The Prisoners of Dulce Base
By Sherry Shriner

      There are two governments occupying the United States of America today. First, there is the traditional government established by our founding fathers, founded upon the constitution and an elected government, and there is the fascist-Bavarian-Illuminati backed "underground or shadow government" led by the Corporate-Military-Industrial government, which is fighting against traditional America on its own soil. In other words, the two sectors are the Judeo-Christian based Constitutional Republic of America and the Luciferian-cult-based Socialist empire of Bavaria, known as Bavarians or the Illuminati.

       Perhaps as early as 1776, a gradual coup d'etat has been underway by Illuminati secret societies to undermine, overpower, and take over the traditional form of government in America and establish a fascist Luciferian dictatorship working under the guise of a New World Order.

       Over the last 70 years since 1933, this New World Order Shadow Government funded by American tax dollars and illegal drugs and weapons trades has been developed   and implemented alongside our normal government but kept hidden and out of public view by a controlled media and their trained assassins. 

       There is an inevitable war waiting between the elected surface government and those who will fight to defend it and the underground joint humanoid-reptilian-draconian New World Order if freedom is to be preserved. Over the past 40 years, the New World Order has successfully taken over the elections process to guarantee one of their followers is always elected as president. The American public has been deceived and played as fools by those who wish to destroy them from within. This joint alien-human domination is almost complete.

       It is this joint alien-human government that has covertly undermined our elections process, lied to the American people, and have served as Presidents and many of our Congressmen since the 1970s.

       Secret Societies rule our government. Not one president has been elected for the past 30 years that was not a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission run by the Illuminati. The insignia of the Trilateral Commission is the same insignia seen on Alien aircraft.

      It is the fascist core of the NSA and CIA that has been the Illuminati’s arm of control and protection here in America. It is this core who protect information about these bases and the alien aspect of the shadow government from being exposed. It is this core that is the direct link, not only to the aliens who direct behind the scenes, but the Vatican itself that sits at the top of it all. Not the Pope himself, but the Black Pope position, the real power in the Vatican that is hidden behind the “white” Pope and is virtually the Seat of Lucifer himself. The Draconians, dragons, of which Satan is, run the Vatican and the Illuminati and they rule this alien-human empire via Lucifer from the Vatican.

       It is the NSA whose personnel reportedly pilot the black-budget UFOs between the Luna (Alternative 3) base on Mars and the Dreamland base in Area 51, Nevada. It is the NSA and DIA who operate their own UFO fleets in our skies at night, both alongside and in opposition to alien craft. The question isn't do UFOs exist, but who is flying them?

       There are many secret underground facilities such as the Los Alamos base that provides an  underground garage for the human-American UFO fleets located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Even so, it is the Archuleta Mesa that is considered as the capital of the alien segment of the secret (Bavarian-Draconian-Illuminati-Alien) NWO government in America, while the Denver International Airport is the capital of the Human segment of the secret NWO government.

       In many underground bases, these aliens and humans work alongside each other. However, the Lord has shown me that these humans who have agreed to work with the aliens have been taken over by them and are controlled by them. The humans have been possessed by the aliens and assimilated into the alien collective that is controlled and manipulated by Lucifer himself.

      When our government officials first made contact with these aliens and started signing treaties with them, the process was under way for total Luciferian control of our government through the back door shadow government. Our government, naive to the tactics and strategies of the devil, gave him permission to indirectly work through his alien forces to work with our government and military officials, thus unknowingly allowing for the eventual possession and soul scalping of all those who would come in contact with these aliens.

       Secret societies and occultic groups that have existed since the beginning of time under different names all established to worship Satan and enslave those involved to Lucifer have come into almost complete domination in these last days of almost every government in the world.

      Only high ranking Freemasons, Scottish Rite, and other societies under the umbrella of Luciferian control have been allowed into positions of gaining security clearance to even come in contact with these aliens.  Even at the lower ranking levels of these societies the members are required to acknowledge allegiance to Lucifer as the God of Light or God of this world or whatever other deceptive verbage they are required to recite as an oath and this is what gives Lucifer's demons and aliens permission to possess and control these humans.

