by Sherry Shriner

Are Bush and his cohorts lusting after ERIDU in Iraq? 



2/2/03 4:17:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Please re-read all these crazy details about Iraq, because I think ERIDU
is what Bush and the gang is after.  It takes a couple days to let all
these details sink in, so I hope people don't gloss over any details in
this email.  It's not like the Annunaki descendants are just going to
LET him have access to this stargate.

Here: I made a grid map of Iraq:

Ask people if this "STARGATE" they're looking for is ERIDU, in southern
Iraq.  If I'm wrong, I'd be surprised because it's where the Annunaki
were!!!!!!!!  I'm repeating myself in this email because I pieced
together these details rather quickly because I have to get off the
computer.  Also remember that the 01-12 grid line directly connects to
the 01-21 grid line, where ALL the Pyramids are!

The main Becker-Hagens grid node #12 is over in the Rustmani tribal area
of Pakistan, as you can see in the link I made above (it's where all the
GAZILLION lines meet over Pakistan).  But what the link DOESN'T have is
a list of ALL cities in Iraq that are within a 1/4-degree of a grid line
(when headings are compared, that is).  But YOU NOW HAVE an attached
list of those cities in Iraq
, about 788 of them, in this ZIP file.  Some
of the cities in southern Iraq are in this list!  If you circle them on
a map of Iraq, you can get a ruler and connect the dots to make the grid

I still think that what these people are looking for is related to the
ancient site of ERIDU, which is exactly along an EarthStar line, and is
related to the Annunaki.  With all the info below, just remember that
the DOME OF THE ROCK is EXACTLY along the same Earth grid line as the
ancient Annunaki site of ERIDU!  These locations and other power points
along the same line connecting nodes 01 and 12 are found a couple miles
away from the exact 01-12 grid line path.  But that's good!  Because the
waves of energy are probably pretty strong when you're "kind of" close
to a main line like that.

Please remember what I just typed there!  Think about it this way!  If
you have a house near the train tracks, it's like saying the vibrations
you feel as the train thunders down the track are better when you're a
"little ways" away from the main line of energy.  It has to do with
energy waves.

Dome of the Rock info:
Latitude:  31° 47' 24" N
Longitude: 35° 12' 11" E
This spot is along the line connecting node 01 and junction point A
inside the 12-02-01 grid triangle.

Sitchin mentions it being the location of the "post-diluvial" Mission
Control Center of the "Anunnaki".
There you will find Swerdlow mention this:
Stewart’s Reply: Long time, no hear. Hope you are okay. The Israelis are
attempting to violently incite the Arab world so that they will have an
excuse to eliminate them. Same thing is occurring in Central Asia. This
will all lead, soon, to the destruction of the Dome of the Rock as I
have said many times. Then the third temple will be rebuilt and the New
World Religion will be installed.

Dome of the Rock is mentioned here too:

Sumerians were in southern Iraq.

The landing place of the Annunaki was in an area once
called Eridu, now called Southern Iraq.

A timeline mentioning the Annunaki:

They're probably lusting after ERIDU, where the Annunaki used to be.
Latitude:  30.7975000 N
Longitude: 45.9777778 E
This spot is located between EarthStar points B and C in the 12-21-01
grid triangle.
That means this spot is "along" the B-C EarthStar line.
Remember, the B-C line is part of a MAIN line that connects the 12 and
01 grid nodes!



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