War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah!

By Sherry Shriner


Every day there is a war going on around us. A War for our souls, our thoughts, and our beliefs. And every day they endlessly battle against us while so many refuse to open their eyes to the wars around them. They prefer to stay in denial where ignorance to them is bliss. What I have learned is that we don't have to sit around while the evil plot and battle around and against us. We can do something about it, we can fight back in specific and effective ways that will tear down the strongholds they use against us.

For instance, a huge part of Satan's kingdom here on earth is to enforce that the wicked work tirelessly to pervert Yahuah's creation and celebrate unholy calendar dates year round as part of their membership which quickly becomes their  enslavement in his kingdom. In doing so, they produce dead, unholy DOE Dead Orgone Energy that Satan needs for power. Other terms for energy are Loosh or Vibrations. (I wrote an article on how and why Satan and his minions use Loosh to empower themselves at www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/control.htm called The Net Masters)

Orgone is an energy that surrounds us, it's the blue aura around and over earth, it gives life and healing to our planet and our people. If it is blocked or manipulated it can be turned into what's called Dead Orgone Energy. Think of light and darkness, the day and night. Light is vibrant and healing and supports and gives life. The other is dark and dismal.

Unholy beings live off dark and dismal energies. Think of demons, aliens, vampires, creatures of the night. Darkness is directly opposite to light. Anything that isn't of light, is of darkness, and vice versa.

Satan operates in the realm of darkness and light. But he only operates in light to suppress, destroy and manipulate in it. He is king of the darkness. Opposed to everything that is of healing, good, innocence, or righteousness.

It is within his realm of darkness where he produces the energy needed to gain power. The more loosh, evil, dark energy he creates, the more power he has to operate with. Almost like electricity...he needs this kind of electricity to operate and get power. Or like Popeye and spinach, the more spinach, the more power. He creates and receives this DOE from the death and suffering of others, or from gathering the praises of those who worship him. That's why hell is such a terrible place. He tortures and torments those who are sent to his realm because it's through their suffering he gains power. And he creates secret societies, groups and organizations and various occultic groups located around the world who he then enforces to meet endlessly to perform rituals and praise him and help him further his plans to conquer and destroy earth and all the goodness on it.

What I've learned is that we can take all this evil energy Satan produces and that others produce for him and convert it to energy the Most High can use for His own purposes. Yes, we can hijack Satan!

For centuries we've been his victims of plagues, wars, suffering, famine, and death. Some are judgments from Yahuah on this planet for rebellion against Him, however most is orchestrated by Satan himself and his minions so they can thrive off the energies created by them.

Occultists understand this concept very well while the churches flee from such talk as "new age" and don't understand the basic concepts of how things work on the very planet they live on. Nor do they understand how their satanic enemies survive, thrive, and steal from them successfully keeping them prisoners of ignorance and away from the knowledge they could use to break the chains of their enslavement to Satan and his minions.

Break the Chains!

Only Yahushua can put an end to Satan forever, and the time will come when He will, but until then His people can join forces and unite to conquer Satan's evil ways and tactics by taking away the one reason he does it for...the power it produces for him.

How? It's actually incredibly simple. Through prayer.

Something like this, "Dear Heavenly Father, as they gather against you to blaspheme your Holy Name, to do unspeakable and wicked things against you and your creation, I ask that you take all the evil energy they produce and convert it to positive, healing energy to do with whatever you desire to do with it. I ask that it be taken from Satan's hands, converted, and delivered to yours. Thank you Father, in Yahushua's Name, so be it done."

You can add many variations and put it into your own words. It's not the specific words spoken in a particular way that are important, but the concept itself, acknowledging our Father in heaven and asking Him to do something, in this instance, taking what is being offered and sacrificed to Satan to give him power and converting that energy created for something Yah can use for Himself.

For those with advanced warfare knowledge you can ask Him to take that energy to release portals and gateways over the earth for His angels to use as they please. Ask Him to place warrior angels around the portals to guard them from being overtaken by Satan and his forces.

You can ask Him to take that energy and close Satan's portals and gateways aggravating what seems like his unlimited access to earth for his minions to abduct, harm, and torment the people on earth.

You can ask Him to take that energy to crash Satan's UFOs, destroy their Star Ships, and all their homes and habitations that hover in our atmosphere over the earth.

You can ask Him to take the energy they're creating to implement their evil plans and agendas on earth, convert it, and use it to destroy their plans instead.

