Project Earth: Satan Is On The Prowl
By Sherry Shriner

 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (I Peter 5:8)

       The Apostle Peter warns us to be on guard against the devil. The devil is a false accuser, the slanderer of men before God. Peter calls the devil our adversary because that is what he is. In Hebrew Ha Satan means adversary. He is our opponent, our enemy.

       Lucifer, in Hebrew Hallel (pronounced Hallayel), is called both the devil and Satan because he fulfills both of those roles.

        I hate getting into semantic wars with people. If they have nothing to do or nothing else to argue about they will pick a fight over semantics. It is mostly those from the realm of the occult who have been brainwashed in one way or another into believing that Satan isn't real or that Lucifer and Satan are not the same person.

       Satan is real. And he is devouring the souls of men and women all over this planet and he has been doing it for thousands of years. As a fallen angel from heaven he is also the prince of demons. He controls both realms of beings, alien and the demonic.

        Aliens are fallen angels. That is just another term for them. One they started referring to themselves as to hide the fact they are the fallen Watchers from heaven (Gen. 6:4) or those who rebelled with Lucifer against the Most High (Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28).

      Demons are the spirits of the human hybrid children that resulted from the offspring of human women and the Watchers who left heaven to cohabitate and impregnate human women. In other words, angels left heaven to come to earth to procreate with women. Thus their offspring were half human-half fallen angel. So they weren't fully human. When these half human children died their spirits were condemned to roam the earth. (a judgment against their parents the Watchers for their rebellion in leaving heaven). The Prophet Enoch says they are called demons. And that's where we get the terminology for them. The first 15 chapters of the Book of Enoch gives great insight into the era of the Fallen Watchers (see Enoch).

       As you can see, Satan's territory is pretty vast. He controls the air/space/heavenlies with his aliens and the ground on earth with his demons. His aliens can live under the earth and on planets or moons. And they fly around in UFOs to get around just as they did before Lucifer's fall from heaven. Demons are limited to the surface and subterranean aspects of earth.

       Satan uses both groups to accomplish his plans in destroying the earth and keeping as many souls as he can away from Yahweh and the truth and redemption that is in Him.

        Both are used to propagate false religions and to deceive mankind into worshipping them as gods and idols. For example, the demon Moroni runs and controls Mormonism and has his own temple room overlaid in gold under the Mormon Temple in Utah. Sananda, who plays Jesus in the astral realm and near death experiences is actually a tall grey alien who takes a human form to deceive Christians. Michaelangelo painted a portrait of Sananda in the 1500s and the churches adopted this picture as Jesus even though they know they don't know what he really looks like, they attribute it to Him. How many homes in America today have the picture of Sananda in them? Many.

        Satan's millions of deceptions run from the outright obvious and outrageous to the subtle and unsuspecting.

       His biggest trick is to get people to believe he doesn't even exist or to believe in a lack of personal accountability for one's own actions. From his rhetoric you hear echoing through the gullible "God is an all loving God, He would never condemn anyone" to "God is a force, not a personal being, God is in everything and is everything."  They will see exactly who and what He is at the Great White Throne Judgment. There can be no love without justice. Just as their is right and wrong, there is reward or condemnation. There is heaven and a hell. There is a God and a devil. Literal, and real beings, they are not metaphors.

      They work as an army, Satan's army, behind the scenes to infiltrate every aspect of mankind and earth. They influence and control people either directly or indirectly to fulfill their plans.

       Aliens have bodies. Some are humanoid, meaning they look human while others are grotesque such as the greys, reptilians, mothmen, etc..I have written about why they have differences in other articles (see http://www.aliensinthenews.com/articles.htm).  Demons don't have physical bodies capable of being seen in this 3-D realm on earth and so they inhabit and possess men and women to work through them and influence them. Just the same, even in the 4-D realm demons are the most grotesque creatures you can imagine. Other than the black phantom types, none of them look the same. Many look like imps, orangatangs, ferets, ant eaters, just variations and as ugly a variation as you can imagine. The lower ranking demons resemble animals. The higher ranking ones are taller and can resemble Darth Vader, these types I refer to as the Black Phantoms. They are small and they are huge, the huge being the Darth Vader or Grim Reeper types. The taller they are, the more power and rank in Satan's kingdom. Many of these types serve as his Generals and what they call Gatekeepers in the demonic realm as well.

