Ok so it's not too shocking for most..but I thought this woman's story should be heard for those who still have their head in the sand about our government....

my note - Rev. 18:13 it talks about Babylon and the their trafficking of slaves and "souls of men."


My name is Robin Head, previous owner of Playboy Escorts in Houston,
Texas. I was approached by various law enforcement agency's, FBI, ATF,
etc... who wanted me to abet them in entrapping "State and political
officials" having sex so they could extort, control and blackmail them,
not to charge them with misdemeanor prostitution.

At the same time women at my service were being tricked and trafficked overseas to Bangkok, Indonesia, etc., by rogue DEA agents on hideous drug stings and called
me collect from jail in Vienna. A madam from Alabama was found hanging
in a federal jail cell in nearby Brazoria County. All of this happening
in the same time span as the children of the Waco Davidians were burning
during the government siege. When I refused to abet in the extortion I
was thrown in jail, no bond, a 'Life' sentence filed on me then my son
and family were harassed and attacked endlessly in some kind of ganglike
mafia revenge.

A 40-man gang rape against me as my family watched on helplessly is how
it feels to this day, every minute. Who are these agents with this
diabolic agenda and what do they want? Left wing, right wing, they most
definitely do eat their own, white-on-white HATE like I have never seen
before in my life, a most vicious entity in this country and it was at
my doorstep, unable to get away, no one to report it to. I went to the
FBI but it was like reporting the devil to the witch, they said they
would help me but only if I would help them, again, to entrap officials.
They had no interest in the corruption aspect, the level of this
corruption is totally incomprehensible to my mind. It's very difficult
for me to relive these details here as I have been in a state of shock
for 10 yrs. now and it seems dangerous for me to even try to scream of
this gang rape publicly, it is like a suicide mission in itself, for the
moment out of sheer fear I will refrain from mentioning the high profile
names involved. This country has become as fearful as any other 3rd
world country when it comes to reporting crime to officials just exactly
like in Mexico, South America, China, Africa, etc... where it is the
officials that are the perpetrators of the crimes, kidnapping, ransom,
drugs, and it is perilous to be near them.

The court appointed atty. duly threatened me, belligerently screaming
and red-faced, that he would see to it that I would get the "Life
sentence I deserved if I tried to take it to jury trial". CPS was sent
after my son who was age 16.

I was brutally forced to plea bargain with this psychotic madness and
persecuted to 10 years in prison, Texas death camps. I was tormented and
held as a personal, private prisoner by some kind of sadistic
counterfeit christian femi-nazi guard regime due to my being a sinful
madam or whatever their problem is. I was buried alive in a cement tomb
for 3 of the 8 years. They assured me, "You will be here (in the tomb)
until you are a very old lady, until you rot, you are just like the rest
of them". I was gassed 3 times, slammed into the cement floor while
handcuffed behind my back, forced to cell with violent mentally ill
patients, devoid of all property and life itself. Once exhumed I was
ordered to slave like a mule in mud fields awash in ants even though my
dad had enlisted the aid of a Senator to enforce my medical restriction
showing I am deathly allergic to ants. All of this madness because I
didn't want to extort my customer base for some unknown mafia of the
government and traffic co-workers into jails abroad.
While I was entombed my dad lay dying of a heart attack for a year
before he died. I was handcuffed to make a 5 minute ph. call to my
mother and that was the end of my dad who had stayed by my side through
this hell wreaking havoc on his health. Suicide cases were happening all
around me due to the severe abuses of TDCJ prison, blood everywhere,
hopelessness permeated the air.

I received a Christmas card with a live shot black-n-white photo of a
madam in China hanging to her death. It was sent to me by a type of
social worker in Holland who had clients on China's death row. He said
that their body organs, kidney, corneas, skin, etc... are evicerated,
sometimes before execution, and sold on the black market to New York.
Sometimes the prostitutes are as young as 12 and falsely accused just
for their body organs, $$$. I have no idea what ever became of the women
who were trafficked to Bangkok and elsewhere or why this was done or by
whom. This is not to conclude anything but this fact is on the 'net:
China's Executions - New York doctor confirms mass organ harvest.
Corruption is king. Also for Christmas while in the catacombs a court
bailiff in Hawaii sent me a copy of the Monica Lewinsky book, like as if
I had missed my big chance in life, as I had been in previous contact
with then Gov. Clinton's office in Ark. I returned the book to sender. I
do not live nor think like this nor ever want to be a part of such
schemes of treachery which also effects the whole family over such
chicanery, unlike the bribery scams often used which doesn't usually
cause divorces.

After 8 yrs. of prison torture I was released a year ago, 2003,
illegally and maliciously listed as a 'sex offender'. Also very ill now
since the water at the prison became contaminated with "unknown
bacteria", inmates and guards became extremely ill, birds dying in the
rec yard.

