8 Million Humans and Counting...(that they know of) have become food for Aliens..1,500 Deep Underground Bases Around the World ready to bring to you "The New World Order" where humans become slaves and food for alien races that they call 'the elite'.


Are the Hidden Underground Military Bases the Real Headquarters for the New World Order?


A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking
information he learned while working at an underground base at Cold
Lake in Canada. Although some may say his story is pure fiction,
others claim the secrets to the New World Order's depopulation plan
lies underground.
20 Oct 2005

By Greg Szymanski

   Everyone is talking about the New World Order and a one world
government, but according to a former Canadian military officer,
nobody wants to believe its true sinister nature lies in the mysteries
surrounding thousands of deep underground military bases scattered
throughout the world. Here is his story:

   Timothy of Canada tells a wild story, a story of underground military
bases where animal and human sacrifices nourish the bowels of
creatures that have inhabited the earth long before man arrived.

   He doesn't expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will
think he's talking science fiction anyway. But nevertheless he feels
compelled to speak, feeling compelled to risk life and limb as the New
World Order zeroes in on the last stages of its incredible worldwide
population reduction plan.

   "They have been delayed with their plan to reduce the world's
population by 80 percent but the globalists are now stepping up their
activities," said Timothy, who refuses to use his real name, in an
extended conversation this week from Germany, where he's employed in
the aerospace industry.

   "I am not about to use my name, risking incarceration as I would be in
violation of our country's State Secrets Act. Also, do you know that
more than 3,000 people have been killed for trying to talk about what
goes on in these underground bases. It's basically a death sentence
when you start getting too close to the nerve center of the real New
World Order's plans."

   And Timothy says the real heart and soul of the New World Order plan
lies in the mysterious underground military bases scattered all over
the world, including roughly 30 in Canada, 140 in the United States
and more than 1,500 worldwide.

   He became privy to this top secret information when he served as a
junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the aerospace
engineering branch, while working at one of the top secret deep
underground military bases at Cold Lake in Canada.

   And what he learned and what he has been researching ever since
leaving the military is how this network of underground bases not only
houses and conceals non-human life forms with incredible powers, but
conceals an underground warehouse of sophisticated super-human
technology used for mind control, advanced military weaponry and
weather manipulation with the eventual goal of depopulating the world.

   "Most people, including most of the so-called patriots, are sincere
about defeating the New World Order, but they are really looking in
the wrong direction. They need to uncover, expose and alert the people
of the world what's going on below the earth's surface," said Timothy
who likes to talk in a machine gun, rapid fire fashion, as he recalled
first being alerted to the underground military base phenomenon when
he researched the mysterious events surrounding cattle manipulation in
Alberta, Canada, in the 1970's.

   "It is very dangerous and you could be killed if you try to expose
what the globalists are doing with this network of tunnels and
underground facilities, but I have ended my silence since they are now
in the final stages of there plan. Remember, AIDS being manufactured?
Well, what's in store for mankind is now much worse and we need to do
everything we can to try and stop the destruction of the world as we
know it."

   Although Timothy's story can easily be dismissed as pure fantasy,
stories like his have a funny way of getting under your skin, a funny
way of creeping up on you right before you fall asleep at night. They
have a strange way, no matter how outlandish and unbelievable they
are, to solicit questions in your mind like "What if he is telling the
truth and what if these sinister plans and military bases really do

   Even though Timothy has promised from his undisclosed location in
Germany to provide names of at least three other people, making this
initial story an ongoing saga, he provided a battery of questions and
perhaps a scientific Shakespearean soliloquy of sorts in the interim,
explaining why he decided to go public and why it is imperative to
uncover the secrets of the underground military bases.

   "With the outbreak of the flu virus I feel compelled to break my
silence. Maybe some of you have heard the term New World Order and
feel confused about its significance.

   "From this point let's put everything into a series of hypotheticals.
Maybe I do not wish to break the Official Secrets Act and wind up
incarcerated. Let us pretend I am about to reveal ultra-sensitive
information to you. Please approach this with an open mind.

   "In the late 1970s I first became aware of the cattle mutilation
phenomenon living in Alberta, Canada. The reasons given were unusual
for this and it was the suppression of the outcry and true angst I
sensed from the cattle farmers protesting outside of Calgary that
first got to me.

   "This was the first time I realized there was something seriously
wrong. The hush-hush of this left a lasting impression.

