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Sananda on the SECOND COMING

Part 2: June, 2005


There will be some turmoil while the changeover is being made and the results understood. My messages to many will comfort them and help them to be less fearful of the many changes that will be coming.

30th June: There is much to be done to help people understand My Second Coming. The book will be a very important addition to the other efforts that will be made to prepare people for My Coming among them in the flesh. There will be many unbelievers but there will be many who will welcome My Second Coming and My being among the people again.


There will be some of My church leaders who will welcome My Coming. One of the most important groups to influence and convince that I am about ready to come again in the flesh will be the leaders of the (x Church). They can greatly help to spread the word and to let the world know that I have come among you and that I have an important message to present.


28th June: There is much to be accomplished so that I will be able to go to Jerusalem and do My best to establish peace and mutual acceptance among the Jews and Christians in that part of the world. There must be a world-wide peace established and it will take the best that we can do to be able to establish peace throughout the world. Part of the process will be the feeding of many who barely have enough to survive, in fact, many children die of malnutrition. That has to change. My church, headquartered in xxxxxx, has done a great deal to help provide food, clothing, and sustenance to many throughout the world in times of crisis. There will be a much greater demand on this organization, to help feed thousands in various parts of Africa. There will be much that will be accomplished in My name and with My people to bring about the peace that will be required for earth to make its transition into a more glorious state.

27th June: By the time of My visit to Jerusalem, you will be ready to be My messenger.

There is much that is going on in your world that is of great future importance to Me and to My mission among you. There is more interest in telepathic communication. The book on telepathy will be of considerable help in paving the way for better communication between Me and My adherents. My church leaders will soon have more [persons] among them that will be able to exchange information with ME. That will greatly help in the transmission to the many churches of some of the changes that are to be made in Gospel principles. As I have mentioned before, the concept of many lives so that a soul can progress, learn, improve, and become more viable, is an important part of My Gospel. You already know that you have had past lives. Although your memory has not been revived so that you can fully appreciate the various things that you have experienced, when you complete this life you will have that full memory restored.

24th June: There will soon come times when I shall be otherwise occupied and will not have daily communication with you. When the first shuttles land, I will be there in spirit and will be busily engaged and often will not be with you for these daily visits. However, you will be aware of My presence when I am available to converse with you and teach you further in becoming a suitable messenger for Me.

Many of those on earth pray to Me but do not realize that I will soon be coming among you in the flesh. Many there are who believe in a Second Coming and yet there are few who realize that this long anticipated event is soon to come. There will be much to teach My many church leaders including, of course, the leaders of My church that you belong to. Many of those [church leaders] will not accept Me, at first, but when it is apparent to them that it is really Me, Myself, that is among them in the spirit and that will soon be among them in the flesh, then they will hearken to My voice and to My new commandments for them. There is much to be done in that regard.

22nd June: Much of My planning is to meet with and give messages to many of My church leaders who have churches in your area. It will take some doing to get their attention, however, that will be the first efforts that I will make after My coming to be among you. You will be there to help and so will Angela be there to be My voice in communicating with My church leaders. It appears that from the lack of response to the many letters than you have sent out, that we may have to try some individual contacts. There are many church leaders who pray to Me but who do not listen for My messages back to them. That will have to change. There must be a two-way communication between My church leaders and Myself. For some reason there is very little effort made to learn and use telepathy. There will be many surprised ecclesiastical figures when they realize that the time has really come for My Second Coming. It will be a new day dawning for many of My churches and a new profound change in the attitudes of what a church should be and what a church should teach. Telepathy is one of the things that should be taught and learned by those who profess to be My servants and who pray to Me with their voices but not with their minds.

21st June: Much of what I have to accomplish will now begin in earnest. There will be contacts to be made with some of My churches. I will have a message for them through the vocal cords of My beloved Angela. That event will soon take place. She will be most important in carrying out My messages to some of My churches. They will learn of My Second Coming and My efforts to provide a more unified Gospel Doctrine among My churches. This will then be followed by My Second Coming. Then there will be many of My churches who will recognize that the time of redemption is approaching, that the time of My return to Jerusalem is coming. Furthermore, it will be understood that there will be other ancient religious leaders who will also return to help restore peace and dignity to all mankind. There will be a resultant PEACE come, finally, to all of the earth. There will be a restoration of many gospel principles that have been taught by these other church leaders, gospel principles that have been lost or betrayed due to selfish efforts of some of mankind.

