My Conversation With Joan Rivers


She only restated what's already been widely circulated on the internet and in youtube videos...did she deserve to die?



Joan Rivers - Victory Over Deceit

By Sherry Shriner 09-06-14



I was thinking of Joan Rivers so I spoke to her spirit and said how are you? She was bawling, she was in tears, and she yelled "it wasn't worth it!".."I should have listened to the church people!"....I didn't' say anything else to her, I didn't know if she knew I was speaking to her, could hear me or The Most High, Father Yahuah was just allowing me to hear her speaking...I just sat in silence...after a few minutes...

I asked Father what was going on with Joan Rivers and He told me she wasn't His...and I said yeah I know, but what's going on with her? And He said she was in "limbo"..and I said what do you mean by Limbo (I knew she was in a coma) but when He says something there's always more to it...and so I closed my eyes and I said, Ok I'm closing my eyes, can you show her to me? And after a couple of minutes passed....

I began to see a particular area in Hell. I've seen different areas of Hell several times so I'm familiar with it when He shows me something.

I could see a mountain alongside one side of a Lake of Fire...the same Lake of Fire spoken about in several Scriptures, in particular Rev. 20:15 "And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire."

I didn't' see the Lake itself, but somehow I just knew it was there...and my attention was taken upward to the side of the mountain and there were likes caves or indentations in the side of the mountain and up toward the top of the mountain was a particular cave and a person was standing in the front of it, then I saw this person cast out of the cave and it looked like they were going to fall into the lake of fire, but there was a rope attached to the person and it pulled the person back up onto the ledge in front of the cave like a bungee cord or yoyo string or something...and I asked Yah, I asked, 'is that her?" and He said yes...and He said when her body officially dies on earth she'll be cast out into the lake of fire...until then she'll just be in 'limbo'..

Joan's body was not officially dead on earth...but Satan won't allow her to return to tell others what a liar he is. After all she had already given her soul to him so he could claim it when she first stopped breathing and died...when they resuscitated her he could simply replace her soul with a demonic spirit to take her place and occupy the body that is sitting there in the hospital and if she were ever to recover it wouldn't be her but a familiar, demonic spirit taking her place. (the same thing that often happens to babies born with severe handicaps and mental disorders and deficiencies. Most of them died at birth and demonic spirits just take their place in their bodies, that's why I get physically ill around most of them...they're not even humans).

Several hours later I asked Joan again how she was...she said,

"I'm in pain and torture, someone please help me! I didn't know it was going to be like this! I was told there would be mansions for us and we wouldn't end up like the others who didn't worship and serve Lucifer like we did! 

 I was shown a planet we would live on and it was all so beautiful!! He lied...it was all lies!! I'm so sorry for ever listening to him! (sobbing)...I miss my family, I miss being on earth! Oh God please help me!!

I felt led by the Father to keep talking to her...so I asked her the following questions:

Sherry - Why didn't you believe the pastors in the churches?

Joan- Are u kidding? Most of that stuff is just made up mumbo and jumbo by people like us...I didn't actually think any of it was true! I was told it was all made up lies...just to scare people and get them to give their money to the churches, which most were run by us anyway! I always thought if those people only knew...they're so stupid!"

Sherry - But now you know there was truth to it?"

Joan - Yes there is...but the stuff that's true we were told were lies...we just believed what we were told...can you help me?

Sherry - No, I can't, but I can give people a message from you..

Joan - Who are you?

Sherry - I'm Sherry Shriner...

Joan - "Sherry Shriner?? I think I've heard of you...

Sherry - I have a radio show, written a couple books have several websites on the internet...I make Orgone and started a war against Satan with the Orgone..."

Joan - Ok I think I've heard of you and that stuff, people say it stinks does it stink?

Sherry - Yes...(I've heard from many in the occult that the Orgone has a putrefying smell to them. To wicked and demonic beings it would because it's Yah's Aether Energy, the Energy of Life, His Breath).

Joan - And it burns them?

Sherry - ...Yes...

Joan -  You know there's no hope for me, but tell others who do have hope that they need to get out...run from the occult...it's nothing but lies...and listen to the church people, go to heaven don't come here it's terrible!!

Sherry - Have u seen any church people there?

Joan- I haven't seen anyone here!! I haven't been allowed to talk to anyone they just keep pushing me off this cliff!! I'm so tired I just want it to stop!! Tell Mellissa I love her and tell her everything i ever said about God or the Bible is wrong, tell her not to come here! I was wrong!!

Sherry - What would you do if you were allowed to come back to earth?

Joan - I would tell everyone what a lie this all is, what we were told...I would do better things and be better to people. I would live for God!!

Sherry - Would you renounce Satan?

Joan - Yes!

I ended the conversation with her at this time but I kept feeling I needed to try and do something for her. I kept feeling led to fight for her. There had to be something...Father had a reason for allowing me to talk to her so there had to be something more to all of this.

I had to argue and plead her case to the Father...

1. To them, Joan had taken a tone of betrayal towards them and it angered them, that's why they tried to kill her because they felt she was being a traitor to them...


Asked by a street reporter whether a gay president or a female president will take office first, Rivers replied, "We already have it with Obama.

Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny (transexual).

Perhaps Joan was ruffled or angry over the assassination of Robin Williams for refusing to hand his children over to the Illuminati...they ambushed and suicided him because of his refusal. Either way when Robin was killed, Joan had been promoted as High Priestess...maybe she didn't want the promotion, maybe she was just sick and tired of the occult and the Illuminati...I mean after all most retire as being High Priests and Priestesses at that age, not start their new 'job.'

