Understanding The New World Order
By Sherry Shriner


     Over the years Iíve heard from many people about their experiences with aliens and demons, and even the military. In fact so much is intermixed at times itís hard to figure out exactly which group is the exact cause of the various experiences and abductions.

 Satan has a strong foothold in our government and military, in fact he's running both, literally as the military/industrial/government complex is nothing more than a Luciferian takeover of our country. Through the "aliens" he controls the world today. Who are the aliens? They are the fallen angels who rebelled with him, Lucifer, during his rebellion against the Most High. Part of their punishment was to lose their angelic looks. And even yet, some of the alien races such as the small greys that are one of the most popular today, are manufactured and created. Something like our own auto industry today. Need a grey? Just pump one out. They are created beings by the fallen angels to do their footwork on the frontline. The frontline being the closest one between them and us and that many times includes actual contact with humans.

 Perhaps millions of people have had experiences with these grey aliens whether they came in physical contact with them in some way or saw them. Most alien abduction scenarios include the involvement of grey aliens. 

With other types of abductions people have described seeing military officers in a more military type setting and describe places such as NORAD. Many people canít grasp the fact that our own government and military flies and possesses their own UFO air craft. And from what I have seen itís so similar to actual alien craft most people wouldnít be able to tell the difference. Thatís why if you research the alien and UFO phenomenon you will run into stories of people who have seen actual UFOs fly into mountainous bases, or under the water or to underground bases in the desert because theyíre not always alien bases but military bases. In fact there are 131 DUMB's (deep underground military bases) that are shared jointly by aliens and our military. They are working TOGETHER.

 We have our own facilities such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and several others who build these UFOs. Where did we get the technology? From a combination of crashed UFOs and from the aliens themselves who have helped our gov/mil develop their own fleets of them in exchange for their Ēaliens donít existĒ official policy. Itís the governmentís job to deny their existence so the aliens can continue human abductions under a cloud of conspiracy and secrecy.

 How many times over the years has the government or military created a bureau or group to study UFOs and aliens to come out with the official explanation they donít exist? Despite the glaring proof and perhaps thousands of official reports from citizens who have had contact with them. Theyíre doing their job to deny the existence of aliens, itís part of the treaty agreements our past presidents Eisenhower and Roosevelt signed with them starting back in the 1930's and continues to this day. Is our White House involved with having contact and continued relations with aliens? Yes!

 Thereís a group within our military and government who not only know that these aliens exist, they work alongside with them. This is what is called the Black Military, or Black projects, or Black technology. It has nothing to do with their race or color of skin, the term black signifies complete secrecy and hidden away from the public. And it's these who are helping the Aliens establish a "New World Order" on earth. Most of those in Congress probably arenít even aware they exist. With the revolving congressional door, classified information such as this kind is kept away from them, and those who discuss such things are labeled as conspiracy theorists or crazy and not to be believed, such as what they would say about people like me who expose their hideous plans.

 With so many abductions taking place, and adding up to monumental numbers over the years, itís getting harder for our government to maintain their treaty agreement to deny the existence of aliens. People are coming forward and speaking about their experiences, not from just all over the country, but the world. And almost all of them share the same identifying characteristics of their abductions. Itís not the victims of abductions creating a conspiracy, itís the government who refuses to acknowledge the reality of them and even their own involvement and participation in them.

  Iíve written many articles and two books about aliens, UFOís, and who they are and their involvement with our government and the governments of this world. Satan wants a New World Order, and our government has been creating and promoting it for him.

A New World Order where aliens no longer have to hide in multi-million dollar taxpayer funded underground bases. A New World where man and aliens coexist in the same society and even interbreed contaminating human DNA. Thereís nothing new about the New World Order, itís the same world our Biblical patriarchs lived in. A world of hybrid giants and the crossbreeding of man and aliens. The same type of world King David and even Moses lived in.

 A world most churches even refuse to acknowledge and teach today. The Bible speaks openly of the ancient Caananite, Kenite, and many other races that dominated the Middle East area. Joshua conquered 20 cities inhabited by giants to retake the Promised Land for Israel after their exodus from Egypt. Genesis 6:4 states that there were giants before and after the flood. How did that happen? Because angels fell before the flood and they fell after it. Angels have free will, just as man does to either follow or reject the sovereignty of the Most High. When they rebel against Him they become known as fallen angels, or what has become termed as aliens.

 After Joshua conquered the cities of giants thereís really no mention of them in the Bible from that point on so we have no written record from that time to explain what happened to them. Some speculate that the giantism DNA gene defect was fixed in some way so that the hybrid children of aliens and humans that caused giants and giantism was done away with.

 What is obvious is that in this century Satan tried to disguise who they really were. In the past many of the fallen angles who came to earth were worshipped as gods and made into myths or even their hybrid children such as Hercules and the many others who cover the pages of Greek mythology. In the Greek mythology merely means history. Over time the existence of these fallen angels inhabiting earth seemed to go underground and out of view.  It almost seems they hid themselves from mankind over several centuries so that their existence would be forgotten or written away as myths. Why? So they could come back with a new story of who they allegedly are. In this century they are propagating the lie that they are extra terrestrial life forms from other galaxies.