       Demons can operate in this realm without obtaining a physical body of some type to do so, but it's to their advantage to be able to possess humans so they can destroy them more easily. Most humans who are possessed don't know they are. In this way the demon(s) can lead that person more easily into sin, apostasy, false beliefs, false religions, atheism, agnosticism, Satanism, Luciferianism, the New Age and much more.

              Targeting Humans For Possession and Control

     There are ways demons can take over human bodies and fully possess them giving them the ability to operate on earth in human form.

Zombies - reanimated human bodies. A person that has died and then his body is brought back to life without his soul in it. The body is possessed by a demonic being that gives what appears to be life to the body.

They don't appear to be able to think or behave as normal human beings, thus the term "zombie." This will become more dominant during the tribulation period.

Vampires - there are two levels of vampirism. The first level is the introductory level where initiates begin to drink blood and show an interest in vampirism. People attracted to the Gothic underworld or lifestyle are targeted as initiates.

The second level in theory is the death of the human to be brought back to life or resurrected as a vampire. In practice, the person is most likely soul-scalped and instead of dying his soul is taken elsewhere and held prisoner in the astral realm while a demonic being takes over the person's body with the capability of being able to play the role of that person in society. This will also become more dominant during the tribulation period and even now there is an increase in this Gothic type of underground that features vampirism among the youth today.

Fetal Abductions - another way is taking the soul out of a baby that perhaps isn't even born yet and replacing it with a demonic spirit. Pregnant women who have been abducted by UFOs claim they saw the aliens take the soul out of their unborn baby and replace it with something else.

Mind Fragmentation - also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder. Induced by trauma, this causes the mind to split into fragments. These fragments can be taken over by demons who can become personalities or individuals within that fragmentation.

Soul Scalping - those who invite demons into them such as people involved with the occult and secret societies can find themselves permanently replaced by the demons they invited into them. A dominate form of possession, it starts out as a demonic possession and leads into the person's soul being replaced completely by the demon(s). Where that person's soul goes..I don't know. Could be the astral realm or they could also outright kill the person and take over his or her body.

Cloning - how many people are aware that their DNA can be taken from them unknowingly and used to clone a twin of themselves? It's being done. A piece of hair taken from you while you are sleeping, or perhaps a blood sample from a hospital if you have had blood taken for any reason. Or even from an infant PKU test that is required before your mother can even take you home after your born (if you live in America). If you have ever been in a hospital they most likely have a sample of your DNA. And by having a sample of your DNA they can clone you. They can make an exact replica of you, a twin. Only this twin isn't created with a human soul but is used as a body for a demon to inhabit and possess and use for itself.  And you wouldn't even know this clone exists.

Automatons/Robotoids - mind controlled, chip implanted soldiers. People whose minds have been taken over by chip implants and thus they are completely controlled. Clones could also be used in this way. This will become more dominant also during the tribulation period.

Secret Societies and the Occult - taking oaths of loyalty to Lucifer or the "god of light" (that is a masked reference to Lucifer the bearer of light) or any god other than the Most High gives access to demons to possess that person.

False Religions and Cults - religions who follow after BAAL and Mithra, demons and even Satan directly himself such as most of what claims itself as Christianity, Protestantism, Catholicism, Satanism, Wicca, Mormonism, Islam, Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses, Jews, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age, Islam, and others who follow after religious errors and deceptions and stay in them can allow access to demonic entrance such as demons of religiousness, religiosity, righteousness, lying spirits, spirits of deception, etc.. Demons often mimmick religious terms. The majority of Christians today are following after BAAL. Just as the Israel of the past often slipped into idolatry and the worship of BAAL so have the churches of today. Yahushuah says to come out of the spiritual whore and idolatry of Babylon. He warns His people specifically about Babylon in the last days. Who is Babylon? The United States. Get out of the churches! They are not worshipping Yahushuah but BAAL. Sunday Sun-God worship is NOT of the Lord.

Generational Curses - Being born into families that were afflicted by demonic possession because of their sins can result in their offspring being born with the curses of these afflictions.

Ancient Arts and Meditation - Blanking out your mind such as in meditation practices or seeking extra-paranormal powers (such as in most forms of karate and self-defense practices) results in demonic possession. Also both forms of white and black magic/witchcraft.

