I have put together a page of info about Sananda, the fake Jesus that is coming claiming he is the Jesus of the Bible...take this info and make it viral folks! Make videos...let's get this info out!


 Let's start with the name "JESUS"...why was it changed and translated from Yahushua to JESUS?http://www.hiddenbible.com/jesuszeus/jesuszeus.html




AKA Sananda Esu (Jesus) - Immanuel - Sananda Jesus - Jmmanuel


In New Age writings Sananda was always a lesser of the Masters. The "Masters" they refer to are the leaders known as the Ashtar Command. Hatonn and Maitreya were the chiefs of the leaders.

According to the plans of the Great White Brotherhood (Illuminati) and the New Age Maitreya was the one who was supposed to come to earth as "god" and sit as chief of the Global New World Order. However due to our resistance and war against him with our Orgone we were able to cause his star ship to catch fire...Maitreya is now AWOL and no one has heard from him since last year (2011) with this causing a catastrophic crises in their plans, they must now replace Maitreya and have chosen Sananda to come as the dominant master.

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See my website on Share International and Maitreya http://www.sherrytalkradio.com/maitreya/index.htm


I was hesitant for a long time to declare Maitreya as "dead" until I heard and it was confirmed from high level sources that at the highest of the Brotherhood occultic levels that they were in shock of Maitreya's "absence" and had not heard from him...and believed themselves that he had died. When I heard the queen herself was in shock, then I was confident it was true and what I was seeing in the Bible Codes was accurate and I wasn't misinterpreting what I was seeing. The term "death" can mean various things...but at this point I'm leaving it be, Maitreya is 'gone' and his demise has literally shocked the occultic world, and me, and has brought it to a whole new level of our warfare against them.


Now who is Sananda? He claims to be one of the highest ranked extraterrestrials and is referred to as the Beloved Commander in Chief of the Ashtar Command. However, he also claims to be Jesus Christ or "master" Jesus. So the New Agers believe Jesus is an alien.

These "masters" or Light Workers are what's known as Ascended Masters (fallen
angels) They have a plan: a spiritual reorganization of the planet.

Sananda is coming as the Jesus Christ of the Bible...but he's a fake, an imposter, coming to supplant and replace traditional Christianity with a compromised form of Islam and to keep the church in their present errors of Sunday worship (ignoring the seventh day Sabbath).

The government will prepare his coming with legislation to enforce Sunday worship Law and the religious leaders will start promoting "Chrislam" ...a compromised version of traditional Christianity with Islam.


According to the New Age beliefs Sananda is the Galactic name for Jesus. According to Wikipedia..

Joshua David Stone (whose organization, the I AM University, was originally headquartered near San Luis Obispo, California), began holding his Wesak Mount Shasta gatherings in 1996. Stone had already began teaching in 1993, based on the early 1980s revelations of Tuella, that the Master Jesus, under his galactic name Sananda (the name, Stone stated, he adopted after his resurrection), works with Commander Ashtar, flying with Pallas Athena in their own flying saucer within the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet as its Commander-in-Chief.[36] According to Stone, another name used by Commander Ashtar to denote his flying saucer fleet is The Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood.[37] Stone continued to present these teachings after 1996 at the yearly Wesak Mount Shasta gatherings.

Airborne Division of the Brotherhood of Light

Lourene Altiery, also known as Karita to her followers, is an Ascended Master Teachings teacher originally from Joliet, Illinois who now resides in Sun Lakes, Arizona. She set up her website in 2001. Like Luis Prada, Altiery also teaches that Sananda has taken over as the Commander of the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet and that Ashtar is now second in command. She also teaches that an alternate name used by Commander Sananda to denote the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet is The Airborne Division of the Brotherhood of Light.[38][39] [40]