 Itís the same cast of actors, just a different scene.

 One characteristic that has remained the same is that along with their master Lucifer, they want to be worshipped as Gods. The same sin that caused Lucifer to fall from heaven, is now the universal dominant theme with a lot of them, they want to become like God and worshipped as Gods. This teaching is dominant amongst New Agers, they are taught they can achieve godhood. And who is teaching it to them? Yes itís the same cast of fallen angels from the past, only now they refer to themselves as Ascended Masters in the New Age Movement.

 The New Age Movement and New World Order go hand in hand. The same cast of characters that dominant the New Age teachings are the same ones helping to create the New World Order on the world chess board.

 Religion and politics go hand in hand. Its politics that is used to control religion and thus control the masses. Itís the people who adhere to religion that become the pawns for government control whether they want to realize it or not. America always touted itself as a nation that separated religion from politics yet the government controls the churches through taxation and through taxation controls what can be openly said or taught in churches and what canít. For now these are signified as being 501c3 churches that adhere to tax exempt status and therefore are subject to taxation control laws. Not all churches have signed the dotted line of 501c3 but most have. If your tithes or donations to a church are recorded and you receive a receipt or form at the end of the year for tax purposes, then thatís a Ceasar 501c3 church. The church is ruled by man and not by God.

 It was Yahushuah who said, ďrender unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasarís and God the things that are GodísĒ. You canít have loyalty to both. When government infringes on God, we are to obey God and not the government.

When a government rebels against God it is Godís people who must rebel against that government. When manís laws contradict Godís laws then our loyalty is to God and not man.

 When Satan comes as the Antichrist and demands to be worshipped as God, or demands all people to take a mark of allegiance and loyalty to the New World Order then Godís people must rebel against it and not take it. Our only allegiance is to the Most High. To worship or pledge allegiance to any other person or being or even to a nation is idolatry. And yet we are taught as children to pledge allegiance to the flag. Clever mind control conditioning, and a sin of idolatry most are unaware of.

 There is a reported 300,000 missing people a year in the United States alone. And itís probably higher than that. And if the truth was known, most all are probably victims of abductions that were never returned. In an electronic age how long can you disappear and not be found? Over 20 years that is millions of people. And this has been going on for much longer than 20 years. 

Abductions have become a big business worldwide. The question is, is it all from aliens or do our own governments have a hand in it? In Revelation 18 Babylon is the chief merchant of the souls of men. What does that mean? They are involved in the sale of men, women, and children. The last days super power, Babylon, is selling itís own people. Or selling them out. And to who?

 The aliens.

 For what purpose? Food, cloning, crossbreeding, genetic experiments, child slavery to work in underground bases, the development of diseases and cancers to destroy and weaken mankind, and probably things we donít even know about. We know the above from what victims have seen, or experienced, or from the testimonies of former workers of these underground bases where these things take place.

 But they are also selling people into sex slave rings and child labor rings, both of which have the hand of government and United Nations involvement. The United Nations is nothing but a divider of nations and America has become the land of the free (to be experimented on and killed) and home of the brave in this day and age to those who have actually lived or live here and havenít been harassed or become a victim of this New World Order that will ultimately be run by the United Nations and enforced upon the entire world.

For more insight read about The Dulce Base or The Omega Files and this excellent expose called Cosmic Conflict. I have also written many articles about the aliens and who and what they are from a Biblical standpoint and you can find them at http://www.sherrytalkradio.com/articles.htm


Understanding The New World Order

What exactly is the New World Order? When President Bush Sr. announced the formation of a "New World Order" in 1990 he disguised it as a peace building operation. We've seen over the years what a peace building operation it's been! In fact the one thing that's been clear over the past decade is that they mix the meaning of words, in other words peace means war, freedom means slavery, democracy means fascism, good is evil and evil is good.

Understanding their terminology is the first step in understanding what the New World Order is. When they say "peace" they mean "war." When they say "freedom" they mean "control and enslavement." A world where good is evil and evil is good. A world where humans are to be controlled, watched, and contained. The Annunaki giant aliens would enforce the legislation of the world dictator taking over human agencies such as FEMA enforcing Martial Law and operating death camps for those who rebel against them and even replacing our own military with their own soulless beings they have created for such a task, some people refer to them as robotoids. The Bible describes what the last days will be like but the real horror of it can't even begin to be grasped or understood by most people until they see it for themselves.

It offers injustice and complete lawlessness. Humans in this New World Order are considered as animals to be done with as the aliens please. In fact in the New Age rhetoric they refer to mass slaughters and depopulation of the human race as "cleansing."  The aliens are outnumbered by humans and so according to this New World Order agenda they must be killed by the billions so the ones remaining can be controlled and contained by them.

These fallen angel-aliens have created diseases and plagues to destroy humans with. Animal mutilations over the years along with human abductions and experimenting have given these aliens the access and medical science needed to create devastating plagues such as AIDS and Mad Cow disease to jumpstart their depopulation agenda. There's many more to come.