There is to be a new invigorated world, a world that will also be prepared to the glory of advancing toward the earth's destiny along with most of humankind. These are important days, days that will live in history. Days that will culminate in the restoration of many things.

16th June: There is much that we can do to make a better world, when we all work together. There is to be no more jousting among My many churches. My churches and those that follow My admonitions shall be reaching and teaching essentially the same Gospel. There will be new Gospel principles that will be added. One of the most important is the fact that we live many lives. We are all destined to progress by our many lives and the many experiences that we will have during each of those lives. You know that you have had previous lives here on this planet. However, a soul is not limited just to come back to earth. In your case, you had a long-term mission to prepare for.

15th June: There will be only a few, at first, who will listen to my message to them. Later there will be many who, when they finally recognize that the Saviour has returned as prophesied for His Second Coming, then there will be an increased interest in hearing from Me. Those that have the faith to hearken to My messages before My Second Coming will be much more blessed than the latecomers. According to what I understand, there has been no response yet to the 140 letters that you sent to the many churches in your area. There will be only a few that will respond and those few will be blessed accordingly.

14th June: There are great and marvellous events that are soon to begin to commence in your nation. The change of government and the visits of aliens will spread throughout the world with time. There is to be a new world, a greater enjoyment of PEACE and prosperity. Our collective efforts with you and the many others who will be willing to help will soon have an enormous impact on humanity. PEACE will be declared and preserved. There is to be no more wars of nation against nation. That day is soon to come. There is to be no more of half of the children in some nations to be ill-fed and die from malnutrition. This earth can produce an abundance under conditions of peace. There will be many of the newly wealthy who will be pleased to help others. My Gospel will be added to and together with friends who are the religious leaders of several of the large non-Christian churches, we will work together to bring PEACE and to restore productivity to some of the lands that have suffered cruel inter-national fighting and killing. Man was not created to kill other men. There is no stronger Gospel ordinance than "Thou shall not kill!"

New Gospel principles will be taught to all of My churches and that will include the blessings that will be promised for those who help others. It is likely that there will be others of My churches who will begin to help disperse their abundance among others who are in need. There is a great new day soon to dawn on the world. A time for PEACE, prosperity, love for all humanity, and some new Gospel principles to teach and observe. You are fortunate in living where you do and enjoying for much of your life a good deal of prosperity. You have helped many others and you have been and will be blessed for your efforts.

Question: How long will You be among us in the flesh before You go to Jerusalem?
Even I don't have the answer to that question. There is much that needs to be done for the many churches that are present in your country. I shall need to get them aligned with some of the new Gospel principles or abandon them. Then I will choose the time to go to Jerusalem. Hopefully, there will soon be an end to the killing between the Israel nation and its neighbors. It will be a challenge for Me to resolve the problems that are there.

13th June: Much of My work among you will be toward helping you to achieve a more tolerant lifestyle in terms of how you view other religious groups. I have many churches but not enough harmony of Gospel Doctrine. That will be gradually changed so that there will be less conflicts among My various churches and more teaching of the similar doctrine. As I have told you before, the concept of life after life is not being taught properly. Jesus Christ is to be resurrected and so will many others have a new life. The doctrine of life after life in order to gain more experiences and progress spiritually is one of the strong doctrines that will, hopefully, soon be embraced by all of My churches. That is not a difficult doctrine to understand. There are many among you who have information about one or more past lives. In some case these past lives affect the life that you are now living. Even your medical practitioners should come to understand that concept. You, yourself are an example of what happened to you in this life due to the fact that you were killed by an Indian arrow in your most recent past life. To you it was remarkable that an ulcer was cured as soon as you learned about your previous death. That type of information is almost entirely missing from your medical practice. That condition should be changed.

10th June: There will be some who will come to us because your letter mentioned that there were funds to be distributed. However, there will soon be those who are dedicated to serving their parishioners and who are really the kind of minister that I desire to work closely with. There are many who will later come to see that we are doing what has been so long forecast: That the Second Coming will soon be a reality. That will change a lot of religious activities and there will be an increase in church attendance when they learn that the Second Coming is soon to occur.