Self-Sacrifice and Self-Mutilation

     The lure of sex, drugs, wealth, fame, and power is the motivating factor for most of those who get involved with secret societies and the occult such as Satanism, Luciferianism, and Wicca. For others perhaps the sense of wanting to belong  to something or trying to fill an empty void of loneliness and wanting to be a part of a group or organization leads them to get involved. For kids it can be seen as the ultimate form of rebellion against their parents and so it is enticing for them to get involved.

     For whatever reason, the dark side can become appealing and is appealing to those who seek it. But they never truly see the dark side of the dark side until they are ensnared by it. And it doesn't take them long to realize it wasn't all it was hyped up to be and they are miserable, become possessed by devils, and feel trapped and helpless. The promises such as wealth, fame and fortune are only given to a handful of all those who become involved to keep the facade going.

     Satan never tells anyone the down side of anything. He lures and entices people to follow him either directly or indirectly through his army and human pawns with a "what's in it for you" mentality but only focuses on the good things that person wants to hear to lure them in. Once they are involved they get deeper involved into his traps of self destruction, sell their souls to him, or become victims of a satanic sacrifice themselves. Many young people are lured into satanic groups such as The Brotherhood as bait only to become victims of sacrifice on a satanic altar.

      In my spirit I keep seeing people, young adults, many of them, with missing limbs, many of them with only half arms, and they're dazed over, like zombeish.

      In the last days when Satan comes to power he will demand that all those who truly love him must prove their loyalty to him. Perhaps self-mutilation is how many will do it. Or perhaps they are trying to escape the chip/mark they received in their right hand as described in Revelation 13 by cutting off their right hand or arm. But there's no escaping it. Once you receive his mark/name/number in your right hand or forehead he owns your soul permanently and cutting off your hand will do nothing but give you a handicap. 

One Big Abomination

      If you stand back and look at the world today it is just one big abomination. The governments and religions of the world are all ensnared by the devil. He's in them all, he's running them all, and he's worshipped and followed by billions of people directly or indirectly.

     Most people are blinded by the light. Satan's light. They are dominated by the Spirit of Religiosity and Spirits of Deception rather than the Lord's Holy Spirit. And you can't tell them any different. They feel holy, they feel they are filled with His Spirit when it is the false light that dominates them. They love their delusions, witchcrafts, deceit and errors. The only way to escape it and know if you are truly one of His is to seek Him daily and ask Him to reveal the truth in all things to you. To lead you into His Truth Himself. It is a process. You won't get it at all at once. But as you continue to ask Him and seek Him for the truth you will begin to see the errors and apostasies you are in and that are around you. You will become less of man and your own head wisdom and more of Him. You will walk away from the errors and embrace His truth.

       If you are involved with religion you are told what to believe and what the truth is. You blindly accept what it is you are told to believe because you trust the people around you or those teaching you. You adopt their views as your own and their teachings on doctrines as your own. And if there is a discrepancy or contradiction you are told what to believe regardless if you understand it or not. Many just blindly accept and believe what they are told to and discouraged from questioning anything. This is mind control.

      Religion is used as mind control. Yahushuah is not the one being worshipped in religion(s) today. Man interprets for themselves what they think it is He is telling us to do and these interpretations have led into thousands of denominations just within Protestantism itself.

     If you have received His Salvation then you are filled with His Spirit and it is His Spirit that leads us and guides us into His truth. His laws are written on our hearts. His Spirit is not something we have to obtain as taught by the Pentecostals. Speaking in tongues is a manifestation of a person's flesh, not His Spirit. The 12 apostles of the Lord's didn't pray in tongues. This apostasy can be attributed to Paul, who was self-appointed and not one of the 12 apostles of the Lord's (see http://www.justgivemethetruth.com) who introduced Mithraism into the church (see http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/churches.htm)

     Ancient Israel was governed by a royal priesthood. The early believers were governed by the apostles. After 300 years of persecution after Yahushuah arose from the dead and left earth, the churches established by the apostles were in shambles, the Scriptures they carried were burned, and a pagan Roman governor called Constantine established an official church to bring peace to the country. It was the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.  that suggested what would be official church doctrine and what wouldn't. It was ultimately Constantine who made the final decisions and gave the final approval. Those on this council were not from the original early believers who had been scattered and persecuted but hand picked by Constantine himself who wasn't even a Christian. And over the past 2000 years the churches have blindly accepted this as being of the Lord.  The King James Version of the Bible was put together by a homosexual mason who had sworn oaths to Lucifer. And the churches blindly accept what he told them was the official Word of God..i.e. the KJV.

