Ron Paul A Front For Faction 3
By Sherry Shriner


originally posted Thursday, May 31, 2007

If It's Too Good To Be True....

Well Big Surprise....Ron Paul is a "White Knight" which means he's working the same "Alien Agenda" that many others on the internet such as Stew Webb and Tom Hennegan (recently booted as the co-host of Cloak and Dagger) are...the Alien Agenda is the New Age agenda (Led by Hatonn/Atonn the Tall Grey) see http://www.nesarasucks.com

They want to eliminate our government in the current form and bring in NESARA...from their own website they list as their own "key players" in Congress....."Among the 45 are U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Representative Ron Paul, and former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney."

I knew when I heard Ron Paul was pro-gay marriage I smelled a rat.(they're all pro-homosexual in the Alien Agenda as they portray themselves as pretty boys from the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command as Ascended Masters) .Ron Paul is listed as one of their own...a "White Knight" http://www.2012.com.au/NESARA28.html 

Well you know the saying "If it's too good to be true it probably is" and it's usually right. So where does that leave the millions of patriots and Christians who thought they had a leader in Ron Paul? Stuck in agendas, factions, quagmire, sludge, watching America sink to NWO Hell in a hand basket...that's where.

There is NO candidate FOR the American people. And this is exactly why the Lord has been leading His people to sell off possessions and become more mobile in case they have to leave their homes and go into hiding from the coming persecution and onslaught against His people. Martial law and destruction is coming whether it's Paul or Clinton or whoever or whatever at the helm of this country.

The amusing and deluding facade of the New Age is that they actually believe everyone else is deceived but them. They channel entities such as Sananda, St. Germaine and other beings as they masquerade as Ascended Masters. These beings are nothing but the ilk that followed Lucifer in his rebellion against the Most High and were kicked out of heaven. Now they play Gods behind the scenes waiting for the fulfillment of Revelation 12 when they, among with Lucifer, are cast to the earth.

They know it's coming. So they are preparing people for their eventual arrival to earth by masquerading they are coming to earth to help mankind. Wake up people..they're getting kicked out of the skies where they will be stranded on earth! They've been so meticulous in preparing the gullible they haven't overlooked a thing in how well they can deceive and manipulate the gullible all over the world.

And they love to quote Scripture and sound righteous. The problem is they misquote it, ignore passages they need to to sell their lies and manipulations to the gullible, and they're leading thousands, perhaps millions to the pit of hell with their 'righteous' rhetoric.

Don't let someone quote the Bible to you, read it yourself. Pray for the truth in all things so that your eyes can be opened to all the lies and deceptions that are here and the even more that are coming.

As usual, the New Age camp has declared an end to the Bush camp NWO and that they will be taking over our earth soon. At what point does any of these people realize the difference between a hostile invasion and a hostile invasion? All I see is one hostile faction taking over control of earth from another hostile faction. We don't need 'aliens' to restore our constitution and bring in death to millions from their 'friendly takeover.'

Did you know they are the ones behind removing our ozone layer? Unfortunately, "some will die as a result" they claim...but they try to minimize the actual numbers of people that will and actually glorify the entire thing.

Spin control.

Every time they speak they're lying. So what's so different between them and Bush's NWO? Not a thing. In fact they're worse. Everyone knows Bush is lying...the gullible won't even conceive of the fact their channelled Ascended Masters are even bigger liars.

So where does all of this leave the sane people on this planet? Be prepared for death and destruction. The Bible forewarns of times coming that are so horrendous they are things the world has never seen or experienced before.

The Bible clearly warns of the coming 'last days' and we are diving into them, if not already in the beginning stages.

Don't look for man to save this country or world, and Satan comes in 'peace' folks..he comes masquerading as a righteous being offering peace and safety to the world..

We already know who wins the war for earth, you can jump to the back of the book of Revelation...until then it's going to be a time of death and destruction.

Prepare...seek the Lord for what He needs or wants you to do to prepare for the coming times.

America is going to hell in a hand basket...get out of denial. There is no hope left..our only hope is in the Most High who can protect and keep you from going along in the ride.

Yah bless His Warriors.