Many there are who will benefit by My Second Coming, because they will become believers and not just doubters. There will be a considerable increase in religious activities, especially in attendance at churches. They will want to know more about and even SEE the Coming Saviour. We will disappoint many because My stay among you will not be long before I go to Jerusalem and work there to couple the Christians and the Jews into one amalgamation of spiritual believers. That is a mighty task but with God's help I will succeed.

There will be some who will come forth and request my message for them more out of curiosity than of belief. However, there will be some whose hearts we will touch and they will become better ministers of the faith. 8th June: It will not take long for there to be many shuttle landings and all will get an opportunity to set foot on Mother Earth. I, Myself, will come in the flesh at a later time to the surprise of many.

Much of My efforts will be to make the necessary prearrangements with some of My church leaders so that there can be some consistency among the many variations of Christianity that is being preached. There will certainly be more emphasis on Love for all members of all churches. One of the most surprising tenets will be the concept that reincarnation is not limited just to Me and My Second Coming. Reincarnation will be taught in all of My churches. That will probably be the biggest change in the teaching of My Christian doctrine. You know of our own experiences that there is reincarnation. I will be teaching the officials of My Church the concepts involved in the growth and development of the spirit or soul as it progresses through a sequence of lives on this and other planets.



Part 1: January - February, 2005


This is a great time in the history of mankind. There has long been prophecies and written words about My Second Coming. It will not be long now, comparatively, before I shall be with you in the flesh on your earth and meeting personally with various church leaders. That will be a great fulfillment of the prophetic writings that have been made and read so often by so many. It will come as a great surprise to many of My church leaders. They expect it - but not really expected to happen in the lives and times of most of My leaders. There will be many who will question My ability to be with them and actually be the resurrected Christ. (Given with a smile) I will be a surprise to many!

There are soon to be some dramatic changes in your world. There will be strong political changes, strong monetary changes and a return to the constitutional government of the early 1930s which many of you may remember. Remember when you had gold and silver in your currency and coins? - that day will be restored. There will be many changes that will soon be made. From our vantage point we see much consternation among those political leaders who are trying to stop the return to constitutional government. It will be the end of their ability to siphon off billions of dollars into their own pockets. That has been a long-going and damaging process. Damaging to the rest of humanity. There is no need for wars. There is no need to rape the funds from the government taxes for individual profits. There will soon be an accounting to be made by those who have so seriously and blatantly stolen everything they can from the American government and also others from other governments, especially the European governments. There will be a new era. There will be a new currency. There will be a new image of what it means to be an American and adhering to one of the best government constitutions that the world has seen. An inspired group helped to draft the constitution for the United States. Many good and faithful government leaders undertook to make some needed corrections. Then by theft and deception the constitution was replaced by a man-made document and by the institution of worthless money coming from the privately owned Federal Reserve system. That distortion has been changed and there is no longer a Federal Reserve system with government contracts. Such information will soon be made known to all. These are things that will culminate in a great restoration of values, money, government that is not corrupt, and America can again emerge as a blessing to all nations.

There must be peace, and peace will soon be declared. The peace must begin to pervade throughout the earth. This action will be helped by the coming both in spirit and flesh of some of the ancient purveyors of true peace and religions for mankind's betterment. Much of the religious teachings have been betrayed by man's desire to own and control. The restitution of peaceful religious principles among all religions will be the forbearers of a true peace among many nations. When that process is begun, then I shall be ready for My Second Coming.

There is much to be accomplished before My Second Coming. Nowhere in the scriptures is this time fully prophesied. As you know, in your churches there are few discussions of the reincarnation of any except Myself. That doctrine has not been properly received nor taught. Now the time has come that the doctrine of individual reincarnation, by choice, will be a part of My Gospel. There will be many who will recognize and embrace this doctrine. However, there will be others who will greatly resist the concept. However, truth will prevail. There will be many who will see that there needs to be a bit of a change in the concept of everlasting dwelling in Heaven. There is love and bliss in Heaven and many will love and cherish the opportunities to be there with their loved ones. There is no question, whatsoever, about that part of My Gospel. However, Heaven is not a place where the grand fulfillment of an individual can be achieved. Heaven is a rest, a wayside, a blissful, peaceful place. However, there needs to be further development of the soul and that is best done by the reincarnation of the soul into a body on this or other earths.

