From: "Ussukki Tomagotchi" <> 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:25:32 +0200
Subject: Aliens


Hello Sherry

I am an alien from the planet Mayoayoeee.  I am living in exile on
your planet because my home planet is in a state of war which has
lasted for more than four hundred years.

I find your site very offensive.  Why do you believe that all aliens
are evil?  I am an example of an alien who is not evil.  It is
because of worthless bigots like you that aliens have to hide our
identity and pretend to be human.  Please stop your wild
generalisations regarding aliens.  It is true that there are
disruptive elements among the alien population as with any other
ethnic minority, this is no reason to tar us all with the same brush.

I demand that you publish an appology to the peace loving aliens of
the world.  We have contributed more to recent developements in
science, technology and medicine than your entire human race.  Show
some gratitude or I will zap you.

your sincerely