He's So Evil...
By Sherry Shriner


Benny Hinn is a monster. He's a beast.

You can read his books, or watch him on the TV, or see him all over the Bible Codes in regards to last days events and people and it's always the same. What he says, what he does, who he is, he's a blasphemous beast.

He's dominant as an announcer and a mouthpiece for Lucifer. I see him so much I'm beginning to think myself that he's beyond a candidate for being the false prophet, the second beast of Revelation chapter 13, he most likely is.

Here's the hang-up with those who study the second beast. We're conditioned by the mainstream church self-professed prophecy gurus that the second beast is a political leader who encroaches into religion by demanding the entire world worship the first beast Antichrist as God. When you step back and really analyze it, it's a whole other story.

And that's what I'm always having to do, stand back and re-look at things because that's what the Lord leads me to do.

We learn in stages, a little bit at a time so we can then put the whole picture together and how it relates to other things. And that's how prophecy is and the Bible. You learn a little here and there, and then a little here and there, and so on until it adds up and you can put it together in real knowledge and understanding of what exactly it is you're learning. It's not necessarily about being right and wrong, but how much you know and if you know everything about a certain thing, event, or area. I certainly don't know it all about everything, but as I seek the Lord daily for the truth in all things and look back over the years it's been quite a journey.

As I seek Him to make the last days events more clearer to me there's things here and there that will pop out at and me and I'll give Him time to re-teach me it, or show me something, and then confirm and reconfirm something so I can get a grasp of it and get to the point where I know what I know. And lately He's been having me re-look at the beasts of Revelation.

There's a million interpretations for them. One thing He told me recently in confirming the things I was learning and relearning was, "There's nothing new. It was an Assyrian in the past I allowed to destroy My people and it will be an Assyrian again."

His people are no longer confined in one group or area, we're all over the world. The Jews in Israel today reject and hate Jesus, Yahushuah and worship the Satanic Talmud that says Jesus is boiling in hot excrement in hell. And yet the churches practically worship these fake Jews in Israel. It's sickening.

The most notable thing about the ancient Assyrian is that it wasn't a Russian, it was an Arab. Prophecy gurus today want you to think that the ancient Assyrians would be present day Russians. Or since Iraq has been destroyed it can't possibly be an "Assyrian." The Assyrians were not "Jews" they were Aramaeans. And the first beast will be Aramaean and that means rising out of the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and those are present day Arabs...Ishmaelites.

The constant war between Isaac and Ishmael.

The first beast is an amphibian and an Assyrian. He's an Arab reptile folks. The second beast is an anthropoid. I see that all the time in the codes. And the front text of the Bible says the same thing, he's 'out of the earth.' What's an anthropoid? According to the dictionary an anthropoid resembles a human in shape or outward appearance. Anthropoids resemble human beings in structure and form. That's where they get the idea of having an evolution of apes into humans. And if you'll notice it's an ape, or cave man looking creature dominant in the Geico Gecko insurance commercials lately. If you're read my articles then you know where the 'cave men' came from. They were Lucifer's attempt to create 'man'. He failed. And that's why they'll never find the missing link between the 'evolution' of cave and prehistoric beings and mankind, because one was created by Lucifer and the other by God. God created Adam and Eve, the closest to human Lucifer got was creating cave and prehistoric beings. Satan mimmicks everything about God but always comes up short. That's why he stopped trying to create his own humans and fathered his own race creating his own Serpent Seed (Genesis 3:15) amongst God's creation instead.

The Biblical beasts are described as a reptile and an ape-human in symbollic and literal terms. An amphibian and an anthropoid. And these are the last two beasts that will dominate the earth.

Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. Satan himself is a reptile and snake, he can transform himself into a being of light, an angel or 'human.' He's a shapeshifter. It's not just a spiritual meaning of transformation where he can deceive people with spiritual deceptions, he can do so physically as well.

The first beast is a reptilian shapeshifter. The second beast is Serpent Seed, one of Satan's own offspring and they will work together to enslave and force the world into worshipping Satan as God and joining their counterfeit "Kingdom of God" on earth.