In addition, Lourene Altieri has revealed the names of and channeled information from some of the other prominent beings who she says travel with Commander Sananda, Ashtar, and Vrillon on the saucers of the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet. These include Aleph, subcommander of one of the wings of the fleet, whose function is "working towards raising the consciousness of humanity and uplifting the vibrations of planet Earth"; Korton, captain of the flying saucer Rainbow, the fleet communications officer in charge of maintaining subspace communications for the fleet; Esola, captain of the flying saucer Starship #77; Merku, of the planet Alcorn, subcommander of one of the wings of the fleet; Soltec, captain of the geophysics science survey flying saucer Phoenix; Voltra, the "space psychologist", who monitors the "vibratory level of humanity"; Kla-La, "master of force dynamics"; Hatonn, who monitors events on Earth for the Galactic Hall of Records at the galactic core; and the Lady Master Athena, the twin flame (celestial wife) of the Maha Chohan; Altieri teaches that the Lady Master Athena often personally accompanies Commander Sananda on board his command flying saucer.[41]





He also plays the role of "Jesus" in the astral realm and near death experiences. He's the one Michaelangelo painted a portrait of that the churches then accepted as the picture of "Jesus." Most churches today have pictures of this Sananda hanging in them somewhere. Most believers correlate the picture of Jesus that they see as the real Yahushua/Jesus when it is really this Sananda Immanuel who will come to earth playing Jesus, the Son of God. A very good deception. The church was groomed for hundreds of years for this one. Allegedly lives aboard the UFO-ship called the Capricorn and works in Utah  which he considers the "New Zion." Works with the Mormon cult deception and also in Jerusalem behind the scenes to prepare for his arrival as Christianity's "messiah.".

Sananda Immanuel claims/admits Sanat Kumera is his father - Sanat Kumera is another name for Satan

He'll also be a big supporter of Globalization under a NESARA economic program.

See the Bible Code on Sananda at http://www.hiddencodes.com/sananda.htm of http://www.sherryshriner.com/sananda.htm

Some of the terms found in relation to this false Jesus-Sananda are:

Code #1 = Jesus - Fraud - Hoax - Fraudulent - Deceitful - Phony - Fake - Blaspheme - Blasphemous - Blasphemy - Satan

Code #2 Blasphemy - Blasphemous - Blaspheme - Deceit - Hoax - Fraud - Plant - Phony - Fake - Deceitful - Demonic - Ghoulish - Anuk - Witchcraft

Code #3 Jesus - Aerodrome (UFO) - Beast - Phony - Fake

Code #4 Loyal - Lucifer - Indwelling - Prayerful - Devotee - Following (Lucifer) - Blaspheme - Blasphemous

Code #5 Sananda - Omegan - Deceitful - Phony - Fake - Abomination - Disgusting - Repugnant

Code #6 Sananda - Fake - Abomination - Palal (to judge, to pray) - Repugnant - Disgusting - Idol - Demigod - god - Tyrant - Germaine - Associate - Friend - Satan


The world will believe he is the messiah, the Son of God, but he is really just a loyal follower of Lucifer's playing the game to the deceive the world as the Son of God.

People will call him Jesus and the Beast Prophets in the churches will support him...but he is a phony and a fake.



Sananda...what a scoundrel.

The magnitude of how he has worked over the years is just going to astound people. It did me. Think about it...the person who has portrayed the picture of Jesus that we have seen all of our lives..the person people have seen in Near Death Experiences...is Sananda.

Not Jesus, not the Son of the Most High God..it has been SANANDA.

He has been playing the role of Jesus behind the scenes all this time.

The Jesus people have seen in visions, the Jesus people have seen in night time visitations..it has been SANANDA.

Sananda, Sananda, Sananda. He's a fraud, a mocker, an imitator, a blasphemer of the Most High God.

When he comes he will have an aura of authority about him, he will heal the sick, he will restore missing limns for people, he will raise the dead. He will be the great healer, he will mock and imitate everything the real Jesus, Yahushua did when He was here.

Sananda's going to do everything Jesus did and people are going to call him Jesus.