There are many in this world who will be greatly surprised at the Coming of Myself and even more surprised to learn that there will be a returning of several other religious leaders to meet with their officials. There is too much war, famine, fighting, killing, and hate in the world. That is not what was preached in the beginning by any of the world's religious leaders. God is not a God of hate in any true religion. God is energy, light, and love. It is up to us at the lower levels to adopt that light and that love and convert it to peace, harmony, and love for all mankind. There is not to be any more wars. There is not to be any more widespread famine. There is not to be any more destitution of families due to the murder of loved ones. There will be a dramatic change in the world, not only in your country, but throughout the entire world, at Our Coming. For come we will in a time of Our choosing. Not only will the Christian churches benefit, but all major peaceful religions will benefit from direct contact with their long ago religious leaders. There will be new Gospel principles taught to all of the church leaders that are practising or trying to practise any true religion. By true religion I mean those religions that are based on love and principles that were originally given by religious leaders from many centuries ago. It is time for all mankind to be able to live in peace, harmony, and to exercise light and love. These are the blessings that will accrue from the work of Me and My friends who will also be back among us. There are several whose Second Coming is soon to occur - other religious leaders. The return of these others will occur about the same time as I return to Jerusalem. It will be a great outpouring of love and affection and the reinstitution of the peaceful messages that all religious leaders brought to the world. The distortion by man will be quelled and the truth will prevail. They have their own people to communicate with, train, and teach the former principles that have been so distorted by Mankind.

There are messages to be given to many of the church leaders who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There must be a resolution among the Christian churches of conflict among them. There is only one Great God I AM. There is only one Jesus Christ who helped spread the Word of God. Man has distorted much of the truthfulness of My Gospel. There must be the beginning of changes, of harmony, of lack of conflict among the Christian religions.

There will be some incredulity about My Coming and My messages. However, for each person or group I will, through my beloved Messenger, have a special message. That message will tell those to whom I shall speak that it is indeed Me, the reincarnated Jesus Christ. There will still be some unbelievers but that will not be to their betterment. Then there will be the gnashing of teeth after I do come in the flesh for My Second Coming. There are many who will hear My voice and be aware that it is I and that they should hearken to my words. They are the ones who will be blessed and whose congregations will be blessed by My new Gospel principles. It is far past time that they were teaching the fullness of My Gospel in all of those congregations that pray to Me and ask for My blessings. Blessings, indeed, I will give to them that hear My voice and follow my precepts.

There is lots of love in this world and there is the need for much more love to be put forth and abound among the whole population. Hopefully, we will be able to show the way to the love for all mankind. All of the celestial beings in Heaven and those of us who are permitted to attend to earth's population have a great outpouring of love for all mankind. There will soon be a great awakening of mankind. It has begun with a great outpouring of love, money, and help for the victims of the great tsunami disaster that occurred so recently. As never before now mankind appears to be more united and less concerned about race, religion, or geographical location. That is the lesson that we would like to have throughout the world. There needs to be a great deal of effort put forth to enable all of humanity to enjoy peace, health, and sufficient food and shelter to make life more pleasant. That will be one of the great efforts that will be the result of My coming.

There will be many angelic beings who will also help by paving the way, in a spiritual sense for the messages to be received. It has long been prophesied that I shall come with hordes of angels. It is true that there are many souls who will be available and most willing to help Me in My endeavors. Prophesies, in the main, will be fulfilled. The prophecies of great destruction and the great loss of life will not be fulfilled. There has been a change, thanks to our space friends, so that some of the changes that the earth is undergoing will be tempered so that the changes can be made without great destruction. There are still those who are involved in the old prophecies and are claiming great destruction to come. Fortunately for many of you, that will not be the case. We shall soon come and there will be some reordering of earth's structure to accommodate the earth changes that must be made. However, it will be a more peaceful evolution into the time for My Second Coming.

