The Apostle John described  that the Last Days Babylon (America) would be a huge exporter of music, and that her musicians would be known around the world.....Rev. 18:22


They Sell Their Souls for Fame and Fortune

American Idol and its Illuminati Connection

The Music Industry Exposed Part 1



Katy Perry Admits She Sold her Soul to the Devil

Kay Perry Reptilian Shapeshifter - watch her pupils...instead of snake slit eyes her pupils look like triangles..



Bob Dylan Admits He Sold his Soul to the Devil

Kanye West Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil

Jay-Z Admits He Worships the Devil

If you want to become a Star in the Music Business then you must Sell your Soul to the Devil and Represent him.....Is it really worth it? These are just a hand full of those in the business who have aligned with Satan for fortune and fame. In fact to make it to the top there are NO exceptions!

What's with all their Hand Signs? They "Represent" via Hand Signals

 Illuminati - Music Industry and why Michael Jackson was killed

Jonas Brothers Subliminal messages

Music Industry Blood Money Part 1 of 3

Breaking the Oath in the Industry - You Break it, You Die, Such as Tupac...

Blood Sacrifice for Fame - Was Kanye West behind his mother's death? Was the American Idol Star Jennifer Hudson behind her mother's death?

Once you realize what and what controls Hollywood and the Music Industry you'll never look at it the same again. Remember folks there are NO Exceptions to the rules, these people sell their souls to the Devil, they even offer "blood sacrifices" of their own family members for fortune and fame.

The Illuminati in Music - The Force

     Lady Gaga and Beyonce's latest Video. It's all about Mind Control!!!

 How the Illuminati Runs Hollywood

The Demons Behind the Music Industry Explained


Brittany Spears Reptilian Arm Shapeshifts

Spear's Reptile Tongue

Videos compiled together of her's not human folks!



Angelina Jolie's tongue


Watch the video Reptilian Stare = Know anyone like this?


Reptilians Exposed - You absolutely MUST watch this video!


Once you start to recognize reptilian 'traits' you'll notice it in everyday people as well...we're a world that has become invaded by the Reptilian Race...While everyone awaits for an 'outward invasion' the silent invasion has already begun....they assimilate in our society by taking over 'regular humans' bodies and become church leaders, politicians, celebrities, whatever they want...most just assimilate in our society unnoticed by others as your neighbors, friends, etc...these are part of the 'tares'.



Those who will rise to a high level status in Politics arise only from Illuminati Seed...They are demon possessed via MPD/DID alters, controlled, and eventually soul scalped. Once they are soul-scalped the evidence is there and obvious...most people just don't know what to look for. Soul Scalping? When an Alien takes over their body. The Human Skin can hardly accommodate the transformation without it being noticeable.



Look at the Side of their faces folks....That's NOT Human.....

Shapeshifters caught on film



Nancy Pelosi Confirmed Reptilian Humanoid






Kelly Clarkson

Selena Gomez

Look at her neck...what IS that?

Typical Illuminati symbol of covering one eye..check out the snake head on her lips.


Reptilian Shapeshifters - Clinton, Bush, Rumsfeld and others...


The Reptilian "Stare"


The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave - How they target future sex slaves, politicians, Hollywood stars and others to serve their agenda... and what they do to them...



Very informative and easy to read series of articles on the Illuminati and how  they operate



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