I stated last year at http://www.hiddencodes.com that it was a Russian particle beam weapon that destroyed the last two American Space Shuttles Columbia and Challenger..now info is coming out on Russian Space dominance. While our military and government were absorbing and saturating themselves in Operation Paperclip and creating mind control black operations into the billions of dollars, the Russians dominated space.


Russian Cosmosphere
Operational Star Wars Defense System

-- Robert E. McElwaine,
B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC

This report confirms the truth of Part01 through Part30 of the 'Space
Shuttle Coverup & True Story' ("Fire in the Sky") report.


In February 1992, Russian President Boris Yeltsin proposed to the
United States and the United Nations a global defense shield (with
"Star Wars"-type weapons) BASED ON RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGY.

Some people might wonder what the "backward" Russians could possibly
have that would be of value for the S.D.I. research and development

The little-known TRUTH is that the Russians started deploying an
OPERATIONAL "Star Wars" defense system in September 1977, and it has
greatly grown and improved since that time. It is a SPACE TRIAD built

In this article I will describe the Russian system as it developed from
1977 to 1983, and give several examples of how it was used during that
period. But first I will try to convince readers of the credibility of
my main source of information about it.

My main source is articles published in a weekly legislative newspaper,
WISCONSIN REPORT (WR), of Brookfield, Wisconsin, (P.O. Box 45, zip
53005), written by the late Dr. Peter David Beter, a well-respected
Washington, DC attorney, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and expert and
consultant in international law, finance, and intelligence, who
received much of his information from associates in the CIA and other
intelligence groups of other countries who disapproved of many of the
things happening or being planned behind the scenes. They believed that
at least limited public exposure might delay and ultimately prevent the
worst of those things, such as NUCLEAR WAR and NATIONAL DICTATORSHIP,
from taking place.

Dr. Beter started appearing on local radio and TV talk shows, but soon
found himself being BANNED from them, as a result of government THREATS
to cancel broadcast licenses. So he started producing monthly one-hour
cassette tapes and sending them to a growing list of subscribers. From
June 21, 1975 until November 3, 1982 he recorded eighty "Dr. Beter
Audio Letters" plus eight "Audio Books" and three special topic tapes.
On September 1, 1977 Wisconsin Report started publishing transcripts of
those tapes.

Based on information from his sources, Dr. Beter PREDICTED the bombing
of the Marines in Beirut A FULL YEAR BEFORE IT HAPPENED, WARNING that
the U.S. Pentagon and the Israeli Mossad were CONSPIRING TO
DELIBERATELY ARRANGE IT in order to try to get Americans angry at the
Arabs and generate public support for PLANNED military action against
them. He reported the impending assassination of Anwar Saddat of Egypt
SIX DAYS BEFORE IT HAPPENED. And Dr. Beter predicted what he called the
"retirement" of Leonid Brezhnev one week before Brezhnev officially
"died" (note that the word "retirement" was used for the TERMINATION OF
REPLICANTS in the 1982 movie "Blade Runner"), and his quick replacement
with Andropov which occurred only three days after the "death" of
Brezhnev, to the surprise of all government and media analysts.
Subscription application and renewal forms for Dr. Beter's tapes would
usually say, "Subscribe to the Dr. Beter Audio Letter and watch the
news start making sense."


In September 1977 the Russians started launching MANNED killer
satellites, called "COSMOS INTERCEPTORS", armed with CHARGED-PARTICLE
BEAM weapons, into earth orbit, (12-15-77 WR). By April 1978 there were
about THREE DOZEN of them, and they had FINISHED DESTROYING all
American spy and early warning satellites, (5-18-78 WR).

On September 27, 1977, in what Dr. Beter called "THE BATTLE OF THE
HARVEST MOON", a Cosmos Interceptor in Earth orbit used a
NEUTRON-PARTICLE BEAM to wipe out a secret American laser-beam base
nearing operational status in Copernicus Crater on the Moon, (11-3-77
WR). The Russians quickly deployed their own military bases on the
Moon, the second leg of their space triad, starting on October 4, 1977,
with seven EXTREMELY POWERFUL charged-particle beam weapons BASES on
the near side of the Moon and three support bases on the far side,
(2-9-78 WR).

The first test of the Moon base weapons occurred on November 19, 1977,
ironically at about the same time as the release of the first "Star
Wars" movie with its "death star" weapon. The Russians were aiming at
the eye of a cyclone near India. But they miscalculated the deflection
of the beam by the Earth's magnetic field, and the beam struck the
ocean too close to the shore causing a TIDAL WAVE that killed many
people, (2-9-78 WR). A blast of charged-particle beams from two or more
of the Russian Moon bases fired in quick succession would create the

The third leg of Russia's triad of space weapons is the "COSMOSPHERES".
The first-generation Cosmospheres were weapons platforms that were
ELECTRO-GRAVITIC (could hover against gravity), ATOMIC POWERED,
horizontally positioned by rocket thrusters, somehow invisible to radar
beyond about 40 miles (perhaps from a radar-absorbing coating), armed
with CHARGED-PARTICLE BEAM weapons (at least a hundred times less
powerful than those in the Moon bases), equipped with "PSYCHO-ENERGETIC
RANGE FINDING" (PRF) which tunes in to the actual ATOMIC SIGNATURE of a
target or object and canNOT be jammed, and some of them were also armed
with microwave BRAIN-SCRAMBLING equipment.