The changes to be made in some of My gospel teachings will also be somewhat resisted, just because it isn't that evident in the scriptures that are being used. The biggest task will be to add the concept of reincarnation to My Gospel. There is no question but that one can be saved in a Kingdom of Glory. You, each of you, create your own Heaven to the degree that you are willing to subscribe to the principles that have been taught. You will be with loved ones, if that is what you expect. Some of you may find it difficult to find your neighbor not being in Hell because he did not accept your religion. However, those mistakes shall be very easily remedied, at least to those who will accept the Risen Christ who will be for a short time in their midst.

There is much that is going on within My realm in preparation for the Second Coming. There are a few humans who are aware of My presence as the resurrected Christ. Those few of you who are aware of these events are expected to hearken to My needs and to do those things that will enable My messages to be brought to the world both before and after My arrival in your part of My world. Then I shall go to Jerusalem and be doing those things which were long ago prophesied that there might be a unity of the faith among both Jews and Christians. That will be a suitable culmination of My efforts for My world. In the meantime there is much to be done to have My gospel preached among the many diverse elements of My church. There needs to be one Gospel and that Gospel needs to have new information to be promulgated to the world.

There has long been a separation of Jew and Gentile, to use your phrases. There should not be such a distinction between the proponents of the Old Testament and the Gospel presented in the New Testament. My task will be to convince the Jewish leadership that there was a Christ, that He is a leader for both Jew and Gentile, and that there should not be a division, but we should all be embracing the same Gospel truths. That will take some doing and I shall be with them in Jerusalem for some time to accomplish the changes that need to be made in the truths of the Gospel.

Much of our doings on behalf of those who pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ will be blessed, especially where they are performing their religious practices with honesty and an unwavering belief in Me. There is much to commend all of those who have chosen to be ecclesiastical leaders and teach the love and precepts of My Gospel. They will be blessed for their work for mankind. There will be many who will recognize that the Second Coming is real and that they are indeed receiving messages from Me through the voice of my Messenger. There will be others to whom My speaking through a woman will not be understood nor accepted, at first. However, in due time, all honest practitioners of My Gospel and leaders of Christian churches will recognize that it is I, the Risen and Resurrected Christ who is among them, speaking to them, and encouraging their renewed efforts to guide My people and to teach the New Principles of My Gospel that have long been lacking from most of My Christian churches. These will be wonderful times, times of learning, times of development, times of coming together as one Gospel, One Christ, a fulfillment of prophecy, and the ushering in of a New World. It will take patience: much long suffering will not be expected, but there will be some who will recognize the truth of My new doctrine and grasp the essence of My teachings. It will be a new day for many, others will lag behind but soon will find that there is a New Christ teaching and preaching among them.

There is much to be said about the ability to mentally receive messages. There has been a dearth of such talents in your world, especially in the Western world. There has been much reported and much studied about telepathy but little done to teach or train people in telepathic communication. Teaching others to become telepaths is especially needed in My church. There should be, and there will be, those in every congregation who will be able to be set apart and officially designated as telepaths so that they can receive direct communication from Me for the benefit of all in the various congregations and churches. That is how communication with Sananda-Jesus will be accomplished.

There is much in this world that will be of great help in the coming days of ensuing peace and greater prosperity for all. Although there will still be some (seismic) earth shaking as the earth is readied for Her progression, there will not be as great a tumult as was caused by the Tsunami. The other quakes, etc. will be more natural and not man-assisted. We are pleased with the great outpouring of love and help that has come from all over the world. Those in power are greatly surprised at the results of this terrible disaster and how it has galvanized the earth's populations into action of peaceful giving to others. There has never before been such a great abundance of love shown to others and the realization that all of earth's people are all a part of mankind and that mankind should be more interrelated, blessed, and helped. Wars will seem to be abhorrent to many of you who are helping to limit the suffering of those who survived the great tsunami. That has been the unexpected result of a huge disaster. Know this, all who have died have been or are being welcomed by their families and loved ones who had gone before and they are peacefully enjoying their lives in the spirit world. I will be telling many of My religious leaders that the time has come for peace to be declared among all religious groups.

Love and brotherhood throughout all of mankind is the message that I will bring.

There will never be one world and one church, however, there will be a better unity of My Gospel among the Many Churches that bear My name.


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