One of the biggest things that has stuck out at me lately is that I've often interpreted the second beast as a political leader because the second beast has legislation created and enforced that literally traps people into joining the beast kingdom on earth. If you don't join, you can't live a normal life in society. You can't buy anything, you can't sell anything, you can't cash a check, you can't live like a normal person. But the one thing the Lord has pounded into me lately is that the second beast, which is often overlooked, is a HEALER. He's a religious person, not a political person, and he's not the pope! He's not 'the Vatican.' He's out of the religious system of the Vatican/Protestant churches. This healer will receive his power from Satan and rise in power with the Antichrist to serve as his right hand man. Just as the real son of God proclaimed His power was from His Father/God, so will the second beast proclaim his power is from the first beast/God.

The Second Beast will heal people and perform great miracles and supernatural feats and wonders. The codes describe him as a magician, a fraud, yet the masses of the world will be deceived by him and listen to and believe his rhetoric that he receives his power from the first beast who is "God" and should be worshipped as God.

Now you can see why Benny Hinn is so dominant in the codes. I don't think someone 'new' is going to rise up as the second beast, I think it will be someone we already know who will step into that role, and Benny Hinn is dominant for it. He's already a mouthpiece for Satan. He parades around the world as a healer and an evangelist when all the while he's a blasphemer and hypnotist. And those are the same attributes of the first beast, blasphemer and hypnotist.

A dominant term that describes the antic they will both use when they begin to dominate the earth in power and influence is aesthetics. They are going to play on peoples emotions. In other words, intelligence and intellect will be thrown out the window for feel-good emotions. They will arise to the occasion to make people feel good, want to feel good, and be ruled by the feeling-good rather than intellect. And they have the tech weapons to literally make people feel good. For years our black-op government has built and perfected weapons that can mimmick what demons can do to people. These demonic beings and now even manufactured weapons can make people feel drowsy, tired, anger, fear, or even excited and blissful. They have even mastered a false "Holy Spirit" feeling where a person feels like they are filled with the "Holy Spirit." Demons have been using that one for ages in the churches. The beasts will use these and even hypnosis to force a willingness of the people and nations to follow and believe them.

There are multiple thousands of people who have already fallen for these antics and charades that Benny Hinn has used to build his religious beast empire with. If they were actually using their intellect they would recognize his teachings as the blasphemy they are, but they "feel good" or "feel God's presence" or "get healed" via him and thus sucked into Satanic delusion and deceived by the aesthetics Satan has to offer them through his servant Benny Hinn.

Benny's not even his real name. In fact did you know he's Arab? How many of his followers really know who or what he is? How many of them care? How many times have they read things about Benny Hinn and ignored it because they didnt' want to face the truth about him? Why do they follow him? Because they don't love the truth, they love aesthetics, they want to feel good and think he's a legitimate servant of God because he makes them feel good..they feel "God" in his services. It's not God, just a delusion and false feeling from a false "Holy Spirit." Many people will follow him into the pit of hell.

Several years ago Chic Publications exposed and revealed the Vatican's connection to the Arabs and Islam. The Vatican created Islam and used Mohammad's Jesuit wife to convince him he was a prophet. When Islam rises to world dominance they will destroy the Vatican. "The beast will hate the whore and burn her with fire." Literally. And not just the Vatican, but the entire whore, the entire religious system of churches, and believers of every denomination that doesn't align with Islam.

Maitreya-Jesus Christ and Benny Hinn? What a combo.

What we need to realize as believers when it comes to last days events is that Satan is going to build a mock Kingdom of God on earth. He's going to set up a worldwide theocracy ruled by him. We relate to it as a fascist dictatorship because to us that's what it is. But Biblically speaking, the beasts set up a theocratic reign on earth, so naturally it will have to be built and founded upon theocratic religious leaders who have the ability to wage war against those who refuse to fall in line and follow them.

And this is where all the other beasts come in that I keep seeing in the codes. Javier Solana, friend of the beast, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, etc.. etc..even Satan's own "delegacy" that arrives with Maitreya to lead the world leaders into their theocratic agenda of worldwide control. Satan will have his own council of political and worldwide kings/presidents to rule over their nations and lead them into his agenda. These political leaders of every nation will align with the theocratic kingdom of the beast or be overthrown and destroyed. The beast will have an army and enforce his agenda and it's just a matter of time before he will control the whole world through war, famine (forced starvation), intimidation, blackmail, and force.

Two false religious leaders, both with the ability to heal people and perform miracles. These are the beasts of Revelation 13.