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Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred mountains of our planet. The legend of the mountain includes stories about angels, spirit-guides, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and great masters. Lemurians allegedly live in the underground city of Telos, This city serves as an inter-planetary and inter-dimensional portal. Telos is also called "The Crystal City of Light of the Seven Rays." In the future Telos will manifest on the planet's surface. There will be a merging of Telos and Mount Shasta City (Jones "About Mount Shasta")

Telos is a large city about 1.5 million inhabitants. The city exists in a dome. Its size is two miles in depth and 1.5 miles in area. Telos means "communication with spirit." Its language is Solar Maru, the root language for Sanskrit and Hebrew. The average height of its people is 6.5 to 7.5 feet. The people of Telos live long lives. Many are thousands of years old but look thirty or forty. Telos has a King named Ra and a Queen called Ramu Mu. A council of twelve that is composed of six men and women governs the city. . There is no money system as all the inhabitants basic needs are cared for. They use barter to exchange luxury goods. Their predominant spiritual activity is Ascension that involves visiting different dimensions, particularly moving from the third to the fifth dimension and is learned in temple training.

Telos is a technologically advanced civilization. They have a remarkable transportation system. The inner-city transportation is composed of elevators and electromagnetic sleds. The people of Telos travel between other underground cities on an electromagnetic subway that moves at 3,000 miles per hour. Telos is a member of the Confederation of Planets, and its people travel to other worlds. They possess inter-dimensional spacecraft. Their computer system is amino acid based and is linked to other underground cities and galactic civilizations. Each family and individual has its own computer

The city is made up of five levels. The most important is the first level, which is the center of education, administration, and commerce. Its central structure is a temple that holds 50,000 people. Other facilities include government buildings, entertainment centers, a palace for the King and Queen, a spaceport, and schools. On other levels, there are manufacturing centers, hydroponic gardens, and circular houses ("Subterranean Worlds").

The history of Telos tells a story of Lemuria. The Age of Lemuria extended from 4,500,000 B.C. to 12,000 B.C. This huge land included areas of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Easter Island, Australia, and New Zealand. Its east coast extended from present day California to part of British Columbia. They lived on the fifth dimension and could move between the fifth and third dimension. Its race came from other galaxies such as Sirius and Alpha Centauri. The Lemurians created a paradise. About 25,000 years ago, the two great civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria fough over ideology. The Lemurians believed less evolved cultures should be left alone to evolve at their own pace, while the Altantians believed that these lower civilizations should be placed under the control of Atlantis and Lemuria. They fought vicious wars with nuclear weapons. About 15,000 years before the big war that destroyed Lemuria their priests petitioned Shamballa, the capital of the underworld civilizations, to build a city under Mount Shasta to preserve its civilization and records. People at that time lived 20,000 to 30,000 years. The Lemurians convinced the Masters of Wisdom of that era that they learned the lessons of war and aggression. They were granted permission to build a city under Mount Shasta. Another nuclear war took place took place 12,000 years ago that devastated Lemuria. The Lemurians built a city for 200,000 inhabitants under Mount Shasta, but only 25,000 made it to the new city of Telos. They moved the Lemurian records and sacred flames to Telos (Jones. "About Lemuria and Telos").

Telos is a city of the Argathan Network that is made up of over 100 cities. Its capital and seat of government is Shamballa. All cities are of the light. They honor spiritual teachers of the surface including Sananda/Jesus, Buddha, and Osiris. These cities were built to keep records, sacred teachings, and technologies. Two other cities are Posid and Rama. Posid is located in Mato Grasso plains of Brazil and is Atlantian in origin with a population about 1.3 million. Rama is the remnant of an Indian surface city with a population about 1 million. ("Subterranean Worlds").

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Adama is the head Priest and the spiritual leader of Telos. He serves as the head of the Lemurian Council of Light located in Telos. Adama is the Ambassador and a diplomat to the Galatic Federation of Planets and represents the beings below and humanity above. He is commander of a project to maintain a crystalline grid around the planet. Adama is also a leader of the Ascension Project that aims to ascend humans to the fifth dimension. This project includes the Christ, Maitreya, Sanada, and Sanat Kamara. He represents the love and compassion of Telos and the heart of the Divine Mother ("Meet Adama" ). Glenda Green of Sedona painted this portrait. Adama posed for this picture in her studio. She used these words to describe the character of Adama: "Humilty, graciousness, and tenderness (Jones "Adama's Corner").

Louise Aurelia Jones in her book, Telos presents these optimistic revelations of Adama and other wisdom Masters.

Light beings of the Mount Shasta Brotherhood of Light and the Lemurian Brotherhood help in the ascension process. Ascension teaches surrender to the will of Divinity, tranformation from an ego to the "I AM" Self, and the journey to the fifth dimension. Adama states that the key is love: "love of Self, love of God, and love for all the family of Earth." Mankind has been waiting for this event for many milleniu (152).

Great emphasis is placed on raising the consciousnees of humanity and oneself. It is discovering the Real Self and unlimited divine being, exploring your heart, and finding the golden angel of your life. You demonstrate magic and grace of God. It means working with freedom, You ask what are your dreams and goals and what you want to manifest in this incarnation. You let go of old beliefs that hold you back and clear your emotional and mental bodies. You need to flow beauty, joy, love, and bliss. You recogonize your genuine identity as eternal, immortal, and a glorious lover of Divinity and focus on the Godhead within. This conscious raising has created a paradise and a golden age of perfection in Telos (1070).