People think because they are Christians that "Jesus" has really appeared to them. They were deceived, they are being deceived, and they are going to royally be deceived when Sananda arrives himself for good. Because he's the one that's been showing himself to them as Jesus and so they are going to recognize him as Jesus and proclaim he's Jesus. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud.

We have been so conditioned in pictures on what "Jesus" looks like, that when he arrives or shows himself to people they don't even bother to test the spirit as commanded in the Word.

Test the spirits whether they be of God.

And if that's not bad enough, this Sananda-Jesus has his own lead angel Michael. Those familiar with spiritual warfare know how demons and fallen angels will take on the names of Biblical figures to mimmick them. And that's what we have here folks, a complete mockery and imitation of the real Jesus, Yahushua Son of God, and the archangel Michael. The ones coming are FRAUDS.

Will it be convincing? Yes. Will they be convincing? Yes.

These two, Sananda-Jesus and angel Michael (with his forces) have been masquerading behind the scenes as the real beings themselves when they are not. They have deceived many in the New Age and more esoteric theologies that are familiar with them in assistance, channelling etc..Even Christians who proclaim the false prophecies given to them by this Sananda and seeing Sananda's "angelic forces."

Wake up people..Wake up they are FRAUDS.

Remember, the false Jesus, the false Father-God and the false angelic forces all COME FIRST.

When you see these beings rebuke them. Test the Spirits. Especially when they just start showing up here on earth..remember that they are FRAUDS.

Don't be deceived by the deceptions of Satan. Many of you already have been, and are being deceived now by these very beings. Seek Yahweh for the truth. Ask Him to keep you from evil. Ask Him to open your eyes and remove the blinders so the truth in all things can be revealed to you.

Don't fall for the games, don't fall for the deceptions.

here is some of the garbage he speaks from his own mouth:

some of his garbage..

First Contact Space Volunteers:

  Tonight, I, Sananda (Jesus, Jeshua), will address you. I am standing on the bridge of the Starship Capricorn with its captain, Helena, and Padre Pio. We will be working closely together in the times ahead preparing you for contact with those you consider the Celestials who are here surrounding your planet at this time ready to give aid to your forces so that NESARA can be announced and contact made between us and you a true reality.

   You really do not realize what these wonderful beings are doing for your world and have been doing for many years now. They work with the entity you know as GAIA, Mother Earth. They are aiding her in her re-birthing pains, helping you to be reborn as well as her. Without their help, she would have evolved without you or should we say, much much fewer of you.

   The catastrophes and earth changes which were predicted would have taken place and the number of humans on planet Earth would be less than 10% of what the current world population is now. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and such would have created much change on the planet were it not for these helpers and you, the growing number of humans who are awakening as to your true identities and abilities.

   YOU with the help of the Ascended Masters, these beings you name Celestials, and other beings of great love and power have cleansed a great majority of the Mass Consciousness of this world and have altered the time lines and prevented that which was predicted, these catastrophic earth changes. Now, as the being known as GAIA evolves, you will evolve alongside of her, with her, into the higher dimensions of reality.

    Tonight, though, I need to address the topic of COMPASSION. Each of you will need to fill your hearts and minds with compassion and love in the days ahead when your history is made known to you in its truth. When that event known as the NESARA Announcement takes place much will be revealed to you that many, many of you will be at first be filled with hatred and abomination. Some of you will not but many of you will.

   ALL of you need to take these feelings as they arise and surround them with the Violet Flame of Transmutation and see them transformed into love and compassion for those whose roles these were to carry out these acts. Yes, these individuals had free will to do as they did but in their fear they chose and embraced the darker energies rather than the ones of love and light. It is your time now to FORGIVE them, have COMPASSION for them, LOVE them....remember they have the same I AM spark of GODHOOD in them just as I do and you do. They will be judged for their actions, yes. They will have to make amends for their choices. It is not up to you to judge and condemn them....they will do this themselves as is required by the Universal Laws which govern us ALL.

