Look carefully and you'll see their faces and forms in the clouds.


  "Sylphs are immortal non-physical beings which have and are souls. These beings are the artists who form the clouds, in their wispy and thin forms, e.g., horsetails, feathers, etc. The typical cirrus, and cirronimbus formations are expressions of the Sylphs. Sylphs do inhabit the same volume of space as the air, but their actual Being resides in the physical vacuum, as a coherent holographic form of energy. Sylphs are not typically visible to the untrained eye." Quoted from

   I always see these Sylphs. And if you look up into the sky on a day the clouds are moving, I'm sure you will be able to pick them out as well. What are they really and are they really working as protectors of mankind as some claim?


Sylphs in the Bible codes found in Genesis 2:13

Sylphs - Abomination - Repulsion - Abhorrence

They are fallen angels.

Sylphs - Alibi (not their real name) - Apostate - Angel - Watchman

As part of their judgment for their mutiny and rebellion against the Lord God, Yahweh ordered them to protect our skies and serve as advocates and defense.

Lord - Yahweh - Abomination - Disgusting - Repulsion - Abhorrence -Mutiny - Rebellion - Order - Charge - Judgment -Air - Spirit - Wind - Phantom - Heavens - Protection - Defense - Advocacy -

These last days, especially, the Sylphs are working to combat chemtrails as our advocates in the sky. Who are they fighting against? Our Navy and the NWO.

Harassment - Bullying - Pestering - Hindrance - Overturn - Navy - Chemical - Toxicant - Poison

Agitated - Enraged - Adversary - Opponent- Enemy - Hostile - NWO - Navy

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