They have many D.U.M.B.'s (deep underground military bases) and D.U.A.B.'s (deep undergound alien bases) they operate out of as well. Ask Yah to take the energy they're creating to destroy all these bases with earthquakes, fires, and general mayhem that make it difficult to produce any kind of work there.

The best way to combat and fight against the results they seek to produce, is to start praying on the days they begin to work to produce evil energy. Such as their ritualistic holidays when they all meet for rituals or when some disaster, weather war, pandemic, senseless killing, contaminated food, or whatever event happens you can know it was well planned by one of them working in the background and you can hijack the energy from that 'attack' and give it to Yah.

All of those involved in helping Satan establish his physical reign on earth know that they must shed innocent blood to bring it about, that's basically Satanism 101. They work together and accomplish this not only through ritual killings where an innocent child or victim is sacrificed (the more innocent and righteous the better), but also through planned terrorist events, orchestrated disasters, wars, famines, medical and pharmaceutical incompetence, weather disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes, innocent deaths caused by plane crashes or any kind of transportation disasters, poisoned and contaminated food, plague and flu pandemics, poisonous and deadly vaccines, just about every conceivable way of causing death on a large scale. Senseless killings are also a means of theirs to use to collect sacrifices, such as using tech and/or demons and/or chip implanted pawns/victims to cause people to kill one another. Causing cancers is not only a huge scale of sacrifices that works well for them but is also their favorite assassination tool to target their specific enemies.

These ritual dates (listed below) are acknowledged worldwide by millions of Satanists, those who worship Satan and serve him or in whatever name, idol, or pagan god they meet to worship together and listed below this article I have a calendar of many of their ritual dates that you can target to pray on, or meet with others, or join forces with others to unite together and pray together on those days to hijack all the energy created on those days and give it to Yah to use.

There are also other ways to fight and combat against Satan and his kingdom, specifically, in the air above us.

In 2004 I started an Orgone war against the evil inhabitants above, on, and below this earth (see www.orgoneblasters.com or www.tearingdownstrongholds.com )

And since then thousands of UFO's and Star Ships have crashed to earth, underground bases have been decimated, and the fallen ones, AKA aliens have been plagued with burning, skin diseases, boils, asphyxia, and necrosis because of the affects Positive Orgone Energy has on them.

Our Orgone has saturated the atmosphere and even the stratosphere effectively combating against not just UFOs and aliens, but their chemtrail program as well.

And increasingly, many have witnessed whether via their own eyes or youtube videos the seeming war at the sun...or the presence of UFOs and star ships around the sun.

The sun is a dimensional object. There's many aspects to the sun that very few humans even know about and I'm not going to get into that but I do want to reveal one of the purposes of the main attraction of the sun to Satan's agenda is a resource referred to as Yamashita Gold.

In our 3rd dimension Yamashita Gold is a type of material that can be harvested directly from the sun's core and is a highly valuable resource to aliens. It emits NOE Neutral Orgone Energy and the aliens convert the NOE to DOE to energize their ships and UFOs. Yamashita Gold is dimensional like the Sun and it enables the UFO ships to become invisible and dimensional.

The reason UFOs crash is when they fly into saturated POE air, the NOE turns into POE depleting the DOE that is supplying the ship, thus the ship malfunctions and crashes.

What is interesting and what I've learned is that the NOE can be affected by prayer to. So if we ask Yahushua to turn the NOE of Yamashita gold into POE it will become deadly to them. It's so valuable to them they will even try and retrieve it from fallen and crashed UFOs and star ships if they can.

This Yamashita Gold is also the backbone of the new currency that is coming to the world and the NESARA agenda, which is going to become the new global economic program of the Beast (see Revelation 13). This gold never loses value and is of extreme importance to the entire New Age Alien agenda.

The new financial system that will be introduced to the world will be backed by this Yamashita gold and stored in locations around the world but it will not be traded in open markets. Currencies such as the US dollar, British pound, Chinese Yuan and others will form the foundation of this new financial system. What will happen to the gold we currently use and have is unknown. However I suspect this gold will continue to be used by the aliens to be mined, harvested and converted via alchemy to White Monoatomic Gold which they need for longevity to survive all these centuries and years (and you thought gold was just about money...?).

And again, just another incredibly simple prayer to combat even this stronghold:.

You can pray something like this, "Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you convert all the Neutral Orgone Energy in the Sun into Positive Orgone Energy, and that you will block it from being able to be converted into Dead Orgone Energy. I ask that all the Neutral Orgone Energy that has already been taken and is being used in UFOs, Star Ships, and the homes and habitations of the fallen ones be converted into Positive energy so it is of no use to them and destroys them. Thank you Father, in Yahushua's name, so be it done."