    The time is now, Dear Ones, for each of you to truly find within yourselves the power of the Light that resides within you. Do not look elsewhere for that feeling of Love and Light. Do not look for ME to give it to you. Look within yourselves, find it within. Look for my essence that exists within each one of you. We are ONE.

   Become the Christed Beings that you already are. All you have to do is own it, merge with it so completely that you live each moment in the Love and Light that you truly are. Take that first step by opening your heart center and looking within for the LOVE that resides there and embrace it and bring it out to your outer being and existence. Learn to live each moment of your life in total love, seeing every situation as a chance to see the love that exists within the situation if you will but stop and look for it.

    This same LOVE exists within every being, no matter how heinous or repulsive they might seem to be or what actions they have done in the past. Learn to recognize and change those negative feelings within yourselves as they come up for you to examine. Learn to immediately change them into a feeling of love and compassion. You can do this with just a thought. All it takes is practice doing it. All you have to do is change your thinking. It is as easy as that. SEE THE LOVE IN ALL THINGS.

 Then, Dear Ones, be that example to your neighbors, friends and loved ones and show them how a true being of love responds to the unfolding times ahead of us all. Show them how to look within themselves. Teach them about love and compassion. Teach them to see the love in all things. This is the true task for you all. Your tasks ahead are so much more than just greeting the Celestial Crafts as they land and make their presence known. Each of you has so much more to do.

   I thank each and every one of you for "signing on" for this task. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE BEINGS OF LOVE, BEAUTY AND TRUTH.

   I am Sananda, and I leave you now to contemplate that which you have felt within your heart as you have read these words. I am but a thought away from you all. Think of me and I will be there with you.

End of Transmission.

Thank you, Sananda, for coming through this evening.

Ken Peterson





"And They Called His Name Immanuel, I AM Sananda"

“…of thousand that look for me, one finds me; of thousand that find me, one follows me; of thousand that follow me, one arrives at Me..."

"This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1st, 1961, in Chichen Itza, Yucatán, by one of the thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time.  Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken."  From the book "And They Called His Name Immanuel, I AM Sananda.", the Phoenix Archives, book available for free on the web.





2012 - 2013 - 2014

War on the Saints is Coming....Listen folks there is a huge persecution coming upon the Christians of this country BEFORE the Antichrist even makes himself known to people! They are coming after the church to destroy true faith and belief in the one true Most High God. They plan to push a destructive agenda at Christians through pornography and homosexuality to destroy their faith and in particular their ability to pray! They want to stop the PRAYING of the real believers in this country because there are only 2 things that are effective to tearing down the strongholds of Satan's kingdom on earth and that is PRAYER and ORGONE.

They also want to begin an inside war between the real and fake believers in the churches today. Most of the real ones don't even go to the churches today the Most High has pulled them out! But they are trying to eliminate the foreseen uproar that will come when the pastors introduce and support the fake Jesus as the Jesus of the Bible and Son of God.  The wolves today will support the fake Jesus - Sananda and ridicule and condemn the believers who don't believe it and fight against them. Just look at Matthew 24

There's a real holocaust in America coming. WW 2 was a carefully planned and scripted extermination! Just as Hitler was used by the Rothschilds and Illuminati to kill and execute the Torah believing Jews so the Satanic Talmud worshipping Jews could control and be in charge of the new state of Israel that was going to be given to them...the real Christians and believers in the Most High will be hunted down and killed and sent to FEMA camps to eliminate their opposition and to stop them from resisting!

The Beast Prophets in the churches today will LEAD the persecution and extermination of the REAL believers of the Most High! They are working together with the NWO and Illuminati and the Alien New Age to kill the real Christians so there is less opposition to Sananda playing the "Jesus" of the Bible and the coming New Age Alien Deceptions.

They are building their lists of those who will oppose and resist their agenda and they are going to begin FEMA roundups this year to eliminate the opposition. Prepare folks!  - Sherry Shriner



see more info and Bible Codes on Sananda at http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/sananda.htm