       The dark side and forces of evil operate on a permission basis. When someone takes an oath to Satan, no matter how deceived they are about the kind of oath they are taking, they are giving him permission to enter, demonize and possess them. Secret Societies that require oaths to join them are of the devil. Making oaths to the dark side allows the demonic to possess those in them, and when they are physically dead, Satan will possess their souls forever. In the mean time, they can be soul-scalped and replaced by aliens or demons who then take over their bodies.

       This shadow government running alongside ours is controlled by these secret societies. The Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are, in reality, secret societies because in order to be accepted as a member in either one of them, one has to be a mason or member of one of the other Lucifer controlled societies. At this level, this allows the aliens to take complete bodily possession of the humans involved with them. And this is one of the areas where the shape-shifting phenomenon comes from.

       For those involved with the shadow government and secret societies, first they lose their autonomy and individuality as human beings. Then they lose their bodies, and eventually their souls. Many have been soul-scalped and replaced by aliens themselves who now inhabit their bodies permanently.

      There is evidence of an agreement called the "100 Treaty" that began in 1933 by Franklin Roosevelt between the aliens and government of the United States. It was shortly after agreements started taking place that the alien infestation of our government and elected offices started taking place.  When you go to bed with the devil, you're not going to come out of it looking like an angel.

       The Science Fiction movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind was sold to the public as the first contact we had with aliens, of course created in fiction format so no one would believe it. But in reality, contact had been made in 1933. It could have been earlier than this, but if there was contact, it's been kept well hidden.

       We know there are many underground bases, practically underground cities that are kept well hidden and out of public view that sprang up as a result of having alien contact and making treaties with them.

        These treaties called for joint bases to be built for the exchange of technology with aliens. Our scientists and experts would work side by side with aliens and taught the new forms of technology that had been agreed upon.

       For instance, our government allows the aliens to mutilate animals and kidnap humans in exchange for antigravity technology, microchips, lasers, free energy and more. In exchange, we agreed to deny their existence, cover up their crashed UFO's, lie about human abductions and animal mutilations and keep a lid on an alien presence in this country,  while these aliens  mutilated animals for body parts and abducted humans for experiments, hybridization, soul scalping, chip implantation, mind control programming, dreamscape manipulation, genetic engineering experiments, crossbreeding, cloning, harvesting for body parts, using humans for food. Meanwhile our government looks the other way and protects them while they are doing it. And this still happens today.

       At the same time, while the aliens have been implementing their hideous agenda onto us and worldwide, our shadow government has been taught this same technology and has been implementing it on us themselves, such as chip implantation, mind control programming, dreamscape manipulation, genetic experimenting (super soldier), cloning, and global tracking and control. We have also learned antigravity research and literally have our own UFO fleets that are built underground, tested at Area 51, painted at Area 52 and stored at Los Alamos, among other bases.

       Some of the different security forces that protect and guard these bases include the Delta Force, Black Berets, Air Force Blue Berets, Secret Service, FBI Division Five, CIA Stormtroopers and the base(s) own special security themselves. It has been alleged that many involved with these security divisions have been soul-scalped or programmed to keep them under the control of the alien shadow government.

       I want to focus attention here on the Dulce base. Perhaps later the Lord will lead me to expose the others. But for now this base has been brought to my attention by Him, and it would be dereliction of duty to not bring more attention to it, where it is, and what it is.

       My information comes from the Most High God Himself who has given me spiritual visions about these bases, along with reports gathered and written by William Cooper, Phil Schneider, Thomas Castello, Branton, and others who risked their lives to bring information on these underground bases public. William Cooper and Phil Schneider were killed, and Thomas Castello is allegedly dead as well. Many others such as Branton, now a good friend of mine, have suffered through attempted assassinations or are constantly monitored and watched as a result of bringing public awareness to these underground bases.

