The Invasion....Has Begun
by Sherry Shriner


The Invasion is Three-Fold:

1. Covert Silent invasion. Soul Scalp and replace or possess the bodies of humans with alien and demonic beings.

2. Overt Invasion - More visible with their UFOs and flyovers to condition and intimidate mankind of their presence here on earth.

3. Elimination of Dissenters - "If you're not with us you're against us" mentality and they will eliminate all who oppose them.

       I was sitting here at my computer just thinking about the sheer numbers of all those who have already been overtaken, i.e. possessed and/or soul scalped by alien and demonic beings and the thought of rabid crowds came to mind. Why? Because a lot of the violent civil disruptions and violent protests taking place around the world are being instigated and led by those working the Alien agenda. And it is these pawns who have been soul-scalped who are the most vicious and violent, the murderers and rapists spreading their hate and terror across the globe today.

      These pawns are those who have been replaced, soul-scalped and possessed by evil beings to further the alien agenda of death, destruction, hate and violence. Lucifer feeds off abuse, death, and suffering. And those who are sitting in Lucifer's traps of false religions are now the candidates for possession and soul scalping and many in large numbers are now falling as prey to these tactics.

 Radical Islam is a creation of the aliens in our government to spread hatred and violence. Islam was created by the Vatican, and the Vatican used our CIA to create the 'terrorists.'  Lucifer and his fallen angels termed as "aliens" have infiltrated every nation in our world whether it be through politics, religion, or entertainment.

     They are moving our world towards one they can control as they use wars, protests, and mayhem to create an evil energy source for their evil selves to feed off of. Then the answers and solutions to the problems they created help get them closer to further control and slavery of the people. And most people are to dumb to realize what's really going on or they are not even paying attention.

     "The government will handle it" they proclaim as they head back to sticking their heads in the sand. They better believe the government will "handle it." When the government owns the sand they stick their heads in and starts controlling that they'll have nowhere to go but reality and by then it will be too late.

       The alien agenda is Lucifer's agenda. The New World Order was an alien creation instigated by them and implemented by their pawns in the secret societies that they created and control. The New Age was just another tool to deceive the gullible that were not overtly involved in politics or mainstream religions. The attempt to unify all religions via ecumenicism is just an attempt to defile Christianity with compromise and idolatry by accepting and unifying with pagan religions. Catholicism is steeped in idolatry and paganism and yet our mainstream church leaders call for unification with the Vatican, Satan's seat on earth. These leaders have been possessed or even soul-scalped to promote Lucifer and his agendas and the sheep flock to see or listen to them as if they were shepherds of the Lord's.

 Another clever deception has been Christian Zionism. The Lord's people have no business supporting today's Israel. The Khazar Talmudic Jews run Israel today and 90% of those or more who claim to be Jews are Talmud worshippers. The Talmud claims Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell. They do not accept Jesus as the Messiah and plan to exterminate all those who do. At the same time, it is the Lord's "people" who have been deceived into supporting them and sending them billions of dollars in aide every year. The Lord is not returning His people back to Israel until He returns Himself. When the United Nations declared Israel a nation in 1948 it was to suit their own Satanic Illuminati plans of deception and world domination. They have deceived Christians ever since with pro-Zionism cheerleaders such as Hal Lindsey and others who often wave the Zion flag for everyone to support Satan worshipping Talmudic Jews. It's blasphemous and ludicrous. And the churches fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

       Anyone could do five minutes of research and discover it's the Khazar Jews who dominate Israel today. These are the fulfillment of Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9 of those who call themselves Jews but are not.  The Khazars are not bloodline Jewish Israelites.

       It is these "Jews" who are dominate within the alien agenda and running most governments around the world today with their Illuminati agenda backed and supported by the Jesuits and Vatican.

       Everything always goes back to the Vatican. Why? Because it's Satan's seat on Earth. The position titled the Black Pope is the real power in the Vatican, not the "white" pope that everyone sees. It is the black pope who is Satan's second hand man on earth and runs the governments, religions, and militaries of the world. Satan rules the world through him. Who is the black pope of today? Hans Van Kolvenbach.

       Over the years the leadership positions in government, military and religions were overtaken by alien and demonic beings to where now they control all the top leadership positions. I've been sounding the alarms on that for years. But now the stakes have changed. Now that they dominate all the key positions in all areas imaginable they are moving in on the public to dominate as many people for themselves as they can.