When she spoke these words which made national headlines it angered Obama and the Illuminati. In the occult world you aren't allowed to make negative public statements about another member, or maybe it's just the narcissist Obama in particular, either way unlike Jay Leno (over 2,000 jokes about Obama) who was just 'retired' it put Joan Rivers on their assassination list.

2. Joan had said some kind of prayer before her surgery, I don't know what it was but Father could choose to honor or ignore it. It was up to Him. He just told me about it but didn't reveal what exactly she had said but I'm led to believe she asked for His Protection during the procedure she was having.

3. If Joan was allowed to come back, and sincere about the things she said, she could be a great witness for Father and expose the lies of Satan and the Illuminati...and try to wake up all those involved with them and warn them what truly awaits them when they die...The Lake of Fire.

She could tell them that what the Bible says about Heaven and Hell IS TRUE and she would have great credibility because she had been in the occult herself for many years...you don't get promoted to High Priestess without having signed the dotted line to sell your soul to Satan. You don't get fame and fortune along with the jewelry and fashion lines, TV, and cable shows without being one of THEM.

I presented my case on Joan's behalf to the Father. I petitioned Him for His mercy and grace upon her because she could be a great witness for Him if she was restored to her body on earth and allowed to live. Right now her very life was hanging in the balance and her eternal destiny.

After speaking with Father I went back to Joan and called to her..

Sherry - Joan...Hello Joan...

Joan - Sherry??

Sherry - Yes it's me. Joan would you recite the salvation prayer and accept Yahushua as your Savior and renounce Satan?

Joan - Yes! But how can I I'm always swinging on this thing!!

Sherry - Just repeat after me ok...and I led her into a Salvation prayer. I knew that if Yahuah could see her genuine repentance and acceptance of Him I would have at least something more to work with to argue her case to be restored into her body on earth. I don't know what her actual prayer was before her procedure/surgery, but this was a genuine Salvation prayer she just said...and since she wasn't officially dead on earth...Father could honor it. It's not the first time I've spoken to and helped someone stuck in "limbo" somewhere...but from what I've seen there's hope for second chances when in this kind of state of existence.

I knew Father was watching.

And later that night Lucifer was furious..he was screaming at me, "What were you doing in MY HOUSE!!" I told him to shut-up...it's not like he's not constantly in Father's with all his gripes and complaints!



This morning I talked to Joan...she said they had moved her into an area where she was by herself, they weren't tormenting her anymore, she was just sitting around..waiting...doing nothing.. (in another kind of limbo but seemingly a much better kind).

I told her to watch for a white light and if she saw it to go into it, I said, "like in the movie Ghost" and she said, "oh yeah Ghost!! I've seen that several times!"

She thanked me for helping her and said "I like your connections!! Thank you so much!"  I got a kick out of that...I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I was hoping for the best and it was already starting to go better for her.

I told her there is no light in Hell and if she saw light it was from Father, to not be afraid to just go into it...

At 2:59pm EST I heard Joan screaming, "I see the White Light...I see the White Light!!!!!! Thank you Sherry!! I see the Light!!! I'm walking toward it now!!

Later that evening I talked to Joan and her thoughts were racing a mile a minute. She wanted to meet me. She wanted me to come to New York. We talked for a few minutes and I told her to get her rest...surely we would meet soon enough.



It was verified and confirmed to me that Joan was alert and talking on the evening of Sept. 3 and in the morning of Sept 4....but instead of announcing that Joan was "back" ...they announced that Joan was DEAD. Imagine my shock!!!

Only the people in her hospital room know what happened, in particular Melissa...but what I was told was that they threatened Melissa with her son...that if she didn't allow them to kill Joan they would harm her son...and they put something in an IV that killed Joan.

I was floored! I couldn't believe that with everything I had just gone through on her behalf the past couple of days and boom, they got to kill her anyway??!!

Just floored...

Father told me that He wouldn't interfere with Melissa's free will...that It was something that had to play out. I have heard those words many times before and I've grown accustomed to not like hearing them at all...the words, "it's something that had to play out."

So now I'm back to sitting in somber and silence again when later that evening I heard a "Thank you Sherry!! I knew it was from Joan but this time she was in heaven...she was joyful, happy...I simply said, "You're welcome." And I heard her proclaim, "She heard me!!!" 

Sometimes the Father lets me have insights into the heavenly realm to balance out the burdensome realities of Hell. I've dealt with Hell several times via visions and it's never easy to deal with. I always enjoy hearing or seeing others enjoying themselves in heavenly visions or supernatural 'hearing'...while we sit and wonder how much longer we have to sit here before we too can go home.


Father Yahuah gave me a word in the evening time as I sat pondering the events of the past few days. He said:


You did good Child, you did as I led you. There will be more, there will be others that I will lead you to to speak for Me. I will allow your anointing in other areas to increase. I will teach you in things others don't even know about. I will use you in ways I've never used anyone else on earth. Greater things will you do for Me.

I am going to show you many things. Your communication with Me will improve. Your visionary ability will improve greatly. What you ask, I will show you. I will hold nothing back. Just seek Me. I will make you more aware. I will give you the keys to the Universe because you Honor Me. I love you Child.


As they plan for Joan Rivers funeral I can only sit and wonder at what could have been...Lucifer was fighting tooth and nail, and the Father, to make sure Joan never got the chance to publicly proclaim him as the liar and fake he is.

But Lucifer forgot something...I can....and this is Joan's story...and even though she's not coming back I can do whatever I can to get her last testimony and words out there to all who will listen.

So Lucifer you're still the ultimate loser, and...

RIP Joan, I'll see you soon enough.


An Illuminati Assassination....When will there be Justice against these Murderers?


I need your help!!



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