The Dulce Base

       This joint CIA-Human-Alien base is located under the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico. Close to the Colorado border and situated on the Jicarella Apache Indian Reservation, the Dulce Base is approximately 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce a town located off U.S. 64 with a population of approximately 900-1,700 people. Dulce is a small town with one motel and a gas station, but underneath the surface of the entire area lies a vast complex and network of bases and shuttle systems that criss-cross through the entire country. Dulce is the central hub.

       The Dulce Base is more technically known as a Biogenetics Laboratory including but by no means limited to: Atomic Manipulation, cloning, human psychic research, advanced mind control, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio chip implantation, and the abduction and feeding off of humans, including children.

       It is the Second largest Reptilian and Grey base in North America, yet is the Central Hub for all the underground bases. The largest base is located by Taos, New Mexico.

       The Dulce Base was built on top of deep caverns that extend for hundreds of miles underground. There are 7 levels of the Dulce Base that are known of. The caverns underneath are off limits, and even most of the levels themselves are not accessible without strict security clearance to those who qualify to be on them.

       The first three levels contain government offices and a garage for street maintenance. The base itself is as large as the city of Manhattan. Yes they have roads and electric vehicles to drive. The second level contains offices and a garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and UFO maintenance. The third level is mostly government offices.

       The fourth level of the Dulce Base conducts research and experiments on the human psychy, dream manipulation, hypnosis and telepathy. All aspects of mind control programming take place here as well.

       Witnesses have described huge vats containing amber liquid with human body parts on the fifth level that are constantly stirred by a robotic arm. Rows and rows, thousands of cages have also been seen holding men, women and children to be used as food and put into these vats for the aliens.

       The sixth level is called "Nightmare Hall." It contains the genetic labs, and this is where the crossbreeding experiments of humans and animals are conducted. People have reportedly seen fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original creations. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages and vats of humanoid bat-like creatures up to 7 feet tall, 7 foot humans with wings and bat-like features.

       On the seventh level are thousands and thousands of humans in cold storage including children.

       These last few floors are the ones that the Lord has brought to my particular attention.

       In their insane desire to have human bodies as their own, Aliens have perfected the ability to take a person's soul out of their body and put it 'elsewhere.' This gives them access to a human body devoid of a soul. The body is a shell, a carcass, and they can take over and possess this body and use it for themselves.  This is termed as "walking-in." There are two types of walk-ins. Aliens can walk-in and possess a live human body, and/or a dead human, or in this instance, a live human who had their soul removed and then their body was taken over and walked-in by an alien.

      What happens to the souls? What is a soul? A soul is what makes you-you. We are souls, and our bodies are just shells that cover our souls. Can we exist outside our bodies? Yes, as a spirit, in spirit form. The aliens are kidnapping humans and taking out their souls and then putting these souls in storage containers, even boxes, and then taking over the human bodies as their own.

       The person who was abducted and kidnapped is not dead. They are still alive, but now as a soul, they are trapped in that container or storage box they were put into. They become prisoners imprisoned in these storage containers with no way out.

       This is what the Lord has shown me, and this can be verified by others who have leaked out information about these bases, and if people today who work at these bases would come forward as whistleblowers, we might be able to stop this once and for all and demand a Congressional investigation (most congressmen and congresswomen don't even know these bases exist). We need to free these people and bomb these bases out of existence!

       We are not ignorant now to what is going on. We know now. You are reading this and now you are one more person who knows.  And it is up to us to do something about it! It's time to start screaming and not stop screaming until every last person is released as a prisoner from this base and others like it. Pray for the release of these souls. There is power in praye,r and through prayer, these souls that are being imprisoned CAN BE released and sent to the Lord or just set free from the imprisonment.

       Hundreds of thousands of children and adults disappear every year in this country alone. Our government and media cover it up by under-reporting the true numbers of those who disappear, not reporting it at all,  making it seem like they are just various cases of runaways, or a spouse leaving with the children. Many of these people who disappear end up in these underground bases to never be heard from again.