After being caught up in this HATE filled maelstrom for 10 yrs. now I
recently went through a type of traumatic repressed memory experience
regarding the disappearances of the women that worked for my escort
service. I have been in contact with various Human Trafficking, human
rights organizations, district atty.'s, State Dept., Internal Affairs,
Internat'l Justice, etc... to try and find out what happened to them but
to no avail. The nightmare all over again in trying to report a crime,
locate the victims, yet no one to go to and only serves to set myself
back up again in the eye of the devil.

There were 2 articles in the Dallas newspaper about this same
trick-n-trafficking of prostitutes where a madam rec'd a 'Life' sentence
in prison abroad. The very fact that only prostitutes were targeted
infers a sex predator mind set then creating this back alley government
pimp atmosphere and agency. I can't help but wonder how the red light
district of Times Square in NY was cleaned up while I was entombed as
the scheme in Tx emanated from NY.




The past few years there has been a lot of focus on the trafficking of
aliens into the U.S., from Mexico, Asia, Russia, etc... by the media and
with the Justice Dept. creating various committees and offices now
spread across the U.S. to deal with the issue for prosecution purpose.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the 'Committee Against
Obscenity' headed by U.S.District Atty. Bruce Taylor, the Houston branch
of federal prosecutions overseen by Mr. Michael Shelby, various FBI
offices across the U.S. How do we investigate and prosecute others when
we have a log in our own eye. How many other US citizens are entrapped
in prisons abroad with Life sentences from this type of chicanery today.
I have contacted many and numerous of these offices to try and glean
attention and help on the trafficking of U.S. citizens perpetrated by
the U.S. government - or a rogue faction therein, to no avail. They seem
very interested, kind, and patient with me and absorb the information
however they aren't in a position to divulge information to the public.
This is also the problem I have when trying to get help from the various
non-government organizations, 'HumanTrafficking.org', etc... that claim
to be in a position to help the victims of traffickers, they simply
absorb the information and have absolutely no help available although
they do recognized me as a victim of trafficking as well as the females
I worked with. I have requested counseling for the severe trauma
incurred by this endless nightmare, an atty. for a civil suit for
damages, a whereabouts welfare check of co-workers, and the scariest
question of them all, a bit scary to ask is 'Who' did this and 'Why'?

Why Bangkok, Vienna, etc...?

I am not out to solve the worlds problem of corruption but I am most
definitely upset and traumatized about what happened to myself, my
family. My being a single mom, my son was in Jr. college excelling in
art. In a flash we were both literally forced into ditches to dig in the
mud like slaves, he in a church yard owned by a police agent and myself
in the prison fields by the christian femi-nazi regime after being holy
persecuted in the courts in Texas.

None of the Trafficking organizations, agencies, offices, etc...offer
any help whatsoever. Contacting them feels like setting myself up for
further persecution, the gang rape. They only placate when I do call by
offering useless referrals to others with less help, and then try to
rush me off the phone, as though I am bothering them. I am confused of
their very existence.

I am not yet aware of any attorney that would deal with a case such as
this. Also the Tx judicial system is a runaway train and no atty
available to help they only grab peoples money before they are sent away
to the death camps called prisons.

I am told repeatedly by all officials that what was done to me is
perfectly legal, that the FBI and whoever else so chooses can approach
and attack my employment as a madam to abet them in extortion &
blackmail of others and that if I refuse they can send me to prison like
they did and with a Life sentence - in the death camps.
This scheme seems to be very common and acceptable in the Wash.D.C., NY,
NJ, area. Call any official in that area and they will quickly know what
you are talking about, they are unmoved by it, claim it is common and no
big deal. This is indicative that politics are frozen in Washington in
this super power country. Remember "Filegate"? Why vote.
I hope the FBI, ATF, etc... are now able to hire enough employees for
the difficult tasks at hand and don't have to rely on these type of
brutal tactics of force and perversion against whole families. Perhaps
they can run ads in the newspaper in the 'Help Wanted' section, college
message boards, the military, request aid without scaring people out of
house and home with extreme fear & violent tactics to suppress single
young moms into submissive obedience for their personal use - using the
badge as the bondage. How did anyone gain here? I, personally, find
relief for any electronic voting schemes!

I am now basically homeless, shoeless, and clueless as to any future now
that I have this crippling emotional burden on me for life, the
continued threat of further retaliations, no job, no income, ill from
the prison water. Not even allowed to leave Texas and most definitely
too afraid to travel abroad due to the airport trafficking tricks by any
gov. agent.

The scariest and saddest of all is that every single person across the
globe, bar none, that reads the above story does not hesitate to believe
the things I've said which is a sad and horrific reflection of what this
country has spiraled down to in recent years. Years ago I would've been
written off as a kook. The once proud country of the USA is now viewed
identically equal as corrupt officials in 3rd world countries such as
Africa and Mexico.
I continue to write and update this web page, please feel free to link,
reprint, edit, fwd. this.
(Apologies to any offended by my scream and pain).

Thank you for your time and concern,

Ms. Robin Head