         The Most High told me this:

     Yes child they are here, in many numbers. A worldwide invasion has begun. It has been going for sometime but it was a select targeting of those who were already theirs. Now it's reaching out to mankind and affecting the populations in every country. This has been going on for quite some time in a limited amount, but now it is time to sound the alarms and warn My people.

    They have targeted their own before and I allowed it. Now they are targeting Mine and I am warning them.

    Those who are not with Me and have their spirits prepared and strengthened in Me will be overcome by them. And I will allow it. I will allow it because I have reached out to those who call Me by My Name to lead them into the truth of their errors and deceptions and they have refused to listen to Me, or to those who I have sent to them. They have refused to listen to My instruction and My warnings and I will no longer strive for them. I will give them over to their own ways.

     I have much patience. And if they repent of their ways and return to Me I will forgive them and heal them. But they must repent and seek Me.

      There has always been a silent invasion (of their own). But it will increase now and engulf many peoples of many countries and nations to prepare for their coming literal presence on earth.

     It is time for many more things to begin to manifest and you will see them child. I will reveal them and show them to you. Warn My people as I lead you to. Those who can hear are of Me.

     Prepare My people to head to the mountains, to flee the cities.

     The time will come when they will not be safe for any of My people. They will be hunted by those who are here and are coming to target and destroy them. Yes they will be looking for MY people. My people must flee to the mountains where I will protect them.

    Now is the time to prepare.

    Tell them and warn them of the time that is coming.

    Tell them.

       The time is coming when believers of the Most High will no longer be safe from the alien and demon dominated people around them. People who do not love the Lord are prime candidates to be soul-scalped and possessed so these alien and demonic beings can inhabit a human body, and they are being clobbered by them as I write this. It's a phenomena that's not going to stop.

       Every day more and more humans around the world are being possessed and even soul scalped and the Lord is going to even allow His people to be as well. Why? Because many of those who call Him by His Name are sitting happily in errors and delusions deceiving themselves because they think they are in the truth when they are not. They have accepted deceptions and lies because they don't seek the Lord for His truth and truth in all things.

        He has warned these people enough. Now they will suffer from their own actions and the only way out of being possessed by these alien and demonic freaks is for them to repent and seek Him for forgiveness.

        Keep orgone with you. It repels the evil people around you (see http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com ). I have received many emails over the past few weeks from people who have neighbors moving out because they planted orgone around their homes or they are being plain stared at in public places because people who have been possessed or soul scalped recognize they have orgone on them! And they don't want a thing to do with them!  This is a weapon the Lord has given us in these last days to do exploits with so keep at it folks!!

      The silent invasion is underway and in full force. Be on guard! Make sure you are walking with the Most High and have your spirit strengthened in Him. Recognize what you are dealing with and when. Especially if you work in the government or have to deal with high ranking military officials. Most just aren't even fully human anymore.

       The next step in the 3-fold plan is for them to bring it out overtly and start flying over and making their presence known to mankind. More and more sightings will be seen until eventually they just smother us with hundreds, perhaps thousands of their UFOs in all out invasion and literal takeover of earth!

       When this happens it's time to head to the hills folks, if not sooner. Do as the Lord leads you. They are already here by the millions implementing phase one, and when phase two starts you can stick a fork in earth! It's done!

       And they are coming to eliminate the Lord's people and those that resist them and can't be ruled over or dominated by them. It's going to be an all out assault on Christians and those who refuse to bow to their presence here! And that is why the Lord is leading His people to the mountains. Prepare folks. It's not if this happens but when!

       There is a silent invasion going on. You have been warned. Guard yourselves, protect yourselves, and seek the Most High for what He wants you to do or where He wants you to go. He has given us time to prepare, which means it probably won't get really bad until 2007 or even 2008 but listen to Him as He leads and guides you and ask Him to lead and guide your thoughts. Learn how He leads or speaks to your heart, learn to recognize His voice and leading and ask Him to teach you how.

       We have time to prepare, so prepare. If you are in the cities start planning to get out of them. Try to become more self-reliant and less-reliant on mainstream society. Stock up on food and water and other things you will need if you had to live in the woods for a while.

       We have more wars coming, famines, plagues, civil unrest, natural disasters and that's just the beginning. We are heading into the days of tribulation. Be prepared and ready to listen to Yah and what He leads you to do.




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