live (in his brother’s Florida), outside of the public media, before the innocent looking photo-op in the school—evidence of prior knowledge, complicity, and conspiracy, and deliberate deception of the American people! Yet the president himself was given the authority to choose and appoint the head of a 911 Investigation Committee (of which the families themselves are now critical). What a coverup! No wonder Vice President Cheney has been in hiding so much, as a backup! (And we will not mention the President’s first choice to that committee, Dr. Henry “new world order” Kissinger, who was forced to resign for the dissatisfaction of Bush family bias!) All this evidence points to lies, complicity, foreknowledge, conspiracy, therefore assessory and murder for political ends!

This evidence requires a call for the entire administration’s immediate and lawful arrest, then both impeachment and civil trials on criminal charges (assessory to murder in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania), halting their deceitful, unconstitutional, terror-coerced, monarchical power-grab, and hi-jacking of America’s military and “Homeland” tyranny powers, while the President hypocritically knew—which could only be interpreted as murderous treason! He who has the power to prevent a murderous act, and does not, is guilty as assessory–-a criminal charge! The fact that this has not been done is the result of an internally coerced Congress and relentless propaganda by the Executive Branch-fed media check-mating all accountability through force of presentation. Discerning citizens that raise questions about the “official story” of what took place encounter Orwellian Talk Radio (mercenary) “squealers” and “watch-dogs” (as in Animal Farm), lined up to persecute them, and hold the government-school trained masses in brainwashed, flag-waving allegiance to the tyrannical and presumptive command, “you are either with us or against us”!

History is a powerful witness of similar deceptions to empower dictators:

"People are much more susceptible to the big lie than to the small one.... They cannot imagine that someone would actually fabricate a colossal lie." – Adolph Hitler, who burned the Reichstag.

There is not space enough to recite all the deceit and lies of this administration before, including, and after Sept. 11th, beginning from the oath of office sworn on Inauguration Day—an obviously broken vow! Immediate arrest, prosecution, and impeachment of this complicit and treasonous administration would secure America’s immediate safety (and peace of the world) against a Usurping government that can only be compared to that of the end of Orwell’s Animal Farm, when the cage drops on the unsuspecting animals and the New Dictator is revealed! King George has returned, and most are guilty (stupidly) of rolling out the red carpet! What would Patrick Henry say of this—dare we ask?

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." – George Orwell

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