      The Word of God is in the KJV, but the book itself has been manipulated by King James and the Roman Catholic Church to keep true believers of the Most High in apostasy. Especially if they follow Paul's teachings. Most of them regard the Apostle John's warnings of adding to or subtracting anything from his scroll and apply it to the entire KJV and so dare not question anything within the KJV itself. It was perfect mind control manipulation instigated by King James. A pagan in charge of putting together the Bible? And the churches never question this.

      The Bible today is the modern day Garden of Eden. It contains the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Which tree are you eating from? That is why we are to pray for discernment and the guidance of His Holy Spirit when we read "His Word." Because not all of it is. When Jesus/Yahushuah spoke of His Word He was not referring to a modern day KJV. He was referring to His Word, His Gospel, which was His message of Salvation, Repentance, Good Works, and keeping His Commandments and Laws.

       The Lord allowed Adam and Eve to be tested in His Garden of Eden. Don't you think He's allowing His people to be tested today in "His Word"? If they are doing as He commanded and eating from the Tree of Life (Him) and reading His Words, then it's obvious that Paul is in contradiction to Him and not in alignment with Him. Because Jesus says to do one thing and Paul says to do another, "never mind what was spoken before listen to me" his basic mentality throughout all his books.

      There is freedom and peace in truth. Once you start to see it the nagging that "something is wrong" or "something doesn't feel right" starts to make sense. It is the Spirit of Truth which is the Lord trying to get your attention.

  Three Strikes and He's Out

     Lucifer has been allotted three rebellions against the Most High.

     During the first rebellion of Lucifer's against the Most High he successfully coerced and deceived 1/3 of the angels to join with him. That means a majority 2/3 were not fooled by him and didn't follow him. Lucifer lost and his final judgment of eternity in the lake of fire was delayed. However immediate judgment was pronounced and part of that included that he lost his home planet for a time, (it was destroyed and cast out of the solar system, aka Planet X returning) and he lost his angelic looks becoming a dragon in appearance.

     We are now engaged in his second attempt to rebel and deceive, this time mankind. This time the majority will follow him. Billions of people will lose their souls to him and already have throughout the centuries. The Most High is using  Lucifer for His own purposes. To test people and whom they will serve. And if they will listen to and follow HIM or be led astray by the devil and his tactics. He will lose this rebellion and his judgment will be pronounced at the Second Coming of Christ when Satan is chained and cast into the abyss AKA bottomless pit for 1000 years as described in Revelation chapter 20:1-3.

       His final and last rebellion will be at the end of the Millennial Reign as described in Revelation chapter 20:7-10. He will fail this one as well and at this time he will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity never to be free again.  Three attempts, three losses. The created can never usurp the authority of the Creator. Lucifer was a created being who rebelled against the Most High and knows the judgment that awaits him. He creates an illusion for those around him and deceives his followers (again) so they'll do his bidding that they can win and beat God.

 Breaking Out

       Many of the Lord's people are frustrated, sickened, and tired of the ongoing wars, tactics and games of Satan. And it's going to get worse, much worse.

       As the final stage of mankind ruling earth comes to a close Satan will be allowed to rule for 42 months. Not only will he seek to finish what he started in destroying mankind, he will target and kill all those who refuse to worship him as God.

       Before he even comes to power there is going to be much destruction and persecution of the Lord's people on earth. The Lord is going to lead many people to safe havens. He will lead people to get out of the cities and away from areas that will be dominated by Lucifer and his armies (humans, aliens, and demons). On the other hand, many of those who call Him by His Name won't be led to safe havens. Some will have other purposes to fulfill, while many yet will be tested for their faith and die as martyrs.

        Our only hope is in Yahushuah. The blood of Yahushuah can break all contracts and oaths to the devil, generational curses, and bondage many have been put under by Satan and his demonic and alien realms. Just renounce and repent of your association with him and acknowledge Yahushuah as your Saviour and live for Him and do as He commands http://www.sherryshriner.com/salvation.htm

        Ask the Lord daily for Him to reveal the truth in all things to you and learn how to hear His voice and recognize His Spirit guiding you, see Teach Me How to Pray at  http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/prayer.htm

         Other articles I have written that can help you are: How to Love the Most Highat http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/love.htm, The Kingdom of God at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/kingdom-of-God.htm and The Hooks and Roots of Sin at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/sin.htm.