      The Center For Missing and Exploited Children (run by the government for spin control) estimates that 300,000 children are missing each year. This number could be much, much higher and probably is. Over ten years that's 30 million children. That is a lot of food and harvested bodies for aliens don't you think? Over 30 years, that's 90 million! And our government will kill people to keep it quiet rather than keep it from happening. Why? Because in exchange for their silence, the aliens give them technology.

       What technology since the 1950s has been worth over 120 million lives? Mostly children? Lasik surgery, laser beams, computers, the microchip, microwave, almost all of our advances in electronics and human chip implantation have come from the aliens. Did we need them?  Many inventions by our own scientists and inventors have been confiscated by the government and then the person thrown in jail or prison to keep them from protesting.

       Free energy, cures for cancers, and even Aids were found as far as 30 years ago, but the government confiscated and confiscates the inventions and patents and has killed the scientists and inventors themselves. They don't want cures when the dying industry is big business. They don't want to heal you; their purpose is to kill you. Aids was designed by them to begin with and to target and kill off undesirable populations with predisposed types of DNA. Depopulation is a big part of the Illuminati-NWO agenda. And they don't want you to have free energy when they're making billions of dollars making you pay for it. Under the New World Order, mankind serves as nothing but slaves if they're not being used as alien food. We pay for them to exist in the underground mansions we've built for them with our tax dollars. We have built them a worldwide underground super tube shuttle system. They can travel underground to almost anywhere in the world at speeds we can't even imagine on the surface earth.

       Think about these things when you hear the term New World Order and/or Shadow Government.

       When George Bush Sr. first publicly announced the creation of the New World Order in 1991, he was in effect publicly announcing an alien take over of our nation and the replacement of our republic and constitution with a Luciferian and Alien dominant government.

       Now do you still believe the lies that he was a Christian? Who is currently our president? His son. Both are steeped into secret societies and the Bavarian Skull and Bones Society. They lied to you. The government is lying every day to us about who and what they really are.

       It's time to take our country back. Our presidential election process has been ruled by the Bavarians (humans possessed and controlled by aliens) since Kennedy was assassinated for refusing to go along with them. 

      The Controllers of this shadow government are literally feeding off our people. They are working behind the scenes of our elected government to present to the public the lie that we still have an elected government, although they've been controlling the top offices for years through alien dominated humans. The aliens who stay behind the scenes, known as the Controllers that you don't see, are the ones directing and controlling the underground alien empire we've built for them. They are the ones directing the chip implantation of the entire nation via vaccinations, flu shots etc..and the infestation and assimilation of aliens into our society as hybrids, soul-scalped humans, and clones. And they assassinate and target people who dare expose them.

       I serve the Most High God, and I am not afraid of them. May Jehovah the Most High be exalted and our nation turned back to Him so He can lead us of the grip and hands of the Bavarians. If America chooses to ignore it, stay in sleep and do nothing, our demise is assured.

       Thousands and thousands of people are being held captive in cages like animals at the Dulce Base. Even more thousands are being kept in cold storage, and even more are trapped in storage boxes with no way out.

       Dulce Base is on OUR soil. It's time to bring more awareness about what this base is, where it is, and get something done about this huge network of alien underground bases. They must be destroyed!

       We are at war folks. If the humans of this country don't stand up against the evil that is dominating us, we will be annihilated by them. It's not if, but when. Aliens are taking over our country and when the veil is lifted, you will start to see them more and more. Shape-shifting will become a common site; it almost already is to those in top political circles, but not the Capital Hill revolving door politicians as much as those who are "made for life" in Congress and will never lose their seats because they're part of the Bavarians. Those elected into the White House ARE Bavarians along with their entire cabinets.

       Seek the Lord as to what He would have you to do. But most importantly, pray for this nation and for the captives of Dulce Base and the others just like it to be set free.

   - Defeat the NWO