Nowhere Left To Hide
By Sherry Shriner

     The gig is up. 

     Ha Satan's plans have been exposed all over the world. Most of the darkness has been brought to light. He really has no place to hide.

     Some of the things I've written and spoken about over the past few years include but not limited to: the deception of the false apostle Paul, modern day worship of Baal, idolatry in the churches, Mithraism, aliens, fallen angels, giants, hybrids, the days of Noah, the coming great tribulation, the Watchers, New Age, New World Order, Satanism, Satan's seat in the Vatican, the Black Pope, Black military projects, chip implantation, soul scalping, shapeshifting, walking-in, zombeism, cannibalism, underground bases, joint human and alien bases, astral realm, astral projection, remote viewing, space travel, UFOs, abductions, hybridization, contamination of human DNA, serpent seedlines, cloning, mind control, ELF and EMP weapons, weather weapons, Psychotronics, hidden codes in the Bible, hidden reverse speech, the Talmud, Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism, Edomite Jews, serpent seedline, the Illuminati, the Illuminati Council, the Illuminati bloodlines, chemtrails, HAARP, Mars, The Blue Beam Project, NESARA, internment camps, martial law, alien-human hybrids (including Indigo and Star Kids) orgone, tearing down strongholds, joint human and alien underground bases, the occult, cults, Satanism, the Kingdom of God, the hooks and roots of sin, how to pray, how to love the Most High, and the list goes on.

What's left?

     I have spent years researching and gathering all of this information that I have put on my websites and have discussed on my radio shows, I have written over 60 articles and I have combined most of them into 2 books for those who don't like reading websites or wanted them in book form.

     I can't even think of anything that is left that hasn't been exposed or revealed already.

    Those seeking the truth of what's going on today have a lot of reading to do but it's all available.

   When I started praying and asking the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to me He led me into one thing after the next. And as I learned what it was He was showing me or leading me to I put the information on my websites. It's been a journey, and it's been exhausting, but it's also everything I asked for, the truth. The truth isn't easy and after you get over a lot of the initial shocks and have time to heal from those then the truth doesn't become shocking anymore it becomes interesting. "What now" becomes the mantra.

     I was telling the Lord a few weeks ago that I didn't want to spend the next year or year(s) re-saying what  I have already said. That I needed and wanted something new to learn or do. I'm getting bored of the same info. I want more, more, and more of Him.

    This whole world is just one big abomination. If it's not one evil thing it's the next. It is everywhere. It is oozing in every piece and part of this planet. And yet amongst it all are His people shining His light in a dark and evil planet that rejects Him and them.

    I'm not talking about the false Mithraic and Pauline Christianity that pervades Babylon and fills the purses of the whores of Babylon. But those He has brought out of them who can recognize what they are and are in the wilderness with Him. The lovers of truth who seek and ask Him for the truth instead of sitting and eroding in deceptions and errors.

    I don't know what's left. I don't now where He will lead me in 2006 other than to start building a safe haven for His people. Where I don't know. How I don't know. It's in His hands.

    As the wicked get wickeder and as the world gets more violent and evil He will lead His people to havens for safety from it all. Many will lose their homes or have to leave their homes because of the coming destructions, wars, terror attacks, bio-attacks, violence and mayhem.

    The Lord is preparing places for His people around the world. While others will be given the ears to hear others won't. Many will be tested in the trials and persecutions coming because their faith hasn't been perfected and He will test them with persecutions and even death to see if they really love Him and will become martyrs for Him. Others will fulfill their ministries for Him and then go home. He will allow them to die or be killed.

    If you are on the fence get off of it. If you are sleeping, wake up. If you are backslidden get right with God.

    Time is short. Look around you. We're not going back to Kansas anymore. We're heading into death, destruction, and the arrival of the Antichrist.

    It's time to get busy in doing the things He needs for you to do. He will lead you but He can't lead you if you're not listening or seeking Him.

    Seek Him. Get right with Him. There's nothing in this world worth holding onto. Give this world up. Your rewards are in heaven and they last for Eternity.


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