The chemtrail projects instigated and carried out by the aliens and black military are also designed and used to weaken and sicken the world's population with cancers and diseases.

An alien takeover isn't coming, it has already started.

Most people don't even understand what the NWO is, let alone who actually runs it. What runs it is a council of 13 aliens known as The Illuminati, or "Illumined Ones" or "Council of 13". Some refer to it as the Council of 12 but when Lucifer takes his seat on the Council it is 13. They direct the events and wars on earth pitting nations and races against each other to fulfill their plans of arrival and world domination through their hybrid children on earth, called the Illuminati families who, through deception, run the governments, militaries, economics  and entertainment around the world. I detail who these families are at http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/bloodlines/index.html.

Most people are familiar with the Bilderberger-Illuminati faction, however they are just a front for this alien council that really runs what's going on on earth behind the scenes.

In order to fulfill their goal of complete conquest of the earth, these aliens, through manipulation,  deception, and treaties have exchanged their technology with various countries so that when they do visibly come to earth they will be able to operate on earth the same way they do from space. They have even purposely crashed a few UFOs here and there so that they can be retrieved and these governments can back-engineer the technology thinking they are obtaining this knowledge on their own. It's basically just one big alien-set up that mankind has fallen for. Satan knows the day is coming when he will be cast down to the earth as foretold in Revelation 12. He is preparing ahead of time for his imprisonment here. He will be stuck here, unable to roam the second heavens as he does now and so that probably means his forces of aliens as well. We know they will be here by the millions as described in Revelation chapter 9 and Joel chapter 2. And when they are cast to the earth they fully intend to run and control every aspect of every society around the globe, and they will have the capability by then to do so.

The New World Order is simply the means to achieving their conquest and enslavement of mankind.

Since the 1930's our government has established secret groups and agencies to work with the aliens to help create and bring about this New World Order where aliens will rule over mankind and make humans their slaves, and humans will also become their food source should famine deplete the food supply, just as in the days of Biblical Patriarchs Enoch and Noah.

Most of these human agencies have little knowledge of the real plans of these aliens when they start working with them, but eventually the truth becomes known to them and by then they are in so deep with the Luciferian agenda they are possessed, hypnotized, and even killed to keep them from exposing their plans. The Lord told me several years ago that people who come in contact with these aliens become overtaken and possessed by them. And that is why the CIA, NSA, DIA, DOE, and FBI and other Federal agencies all have divisions within them that work strictly with the alien or black NWO agenda because the aliens have taken over the bodies of these humans (possessed or even soul-scalped) and now work within these agencies as "humans" to ensure their agenda moves forward.

I have heard from several federal employees that work or worked within these agencies that in their own words said they "didn't believe their boss was even human." Literally. They weren't just stating adjectives to describe their bosses, they told me direct, "I believe he/she is a reptilian." One person sent me a couple of photos of their boss who looked like she was in the middle of shapeshifting. I have always protected the identity of my sources and will still do so, but there's nothing I've heard yet from anyone that contradicts the things the Lord has already told me. In fact people confirm the things He says or has said to me all the time. So am I crazy? No. Just trying to wake up and educate a country and even the world that can't see the past, present, or future and what it's really been like, is like, or going to be like.

I have nothing to gain. In fact I have lost almost everything including my home as these same agencies work to destroy me and keep me from exposing them. I have survived assassination attempts, eons of death threats, constant surveillance and high tech microwave weapon attacks and the Lord still keeps me standing for another day of this battle. I don't fear them, we have nothing to fear if we are in Him because He has given us the tools and power we need in Him to defeat them and only when He decides, can they take us down or defeat us and shut us up. It's when HE decides, not them.

In 1990 they announced the formation of a New World Order. In 2006 one with eyes can see it's already here and heading toward a climax and the fulfillment of Revelation 13 when Lucifer will rule the world and demand everyone take his mark of allegiance to live in this New World Order.

There's not much time left. Are you spiritually prepared for what is coming? Are you ready to have your faith shaken when you start to see these things happen more openly and you're not raptured from the earth and spared from it as taught by the Babylon whores?

Biblical prophecy is coming alive.

If you are not a child of God's then you are on default a child of Satan's and your fate upon death is sealed. Are you living for the Most High God or are you deceived into thinking you can become your own God? A bold lie from Lucifer himself and repeated through his masters of deception to damn your soul if you fall for it.

If the Lord's spirit is drawing you to Him then accept His salvation and redemption today while there is still time http://www.sherryshriner.com/salvation.htm and live for HIM while you still can.

I've heard people proclaim the New World Order isn't about religion. It's everything about religion..Lucifer will demand to be worshipped as God by the entire world..and those who refuse will be killed. There will be many who lay down their lives for the Lord refusing to bow down to Lucifer-Sananda.

Events are unfolding daily on this earth to bring about this New World Order. Are you making your time here on earth count for the Lord? Seek Him for the truth in all things daily and ask Him to teach you them. Time is running out and billions of people are deceived and not ready for the events coming.  

Aliens are NOT our friends.

Yah bless to His Warriors.