   "Let us assume I served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed
Forces in the Aerospace Engineering Branch. One base was Cold Lake. The members of this base wondered innocently why this was the only base where it was required to always wear a black radiation exposure detector.

   "Maybe this is due to a Deep Underground Military Base with unusual
aerial phenomena a few hundred statute miles north almost straight in
line with Cold Lake bordering with Saskatchewan.

   "What if you were to realize that Canada has over 30 DUMBs,and its
neighbor to the south has over 140 active DUMBs. Worldwide there are
now over 1500 DUMBs.

   "Let us assume all North American DUMBs are connected below by
oxygenated magnetoleviton trains from Krupp, Germany, and are able to
reach MACH2+, having the tunnels vacuumed of air to eliminate air
resistance. Adjacent to this is a subterranean tunnel highway.

   "Let us assume that many of these bases are actually underground
cities for beings that in actuality have resided here for millennia.
Do you have the courage to believe this?

   "All patriots who are willing to resist this New World Order should
realize that globalists who have submitted are not the only problem.
Maybe they have sold the rest of us out-thinking they will survive and
not be enslaved as the remaining.

   "What if by 2029 the global population is to be massively reduced, the
remaining subjects enslaved and hauled off to underground slave labor
factories to serve the global elite?

   "What if the SDI project is in reality a weapon system to ward off
unwanted "guests". Maybe all countries were fighting secretly a global
war against strangers once they realized in the late 1970s that true
intentions of inhabitants of these DUMBs were evil beyond belief.

   "What if society cannot handle the truth?

   "What if Eisenhower decided at Holloman AFB keeping things secret
would prevent mass panic and decay into total anarchy? Examining the
panic Y2K generated, has society become more courageous with time? I,
for one forgive Eisenhower.

   "What if over 8 million humans have literally been devoured by
residents of these bases, the majority nourishing themselves with
human glandular secretions?

   "I do not expect anyone to believe this. But let us assume I have been
privy to a lot of horrific information. Let us assume that in reality
there are 143 elements in the periodic table. Maybe the only way the
SR75 can reach MACH9+ is by using metal technology not of this world?
Maybe the stealth aircraft use special coatings combined with
electrochemical electronic countermeasures. Maybe this is why the
stealth never were  used when it rained in former Yugoslavia?

   "Maybe the cloaking technology successfully tested at Tonapaz Range
and S2 employs high frequency helix devices in the leading edges of
the newest generation vehicles, refracting light making the aircraft

   "Maybe I have dealt with metallurgic technology with crystalline
structures not of this earth? Maybe the general public has been kept
in the dark for many decades.

   "I wish things were not the way they are. Nobody has the right to sell
anyone out. Maybe I would not be revealing anything if I was not
certain that all the secrecy and timeline is reaching a climax. We are
all going to have to assert ourselves beyond belief. We have been lied
to and we thought we were doing our best for betterment.

   "I know mankind is destroying this planet, but I refuse to be
enslaved. I am sick of the lies and the New World Order agenda. Maybe
the force driving it resides in these bases. If you sense your
freedoms are being revoked, you are not mistaken.

   "After the last element of gun control is implemented, all freedoms
will be removed within a ten year period. Never surrender your
weapons. I wish this was not happening and I  have had many sleepless
nights, but for me I cannot stand it anymore. Never believe that the
One World government is good for us. Observe the dismantling of
nations now and how the United Nations is taking over.

   "I wondered back then why is the Canadian military shrinking. This is
no accident. The American military is becoming more and more the
global force combined with NATO. What can we do? Well, I know this. I
will not cooperate with anyone who has sold me out. I will fight for
every right I have, simultaneously enjoying the freedom of travel
which still exists. Not for long though.

   "I will not believe whatever the World Health Organization dictates.
Do not believe anything?

   "Examine the new Denver International Airport. Maybe in reality below
it is a massive DUMB with 8 levels. Why does the fence point inward?
Why the unusual security? Maybe the tent spires are in actuality large
ventilation shafts to the subterranean levels. Start with this airport
please. If you cannot find anything bizarre there then I feel sorry
for you.

   "I do believe in God.He gives us faith.The New Testament in the Book
of Genesis refers to the son of God. The Old Testament refers to the
sons of Gods. Both refer to the serpent or demons.Maybe the residents
of the DUMBs are what were meant - a serpent race.

   "God bless you. Remember, this information and revealing it is not
without peril. Be wise!"