Black Pope's Tsunami
Jesuit Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach ordered the man-made 'tsunami.'  His political capital of the world, New York City, is governed by Pope John Paul II through his Archbishop, Edward Cardinal Egan.  Egan is overseen by professed Jesuits of the Fourth Vow residing at New York City's Fordham University.  Two of those most powerful American Jesuits are Fordham University President and CFR Presider Joseph A. O'Hare (the power behind New York City Mayor and CFR member Michael R. Bloomberg) and Avery Cardinal Dulles, nephew of the late Director of the CIA, Allen, W. Dulles.  Cardinal Egan used his New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to orchestrate a thermonuclear detonation off the coast of Muslim Indonesia, furthering the Pope's Crusade against the Islamic peoples whose leaders are traitorous, high-level, Islamic Freemasons in conspiracy with the Papacy.  Paul Wolfowitz, one of the Pope's Masonic Jewish anti-Torah Zionists, is a member of the CFR and thus subordinate to Archbishop Egan.
Edward Cardinal Egan is now responsible for being the Black Pope's tool in implementing two great mass-murders: the CIA/FBI controlled attack on 911 destroying the World Trade Center and a portion of the Pentagon, and the man-made, mass-murdering tsunami in Indonesia.
Therefore, contrary to the opinion of the writer of the following article, it is not the Jews and Zionist Israel that control New York City through its Council on Foreign Relations, although the Pope's Masonic anti-Torah Zionist government of Israel, controlled by the Archbishop's CFR to the detriment of the risen Son of God's racially beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelite People, may well have played a subordinate role in the detonation.  It was the Jesuit Superior General---the Black Pope---in command of the "infallible" White Pope, John Paul II and his Hierarchy through the advisement of the Jesuit Curia, who caused the massive destruction of this most recent man-made flood, deceptively called a "tsunami."  We Americans, through our wicked, CFR-controlled, Fourteenth Amendment, Federal government in Washington, D.C., have been used once again to further the global designs of the Society of Jesus in seeking to make the Pope of its making the Universal Monarch of the World, ruling all nations from a rebuilt Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem, its Temple Mount now legally in the hands of the Papacy.
Sincerely in Faith,


Nuclear Tsunamis


Nuclear Tsunamis-Weapons of Mass Destruction Revealed At Last!!

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper" (Isaiah 54:17).

While the world suffers real pain; the men in the Pentagon drink champagne!!


"Like a war zone"....Some of the devastation from a nuclear tsunami that hit Indonesia on Dec. 26, 2004, killing over 250,000 people!!


Weapons of mass destruction on board a Pentagon aircraft carrier.


One megaton nuclear bombs on board a Pentagon aircraft carrier. Each bomb has the explosive power of I MILLION tons of TNT.

Each hydrogen bomb is 50 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.

One such bomb strategically placed could devastate a country the size of England. The Pentagon has more than 10,000 of such monsters in its arsenal.

  The hydrogen or thermonuclear bomb is just a nuke within a nuke. In other words, it uses the fission in a conventional atomic bomb (primary) to trigger a chain reaction (fusion) in another bomb (secondary) in order to create a nuclear explosion. A third or tertiary stage can be added yielding up to 20 million tons of TNT