In late 1977 and early 1978, there was a strange rash of giant AIR
BOOMS along the east coast of the United States and elsewhere. These
air booms were NEVER satisfactorily explained, by either the
government, the scientific establishment, or the news media. They could
NOT be positively identified with any particular Super Sonic Transport
plane (SST) or other aircraft, and indeed they were MUCH LOUDER than
aircraft sonic booms. The giant airbooms were actually caused by
Russian Cosmospheres firing CHARGED- PARTICLE BEAMS down into the
atmosphere in a DEFOCUSED MODE (spread out) for the purpose of
announcing their presence to the WAR-MONGERS in the United States
Pentagon, (2-9-78 WR).

The main purpose of any "Star Wars" defense system is to protect a
country against nuclear attack. During the weekend of January 20, 1980,
Russian Cosmospheres accomplished such a mission. A NUCLEAR FIRST
STRIKE against Russia by the then BOLSHEVIK-CONTROLLED United States
was being started with a total of 82 special secret aircraft that can
sneak up to a country's shoreline under water, surface, change
configuration, take off, and fly at treetop level to their targets. Dr.
Beter describes part of the action in his Audio Letter #53, recorded on
January 21, 1980: "At that point the real action got under way, in the
Caspian Sea and off northern Norway. The Subcraft, with Israeli pilots,
were on their way. They were traveling under water on the first legs of
their attack missions....

"Late Saturday night, Washington time, a coded signal was flashed to
the Subcraft to continue as planned. By that time, the northern
contingent of Subcraft were in the White Sea. The southern contingent
had reached the north end of the Caspian Sea. It was already daylight,
Sunday morning, the 20th, for the Subcraft contingents. Their orders
were to wait out the day under water, out of sight; then, after
nightfall, they were to continue their steady approach to get close to
their targets. The Subcraft were maintaining strict radio silence. They
were also deep enough under water to be invisible from the air to
either the eye or radar, yet they were also hugging the shoreline in
water too shallow for Russian sonar to pick them up. And their infrared
signatures were negligible as the result of extensive development. In
short, by the standards of Western technology, they were undetectable.
But in AUDIO LETTER No. 42 I revealed Russia's master secret weapon. It
is called "Psycho-energetic Range Finding" or PRF. It is unlike sonar
and similar techniques. PRF tunes in to the actual atomic signature of
a target, and there is no method known by which PRF can be jammed.

"By deploying their Navy to the Arabian Sea, the Russians are
pretending to be fooled by the Bolshevik distraction with the aircraft
carriers. In this way they encouraged the Bolsheviks to launch the
Subcraft toward their targets. They waited until the Subcraft were far
away from their bases and out of sight of the Bolsheviks, who are
directing the American first-strike operation. But the whole time they
were being tracked by Cosmospheres overhead using PRF, and shortly
after 1:00 A.M. yesterday morning Eastern Standard Time the
Cosmospheres began firing their Charged Particle Beam Weapons. There
were 10 Subcraft in the White Sea. Each disappeared in a blinding blue
white water spout of steam, smoke, and fire. In the north end of the
Caspian there were 19 Subcraft--they, too, met the same fate.", (2-7-
80 WR).

The 3rd-generation Russian JUMBO COSMOSPHERES were first deployed in
April 1981, in parallel with the first U.S. Space Shuttle mission. They
significantly interfered with that MILITARY mission, in ways which were
successfully covered up by NASA using techniques similar to those shown
in the movie "Capricorn I", (5-7-81, 5-14-81, and 5-21-81 WR).

Jumbo Cosmospheres are much larger than the 1st- generation models, and
use ELECTROMAGNETIC PROPULSION instead of rocket thrusters to move

For about two years after Dr. Beter stopped recording his Audio Letters
in November 1982 (because of heart trouble), his distributor, Audio
Books, Inc., published some newsletters titled "NewsALERT", using
information passed on to them by Dr. Beter or received directly from
his sources. A special supplementary issue, dated March 26, 1984,
describes how Russian Jumbo Cosmospheres captured two communication
satellites right after launch from U.S. Space Shuttle Mission #10,
found anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles mounted on one of them, and dumped
both satellites into useless orbits. NASA had fun TRYING to explain
two-in-a-row failures of a highly reliable PAM-D satellite booster.

Russia's offer to share their "Star Wars" defense system with the rest
of the world might also extend to SCIENTIFIC SPACE EXPLORATION. For
example, the United States is planning to send two unmanned flyby and
sample-return space missions to a comet. These missions would cost
BILLIONS of dollars, take fifteen years from now to complete, and could
FAIL in DOZENS of ways. A Russian Jumbo Cosmosphere could complete a
MANNED version of such a mission in a matter of MONTHS, if they have
not already done so, since these Cosmospheres can accelerate

Note that the United States has announced a deal to purchase at least
one SPACE REACTOR from Russia. Now you know what the Russians
originally developed and used them for.

Copyright Robert E. McElwaine