This Isn't Just Phenomenal...It's Legendary!

The fact that we can hijack all the DOE that is created by asking Yah to take and convert it and use for His own purposes and to take the NOE from Yamashita gold and covert it to POE...will effectively dismantle and destroy Satan's power bases of operation.

Let's do it folks!

He has given us this knowledge of what to do, now let's do it!

And don't forget the "Fun Things To Do" list of things to pray for that also are very effective in dismantling their strongholds.




Prayer Target Dates - Satanic Ritual Calendar Dates

Many groups are different since there's so many of them, but the elite groups are constantly practicing beastiality and sacrificing humans and eating them and drinking their blood at almost ALL of their ritual meetings...so all of these dates are powerful DOE energy creating rituals for Satan. It's not like one date is better or worse than the other...they're all horrific. We can hijack the energy created on all these dates. If we don't, then Satan gets the benefits of his own rituals and we can stop that!!

You can start to pray during the day of these events, you don't have to wait until night time when the rituals start.


Something like this, "Dear Heavenly Father, as they gather against you to blaspheme your Holy Name, to do unspeakable and wicked things against you and your creation, I ask that you take all the evil energy they produce and convert it to positive, healing energy to do with whatever you desire to do with it. I ask that it be taken from Satan's hands, converted, and delivered to yours. Thank you Father, in Yahushua's Name, so be it done."


Jan. 7 - St. Winebald Day - human sacrifices and blood rituals

Jan. 17 - Satanic Revels - sexual rituals including beastiality

Jan. 20 - sexual rituals, human sacrifice and abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of victim to be sacrificed for Candlemas

Feb. 2 - Candlemas the Grand Climax - sexual rituals and human sacrifices

Feb. 25 - St. Valpurgis Day - human sacrifice, communion of blood and dismemberment

March 1 - St. Eichatadt - blood rituals, drinking of human blood for strength and homage to Satan

March 21 - Spring Equinox - Sabbat Festival, major fertility sabbath (date varies for spring equinox) sexual orgies, human and sacrifices

April 6 - Good Friday (date varies) Blood rituals and human sacrifices. Good Friday is the beginning of satanic high days that are celebrated throughout the weekend to the night of Easter Sunday.

April 7 - eve of Easter (date varies) Human sacrifices

April 21 - Grand Climax through April 30 - sexual and blood rituals, human sacrifices, abduction and preparation and holding victim for sacrifice on Walpurgisnacht

April 30 - Walpurgisnacht - human sacrifice, sexual orgies

May 1 - Beltane (Fire Festival and Coven Initiations - fire and orgy/sexual rituals

June 21 - Summer Solstice (date varies) sexual and blood rituals, human/and or animal sacrifice

July 1 - Demon Revels - female blood sacrifice, Sex orgy with demons

July 20-27 (date varies, 5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice) sexual and blood rituals, abduction, preparation and holding for sacrificial victim for Lammas Day the last day, human sacrifice, sexual orgies,

August 1 Lammas Day - animal/human sacrifice, blood rituals

August 3 - Satanic Revels - sexual rituals, orgy

August 24 - St. Bartholomew - sexual and blood rituals,

September 7 - Marriage to the Beast (Satan) All female members and children in the occultic group are married to Satan in full bridal wear. Sexual orgies, human sacrifice and dismemberment

September 20 - Harvest, Midnight Host - blood rituals - dismemberment, hands removed off victim for the "Hands of Glory" to Satan

September 23 - Fall Equinox (date varies) sexual orgy, human sacrifice

October 13 Reverse date of October 31, sexual orgies, blood rituals

October 28-Nov. 4 Satanic High Holy Days - blood rituals, abductions for sacrifices for Halloween night,

October 31 - All Hallows Eve (Halloween or Samhain) sexual and blood rituals, sex with demons, human sacrifice

November 4 - Satanic Revels - sexual ritual and orgies

December 22 - Winter Solstice (Sabbat Festival) - sexual rituals, human sacrifice

December 24 - Demon Revels (High Grand Climax) orgy and blood rituals, sex with demons, human sacrifice. Human sacrifices occur from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day

Misc. Ritual Dates

*Full or new moon in any month = human sacrifice

*Friday the 13th in any month - human sacrifice

*Any kind of eclipses, special planet alignments or seasonal solstices etc..