Relationships in Telos are based on unity and universal consciousness. Oneness is the foundation of intimacy. They relate to a significant other who is a mirror to love. The Telosians love themselves and focus on the meaning of true love.Men and women live as equal partners and consider each other as two aspects of God women, the divine mother and men, the divine father. Their are no problems of physical survival and financial difficulties. They work only 20 hours a week and the rest is free time. This condition of abudance and prosperity allows for mature love and consciousness and honoring the planet (71).

Another aim is emergence. Humanity on the surface must be ready to receive the teachings of Telos. The people of Telos measure the readiness of surface humity. This includes both compasssion and heart opening of mankind. At the time of writing the level was 65%, and the requirement is 90%. To remain on the planet, you need to choose Christhood, Divinity, and personal evolution through working with Mother Earth. You will be part of the Creator's dispensation of love and light. You will be lifted to the fifth dimension and a new world paradise of magic This will bring about the reunion of the two civilizations (47).

An important meeting concerning the Emergengence of Telos took place in Mount Shasta on October, 2003. There were 346 participants: 88 attented the live meeting, 111 listened to a live broadcast, 77 were in chat rooms, and 70 were on Bulletin Boards. The meeting is called Contact Day.

Adama, the Head Priest of Telos, presented the program for achieving direct contact with humans and the arrival plan. The two places of Emergence are the Cave Springs in Dunsmuir and a Cave at Big Bend Hot Springs.. He said the program would start with planting gardens as part of the Dunsmair Botanical Gardens.He encouraged the founding welcoming committees in cities, towns, villages, and barrios around the planet. Adama also asked gardens be planted in special locations. He explained the codes of entry to join the program; (1) attaing fifth dimmension consciousness,(2) unconditional love for Self and others, (3) duality consciousness unified 90% , (4) live the way of harmlessnes that is also called asihmsa in Sankrit, (5) clear and heal all negativity from the emotional body. This allows you to be attuned to the high energy frequencies of Telos, and (6) complete the seventh spiritual iniation in the inner planes. This iniation puts you into contact with the Office of Christ under Lord Maitreya and Lord Sananda. Adama described the steps of contact and emergence. First, seed will be sent to plant gardens on the surface. Second, they will send small animals.Third, they will send small groups of inner earth people to greet chosen surface people.

Commander Astar, the ET commander of the Ashtar Command Federation, said that if there is adequate success, ships will land in designated sites.

Saint Germaine said that Ascended Masters from the mountain will come forth from their inner retreats. He also said love is the key. If you embody the highest love, you will achieve spiritual freedom (Winston).

Princess Sharula relates this story about the Christmas and New Year Celebration on December 21, 1999. She was born in 1725 and is the daughter of the King and Queen of Telos. The Princess now serves as the Ambassador of the Argatha Network of cities to the above world. She works with merging of the two worls and a plan for creating peace on earth. She now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The celebration of Christmas and New Years is held on December 21, the day of the Winter Solistice, and lasts 24 hours with three major ceremonies at twelve midnight, twelve noon, and six in the evening. It celebrates the the return of the Christ light into the world..The Cosmis Christ is known as Jesus/Sananda who serves as the spiritual chief of the the United Space Commands.The celebration is held in a temple that holds 10,000 people. The royal family, dignataries of other Argatha cities, members of the Planetary Confederation, and residents from Telos celebrate this event.

.Princess Sharula describes the celebration at midnight.

The lights in the temple are extinguished and all present hold unlit candles and are wearing black capes to further darken the the Great Hall. In the darkness of the temple comes a magnificent candlelight procession of one hundred individuals, all wearing white gowns led by (the King and Queen of Telos). As the procession winds its way through the temple, one by one 10,000 candles are lit and the entire hall is ablaze with glorious candleligh. Everyone drops the white garments underneath and as midnight strikes all lift therein welcoming the Christ energies. In all the precint temples the same candlight candlelight procession is occuring, and the whole city is sing to the top of the rafters ("The Pledian Doves 1999 and Year 2000")..

The Great Mission of Telos :

Two missions of Adama include the Emergence and the Ascension. The Emergence is the coming together of the people of the above worlds and the underground worlds. Spiritual awakening of above ground humanity must reach critical mass in which enough people know and work on their divine mission and purpose. The emergence is only a few years away. No date is given. There will be an exchange between the two civilizations and both will join into "One Big Family of the Children of the Mother" Soon afterwards there will follow "a permanent Golden Age of enlightenment, love, peace, prosperity and beauty for all on this planet" (Robbins). The other mission is the Ascension in which Adama teaches humans to move from the third to the fifth dimension. He heads the Ascension Project for our planet. Telos is its main headquarters ("Adam's Corner"). Adama explains the reason for these two missions, "For in order for the Earth and Humanity to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into One Light from below and One Light from above" (Robbins).

Adama, the head priest of Telos, explains through a channeling of Lailel, tells you how to contact him: "If you are interested in coming to Telos at night during your sleep state, just call on Adama at night during your sleep state and request admission to Telos, and Adama will receive you. You are all Telepathic Beings, so when you you center your thoughts on Adama and call to Adama. Adama hears you Adama is currently conducting classes on the Inner Planes at night. If you'd like to register for these classes, just petition Adama before going to bed asking to be student. Adama will teach you mastery of yourself on all levels of existenc".(Lailel).

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